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Where Is Alo Yoga Made

How Alo Yoga Became Queen Of The Athleisure Industry

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The athleisure fashion trend that is, athletic-style clothing that blurs the lines between exercise, casual, and work clothing is wildly popular and a growing billion-dollar industry. There are many brands that produce athleisure-style clothing, but few stand out as much as Alo Yoga, a Los Angeles based company that retains a high level of quality and standards, as well as authenticity and mindfulness.

In fact, that is exactly what their core values revolve around since they were founded in 2007 by Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge: mindfulness. They aim to inspire wellness and create community by bringing mindful practices from the yoga mat to the street.

Now with five brick-and-mortar stores, being sold in high end retail stores and the companys e-commerce site, as well as two book releases and a YouTube channel, Alo Yoga is dominating the athleisure industry with seemingly little effort.

So how did the Queen of Athleisure come to rule the industry, seemingly overnight?

Weve got some insight for you:

Where To Buy Alo Yoga Leggings

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If You Buy Anything Dont Waste Your Money On Their Leggings

Like I mentioned before, yoga pants are made from cotton spandex, and in order to make any type of spandex soft and stretchy, they need to use a chemical called Lycra which is derived from petroleum.

The problem with this is that when these products are made in third-world countries like China where there arent many environmental regulations, the runoff goes straight into the oceans/water supply contaminating them.

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Alo Yoga Has A Smartphone Application

Yoga needs to become a part of our daily routines to ensure that we can truly benefit from the transformative powers of healing yoga. However, many of us dont have the time to visit the local yoga studio every day for a workout. For such people, Alo Yoga has introduced the Alo Moves application.

The app gives individuals access to thousands of videos that can be opened anywhere. There are individual video classes that you can take, as well as video series that focus on one theme to keep you focused. You can use the app to practice yoga whenever you get some free time, such as a 15-minute workout before work or a quick practice at lunchtime.

The application has also helped people calm down, especially when they are feeling stressed or anxious. The meditating and breathing classes create a soothing environment for people to calm down as well as cripple their anxiety. It can be really great for many people who face tension, stress, or general anxiety.

Alo Yoga Review: What You Need To Know

Alo Yoga on Instagram: Make a statementand make it on ...

As someone who reads and writes a lot of activewear reviews, I was recently left a little stumped when I couldnt find the information I was looking for about one of the best yoga brands out there. I wanted a good, honest and informative alo yoga review. alo yoga is one of my favourite yoga brands, a brand that Im constantly recommending to people, but even the best things in life arent perfect, so I thought Id write you an alo yoga review, just in case youre looking to buy something from the collection. Youre now prepared.

Im not going to make this alo yoga review too long and fluffy, as I want you to get the information you need out of it. So here goes

Style & Fit

This one is a no brainer and if youve come to this blog post after searching alo yoga review then its because youve seen an awesome style that you want to buy. Theres no denying it, alo know how to design yoga clothes. They have everything going on from from block coloured leggings, awesome prints, mesh inserts, high waist, low waist to the goddess legging the list goes on. The tops dont disappoint either. Im currently loving the alo yoga Power Crop and the alo yoga Sunny Strappy Bra for tops and for leggings, I love the goddess style , the high-waist moto leggings and high waist airbrush leggings. Im a UK size 8 and wear an XS in the leggings and an S on top.

Activity & Sweat


Where to Shop

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The Best Ethical Activewear Brands

Being active goes hand-in-hand with warm weather. The time is right to get outside and get moving. Fortunately, we are seeing a number of activewear brands commit to ethical design and production. That is why we have made a list of the best ethical activewear brands for you to check out. Whether you are hiking, running a marathon or doing yoga our list will help you find your favorite activewear brands because weve included clothing for all activities.

1. Alo Yoga

If you are looking for on trend yoga wear that can be worn outside of the studio, this is the brand for you. Alo Yoga is 100% sweatshop free and uses low impact dyes on all of their products. They are certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production organization for their standards of workplace environment. Their activewear is on trend, edgy and functional.

Best For: Yoga, Pilates, and Barre

Price Range: $$-$$$

2. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel makes timeless, worn-in-style basics and activewear. This brand is one of the pioneers in ethical apparel. They are easy to find online and in a variety of major store chains. They design and manufacture their clothing with sustainable and eco-friendly processes. Alternative also uses organic and recycled materials whenever possible. Their modern silhouettes let you look effortlessly chic while getting active.

