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What To Wear To Hot Yoga

What To Do Before During And After Hot Yoga

  • Drink a lot of water to hydrate the body before the session;

  • Wash your face and hair to prevent makeup from running down the face;

  • Eat a snack, including a fruit, an hour prior to the session to boost your energy levels;

  • To have fun during the session, you may bring  a friend along.

  • Stay close to the door during the session because it is cooler;

  • Breathe deeper during the session for stronger poses;

  • Remain focused throughout the session;

  • Pay a close attention to what the body is telling you;

  • You need to go easy on the hot yoga session. 

What To Wear To A Hot Yoga

Now that your local leisure centres and gyms are reopening, it might be that time again… you guessed it, hot yoga time – whether it’s Bikram Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga! Don’t get us wrong; hot yoga is not for the faint-hearted. If this is your first time going, you may have no idea what to expect and be wondering ‘what on Earth do I wear to a hot yoga class?.’

With each class being hosted in extremely heated rooms, it is crucial to have appropriate yoga wear to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Have no fear of hot yogi bears, read on for your essential guide on what to wear to a hot yoga class.

What To Wear To Yoga Class: Feel Comfortable And Confident

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Choosing what to wear to yoga class can feel daunting at first. If youve never been to a class before, entering a room full of people that look like experts can be scary. The added stress about how theyre all dressed and whether you bought the right clothes doesnt help!

Just remember that yogis are a generally happy bunch. Sure, there might be people in the class who have been doing yoga for years and can do handstands all day long. But that doesnt mean you have to worry about jumping in as a newbie. 

In this post, well look at the benefits of yoga for runners and how you can suit up for your first class. heres what to wear to yoga class.


What Is Hot Yoga

This type of yoga is practiced in a room that is heated 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The reason behind practicing in such heat is to loosen your muscles while moving your body into different poses and asanas. It is also supposed to increase perspiration. There are various levels of hot yoga; Vinyasa Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga and each level is engaging to people for various reasons – so it’s good to know these before attending.

What Do You Wear To Hot Yoga Classes

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

Practitioners of hot yoga, or Bikram yoga, use a room heated to 104 degrees F, so come to classes prepared to sweat. You need to bring along plenty of water for hydration and dress appropriately for the workout. Hot yoga classes typically last up to 90 minutes, so it’s better to leave more skin exposed than to arrive overdressed. Hot yoga is based on the notion that warm muscles are more flexible. You should wear clothing that moves with you without interfering with or distracting from your yoga form and technique.

Other Items To Bring To Hot Yoga

Because of the high temperatures, hot yoga requires practitioners to bring a few extra items that arent necessarily useful in non-heated classes. You will be sweating a lot in classes that can last up to 90 minutes. It is helpful to bring a water bottle to class to keep hydrated. It is also recommended to bring a face towel to help wipe away any excess sweat. Many people also prefer to use a slipless yoga towel or a non-slip yoga mat specifically designed for hot yoga. Non-slip yoga mats are made from a fabric-like surface to prevent slipping and sliding when in tricky poses. Yoga towels are placed on top of mats and provide a non-slip surface.

If you live far away from your hot yoga studio or have errands to do after class, remember to bring a change of clothes. Also, many hot yoga studios offer showers for their clients. If this is the case, bring your shower bag and a towel to take advantage of this amenity.

Hot yoga can be an adjustment from non-heated yoga, but regular practitioners say it improves your flexibility, energy, and focus. So dress comfortably and enjoy your class!

What To Wear To Your First Yoga Class

If you already run, work out in the gym or take fitness classes, its likely youll have most of the clothing you need for yoga.

Now of course if youre looking for an excuse to buy a whole new yoga outfit please go ahead. Dont let me stop you! Its just that unless youre heading to some super trendy yoga studio you may not need to splash the cash.

When it comes to buying a yoga outfit, the fit is important. This is my . Pieces Ive bought from this range have always fitted well and lasted for years.

Mat And Props For Hot Yoga

You should not purchase a yoga mat solely because of its appearance. Rather, you should also consider its grip, thickness and durability. A towel may be used on the mats to prevent you from slipping after the mat becomes wet from your sweat. As for the blocks, they are supposed to be dense and easy to sanitize using water and tea tree oil. Dense blocks do not absorb sweat and are the preferred option.

Dress For Yoga Practice Depends On The Type Of Class

You may not be aware as a beginner that there are several different yoga styles. Some styles focus on holding poses and some like to turn up the heat. The style of class will affect what you wear.

Typically beginner yoga classes will be Hatha or Vinyasa. Hatha tends to be at a slower pace and Vinyasa focuses more on movement. I find in my Vinyasa classes I may start off a little cold but I soon warm up!

