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Where To Buy Liforme Yoga Mat

Product Review: Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme vs. Manduka Yoga Mat Review | Is the Manduka PRO, GRP or Liforme your BEST YOGA MAT?

Choosing a yoga mat is as personal as choosing a watch or a new pair of shoes .

A number of factors determine which one you buy, whether that be budget, eco-friendly manufacturing procedures or grip.

I look for two main things when purchasing a yoga mat. I need really good grip , and I need it to wear well, although this isnt as important as grip.

My first proper yoga mat was a Lululemon mat and I still recommend those mats to clients. During my teacher training back in 2015 one of my friends had a Liforme Mat. I marvelled at the AlignForMe system and must admit I had mat envy, but I almost choked on my tea when I learnt the price. It was more than twice what I paid for mine and I dismissed getting one immediately.

Roll on two years later and a generous visit from Santa Claus and hey presto I had one and I was over the moon.

I wanted to review this mat for you, as I get many students ask me about what mat I use and the Liforme mat is my go-to for my daily home practice. It was good timing too, as I had just bought a new one so we could compare and contrast the wear and tear as well.

Best Smart Mats And Equipment For Yoga

At first blush, yoga and technology might be two very disparate things. Yoga is about listening to your body, freeing your mind, and relaxing your inner being while strengthening your outside appearance. Technology is all about connection, doing things faster, better, and more productively. So, is it possible for yoga and technology to not just coexist, but to complement each other? As youll see from some advancements in yoga tech, the answer seems to be yes.

Yoga tech is still a growing field, and the pool isnt too deep when it comes to technology, equipment, and accessories that can help improve your practice. There are plenty of great yoga apps out there that you can use for guided sessions, but here is a roundup of some of the best of unions of tech and equipment for a mindful practice.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review: A Near

The Liforme yoga mat promises excellent grip, perfect padding and an eco-friendly construction. Here’s our review

The Liforme uses an eco-friendly version of polyurethane for incredible grip, with a natural rubber base for just the right balance of padding and stability. The etched design on the top provides an intuitive way to check your alignment. If you can stretch to the higher price tag, this is an outstanding yoga mat.

  • +

ByRuth Hamiltonlast updated 9 November 21

The Lifeorme Yoga Mat is made with a natural rubber base with a top surface of Liforme’s eco-polyurethane. Each mat includes textured markings to help with foot and hand positioning , and comes with a sturdy carry bag included. The original is available in a range of colourways, and Lifeorme also offers a selection of alternatives with different themes.

These are widely regarded as being some of the very best yoga mats around, but they’re a fair bit pricier than many alternatives. So do they warrant that premium price tag? Read on for our full Liforme Yoga Mat review.

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Should I Buy A Liforme Mat

I spoke to teachers and practitioners and tested the mat myself. The overall verdict was positive its grippy, has sound eco-credentials, and has unique and helpful alignment markers that assist with practice. Not to mention, the design of the mat stands out. The most appealing design element are the four diagonal lines around the center, which act as foot guides for standing poses .

Since you can place your foot anywhere along the diagonal, this design accommodates a wide variety of alignment possibilities within different yoga styles. This mat is also the best suited for an evolving practice it offers as much to an advanced student as a beginner.

Comprehensive Liforme Yoga Mat Review

Larger and cheap nbr material liforme yoga mat custom ...

You see, that all depends…

It depends on your standards of what you personally want in a yoga mat.

Ive been doing all types of yoga for over 15 years and instructing yoga for more than half of that time. Ive personally tired dozens of different yoga mats and this one comes in at the top for many reasons.

But again, that depends on what you want.

Ill dive into some of the obvious benefits of this mat, as well as some of the hidden ones as well. If you are on the fence about this mat then I hope this liforme yoga mat review will help you make the decision either way.

Lets take a quick look at the product…

Top Product

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Liforme Yoga Mat Review

In practicing saucha , I decided it was finally time to update my yoga mat. Ive been using my lululemon The Mat for over 2 years in a sweaty Baptiste practice. There are yoga stains that will never come out. It also possessed a sour stench and years of built up bacteria that would cause me to get pimples on my back . After completing my 200 YTT at Be Luminous Yoga, I decided to treat myself to a Liforme mat.

Get You The Yoga Mat That Does It All: Liforme

Not so very long ago, there was basically one type of yoga mat and all you had to do was pick a colour. Those days are over now, leaving you with a bewildering amount of choice when it comes to materials, construction, and design. Before you get overwhelmed and just reach for the nearest mat, remember that your choice absolutely DOES matter. It matters for your practice and for the planet since some mats are much more environmentally friendly than others.

