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Where To Buy Yoga Blocks

Where To Buy Yoga Blocks

How to Use Yoga Blocks in your Yoga Practice

You can choose from a wide range of yoga blocks at a very good price at Amazon.

Lululemon has less variety and a more expensive price. But you will have the guarantee and quality of one of the most prestigious brands in yoga products:

You can also check the Yoga Blocks of Manduka, Gaiam and Jade Harmony brands.

So, choosing yoga block is actually a personal decision based on individual training needs. The number of factors like age and flexibility will affect your decision and determine what kind of yoga you just bought the block. Make sure that all of these factors are taken into account before buying the yoga block.

Best Yoga Blocks: 11 Products Reviewed

From regular foam brick-shaped yoga blocks to high-end ergonomic wood props, YogaKali has rounded up the 11 best yoga blocks suitable for practitioners of any level.

Keep In Mind

  • sold in pieces rather than in a pair

Manduka’s yoga block is a no-frill yoga prop that works great for beginners or veterans alike. It might not look fancy, but it certainly gets the job done.

Despite being made of foam, the Manduka yoga block is surprisingly sturdy. Reviewers say it doesn’t tip and can support the significant weight without compressing, even in standing poses.

At the same time, the Manduka foam block is light , making it an excellent travel companion.

Manduka’s yoga block looks well-made and wears well compared to other foam blocks one user said they’ve been using the block for 10 years already, and it still is in great shape.

Keep in mind that this foam yoga block is firm. So if you prefer a more malleable surface, you might find the block too hard to lie on.

The item also features “Practice On” engraving on one of the sides, which adds texture to the surface. If you are searching for a smooth yoga block, check out other suggestions below.

  • gets scratched easily
  • not sturdy enough for significant weight

Stretch more efficiently and reach real progress sooner with a Clever Yoga Blocks kit. The set contains two recycled EVA foam blocks and an 8ft D-ring yoga strap that will take your practice to the next level.

  • no smell out of the package

Keep In Mind

Keep In Mind

How To Shop For Yoga Blocks

Picking out the perfect yoga block may seem like a fairly straightforward decision, but there are a number of factors to consider. The most important things to consider are your goals, your preferred yoga block material, and how much space you have to transport or store the block.

What are your goals?

If you’re looking to begin or deepen your yoga practice, you may benefit more from a yoga equipment bundle than a single yoga block. Or if your priority is working your way up to a specific pose, maybe your needs are better suited to a single basic block that will help extend your reach until your flexibility is more developed.

Cork or foam?

Material is another consideration when it comes to choosing your yoga block. Many yoga teachers and educators sing the praises of cork yoga blocks, but other blocks are made from molded foam or recycled eco-friendly options.

Depending on your personal preference, some yoga block materials may feel better to you than others. For example, foam blocks tend to be more malleable and even squishy, while cork yoga blocks are more sturdy and offer more stable surfaces.

How much do you want to carry?

The material construction of a yoga block directly impacts its weight, as well. If you plan on traveling with your yoga blocks to and from the studio or the gym, the portability of a lightweight foam block may outweigh the squishy soft surfaces.

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How To Clean Yoga Blocks

Like any other yoga equipment, yoga blocks require proper care and cleaning to extend their life and protect against bacteria growth.

Your yoga block will generally come with the manufacturers cleaning instructions. So make sure to read them before applying any detergent as it may damage the material.

Wood yoga blocks are the easiest to clean. Simply use a damp cloth soaked in soapy water to clean the surface and set the blocks out to dry.

Cork yoga blocks will generally require more attention as they absorb more moisture and sweat than wood or foam. Wipe the surface with a wet cloth and dry thoroughly. To remove stains, add vinegar, soap or soda to the water to create an organic cleaning solution. Do not use harsh chemicals on the cork material. You can also buy ready-made cleaning sprays to kills bacteria and fight bad odors .

To clean a foam yoga block, use a solution of water and dishwashing soap. In case the block is very dirty, or stains dont come out, use club soda or vinegar solution. Some foam blocks are also machine-washable, which takes all the hassle out of the cleaning process.

Best Cork: Node Fitness Cork Yoga Block Set : Buy New EVA Yoga Blocks Bricks Foaming ...

Dense cork blocks are a great addition to hot yoga practices. But what if youre looking for a more standard, lightweight yoga block and you just prefer the way cork feels? Node Fitness has your back. The brands Cork Yoga Block Set comes with two yoga blocks, both of which are crafted from lightweight, durable natural cork. The blocks still boast the same strength as denser cork optionstheyre sturdy, non-slip, and moisture-wickingbut without all the extra weight. This makes them a great, textured alternative to classic foam blocks.