Some yoga classes, Bikram and Hot Yoga, take place in a heated room with the intention of making you sweat. Youll need to wear fast wicking fabrics that dont leave sweat marks and close fitting shorts or cropped leggings.

If you opt for shorts just make sure theyre long enough. Really short shorts is a big no when it comes to yoga.

Unless you want to give your classmates an eyeful, , go for longer fitted shorts or capri length leggings. Avoid loose fitting shorts. Running shorts have no place in a yoga class.

That should be all the pitfalls avoided when it comes to what to wear to a yoga class. You can add a to your yoga outfit for your cool down or for cozy feet. Enjoy your class!

Yoga Pants And Yoga Shorts

Hot yoga can be enjoyable if you have the proper attire for class, from head to toe. Yoga pants and shorts are the most popular bottoms worn in yoga classes, including hot yoga.

When it comes to searching for yoga pants and shorts for hot yoga there are specific features that I recommend.

These features are breathable, having the ability to be hand washed , made from material such as polyester, nylon and spandex , wide but hidden waistbands , tight-fitting to make bending and moving in and out of poses bearable.

Be cautious when wearing shorts because your hands will easily slide down your legs but a hand towel can easily solve that issue if it ever does become one.

Having the correct bottoms for a yoga class is just as important as having the right yoga mat because when one or both of those are not the best fit, you are bound to have a disappointing experience in class. It is crucial to know what is it that you are looking for when searching for bottoms for class, the more you know the better the experience will be for you.

There are plenty of companies that make yoga pants and shorts but there are only a few that continuously stay at the top of the list for the above reasons. Lululemon, Onzie, Lole, Prana, Zobha, be present, Hyde, Athleta, Alo, Backcountry, 90 Degree by Reflex and Nike are the companies that never seem to be anywhere but at the top of the best yoga clothing lists year after year.

Choosing The Best Hot Yoga Clothes

If you are looking to get back in shape or improve your workout routine, there are many alternative ways to exercise and stay active. Many go the conventional route of joining a gym, but you can also find a hidden running spot or try an entirely new type of exercise, like hot yoga.

When starting hot yoga, you need to be prepared with the right gear. You’re about to spend ninety minutes in a 104-degree room performing twenty-six different poses that work all of your muscles, so choosing the right hot yoga clothes to get through the workout is important. Here are some dos and don’ts to make sure you’re wearing the right attire.

Hot Yoga 101: The Best Hot Yoga Clothing And Tips For Not Dying

Hot yoga isnt exactly a new experience, but it might be new for you. The first time you walk into that room and feel your body immediately begin to perspire, you might think, What am I getting myself into? Dont worry! Weve all been there. During the first 15 or so minutes of a hot yoga class, Im constantly assessing whether Im going to survive or not.

So to save you from sweating your ass off more than you already will, and having to endure slow-drying clothing afterwards, lets take a look at what you should bring and wear in a hot yoga class. Ill touch on some of my favorite brands for a hot yoga class, as well as a couple of tips to make survival a little easier.

Make Sure Its Breathable

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

Yoga can be very messy in more ways than one. You dont want to wear anything that is going to seriously hamper how you go about being comfortable. If it ever gets too uncomfortable, then consider leaving it in the back burner as far as clothes is concerned. Breathable is important because there will be a lot of heat and perspiration. Youll want to ensure your clothing can handle all of the wear and tear, and most importantly, youll want to guarantee that if youre seriously interested in staying in the best yoga shape possible, your clothing can conform to how your body moves from maneuver to maneuver or pose to pose.

Know The Length Ofyour Yoga Pants:

When it comes to bottoms, yoga pants are easily available everywhere. You can buy them easily from the sports shops at an affordable range. Although before buying, check the material of yoga pants that wether material is thick enough or not. If the material of your yoga pant is not thick enough and not made of good material, it becomes see-through while stretching. Also, try to do some movement while purchasing it so that you can know whether it is too tight or not.

Also, the length of your yoga pants also matters, if you are an advanced yogi, then you can wear those baggy or loose pants. But if you are a beginner and attending a lot more active yoga classes like ashtanga vinyasa ¾ length is optimum as you might trip if you are wearing a baggy pant. Also, your instructor will not be able to see your range of motion.

Yoga accessory: You are not restricted to bring any accessory until it doesnt distract other people or hamper your practice. But it is also good to bring some necessary accessories like a towel as you will sweat a lot, especially when you are doing hot yoga. Also, it can be used as a yoga prop while doing leg pose upward if your back is too stiff so that you can place it underneath your back.


