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What To Wear To A Yoga Retreat

Icebreakers Tabi Realfleece Sweatpants For Women

Packing for my yoga retreat

Crafted from reinforced brushed merino fleece with deep pockets and a slightly tailored fit, these pants serve as serious luxury loungewear. Plus, you can dress them up or down without sacrificing any comfort. Pair them with Icebreakers TABI Deice Long Sleeve V for a complete travel outfit!

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Outerwear And Inner Layers

You will need a shawl or a thin blanket, sports bra and a cardigan or a hoodie. Its also wise to bring a swimsuit, especially if you are going to a tropical country like Indonesia, with warm water temperatures all year round and natural hot springs and saunas.

Make sure you carry a rain jacket and sunglasses in your backpack. Bring along a sunscreen and apply generously if you are practicing yoga outdoors.

Its also wise to pack insect repellant , as many retreats are in the wilderness of jungles, in forests or perhaps even;yoga by the beach, and you wouldnt want to be bitten by sandflies or ants. Other weather-related products, if needed, can be bought or rented from somewhere near the yoga retreat. This includes things like umbrella and rain boots.

Workout accessories might be useful for you at the retreat as well. Headbands or a bandana, hair ties and pins are helpful in keeping your hair away from the face. Resistance bands can also be taken along, as you might use them at any time.

Wet wipes always come in handy they help me cool down and feel fresh instantly after a yoga session. Plus, they are excellent at cleaning sweaty armpits and dirty feet.

Stay Flexible In A Pair Of Versatile Leggings

Zella Leggings | Old Navy Leggings Plus;|;Capri Printed Leggings

Leggings are a yoga retreat must-have, and will probably get worn every day! Leggings are perfect for yoga classes because they allow you to move freely without any excess fabric. Youll also find leggings to be the most comfortable and practical pants for downtime, lounging, and eating.

As you plan what to pack for a yoga retreat you may be tempted to bring your entire full collection of leggings. However, remember to use the smart travelers packing secret and either wash or rewear them.;A high-quality pair of sport leggings that are sweat-resistant would be ideal for re-wearing without washing, but make sure they arent so fitted that they become uncomfortable.

If you pack less leggings in neutral colors you have room for more tops in brighter colors and prints. Remember, people usually notice;your shirts more than your pants;so packing less bottoms and more tops is key to having a versatile and compact travel wardrobe.

Find out the ten best leggings for travel as voted for by our readers!

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Thick Socks For The Ultimate Coziness

Wool Boot Socks | Ultra Light Socks;| Smartwool Stripe Socks

Last but not least, pack a thick pair of wool or fleece socks to wear during meditation or between yoga classes.;This is one of the most easily forgotten items when planning;what to pack for a yoga retreat so make sure to add it to your checklist!

Youll spend a good amount of time at a yoga retreat barefoot, but sometimes that can make you cold. Having a warm pair of socks to slip on before classes will keep your body temperature up.

Depending on the country or the time of year that youre traveling, you may need to adjust this list according to the weather and other activities that you may plan to do on your trip. Read our destination packing lists for more tips for your specific destination.

Do you have any tips to add on what to pack for a yoga retreat? Comment and share below!


Female Packing List For A Yoga Retreat

What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat: 6 Essentials

Posted by Flissy on Dec 02 2013

One of the benefits of the rise in popularity in yoga is that there are many options to travel the world to enjoy the practice. Theres everything from austere little ashrams to intensive trainings with top-notch teachers, to ultra-luxe spa retreats. You can go nearly anywhere for yoga retreats!

Packing lightly helps relieve travel stress and set you up for a relaxing retreat. You might want to check with the location youll be visiting and find out what they provide in terms of yoga equipment and amenities so you have the option of leaving some gear at home. Many yoga studios will have mats, blocks, blankets, and other props, so if youre comfortable sharing, you can get away with packing quite lightly.

When it comes to traveling for yoga, my number one priority is comfort. Layers are good to keep off the chill when youre sitting and relaxing before or after practice in chilly studios. I am a devoted yogini, but I am also super girly, so I try to bring nicer yoga clothes that havent gone threadbare, and at least one nice tunic top to pull on so I feel more put together when Im out and about before and after class.

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Personal Items To Pack For A Retreat

Although we definitely recommend keeping your packing as minimal as you can, its important to include a few personal items that will help you make the most of the experience.

