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What Type Of Yoga Does Adam Levine Practice

Does Your Dad Still Need Convincing That Yoga Is For Men Too From Stress Reduction To Improving Flexibility Here Are Four Reasons To Get Your Father To The Mat

June 12, 2014

DRCKNH Father carrying daughter on shoulders on sunny patio. Image shot 2013. Exact date unknown.

Matthew McConaughey. Adam Levine. Robert Downey Jr. LeBron James. Even the manliest American men are finally catching on to the health, fitness and general feel-good benefits of yoga. Yes, yoga for dads is gaining momentum.

That said, last time we counted, women far outnumber men on the mat. Does your dad still need convincing that yoga is for men, too? In honor of Father’s Day, here are 4 reasons why your dad should be doing yoga, according to Dr. Loren Fishman, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine at Columbia Medical School in New York City and author of Yoga for Back Pain, who uses yoga in his NYC rehab practice.

Adam Levine Has Piles Of Talent But He Attributes Much Of His Success To His Daily Yoga Practice Here His Teacher Shares A Favorite Meditation

March 25, 2014

He’s scored millions of album sales, won an Emmy for coaching singers on the The Voice and snagged the coveted title of People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” There’s no denying Adam Levine is at the height of his career but there may be more to his success than an enviable work ethic: His yoga practice helps.

“Yoga is the perfect workout for him physically and mentally,” says Alanna Zabel, yoga clothing designer and author of the new book As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality, who also happens to be one of Southern California’s most in-demand yoga instructors, teaching clients like Levine, who she’s known for seven years. “Adam tends to build muscle very quickly but he also has a really quick-moving mind. Yoga and meditation are just so helpful. He sees the difference very quickly, so it’s good for him.”

Levine has spoken publicly about the benefits he gets from yoga, particularly its help in keeping cool under pressure. Zabel isn’t surprised: The singer practices a strong vinyasa flow with plenty of restorative holds that help soothe the nervous system, and he meditates daily.

Want some of Levine’s focus and composure? Try this 21-minute mediation Zabel taught to her favorite rock star. Use coupon code YJ upon checkout.

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Traveling Take A Cue From This Band Who Have Become Experts At Practicing In Transit With 11 Poses To Center You Wherever You Are

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has long been a loud and proud yogi, but to find out more about the practice behind the band’s Jagger-like moves, we turned to teacher Chad Dennis, who travels with the band on tour. Yoga, Dennis says, is the one “sutra of familiarity” on the road for Maroon 5. “The scenery, people, languages, hotels, planes, etc., are in a constant state of flux. This can easily pull people off their center,” he says. “Yoga, for the band as well as myself, is the one ritual that creates a sense of home, grounding, and stillness.”

Spending so much time on buses, Dennis stresses, makes it especially important to get grounded whenever possible. He prioritizes his practice first thing each morning, but says the band members all have their own personal preferences, so he teaches each one of them individually. Levine, for example, prefers to practice at another very specific time: “We always do yoga right before he goes onstage,” Dennis says. “It gets him very calm yet very focused and energized.”

Have a trip planned? Take a practice cue from these road warriors and try Dennis’s sequence to undo the physical and emotional effects of travel.

Adam Levine’s Fitness Trainer Austin Pohlen Took To Instagram To Break Down The Maroon 5 Singer’s Workout Routine

Elyse Dupre

Is it getting hot in here?

Adam Levine‘s fitness trainer  took to Instagram on June 10 to break down the Maroon 5 star’s exercise routine. And while these weren’t exactly moves like Jagger, they were still pretty impressive. Levine did split squat bottoms up presses, split stance rotational slams with a medicine ball, supine explosive chest throws with a medicine ball, cable lifts, dead bug exercises and used the rope trainer. Seriously, we’re tired just listing all that out.

“I’m damn proud of @adamlevine and the work he’s put in,” Pohlen wrote alongside a video of a shirtless Levine completing the regimen. “We’ve been dialing in a lot of core work and consistently going heavier in weights each week.”

During a March interview with Us Weekly, Pohlen revealed he started working full-time for the singer in August, noting they focus on strength training about four to five times a week as well as nutrition. He also told the magazine Levine walks on the treadmill and does yoga and Pilates.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s Cutest Pics

Sometimes, Levine will do a “couples workout” with his wife model Behati Prinsloo, Pohlen shared about the parents to Dusty Rose, 4, and , 3. In fact, Pohlen told Us Weekly Levine wanted to “get down to, like, his weight that he was at when he married Behati” in 2014.