Best For: Stretching, Walking and Dancing

Price Range: $-$$

3. Athleta

Best For: Running, Hiking, Weight Lifting, Team Sports and Swimming

Idol Performance Tank And 9

Said to be made with ultralightweight fabric, the Idol Performance Tank is designed to help you stay cool even after a sweaty workout. Its slim and relaxed fit is made for every size, and the material is odor-resistant. The Idol Performance Tank can be bought in different colors: titanium, white, black, dark navy, Alo Blue, Atomic Orange and Mineral Blue.

The Idol Performance Tank could go perfectly with the 9-Inch Repetition Short, which is designed to absorb moisture during your workouts. This short also features an elastic waistband, front faux fly and side-slit styling. It’s available in black, titanium, Mineral Blue and, the newest color, Dark Ivy.

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We Are Alo: 100% Sweatshop Free Eco

Check out our latest video to see what we’re all about, from fair manufacturing to low-resource use

As part of an industry that too often pays little mind to the people who make the clothes we wear and the environment around us, we knew from day one we had to do better. That’s why Alo stands for Air Land Ocean, and why we care just as much about how our clothes are made as we do about how they fit and feel.

We’ve always been 100% sweatshop free, and we have a platinum certification from WRAP, the world’s largest watchdog organization for ensuring ethical manufacturing. That means fair pay, standard hours and clean, safe working conditions. We also have an Alo employee working at every factory to oversee best ethical practices. We’re committed to not only practicing yoga, but also living it, and that means making sure that everyone who touches Alo is treated well.

It also means staying mindful of how our actions impact the environment. We just wouldn’t feel right if we weren’t taking the necessary steps to minimize our eco footprint every single day, like powering our headquarters and L.A. flagship with solar, keeping our warehouse paper free and our daily waste down to that of a household and using the most earth-friendly, low-water dyes.

We’re firm believers in setting intentions, in and outside of yoga, and creating positive change through conscious action. Together we can change the vibration of the world!

We Live Yoga And We Love Yoga

20-Minute Yoga Abs Workout with Andrew Sealy

Alo began in Los Angeles in 2007 because the founders wanted to spread good by bringing yoga to the world: to anyone who is experiencing the transformative power of yoga, to the worlds best yogis who wear Alo because its the only line that actually elevates their practice, to the celebrities and the fashion-forward who wear Alo because its the perfect street brand, comfortable, contemporary and decidedly not just for the mat.

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Alo Challenge For Instagram To Encourage Posting

Alo builds a tribe by re-creating the social experience of going to a yoga class on Instagram. At a yoga class, you have teachers, you have poses, and you have a couple of friends and thats exactly what happens with the alo challenges.

Ranking from one week to ten days, Alo creates and curates hashtagged theme challenges. Each challenge features five hosts, yoga teachers who share poses every day of the challenge.

One such flyer for the challenge

To participate in the challenge, there are rules: post every day, use the custom hashtag, and tag all hosts, sponsors, and a couple of your friends.

There are no prizes, you dont win anything its just a personal challenge. But it recreates the community aspect of a yoga class. The hashtag helps you see others trying the challenge, you tag your friends, and can get them to try it too.

is one of the hosts of the challenge.

Each hashtag generates hundreds of posts from engaged users perhaps the best endorsement is inspiring copycat challenges with similar rules. The overall effect is to flood users feeds with #AloGoodbyeSummer and have friends get tagged in posts.

And speaking of community outreach, Alo Yoga also runs a referral program.

What You Should Know About Yoga Mats

The mat’s material impacts how it works.

There are a few things you should know about yoga mats before deciding which one to pick up. The first is its materialmost of the mats we tested are made of PVC , natural rubber, polyurethane, and/or TPE . PVC is a type of vinyl, a man-made, non-renewable material. Most mats made of this material are sticky enough to prevent slipping, soft enough to offer some cushion, and very durable. Natural rubber is renewable, biodegradable, and also provides texture and tractionhowever, it may be a bit firmer feeling than PVC. Rubber mats can contain trace amounts of latex, too, so they may not be the best option for people with latex allergies. Polyurethane is a blend of plastics that can have a soft, foamy feel or a sleek, smooth one, and is often used as a supplement to mats made of natural rubber. You can also find mats made of TPE, or a blend of plastic and rubber. These mats usually arent as long-lasting as PVC or natural rubber mats, but are often lightweight and can sometimes be recycled. Mats made of cork, bamboo, or jute are also an option, but these arent as popular.