For example, you might want to bring the following:

  • A journal and pen to record your journey and remind you of everything you experienced and learnt
  • A camera to make the most of unique photo opportunities
  • A self-cleaning water bottle its important to stay hydrated on a yoga retreat, so bring a lightweight bottle that will keep your water fresh and cold and this way you also don’t have to buy one-time plastic bottles which helps the environment
  • Snacks protein bars, dried fruit and nuts are always good to have in your bag for those moments when you need a little boost
  • Things that make you feel good crystals, affirmation cards, or notes from loved ones could help you stay grounded and steady
  • A book because there will be quiet moments to catch up on your chapters

Make Sure Its Breathable

Yoga can be very messy in more ways than one. You dont want to wear anything that is going to seriously hamper how you go about being comfortable. If it ever gets too uncomfortable, then consider leaving it in the back burner as far as clothes is concerned. Breathable is important because there will be a lot of heat and perspiration. Youll want to ensure your clothing can handle all of the wear and tear, and most importantly, youll want to guarantee that if youre seriously interested in staying in the best yoga shape possible, your clothing can conform to how your body moves from maneuver to maneuver or pose to pose.

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Yoga Retreat Essentials Part : What To Pack When Embarking On A Yoga Retreat

The go-to resource for planning your yoga retreats & holidays. Find all you need to know about destinations and take your practice to the next level.Discover Yoga Retreats now

Youve made the amazing step to give yourself some real me-time and youve booked a yoga retreat.

Whether you are embarking on your first YTT course or are heading to a regenerating retreat, premium yoga brand;Manduka shares with you their pro tips and tricks on yoga gear that give you the best head start to make the most of your yoga adventure.

Although we practice yoga by just being present, having a few essentials in yoga equipment and clothing can make the world of difference. Here are a few of our favorites we think you should pack for your yoga retreat.

A Helpful Yoga Retreat Packing Checklist For Women

Is It Okay For A Christian To Wear Yoga Pants?

The go-to resource for planning your yoga retreats & holidays. Find all you need to know about destinations and take your practice to the next level.Discover Yoga Retreats now

So, youve finally found the perfect retreat to start or boost your yoga practice. Congratulations! Youve already won half the battle because finding the right place for yoga amongst the plethora of retreats that are out there can be daunting.;

From the most austere ashrams to the most luxurious spas, there is a sanctuary for all kinds of yogis. Whats left for you to decide now are the essentials that you must pack to make your yoga experience truly memorable.

You might not think about it, but there are some essential items other than the prominent yoga mats and yoga pants which you should take along. Ive put together this yoga retreat packing checklist while keeping in mind the environment that you will be in and the activities you may partake in.

Continue reading to find out more about the things you should be carrying in your yoga backpack.

Tanks tops, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts are all a must. It can get cold even in an indoor studio if it is located in a mountain resort. Or you may be hosted in a sacred place like a monastery in Nepal or a temple in India. If you havent been instructed, you can take the initiative and ask the retreat organizers about a dress code if there is any.

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Bring In Your Positive Energy

Irrespective of the destination or the yoga retreat center you would be going to, ensure that you carry along with your positive attitude and an open mind at all times. You must have daily intentions set which will help you to stay calm, present and in the flow. Leave your phones behind and dont answer them before you rush out the door to attend a yoga session. Think positive and set yourself up for success, both in body and mind. This will help you take on the challenges of the day like never before. You will feel more vibrant and lively when you are open-minded and open-hearted.

To End it All Up

We hope this article has taught you what you should carry along on your yoga retreat or what should I pack for a retreat? It would be a fun and a relaxing moment when you have the assurance that everything is in place and that you have not forgotten anything behind. Enjoy your experience and gain new heights with yoga!


A born nomad, Om is always on the lookout for interesting places to visit. It took him 25 years of his life to realize where his true calling lies, but once that was done, theres been no looking back. Since the last ten years that he is on the go, he has been sharing his travel experiences by writing about them. Currently, he’s blogging at Retreat Kula.

Secret #: Layering Your Yoga Clothing Beats Yoga Class Microclimates

Early morning yoga can get chilly before a warm-up. Likewise after a cool-down yoga sequence that leads into meditation. Some yoga classes share space in a gym where air conditioning is being used, sometimes at a low setting. To avoid the cold, wear yoga clothing in layers to stay cozy and warm. A wrap or lightweight wool shawl thrown over a light zip-up sweatshirt is as handy as your yoga mat. Plus, your shawl doubles as a blanket during yoga nidra, the lying-down relaxation. Hows that for efficiency?

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Bear In Mind Any Cultural Differences And Plan Ahead

While it is ok to not always stick to socially accepted standards, when it comes to packing for a yoga retreat, it is a good idea to keep the culture of the place in mind.;

Some yoga retreats could have their own traditions or be located in places with certain traditions.;

Respecting the local culture helps to feel more integrated and is also a new experience.;

The Ultimate Yoga Retreat Packing List

9 things to take on your yoga retreat

Youre doing it! Youve found and booked your dream yoga retreat and youre waiting excitedly to head off and immerse yourself in a wonderful experience.

Firstly AMAZING! Take a moment to breathe deep and focus your awareness on whats to come.

