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What Yoga Is Best For Me

How To Find Your Yoga Style

How to choose a Namaste Yoga Class that’s best for me

Eventually I found Anusara. I reveled in its emphasis on alignment, athleticism, and Tantric philosophy and ended up teaching Anusara-inspired yoga. But in 2012, the Anusara community fell apart because of scandal. At the time, I was working on a book that researched different styles of Hatha Yoga, the practice of asana or poses. I wanted to help people find a style they thrived in just as I had in Anusara, and now I needed a little guidance, too. I interviewed dozens of leading teachers, took more than a hundred classes, read manuals and books, and watched DVDs. I had fun incorporating into my classes the new things Id learned, and I continue to do so. But if you dont have the time and inclination for this kind of exploration, the logical question is, where to start? Perhaps what Ive discovered can help.

Improves Flexibility And Balance

Many people add yoga to their fitness routine to improve flexibility and balance.

There is considerable research that backs this benefit, demonstrating that it can optimize performance through the use of specific poses that target flexibility and balance.

A recent study looked at the impact of 10 weeks of yoga on 26 male college athletes. Doing yoga significantly increased several measures of flexibility and balance, compared to the control group .

Another study assigned 66 elderly participants to either practice yoga or calisthenics, a type of body weight exercise.

After one year, total flexibility of the yoga group increased by nearly four times that of the calisthenics group .

A 2013 study also found that practicing yoga could help improve balance and mobility in older adults .

Practicing just 1530 minutes of yoga each day could make a big difference for those looking to enhance performance by increasing flexibility and balance.

Summary: Research shows that practicing yoga can help improve balance and increase flexibility.

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Yoga Quiz: What Yoga Style Should You Practice

The evolvement of yoga has come a long way.

Traditionally, yoga started out as just a seated meditation, and now there is goat yoga!

Needless to say, there is a yoga class for everyone.

Whether you want to pump it out in a high energy class or chant om to candlelight, youll still receive the numerous benefits of a yoga class.

You just need to find the right one.

Take this quiz to see what style of yoga naturally aligns with your personality and lifestyle.

Yoga Improves Strength Balance And Flexibility

Is Yoga Near Me the Best Yoga for Me in Charlotte?

Slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while holding a pose can build strength.Try it: Tree PoseBalance on one foot, while holding the other foot to your calf or above the knee at a right angle. Try to focus on one spot in front of you, while you balance for one minute.

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Hundreds Of Variations And Hybrids Of Yoga Have Found Their Way Into Studios And Gyms Around The World As A Beginning Or Even Seasoned Practitioner How Do You Know If The Option Youve Chosen Is Best For You Our Fun And Revealing Guide Can Help You Pick The Right Class

I had dismissed yoga as too gentle in my early twenties, based on a seniors class I attended with my grandmother. But by the time I graduated from college, my mom had convinced me to try vinyasa. I loved it. Then, 18 months later, the studio that had drawn me in closed. I had to find another teacher, and at the same time, I felt the urge to deepen my understanding of yoga. I began to take as many different classes as I could. Some were vigorous, while others were slow and methodical some presented tidbits of philosophy, while others had spiritual elements and some were playful and friendly, while others were stern and serious.

You Know Youre In The Right Yoga Class When

Finding the yoga practice that works for you has as much to do with the individual teacher as it does the style he or she teaches. Next time you go to class, tune in to your inner voice and see if you notice and feel these key elements of a well-taught class:

  • You feel safe and supported. Class warms up at an appropriate pace, and the teacher has clear command of the room, acknowledging new students.
  • You can hear and understand the teachers instructions.
  • The teacher customizes his or her teachings to the ability and skill level of the students present, despite the class description or level.
  • The teacher respects and honors your physical limitations, but can also help you move outside your comfort zone in a safe, beneficial way.
  • The teacher addresses everyone, from the most adept practitioner to the total newbie.
  • You can approach the teacher, and are able to ask questions and share concerns during or after class.
  • You feel inspired, either during or after classor, better yet, both!

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Lowers The Risk Of Injury

Exercise such as running is usually a series of rapid, forceful movements, which means that effort is at a maximum and there is a higher risk of injury and increased muscle tension. Often, strenuous exercise also engages an imbalance of opposing muscle groups, whereas yoga concentrates on balancing this activity. Unite your body and mind on a yoga and fitness holiday which will allow to combine more intense workouts with low-impact yoga.

Practice yoga in the beach front yoga studio at Paradis Plage

To Become More Centered: Try Integral Yoga

Best Yoga Pants – the Ultimate Guide (according to me!)