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Adam Levine Gets Sentimental About His Yoga Practice: It’s So ‘deeply Personal’

12 Rockstars Whose Yoga Practice is On Pitch

Adam Levine is singing the praises of yoga, a practice he says has had “a profoundly positive impact” on his life.

The Maroon 5 frontman, 39, dedicated a lengthy post to his love for yoga on Instagram Wednesday celebrating all the good it’s brought him.

“I won’t get too #Namaste on you. But I will say that I feel so fortunate to have found Yoga. The practice is so different deeply personal for any individual that I’ve been somewhat hesitant to share what it is to me,” he wrote. “However, this time around, I thought I’d offer it up to whoever is listening.”

RELATED: Adam Levine’s Extensive Tattoo Collection, Explained in His Own Words

“It has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life over the years,” he continued. “I have never been pretzel-ish or particularly flexible. And my practice is riddled with mistakes and imperfections. Which is precisely what makes it so powerful. Striving to do better while simultaneously remaining satisfied with where I am. It’s much larger than I am. I just tag along for the ride. Pretty cool. So…thanks Yoga. You’re awesome.”

The black-and-white shot saw Levine lying on his stomach with his hands clasped behind his back.

The photo prominently features the star’s massive mermaid back tattoo, which he said in 2016 took six months to complete.

6 months in the making. Thanks @bryanrandolph for absolutely blowing my mind with this one! Woooo hooooo!!!!

A post shared by Adam Levine on Feb 22, 2016 at 4:05pm PST

From Adam Levine To Hugh Jackman Hollywood Heartthrobs And Their Love For Yoga

SrijitaImage via thrivehealthy

Deadlifts, high intensity interval training or cross-fit can be mundane when performed in isolation, but when grouped together, they prove to be a challenging combination of strength training and cardio. Top it up with yoga and it gets even better. Yoga is clearly taking over the fitness world lately, but its reach was never really limited. Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe are known to have included yoga in their daily routine much before it was popularised as a fitness regime in the West.

The perception of a fit body has evolved over the years, with fitness enthusiasts now moving away from the Arnold Schwarzenegger-type body image. The focus has gradually shifted towards achieving more stamina and core strength for a leaner look than just bulking up. Flexibility plays a significant role too, and this is the reason why experimentation with yoga postures seem to be in full swing. Today’s celebrities are moving away from the conventional gyms and adopting interesting workout regimes that combine the best of all worlds. While reigning beauties of Hollywood as well as Bollywood are taking up Pilates and yoga, their male counterparts are also embracing it whole-heartedly.

Image via relaxandrelease

Image via relaxandrelease

Image via FitnessFrenzie

Image via yoganonymous

Maroon 5 Bassist Mickey Madden Still On Hiatus From Band After Arrest

Adam Levine may have moves like Jagger, but he pumps iron like Schwarzenegger.

The lead singer of Maroon 5 shared on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday one of the workouts he’s been doing while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii, to stay in shape.

“These are harder than they look,” he captioned a video of himself lifting a kettlebell weight while doing a forward lunge. “Wobbly as fuq.”

The 42-year-old appeared shirtless in the clip, flaunting his ripped and tattooed biceps and abs while wearing a pair of star-printed shorts.

He was also seen sporting a newly shaved head and a full beard.

Levine’s bulked-up bod first made waves in late May, when paparazzi spotted him going for a hike near a waterfall alongside his wife, model Behati Prinsloo, and their daughters, Dusty Rose, 4, and Gio Grace, 3.

On social media, the “She Will Be Loved” singer has shared that he’s been working out while on the island alongside his longtime personal trainer Austin Pohlen.

In May, Pohlen posted a video of Levine and Prinsloo, 33, doing step-ups together with the caption, “Couples workout.”

The fitness expert previously told Us Weekly that Levine is “very regimented” when it comes to his exercise routine.

“He walks on the treadmill for, like, an hour and a half to two hours every day and then we train, but he also adds in yoga about three times a week and then a little less than that right now, but yoga has really helped him,” Pohlen said. “And then one day a week we’ve been doing Pilates.”