Core 10 ‘nearly Naked’ Lightweight Non

“Living in Hawaii many leggings are just too hot, and now that I’m teaching on Zoom with the pandemic these are just perfect to keep me comfortable and cool. They are literally the first workout leggings I’ve worn that pretty much stay put no matter how much I roll around when I’m teaching floor work. I have 2 pairs that I’m rotating through right now and they are all I wear.” â Petrina

What To Look For In Yoga Clothes

From yoga pants to hot yoga shorts, your yoga clothes should all share one key thing: comfort. Do your garments fit properly and feel comfortable on your body? Do they provide enough coverage and support so you can focus on getting the best out of your pose instead of adjusting your waistband?

Flexibility is also important when shopping for yoga outfits. You want your clothes to move with you in whichever position you’re in. If they’re preventing you from getting into deep stretches or poses, they’re working against you. With that in mind, look for yoga clothes made with breathable, lightweight fabrics so they’ll be easier to move around in.

When you try your garments on, don’t be afraid to give them a quick test. Stretch, sit, bend and maneuver to get an idea of how they’ll hold up in your next session.

Jewelry Hairstyle And Makeup For Hot Yoga

  • You should not bring watches and big jewelry into the yoga room. It is advisable to leave these at home. 

  • If your hair is long, you should pull it back into a braid, ponytail or bun. This is to prevent it from covering the face and distracting you. Alternatively, you may use bandanas and Headbands to keep the flyaways and wispies away from the eyes. 

  • With regards to the makeup, you should not wear anything that will smear, move or melt under the high temperature.

Hot Yoga 101: What You Need To Know

As COO of yoga apparel company Onzie, Lauren Balefsky Martone doesnt just love the practice and all of the fun fashions that come with it shes also a top-ranked competitor in the United States Yoga Federation Championships.

Her favorite posture from the competitive series is the standing head-to-knee. They call it the posture that shows all because it requires balance, strength, flexibility, all at the same time. If you can hold a perfect standing head-to-knee, on-stage in front of an audience, its true yoga incarnated.

Here, she shares her insight into the Hatha practice of Bikram yoga including what to expect in your first class, what to pack in your bag, and of course, what to wear.

Hot Yoga: What To Bring Expect & Wear

It’s 105 degrees with 40% humidity. Welcome to hot yoga.

Unlike Vinyasa yoga, a style that varies widely studio-to-studio and teacher-to-teacher, Bikram hot yoga classes always follow the same series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

The room is HOT by design, giving you a detoxifying sweat and an unbeatable high once class is over .

If you’re headed to a Bikram or heated yoga class in your town, don’t be intimidated. You’re in for an unbeatable workout and a lot of fun. Here’s everything you need to know:


Yoga Strengthens Your Core

Keeping up with a core training routine can be hard when training for a marathon. We all know that your core muscles are so important to balancing out your stride. Doing a yoga class can give you a two for one! It will equip you a good core workout while also getting in a good stretch.

Overall strength training is a non-negotiable for runners. Yoga can help you build up overall body strength without the impact of heavy weight lifting. Bodyweight exercises for runners are very similar to many of the positions and movements that happen at a yoga class.

So now that weve seen the undeniable benefits runners can get from practicing yoga, youre probably excited to sign up for your first class. Congratulations! But what are you going to wear??

Preparing For Your First Hot Yoga Or Pilates Class

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

For many of you your first class will be a very different experience mentally, physically and emotionally. The yoga room will be hot, you are going to get sweaty and might feel uncomfortable at times. Know that everyone else in the room started and felt exactly the same way just ask them!

You will see all shapes, sizes, ages and different abilities please never judge or try and compete, especially with yourself! Every day is different in the hot room. Just try your best, because thats all you can do.

What To Bring With You To Hot Yoga

Now that Ive told you everything you should wear to your hot yoga class, I want to give you a thorough list of everything to BRING with you to hot yoga. You can thank me later!

Yoga Mat

I am very adamant about bringing my own yoga mat to class. And I really dont like the idea of using the mats provided by the studio. I know I sweat in those hot yoga classes, so I dont really want to use a yoga mat that other people have sweat on either. Id rather just sweat on my own mat. Plus I love , so I get excited to bring it and use it.

Yoga Towel

One great yoga hack is using a yoga mat towel. This is a good one. A yoga towel is perfect for those super sweaty hot yoga classes. The towel and mat combination creates friction that keeps your hands and feet from slipping during poses unlike a simple yoga mat. This is perfect for helping you maintain your downward-facing dog without slipping from your sweat and landing on your face. I also suggest bringing a small hand towel to help keep the sweat out of your face.