Integral yoga is a combination of yoga disciplines designed to systematically address all layers of the body, from the physical down to the more subtle aspects of being, the emotional, energetic, and mental bodies. Classes tend to be gentle, slow, and accessible, placing equal emphasis on pranayama, deep relaxation, and meditation as well as asana practice. Transforming the whole person, Integral yoga aims to help the student access the place of peace and happiness that resides within each of us.

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Yoga Is Not A Workout

Before diving into why Yin Yoga is best practiced in the morning we have to understand that yoga is not meant to be a workout. Whether its a power class or a yin class, yoga as a workout is incomplete. There are certain ranges of motion and areas of strength that we need in order to age gracefully that yoga cannot give us. As someone who loves to workout I share with all students that lifting weights alongside a yoga practice is a very healthy thing to do AND you can totally bring the yoga mindset into your other workout routines. Think of yoga as a tool to help you be better focused and more present. Its more of a maintenance program than a workout. The physical poses are used intentionally as a way to expand awareness and settle your mind. You may get stronger along the way or more flexible, but youll also be a more gentle, calm and patient human.

Which Yoga Style Is Right For Me

What is the best way to determine which yoga style is right for you?

  • Ask yourself the following three questions to help you determine which yoga style is best for you: Do you practice yoga for fitness and to get in shape, as well as to study the mind-body connection? If so, tell us about your experience. then pick a strenuous yoga style such as power yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, or Bikram Yoga to suit your needs.


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To Explore Spirituality: Try Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti yoga is a physically dynamic, intellectually stimulating and spiritually inspiring method that incorporates chanting, meditation, deep relaxation and pranayama into a vigorous vinyasa practice with a heavy injection of philosophy, poetry, music and affirmations. The system emphasizes the living spiritual tradition of yoga, bringing ancient teachings alive in a contemporary setting and applying the wisdom to daily life. Aside from asana classes, the Jivamukti Yoga Center in NYC offers courses in Sanskrit and scriptural study, as well as kirtans and nonprofit events.

Yogain Online Yoga Teacher Certification

Meditation vs. Yoga: Which Is Best for Me?

Cost: $350

For the last online yoga course, I want to look at something a little different, something from the land where yoga originated. And thats India.

Yoga.In offers a 100-hour online study course thats relatively inexpensive. Comprising 96 different modules, this course is all done through a learning portal offered by Yoga.In.

Topics include:

  • Hatha and Patanjali Yoga concepts
  • Anatomy and physiology associated with yoga
  • Yoga psychology
  • The methodology of yoga teaching

Students are taught using a range of methods that include over 30 hours of video and audio lectures which include the relevant transcriptions. Students will also receive ample notes as well as access to a range of yoga e-books.

Although the course is all done online, the final practical session isnt. Luckily, these are not only carried out in India but in the United States as well at least once a year in New York.

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Benefits Of Yoga That Are Supported By Science

Derived from the Sanskrit word yuji, meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body .

It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Practicing yoga is said to come with many benefits for both mental and physical health, though not all of these benefits have been backed by science.

This article takes a look at 13 evidence-based benefits of yoga.

Are You Looking To Become More Spiritual In Your Yoga Practice

A. I just want a style that is simple to understand for someone new to the practiceB. I like a little bit of everything, so yes!C. Im already fairly spiritual, and want to deepen this aspect of my practiceD. Not really. Id like to keep my yoga practice focused on the physical aspectE. Im a spiritual gangster

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Can You Lose Weight With Yoga

Yoga, particularly the more energetic versions of yoga, may also be a helpful strategy for weight loss, especially when combined with other exercise. As an added bonus, you may discover that the increased awareness that comes with a mild, soothing yoga practice aids in your weight loss efforts. Yoga, according to several experts, works in a variety of ways to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Hybrid Yinyasa Or Flow & Restore Class


Many studios have classes that are a hybrid of slower styles and flow. These classes may be called Yinyasa or Flow & Restore .

These types of classes typically start with an active flow style class where youll move and sweat, and gradually transition into a slow, grounded class with either a restorative practice or a yin practice.

These hybrid classes are great for beginners and for anyone who wants a little of both: a nice sweat and a nice deep stretch to unwind and relax.

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If You Got Mostly Ds:

Youre a fitness fanatic who loves a good challenge and a decent sweat. Working out is a pastime not a chore! You like to practice yoga because its one of the many ways you can switch up your routine, but the spiritual aspect is not appealing to you. You might want to try Power Yoga or Bikram Yoga.