Adam Levine: Yogas Had A Profoundly Positive Impact On My Life

Adam Levine says yoga has had a “profoundly positive impact” on his life.

The Maroon 5 frontman – who has daughters Dusty, two, and 11-month-old Gio with his wife Behati Prinsloo – is known for his ripped physique and has opened up about the benefits the spiritual exercise has had on his mental well-being.

Alongside a black white snap of him in a pose with his hands behind his back, he wrote on Facebook: “I won’t get too #Namaste on you. But I will say that I feel so fortunate to have found Yoga. The practice is so different deeply personal for any individual that Ive been somewhat hesitant to share what it is to me. However, this time around, I thought I’d offer it up to whoever is listening. It has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life over the years. I have never been pretzel-ish or particularly flexible. And my practice is riddled with mistakes and imperfections. Which is precisely what makes it so powerful. Striving to do better while simultaneously remaining satisfied with where I am. It’s much larger than I am. I just tag along for the ride. Pretty cool. So…thanks Yoga. You’re awesome. ”

The 39-year-old singer previously admitted that the first time he attempted to do yoga, he felt like someone was “ripping” his body apart.

He said: “I’m naturally very tight in lower back and my hips and hamstrings too.

“My first class felt like someone was ripping my body apart.

He said: “I have a hard time sitting still.

Maroon 5 Singer Adam Levines Workout Is Extremely Simple

Aug 14, 2021 ·Maroon 5 Singer Adam Levine’s Workout Is Extremely Simple Yet Innovative Take a look at Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s lead singer’s simple workout regiment. Adam Levine has to keep an A-list body with an A-list schedule between playing sold-out venues with Maroon 5 and coaching NBC’s megahit singing competition The Voice.

Adam Levine Went Shirtless For His Weekend Weightlifting

Jul 06, 2021 ·Adam Levine has been hard at work with trainer Austin Pohlen over the last year. Pohlen has been sharing updates about the Maroon 5 singer’s progress on Instagram, and he has just uploaded a new workout post, in which the shirtless, heavily tattooed performer demonstrated some of the moves he’s been using to build lean strength.. In the first clip, Levine can be seen performing a seated …

Adam Levine Does Intense Shirtless Workout On Hawaiian

Adam Levine Does Intense Shirtless Workout On Hawaiian Vacation With Behati Prinsloo. HollywoodLife – Alyssa Norwin • 2h. Even on vacation, Adam Levine is putting in the work! During his tropical trip to Hawaii with his wife, Behati Prinsloo, he squeezed in a workout on … Read more on …

Adam Levine Is Looking Ripped In New Shirtless Workout

Feb 10, 2021 ·In his most recent Instagram story, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gave fans a look at the home workouts he’s using to maintain his lean physique in quarantine.. Levine’s workout highlight reel, also shared in a video clip by his trainer Austin Pohlen, shows the shirtless and heavily tatted singer going through a challenging series of moves, starting with a set of hanging knee raises with …

Give Up Lifting Weights For Yoga Yogi Adam Levine Did

Idea by Josip Pavić on Adam Levine & Style

Taya /Yogis/Adam Levine, Elephant Journal, fitness, gym, weight lifting, Yoga/

Rocker and devout yoga practitioner Sting, has a predecessor: Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine . One of the current judges on The Voice, Adam has given up pumping iron at the gym and has instead devoted his health to yoga:

The Elephant Journal has some more risque photos if you’re interested, . What about you – do you practice yoga exclusively, or do you like to add weight lifting to your fitness routine?

About the Author: Taya

Adam Levine’s Shirtless Workout Session Shared On

Jun 13, 2021 ·Adam Levine’s wellness coach Austin Pohlen brought to Instagram to separate the Maroon 5 artist’s exercise schedule. Adam Levine’s wellness coach Austin Pohlen took to Instagram on June 10 to separate the Maroon 5 star’s activity schedule. And keeping in mind that these weren’t by and large moves like Jagger, they were still lovely …

The Fitness Secret Of Adam Levine Revealed 2021

Jan 01, 2021 ·His fitness secret does not lie in gym or yoga only but Adam Levine’s secret to his admirable fitness is his practice of continuously moving and not sitting still. He takes almost 14,000 steps per day. In addition to yoga, Adam Noah Levine also does 20-25 minutes circuit workout especially when he is on tours and he sticks to this for 6 days …