Change Of Clothes

My favorite tip for hot yogi-goers is to pack a change of clothes. I personally hate wearing sweaty clothes any longer than I have to and I definitely dont recommend driving home in wet clothes either. Yuck! I usually pack loose-fitting clothes so I can quickly throw them on after peeling off my sweaty yoga garments. I just feel more comfortable when I do this after practice and I think you will too!

Face Wash


Spanx Booty Boost Active Legging

It’s all the name of these booty boosting leggings, thanks to the high-waisted design and slimming fabric that really highlights your glutes. While the fabric is compressive and meant to hold you in, it’s lightweight and comfortable rather than feeling like it’s squeezing too hard or cutting off your circulation. They’re also Kourtney Kardashian’s go-to leggings!

Leggings Or Yoga Pants

Wearing leggings or looser fit yoga pants is down to personal choice. Leggings started taking over the yoga bottom scene about ten years ago. Now yoga leggings are everywhere! I cant remember the last time I saw anyone wearing yoga pants in class.

The leggings you already have in your closet may be good enough for a yoga class. Just get a good friend to help you check. Strike a downward dog pose and see if your leggings stay opaque. Trust me on this! See through leggings is just not a good look.

If your leggings pass the opaque test, make sure they keep your belly in check! Leggings that slip down when you strike an upside down pose can be really distracting. You want to be focusing on your yoga, not trying to pull up your leggings mid pose.

are a good choice if youre budget conscious or looking for a good selection of patterned yoga leggings.

Just make sure you end up with supportive, opaque leggings that dont slip down.

These are my favorites. High waisted and really supportive, I use them for hiking as well as yoga. Theyre a bit pricey at $75 but I get so much use out of them and they last really well.

Yoga Sweaters And Jackets

Though you might end up shedding it halfway through class, it’s good practice to keep a yoga sweater or jacket on hand, especially if you tend to get cold during Shavasana. It’s also handy to throw on before and after yoga class on chilly days. A light, slightly looser fit may also be more comfortable, especially over sweaty clothes.

What Clothes Do I Need For Bikram Yoga

We recommend wearing hot yoga pants and a quick-dry or meshed crop top. This allows your skin to breathe and stops sweat leaving your clothes wet and sticky. It takes place in a hot room, so theres no use covering up. You need to be as comfortable as possible.

Our best-sellers for Bikram yoga clothes online are our Have a Laugh Quick-Dry Hot Pants. They come in a variety of different colours to suit anyone. The waistband sits snugly against the body. No bunching, no fussing, just good looking, wearable and extremely durable exercise clothing. They include side ties, so you can wear them as you like to keep you comfortable in your body. Theyre even great to wear in the pool if you fancy a dip afterwards. You can make them yours today for only $49.

Our customers also love our Lotus Quick-Dry Crop. The Divine Goddess lotus flower is burnt into the quick-dry fabric to stand the test of time, even in the heat. Its the yoga crop youve been looking for. Made from sustainable, eco-friendly Supplex, the straps are reinforced with rubber to stop them from slipping, no matter what positions you take. Theyll remain in place as the heat rises something which is inevitable in Bikram yoga. You can make it yours for $49.

What Do People Wear To Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga in which the room is heated, typically to a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, to encourage sweating. Clothing is an important consideration when preparing for a Bikram class, as uncomfortable or bulky clothing can distract you from focusing on your breathing, alignment and posture.

What To Wear And What To Bring To A Hot Yoga Class

Get ready for a fat-burning hot yoga class with this list of recommended apparel for men and other essentials to get the most out of each hot yoga session.

Hot yoga is an intense style of yoga performed in a humid and warm studio. It offers a lot of benefits, which entices thousands of people to try this form of exercise, including men.

But unlike their female counterparts, male yogis often have difficulty finding the proper attire for hot yoga. This is due to the lack of information and clothing options online.

As such, the question What should I wear to hot yoga? remains one of the top things male yogis probably ask themselves.

We will aim to answer this query today. Read on as we discuss the correct yoga clothes for men and what to bring to a hot yoga class.


  • Beginner Tips For Hot Yoga

    What to Wear to Hot Yoga

    Hot yoga, aka bikram yoga, can be quite intimidating for those who are either new to yoga in general, or haven’t been to a hot yoga class before. If the 105ºF temperatures aren’t enough to scare you away, the thought of getting sticky and sweating with a group of strangers can be enough to turn you off of it. But, once you get past the heat and the sweat factor, hot yoga classes can provide you with some of the best workouts of your life. Here’s what you should know before attending your first hot yoga class.

    Hot yoga can be a bit of an adjustment , but overall it increases your flexibility, strength, energy, and re-connects your body to your mind. So enjoy!


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