The size of your yoga mat is another consideration. A typical yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide, though you can find some that are larger . However, unless youre really tall, 68 inches is probably long enough for most people, and any added length often also makes mats heavier to carry

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Amplify Seamless Short Sleeve Tee Paired With The Renew Lounge Pant And Division Field Jacket

The best thing about studio-to-street wear is the ability to maintain a stylish look without having to put in too much effort. This trifecta might just prove that’s possible. Start with the Amplify Seamless Short Sleeve Tee, which is breathable, smooth, and easy to wear. Pair it with the Renew Lounge Pant, which gives off a relaxed yet edgy vibe. Complete the look with the heavy-duty Division Field Jacket.

What I Love About Alo Moves

Alo Yoga on Instagram: Ashley is wearing the Airbrush ...

Alo Moves made it easy for me to try different types of classes.

A simple but essential element of the app is not only the classes it offers, but how Alo recommends classes in its layout. Alo recommended classes I already said I enjoyed, like restorative yoga and Pilates, but also suggested individual classes, series, and playlists that incorporated elements from those disciplines into different exercise styles, like a max core challenge and an afternoon energy boost, so I could try something new. Thanks to Alos recommendations, it took barely any time to find a class I was excited about trying, which saved me a lot of the time Id usually spend scrolling through YouTube to find a decent class.

And if the classes recommended werent quite right at the time, all it took was a quick filtered search to find exactly what I was looking for. Searching for classes and series is easy, as you can filter by instructor, style, difficulty, intensity, and duration, and save classes you enjoyed or want to bookmark for the future in the my practice tab. Because many classes are bodyweight-based, I didnt feel my options were limited, even though I only have a mat at home.

I enjoyed every single class I took, but I couldnt get enough of the meditation sound baths. A sound bath is a meditation class that uses ambient noise to relax the body and mind. These sound baths helped me get the deepest sleep I had in weeks, and quickly became part of my bedtime routine.

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Alo Yoga Singles Day Sale: Last Chance To Get 20% Off Trending Athleisure Wear Styles

If you’re looking to freshen up your athleisure wear wardrobe and stock up on some comfy loungewear styles for winter , then Alo Yoga is definitely the best place to shop — especially since the brand’s Singles Day Sale is happening now!

For a limited time, shoppers can take an additional 20% off site-wide on the brand’s trending styles — “limited time” is emphasized here though, as Alo Yoga’s Singles Day Sale is ending soon! Today is your last chance to shop top deals on everything from their chic high-waist airlift legging and steel blue bra combo to an ultra-cozy Kendall Jenner-approved set, and so much more.

Whether you’re hoping to score the perfect Alo Yoga set to gift to the fitness guru in your life this Christmas or you’re simply looking to treat yourself to one of these celeb-loved styles, you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for at Alo Yoga’s Singles Day Sale .

Ahead, shop some of Alo Yoga’s cutest styles at their Singles Day Sale before they’re gone! Plus, check out the viral and the best winter legging styles that you can wear almost anywhere.

Smart Marketing And Social Media

The Alo Yoga social media channels do not have any photos of celebrities wearing their apparel and there are no celebrity endorsements. This is an uncommon social media strategy, especially considering the fact that celebrity endorsements are shown to boost sales.

Instead, Alo has over 4,000 yoga instructors and professionals in their Pro Program who regularly post and tag Alo on social media. These influencers reach out to their own audiences with the brands message, and in that process Alo gets access to thousands of photos and user-generated content that they can re-post on their own feed.

Utilizing social media influencers, including micro-influencers, lends the brand credibility and trust because normal people use and promote it.

If you head over to the Alos Instagram feed, youll see beautiful photos of real yogis doing actual yoga in jaw-dropping settings as well as parents doing yoga with their children in their own homes. The brand makes itself accessible and available to all people.

Thats not to say that Alo doesnt take advantage of celebrities wearing their apparel. You can find photos of celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift on the website wearing Alo as they get coffee or go shopping, promoting the fashionability and the studio-to-street style of the products.

Building a strong following is crucial to success in the crowded athleisure market and e-commerce world, and Alo yoga seems to have it down.

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What Are The Owned Earned And Paid Channels

A useful framework to think about marketing and branding is to view channels as Owned, Earned, or Paid:

  • Owned: Media posted on channels you own, like your brands website, blog, social media accounts and email newsletters sent
  • Earned: Media posted on channels you dont own by others, in the form of reviews, social shares, mentions, or reposts.
  • Paid: Media you pay for, in the form of display ads, retargeting, and paid influencers/affiliates

A common misconception is that content marketing only delivers on Owned channels. As well see, Alo Yoga effectively creates content over all three channels. Were going to focus mainly on how Alo Yoga dominates the conversation on Instagram, but also pull in details from other platforms.


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