Sirsasana When Your World Turns Upside Down

Get down with sirsasana , a glorious inversion Adam includes in most of his practice sessions that is easier to pull off than it looks. Headstand requires a strong core and good balance, so learn proper form from a certified instructor to avoid injury. When you’re ready, your hands laced together and forearms braced in a triangle on the mat, rest the crown of your head lightly in that base, against your hands. Lift your hips and butt, just as you do in downward facing dog, and walk your feet in toward your torso. Jump or hop both feet together into a bent-knee elevation off the mat. Use your core to lift your legs, still together, straight up skyward to vertical. Sirsasana strengthens your lungs, arms, legs and spine, tones your abs, increases blood flow to the brain, relieves stress and anxiety, and clears the mind. Heavenly.

Rockstars Whose Yoga Practice Is On Pitch

Erin DuffinErin Duffin200 RYT, Reiki II Practitioner

Wanderlust filled yoga teacher and part of the DoYou editorial team. View more

They say that celebrities are just like us. When it comes to yoga, at least, they’re absolutely right.

Your favorite musicians are just like you in their love of yoga. They hit up the yoga studio before heading to the recording studio to make your favorite tunes.

Check out these musicians who do yoga, and if you don’t run into them in your next yoga class, maybe put them on your next yoga playlist!

Yoga : The Fitness Secret Of Adam Levine

Adam practices yoga for at least one hour before going on stage. He feels that yoga builds him to give rocking performance on the stage. He practices varied postures of yoga for one hour to relax him and to feel energized. Adam Levine Experiences with Yoga. Having the most spectacular and super-hot body, Adam is a big admirer and practitioner …

Adam Levine Yoga Workout And Diet Secret


  • Sirsasana: Adam is a fan of this Sirsasana pose because it generates a good sweat and takes an intense amount of concentration to avoid falling over.
  • Anusara: This melds Iyengar’s clinical sensibility with a Hindu-derived spirituality. Adam does lots of Anusara influenced chest-opening postures.
  • Ashtanga: Part of  Levine’s daily routine, Ashtanga is comprised of eight series of postures. Ashtanga benefits you by detoxifying your body, bringing your spinal cord in proper shape and developing strength, stamina with flexibility in your body.
  • Jivamukti: Combines a movement with music and Hindu spirituality. Adam steers clear of the dogma but is into the music and the physical flow.
  • Vinyasa: A less intense version of Ashtanga, this focuses on synchronizing the breath with the movements that connect the poses.

Yoga: The Fitness Secret Of Adam Levine

Yoga: The Fitness Secret of Adam Levine. Before starting yoga, Levine used to practice intense weight lifting for two hours in gym. It did harm to the body.

Dec 20Levine, the lead singer of Maroon and a judge on The Voice, practices one workout like a religion: a custom yoga routine that has sharpened. . Yoga for men: Maroon 5.s Adam Levine gets buff and cures back pain with downward dogs at Women.s Health. Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo did a strange yoga pose in their kitchen — see the cute Instagram photo.

When I.m onstage, it.s basically an hour.. Alanna Zabel is one of Hollywood.s go-to yoga experts, helping clients like The Voice judge and Maroon frontman Adam Levine achieve long. Shakira practica yoga junto a Adam Levine. La artista habria aprendido nuevas tecnicas y posturas en la casa de su companero de .The Voice.

Adam Levine, vocalista de la banda Maroon practica religiosamente una rutina de yoga que ha agudizado su mente y moldeado su cuerpo. Aug 20Adam Levine showed off his buff physique in a revealing Instagram photo posted by his fiancee, Behati Prinsloo, a Victoria.s Secret model. Quotations by Adam Levine, American Musician, Born March 1 1979.

Let.s face it, I only practice yoga because the classes are always packed with beautiful.

Blake Shelton on Adam Levine.s Sugar-Bombing: It Amazes Me How Stupid Adam Levine is a devoted yoga student, often bringing his instructor on tour with..