Here are three things that make a big difference and distinguish Liforme Yoga Mats from the crowd: grip, for your everyday practice needs alignment guide, to keep your body healthy in the long term and, for the really long term, eco-friendly, biodegradable materials for the health of our planet.

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A Downside That Doesnt Really Matter

So here I am talking about how wonderful the size of this mat is when there is an inherent downside to this.

Most yoga towels may not cover this mat completely. If you have mild OCD tendencies then it could be quite distracting to have your towel significantly shorter than your mat.

But this may not matter as much as you think

Most folks use a yoga towel because it helps them to stay griped on the mat better when they start sweating. This is very common in hot yoga classes.

Ill get into this later, but fortunately you wont slip on this mat. Its actually the best mat for hot yoga I have ever found, and Ive been teaching hot yoga classes for over 6 years.

So while your towel may look odd with this somewhat bigger mat, ultimately it may not matter because you dont really need a towel.

Lululemon The Mat Review

BEST YOGA MATS 2021 | Manduka, Liforme, Lululemon and Jade | Yoga mat review
  • Thickness: 5mm/.19 This mat is thick but comfortable without feeling unstable. This mat is great for those who like an extra bit of padding for their knees while still maintaining a solid connection to the ground.
  • Stickiness & texture: This mat has a very smooth texture and the grip/anti-slip is fabulous. The mat is a little plasticky so it does feel a little a little like lying on lino
  • Price: $68/78
  • Material: Its made from polyurethane, rubber and latex. If you are in any way sensitive to latex then we dont recommend this mat. It has a very overpowering smell thats not very pleasant. They say it will go and recommend airing it first. The smell is certainly dying down a little bit, but we have had a few complaints here in the Studio
  • Eco-friendliness Not ranking high in this area. The chemical smell from this mat is not encouraging. Their eco policies are unclear so would love to be enlightened?
  • Size and style: 71 x 26 and available in a variety of colours. Simple, sleek and cool.

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Top 10 Best Liforme Yoga Mats

In this post, we are going to discuss about the best liforme yoga mats. If you are looking for a Top liforme yoga mats, then there are plenty of choices available in the market. However, most of the users experience headaches when deciding what to choose. This is precisely where we will be helping you. We will be guiding you through some of the best liforme yoga mats based on quality and popularity. Most of our choices are economically viable and wont cause a dent in your pocket.

When searching for the best liforme yoga mats we considered over a 31 different liforme yoga mats. From there, we narrowed our list down to the top 10 liforme yoga mats. All the choices that are presented are affordable and can be purchased on amazon. From the research work we have conducted, we are of the opinion that the best choice of liforme yoga mats for an average customer would be Liforme Yoga Pad Free Yoga Bag, Patented Alignment System, Warrior-like Grip, Non-slip, Eco-friendly and biodegradable, 4.2mm thick pad for knee, elbow and hand support during Yoga .

Performance Of The Liforme Yoga Mat

The very reason we use a yoga mat is to ensure we get a good grip, and each mat can vary in this respect. Theres nothing more frustrating than trying to master a particularly unsteady tree pose and sensing that your mat is shifting beneath you. The Liforme crew claims to have the grippiest Yoga mat material currently available on earth. Its a bold claim, yet the mat certainly is grippy.It did not budge throughout my 30-minute home yoga sessionand I certainly put it through a myriad of fitness tests. On my HIIT sessions, this mat can withstand impact even during my heavy-footed jumps and sweaty burpees. The mat is firm but comfortable and my knees, which tend to give me trouble, felt supported throughout.I would be keen to try this mat out in a hot yoga class where I tend to be the sweatiest and slippiest person in the room. Liforme is pretty confident that it could stand the Hot Yoga heat, too, and states that the mats stay grippy even when “sweaty-wet.”

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Review Of The Liforme Yoga Mat

Our Rating

Ill admit I was skeptical about a yoga mat that costs over $100. I also wasnt sure about the alignment marks or whether or not they would make any difference. And every mat today says non-slip so why should I pay so much more? In short, I wasnt convinced this mat would be worth the money. Im pleased to say my concerns have been put to rest.

The lines on the mat proved to be useful for staying centered and serve as a visual cue when changing positions . Its easy to get off center and off balance during active yoga . Since one of my big goals in yoga is to achieve balance both literally and figuratively, I like the constant visual reminder to do so.

Its made from a combination of natural rubber and eco-friendly polyurethane on the top. The top layer is absorbent which eliminates the need for a towel and the grip is incredible. The more you sweat / warmer you get, the better your grip becomes even in heavy sweat. One important note is that it leaves no sticky residue on your hands. Ive used other mats that were sticky but left a layer on my palms and feet. Its also not so sticky that it interferes when youre changing poses.