Because whether youve chosen an adventurous retreat or a laid back getaway with lots of wellness elements, its going to be a journey youll never forget.

But what should you pack and take with you?

If youve never been on a retreat before you might be unsure of what you do need. So read on to learn all you need in order to craft your own perfect yoga retreat packing list.

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Here Is My Packing List For A One

  • 2 3 pair of yoga pants
  • 3 4 yoga tops
  • 1 light jersey cardigan or fleece to wear in the mornings
  • A pair of warm socks for morning meditations
  • A nice big shawl to snuggle in, also to wear on the;plane
  • 1 pair of long black leggings that you can wear on the flight and on colder nights. Wear with socks and sneaker.
  • T-shirt for traveling and longer shirt to layer on top
  • Long woolen cardigan to wear on plane and also for evenings
  • Bikini
  • Beach cover
  • Sarong that can double as a beach towel
  • Comfortable pants for the evenings, wear with a nice t-shirt or blouse and the warm cardigan
  • Skirt that you can wear for sightseeing with a simple shirt
  • Simple jersey dress ;or cotton sundress that packs well without getting crinkled. A great maxidress would also work well day and night
  • Underwear and sleepwear

For entertainment:

  • Many, many books . Dont bring only spiritual, inspiring reads that you think you have to read on a yoga retreat, dont be afraid to bring a real beach blockbuster or the newest mystery novel with you, too, if you feel like it

The obvious:

I hope you enjoy my list. Do you have any other suggestions or comments? Please let me know, Im looking forward to your feedback.


What To Look Out For In A Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat- Seeking to go on a yoga retreat journey? Ever wondered about learning and relaxing simultaneously? When you go on a yoga retreat, not just you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga knowledge but also you put forward toward embracing the surroundings.

However, you dont want to end up in some bad place. Thus, it becomes highly important to have a thorough insight before choosing any retreat journey. It helps you to prepare yourself for the journey, mentally as well as physically.

Have a quick glimpse at the following points to expand your knowledge, so that, you dont feel lost on your yoga retreat journey. Read on.

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What Clothes To Wear In India

  • When will you be in India : during monsoon season or summer?
  • Which region will you be in India: South or North? Which state? Weather can change drastically from state to state.
  • For how long will you stay in India: A week? A month? three months? Six months or more?
  • What will you do in India: Will you be traveling all around India in a short period of time or will you stay for weeks or months wherever you go?

Footwear For Your Yoga Retreat Packing List

What to Pack for Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in February on a Yoga Retreat

If you like going out for leisurely and pleasant strolls, make sure you bring a pair of running shoes and;choose the right kind;so that you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, especially if you are interested in hiking and exploring the natural sights. Keep in mind that you wont be allowed to wear the same shoes in the gym and outdoors, which is why you need to bring at least a pair of shoes you feel comfortable in. Slippers and sandals are also welcome if you want to keep it casual. When I go to a yoga class I wear only socks, and if you have;special non slip socks, even better.

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Protection From Different Weather Conditions

If you are staying in an area where it is always sunny and the temperatures are high:

  • pack sun lotion, sunglasses and a hat in order to protect your skin from overexposure
  • bring a hairband; and hairpins and wear your hair high
  • dont forget to bring a raincoat and maybe an umbrella as you never know what to expect
  • its a good idea to bring a light book, relax and dive into it while sunbathing on the beach or before going to bed

Check The Activities Included

Yoga retreats often organize outdoor activities, and especially so if you are in for an adventure yoga retreat.;

Checking on the activity list can help make important decisions for your packing list.;

Whether you need your swimsuit, riding boots, running shoes, or cycling shorts, you will know from the activity lineup.;

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Healthy Snacks Are A Must

It would be wise to carry a few snacks on hand. Because you never know when hunger would strike. Moreover, if you are traveling from one place to another, you would find mostly junk foods being served around, which isnt healthy for you. And some of them would be quite overpriced too. So its best to have your own nutrient-dense foods at your beck and call, like nuts, dry fruits, and granolas, than junk.

Layer Up With The Perfect Sweater

Girls Weekend Yoga Retreat

Performance Thermal Shirt | Crew-Neck Sweatshirt;|;Slouchy Pullover

Between yoga classes, meditation sessions, and relaxing, your body temperature will fluctuate often! The best way to deal with this is to dress in layers, and always make sure you have a cozy sweater nearby.

I recommend a crewneck sweatshirt because if youre really cold, you can wear it;during a yoga class. Avoid sweaters with a hood because they can be quite annoying to wear during yogaone downward dog pose and the hood is all over the place!

Thick wool sweaters are certainly cozy, but realistically these cant be worn during a yoga class. If you have room in your bag to bring one then go ahead, but if youre trying to get away with a small bag then Id skip this style of sweater.

For yoga retreats to tropical climates, you may want to skip the sweater and bring these retreat essentials instead!

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