Which Type Of Yoga Is Best For Building Strength

Active, dynamic styles of yoga are great for strength training. They can be seen as the equivalent to doing a lot of reps of body-weight exercises. Ashtanga, with its emphasis on daily practice, many vinyasas, and mastery of postures in sequence is one of the most effective. Many types of Power Yoga, which are based on Ashtanga principles, also live up to their name. Rocket Yoga is another particularly strong style of practice, as is Jivamukti. Both of these incorporate lots of balancing and inverted postures within fast-paced flows.

That said, styles in which poses are held for a longer duration build muscle endurance. In Iyengar Yoga, for instance, props are used to make it possible to hold difficult poses for much longer than in a flow context. Forrest Yoga is particularly well-known for its attention to detail and stamina-testing hold times. If you have only ever done fast-paced yoga, you may be surprised at how challenging this is. Slow-flow provides a nice combination of longer holds with connecting movement. So if strength is your goal, incorporate both long hold times and more reps.

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Could Help Improve Breathing

Pranayama, or yogic breathing, is a practice in yoga that focuses on controlling the breath through breathing exercises and techniques.

Most types of yoga incorporate these breathing exercises, and several studies have found that practicing yoga could help improve breathing.

In one study, 287 college students took a 15-week class where they were taught various yoga poses and breathing exercises. At the end of the study, they had a significant increase in vital capacity .

Vital capacity is a measure of the maximum amount of air that can be expelled from the lungs. It is especially important for those with lung disease, heart problems and asthma.

Another study in 2009 found that practicing yogic breathing improved symptoms and lung function in patients with mild-to-moderate asthma (

Traditionally, migraines are treated with medications to relieve and manage symptoms.

However, increasing evidence shows that yoga could be a useful adjunct therapy to help reduce migraine frequency.

A 2007 study divided 72 patients with migraines into either a yoga therapy or self-care group for three months. Practicing yoga led to reductions in headache intensity, frequency and pain compared to the self-care group .

Another study treated 60 patients with migraines using conventional care with or without yoga. Doing yoga resulted in a greater decrease in headache frequency and intensity than conventional care alone .

42 ).

Yoga Relaxes You To Help You Sleep Better

Which yoga class is best for me â Yogatown

Research shows that a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Try It: Legs-Up-the-Wall PoseSit with your left side against a wall, then gently turn right and lift your legs up to rest against the wall, keeping your back on the floor and your sitting bones close to the wall. You can remain in this position for 5 to 15 minutes.

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Types Of Yoga: Restorative

What it is: Forget sweating and think relaxation. Restorative yoga is all about healing the mind and body through simple poses often held for as many as 20 minutes, with the help of props like bolsters, pillows and straps. Practicing at home? Make sure you know this insider trick, it will help you stay motivated. Who its for: Incorporating Restorative yoga into your routine nicely complements active practices. Because of the meditative quality of this style, its helpful for those recovering from illness and injury, including emotional trauma like divorce or the death of a loved one.

To Gain Stability And Increase Mobility: Try Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is the practice of precision, paying close attention to the anatomical details and alignment of each posture. Rather than moving quickly from one pose to the next, postures are built methodically with steadfast concentration and held for longer periods of time, and props are often used to modify the poses. The method is designed to safely and systematically cultivate strength, flexibility and stability along with mind-body awareness, and is particularly therapeutic for individuals with specific limitations and conditions.

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Aura Wellness Center Online Yoga Training

Aura Wellness Centre, based in Massachusetts in the United States offers a range of yoga teaching courses with over 20 years of experience in yoga training. These courses include everything from pre and postnatal to kids yoga.

They also offer the option to learn to teach in a range of yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha and Power yoga.

Online course options are not as thorough as participating in courses at their studio but include the following options:

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Lets look at two of these in a little more detail.

Online Yoga Various Online Training Options

What Style of Yoga Is Best For Beginners? (Which Yoga Is Right For Me?)

Cost: $385

Based in the United States, Online Yoga offer a range of course options including a 200-hour Yoga Instructor Training Online Certification.

As with all the other online courses I have already mentioned, this is self-study at your own pace using the study portal offered by online yoga. The course itself is broken down into various lessons.

The curriculum covers yoga concepts such as:

  • The history of yoga
  • The Anatomy of yoga
  • The methodology of teaching yoga

Students receive lifetime access to the Online Yoga community as well as all course materials. Note, a range of study materials that are needed for the course will need to be purchased separately.

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