Most foam and cork yoga blocks are supportive but soft. So if youre looking for a solidly sturdy experience, you may be better off with a bamboo yoga block, like Wooden-Lifes Bamboo Yoga Block. The block is crafted from high-density bamboo, and coated with a protective lacquer. The result is a block thats seriously sturdyand smooth to the touch. The swap wont be right for everyone, but its a great option if youre craving something a little different.

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The Yogarat Block And Strap Set Also Includes A Cotton Yoga Strap So You Can Practice With Your Own Equipment No Matter Where You Are

Pros: Budget-smart option includes both a block and a strap for beginner yogis or anyone squeamish about sharing studio equipment

Cons: Lightweight foam is typically soft to the touch, so this isn’t a great choice for yogis that prefer a more sturdy block to hold on to

YogaRat’s block and strap set is a great start for beginner yogis, or anyone looking to personalize their yoga equipment instead of borrowing shared studio items. The YogaRat yoga block is lightweight and portable, and the surface is soft and squishy like many popular foam blocks.

The 9 x 6 x 4-inch block is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic EVA foam, and the closed cell antimicrobial surface wicks away moisture instead of absorbing sweat. The block is easy to clean and it comes in a variety of different color options.

The YogaRat strap is woven from thick 100% cotton material and comes in as many colors as the block, so you can rock a matching set. At 1.5 inches wide and 8 feet long, the strap is a great addition to a block for yogis who are either just beginning or looking to deepen their practice. Straps can increase flexibility and help you reach into deeper stretching poses, and of course, you’ll have also have the block beside you for balance and stability.

Even in the most pristine yoga studios, sharing equipment can get a little gnarly. Instead of trying to block out the germy thoughts, taking a class with your own block and strap set is a great solution for the extra hygienic yogis out there.

Best Yoga Block In A Set: Sunshine Yoga Restorative Yoga Kit

If you plan to do a lot of yoga at home, you might find yourself investing in prop after prop. Pro tip: It’s easier to buy a set. This one includes everything you’ll need to make an EOD restorative yoga session as relaxing as possible, including a bolster, eye pillow, strap, blanket, and a pair of black yoga blocks.

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How Many Yoga Blocks Do I Need: One Vs Two Yoga Blocks

The number of yoga blocks you decide to buy is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Getting two yoga blocks at once will make your practice considerably more versatile. You will be able to do a whole lot more poses while placing your hands on two blocks. If stacked together in a row, blocks, especially softer foam ones, can even substitute a yoga bolster and work great for relaxing and chest-opening poses.

Most yoga blocks now conveniently come in the set of two. Some brands also offer a discount if you get a pair.

If you eventually decide to use only one block, you can always stash the second one for later as a replacement, or keep one yoga block in the yoga studio and another one at home.

Best Set: Balancefrom Goyoga 7

Yoga Blocks or Bricks. Cork? Foam? Wood? which one should I buy?

BalanceFroms GoYoga 7-Piece Set will cover all your yoga basesin color-coordinated form, of course. The set comes with one yoga mat, one knee pad, two towels, one yoga strap, and two foam yoga blocks. Use the yoga blocks to tackle challenging poses and use the yoga strap to make stretches more accessible. The towels will bolster your hips and back during seated postures, and the knee pad will cushion your knees any time you need to kneel. Combined, these must-haves make yoga a whole lot easier and more comfortable.

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So Who Is Healthylifecycle

HealthyLifeCycle also referred to as Healthy Life Cycle is the culmination of a collaboration by a bunch of like-minded people who truly believe that we are all capable of making healthy changes in our lives – and we have a passion for making these changes easier and more accessible to everyone.We manufacture and distribute the popular Yogavni yoga product brand as a yoga accessories wholesaler, yoga store and yoga online retailer, over and above other ranges of environmentally kind, top quality meditation and yoga aids, accessories and props we offer.

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What Should You Look For In A Yoga Block

Regardless of the material you choose, each type of yoga block has some advantages and disadvantages you should consider before buying. Here are some key features that set the best yoga blocks apart from the rest:


Weight is an important factor to consider if you prefer portability. Experts recommend investing in yoga blocks that are lightweight so that theyre easier to carry around.

Lightweight yoga blocks are also great for static poses for better isometric contraction. In contrast, heavier yoga blocks wont move around too much, ideal for practices that require more stability like hot yoga.


Depending on what your yoga practice entails, its important to choose a yoga block that offers adequate stability so that you dont lose your balance or topple over. Foam yoga blocks are more flimsy than cork and wooden options and may not support your body weight if youre planning to stand on them.


If your yoga practice includes a lot of supported back stretches, a foam yoga block might be a better option for you since it offers a little bit of give so that you can perform your movement comfortably without the edges of the yoga block digging into your skin.