The Liforme yoga mat has a high end look thats noticeable from across the room. It measures 73 x 27 making it around 5 longer and wider than most mats its 4.2 mm thick and weighs 5.5 lbs which is lightweight when compared to similar rubber mats .


Design Of The Liforme Yoga Mat

Larger and cheap nbr material liforme yoga mat custom ...

The Liforme mat comes in a multitude of colors but its most distinctive feature is the “AlignForMe” markings on each mat. With most people taking fitness classes from home these days, the handy line along the center of the mat and clearly marked areas for hand and foot placements offer a great indication of whether or not youre aligned .Without the benefit of directions from an in-person trainer, the markings are a great help when taking yoga classes at home. I found that I was even more balanced than usual, as I was more aware of my foot placement. By shifting my feet a few centimeters within the markings, I even felt my posture change and correct itself.

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What Is The Liforme Yoga Mat & What Makes It Unique

There are a few pretty awesome selling points of the Liforme mat that make it a great pick, but the boldest and most noticeable thing about it is the alignment lines on the mat.

Instead of just a logo or a plain surface, Liforme mats have something called an AlignForMe, system etched into the padding.

According to Liforme, these lines are specifically designed to help yogis improve their technique, navigate the mat, and provide an excellent foundation for their workouts.

The spots on the mat include:

  • End to end lines, for even length-wise placement
  • Reverse points for extra length-wise alignment
  • The Lotus, or the center of the mat
  • 45-degree lines for heel alignment
  • A central line for width-wise alignment

Outside of that, the Liforme mat also makes some other big promises:

Supremely grippy:

Im not sure Ive ever read more positive reviews regarding the grip and non-slip texture of a yoga mat. People absolutely rave about this mat for sweaty hot yoga sessions.


I wouldnt consider this an extra tall mat or anything, but its a hair wider and longer than your standard yoga mat. Pair that with the alignment lines, and you get lots of space for your practice.


These mats are completely PVC free, which is an awesome bonus. Liforme claims these will biodegrade in 5 years or less in a normal landfill if you do ever decide to throw it away.

Jade Travel Mat Inch Review

  • Price $54,95 / 59,95
  • Material Natural rubber, theres a bit of a rubbery smell but not too strong and not unpleasant.
  • Eco-friendliness: Jade mats are super friendly to our ecosystem. Their mats are made from natural rubber. They are made in the US and they plant a tree for every mat they sell! Thumbs up from us!
  • Size & style: The mat is available in two lengths and in 5 different colours with a straightforward design.

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Get A Discount On Liforme Yoga Mats: The More You Buy The More You Save

Were always looking for ways to get more mats to more people at a better price. If you like this idea , youre going to love our new Bundle Builder!

Weve offered Bundles before, allowing you to save when purchasing combinations of our Original Liforme Yoga Mat, Travel Mat, and Yoga Pad. But, we thought, why place limits on which mats you can bundle? Maybe you want two Original mats , three Travel mats , or an XL and a Pad . The point is, however you want to bundle is A-OK with us, so we built a tool to make it fast and easy. Thats the Bundle Builder!

Material Of The Liforme Yoga Mat

The Best Yoga Mat to Buy – How to Choose

The majority of yoga mats are made out of rubber, PVC or latex, which are not always environmentally-friendly materials. As a proclaimed “plant-friendly” brand, however, Liformes yoga mat is made from recycled rubber and is PVC-free.Once old mats are tossed out, Liforme states that it takes one to five years for the mats to decompose in normal landfill conditions. As many look to move away from plastic and there are plenty of biodegradable mats made from natural materials like cork, cotton, and more, Liforme mats are not the most sustainable activewear mats available, however.

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Liforme Yoga Mat Review: Price And Verdict

With an RRP of £100, the Liforme Yoga mat is right at the top end of the market, price wise. Is it worth it? We think so. This is a near-perfect yoga mat. The grip is excellent, the padding just right, and the larger size is useful too. We’re also extremely impressed by the AlignForMe marking system, which looks simple, is intuitive to use, and is ideal for tweaking your poses. You are paying a slight premium for eco-friendliness this mat is PVC-free, non-toxic, and biodegradable at the end of its life but if you can afford it, that’s a decision we’d encourage everyone to make.

A Yoga Mat For Every Yogi

We believe yoga should be accessible to all and weve steadily grown our range of yoga mats to meet all abilities, needs and tastes. It all began with our Signature mat in 2008, and our technology and environmental credentials are now embedded across our ranges.

Our hard-wearing Yoga mats will stand the test of time. But as well as being durable, we’ve focused on ensuring they are stylish and well-designed so you will want to continue using them for years to come.

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