Adam Levine Workout And Fitness Routine

Adam Levine Gets Sentimental About His Yoga Practice: It

Feb 25, 2015 ·That was seven years ago, and Levine hasn’t lifted a weight or entered a gym since. He feels that yoga takes what you have and molds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel. He also raves about how yoga aids his mental well-being. “I have a hard time sitting still,” Levine

Adam Levine Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Jun 13, 2021 ·Adam Levine Workout Routine. The yoga asanas that are generally practiced by Adam Levine are as follows: Jivamukti. It is a combination of a movement with music as well as Hindu spirituality. Adams says that it helps him with clearing his vision and enhances his focus in life and makes positivity in his life. Sirsasana

Yoga Postures Practiced By Adam Levine

Some of the yoga postures practiced by Adam Levine are –


Sirsasana being one of the favorites of Adam; he never skips this posture. Sirsasana requires you to have your upside down while maintaining your body posture straight. Sirsasana stimulates blood supply to the brain and hence sharpens your mind. This posture demands a lot of practice and stamina.


Ashtanga is comprised of eight series of postures and is an indispensable part of Adam’s daily routine,. Ashtanga benefits you by detoxifying your body, bringing your spinal cord in proper shape, and developing strength, stamina, and flexibility in your body.


Vinyasa being more intense form of Ashtanga involves bringing perfect harmony between breathing and movements. Movements of body in this yoga are faster than Ashtanga.

Vinyasa provides great relaxation to your body, mind, and spirit. Besides, fast movements of body release enormous toxins from your body in the form of sweats. It rejuvenates your entire body and fill it with vibrant flow of energy.

Jivamukti Yoga

Comprised of five ingredients namely scripture, non-violence, music, devotion, and meditation, Jivamukti Yoga is a blend of wisdom at all the levels such as physical, spiritual, and ethical.

Various stages of Jiyamukti Yoga condition the muscles of body through stretching and bestow an internal massage to the body organs. It releases stress from the body and therefore ensures a stress-free life for you.

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Yoga For Men: Adam Levine Rocker Yogi

Learn what yoga exercises the Maroon 5 lead singer uses yoga to stay buff and sane

Dana Meltzer ZepedaAdam LevineMaroon 5playlistworkoutchronic back pain,How’d you wind up at yoga?trainerHow did your body change?Did it change how you work out?Do you believe in the mind-body connection?How do you maintain your practice on tour?What is your advice to people who think they are too inflexible to do yoga?The Yoga Teacher’s Report

Why Yoga For Your Clients On The Road

Traveling can be absolutely relentless on the body. I was on tour with Maroon 5 as their personal yoga teacher for over eight years. Over this period we traveled around the world countless times and clocked hundreds of thousands of miles. Yoga was one of the only things that brought our bodies and minds back to a state of balance.

It May Encourage More Mindful Eating

There are a number of yoga poses that stimulate the stretch-receptors in the stomach and duodenum , which helps turn off the appetite centers in the brain, Dr. Fishman says. Doing Warrior I, Warrior II or Parivrtta Trikonasana about 20 minutes before a meal usually reduces caloric intake, he claims. Also, getting better acquainted with your own anatomy and its workings often curtail the urge for that next helping of almost anything, Dr. Fishman adds. Something to consider before your Father’s Day barbecue!

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Why More Men Should Practice Yoga

When I first picked up yoga as a regular practice, it was like pulling teeth to get anyone I knew to come to class with me. Maybe it was the mythology, maybe it was the cultural stigmas . By the time I started teaching it, the reception was still mixed, with most of my friends choosing a “restorative” class over a rigorous workout class.

As more celebrities step into the spotlight as yogis, I’m happily seeing more and more men give it a shot. Thanks to yoga, they are now enjoying better flexibility, improved performance in other sports, and less injury. So I’d like to finally address some of the issues that keep many men away from this ancient practice, and why it’s exactly what they need.

Men’s Fitness Magazine and U.S. News report that yoga can improve:

Digestion and Food Cravings Everything from boosting your metabolism to giving you a better grip on your diet.

Creativity and Overall Brain Functioning Focus, productivity, and creative insight are all improved thanks to time on the mat.


Quality and Quantity of Sexual Intimacy Not only are endurance and stamina increased, but focus and connection can deepen thanks to the breathing practices of yoga. Yoga also teaches you to control your physical energy, meaning you can make sex more intense and make the “big moments” last longer. That should be reason enough to accompany your girlfriend to class!

Yoga’s “Natural High”

Who practices yoga?

What to Expect/What to Bring

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