Yoga blocks come in varying sizes, but the most common dimension is 4″ x 6″ x 9″. However, you may find 5-inch yoga blocks designed for people whore taller and 3-inch yoga blocks for those with a smaller frame.

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What Are Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are probably the most essential yoga props used to facilitate or add challenge to the poses, help with alignment, and release tension. They are made of sturdy material such as foam, cork, wood, or bamboo and are often shaped as rectangular bricks.

That said, yoga blocks nowadays come in all shapes and sizes and can take the form of an egg, cube, or even half-moon.

Yoga blocks became popular after the 1970s when BKS Iyengar integrated props such as blocks, straps, blankets into the yoga class. The primary purpose of Iyengar was to make asanas more accessible to students of different ages and to help them perform poses correctly while minimizing injury.

Why Trust Verywell Fit

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks Reviewed in 2020

As a previous fitness coach, long-time wellness enthusiast, and current health editor, Lily Moe understands the importance of equipment that is made to help you reach your fitness goals, whether outside or in the gym. Most importantly, Lily always looks for research and first-hand reviews when it comes to deciding on a product.

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The Gaiam Yoga Block Is Comfortable To Grab Soft To The Touch And Heavier Than Most Lightweight Foam Blocks For Increased Stability

Pros: Combining a little more heft and stability with the soft surface layer of a foam block will surely make a lot of yogis happy

Cons: If you’re looking specifically for a lightweight foam yoga block, this heavier foam version isn’t going to do the trick

Gaiam is a respected name in the yoga world, so it’s no surprise that its basic yoga block is a popular choice. Simple as it may be, the Gaiam yoga block offers a ton of color options ranging from solid hues to printed and engraved designs, and even stacked color patterns. The foam surface can be washed with light detergents or your favorite yoga spray cleanser and can either be air-dried or towel-dried.

One of the common downsides to foam yoga blocks is their lack of long-term durability. Over time, the sweat and oils from your skin tend to build up on the surface of the foam, making them more slippery and less attractive to look at. Regular washing can usually help protect the surface for longer periods.

A lot of the appeal of foam yoga blocks is the soft, smooth surface that gives a little bit when you’re reaching for comfort or support in the middle of a stretch. But sometimes, foam blocks can feel flimsy when they’re super lightweight and portable.

Gaiam yoga blocks combine that squishy foam surface with a weightier overall block. Each one weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 9 x 6 x 4-inches so you won’t have to deal with your blocks wobbling when you need them most.

Best With Strap: Gaiam Yoga Block + Yoga Strap Combo Set

Just like yoga blocks can make some postures more accessible, yoga straps can make some stretches more accessible. Given this, its no surprise that the two are often sold together. If youre looking to build strength and flexibility, consider buying a block and strap setlike Gaiams Yoga Block + Yoga Strap Combo Set. Gaiams yoga block is a best-in-class option, and its 6-foot yoga strap is incredibly versatile. And really, why buy them separately when you could just buy them together?

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Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

If youve ever been a physical therapy patient, then you know how creative the exercises can be. Given their simple yet versatile design, yoga blocks are utilized by therapists in countless ways, including in conjunction with other therapeutic devices.

Yoga blocks are used for stacking to help those with dexterity or neurological issues develop grip strength. Patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery need to redevelop flexibility and range of motion. Post-surgical therapy programs often include stretching exercises that use yoga blocks to inch deeper into the stretch.

Yogi Bare Yoga Block: 599 Yogi Bare

YOGA TOOL: BLOCKS // Use yoga blocks to support alignment

This is one of the cheapest blocks we tried but you would be hard pushed to be able to tell. Despite being nearly £10 less than Lululemons, this block was very similar, even featuring a fetching tie-dye design although we did find it was slightly less comfortable.

We would recommend using this block vertically in balancing poses such as Warrior 3 and horizontally under the elbows in poses that help stretch the hip flexors, such as Lizard.

Yogi Bare also prides itself on its eco credentials, meaning this block should be a natural winner for any yogis hoping to do their bit for the planet. The one thing we would say is you need to look after this block after a couple of days in the bottom of our gym bag, we found that it picked up slightly more damage than some of its competitors.

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Buy One Or Two Yoga Blocks

If you want to buy your own yoga block, the question is often whether you should buy one or two. In a yoga studio there are usually yoga blocks, so you don’t have to buy your own. But when you often practice yoga at home, it is very nice to have your own block at hand.

If you do a lot of Yin Yoga, it is advisable to buy two yoga blocks. This gives you different heights, so you can support yourself well at the right height for you. It is also more common with Yin Yoga that you place a yoga block on both sides of your body, so that you can lean on it with both hands.

If you do a lot of other yoga styles, then buy one yoga block to start with. Yoga styles other than Yin Yoga use fewer yoga blocks and when they do use it, it is often one.


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