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What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat

Excess Workouts On The Yoga Mat Could Lead To It Turning Thin And Dirty In Fact If You Have A Pet At Home The Mat Is Definitely Going For A Toss However Here Are Some Substitutes That You Can Opt For

One can perform yoga asanas indoors as well as outdoors. However, with the coronavirus lockdown in place, it is recommended that you avoid going out unless you have your own backyard or an open veranda. Roll out your yoga mat and start perfecting those asanas to feel good and happy. As for those who do not have a yoga mat, you don’t need to worry anymore. As a substitute for a yoga mat, there are a few options available at your place to help you. 

Sure, these alternative yoga mats might not be ideal in the long run, for now, you can use them to continue with the exercises. Avoiding working out because of lack of equipment is certainly not acceptable. So put away your worries and pick up one of these alternatives to make yoga mats at home. 

Yoga mat alternatives 

A quilt

A quilt can be a tricky but good alternative for a yoga mat. Depending on how rough or soft the fabric of the quilt is, you can decide if it would be ideal for your yoga needs. It is essential that you do not pick a fabric that is too soft and slippery as that would disrupt your yoga sessions. Not to mention how it would also injure you in the process. However, you can always add a rough blanket on top of the quilt if you’ve got a good hand at the sewing table. 

Old thick blankets 

Beach towel 

Rug or carpet

How to clean your old yoga mat – 


Yoga Mat Alternatives: The Best Options For Practicing Yoga Without A Mat


Pretend you’re back in 1920, and stuff like “PVC,” “TPE,” and “synthetic rubber” hasn’t been invented yet. In that case, your best option for a soft yoga mat substitute would be your own yard or a nearby grassy park.

This option can be good or bad, depending how cushiony your grass is. In the northern part of the U.S., the ground is usually harder, with shorter grass and more potential for mud on your backside when you sit down. In the south, the grass is a bit thicker, but it can also be more dry and prickly.

You can do poses in the grass just like you would on a mat, but the grass can be a bit more slippery, so use caution. Who knows, you may find that after a few sessions outdoors with the sun on your face, you actually prefer the grass!

Carpet/ Rug

What if you don’t have a yard? The next option would be the carpet or rugs in your house or hotel room. Often, a nice bushy rug has as much thickness as some of the thin travel yoga mats on the market.

On thick carpet, you should be able to perform just about type of yoga routine without having to make too many modifications. Rugs are more likely to move around and may also have less grip. Hopefully you have some non-slip yoga socks around to prevent any slipping. Or pick up a pair of grippy yoga gloves – those are great for traction!

Guide To Yoga Mat Alternatives: What Can You Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat

If you’re new to yoga or thinking of giving it a try, the thought of what you’ll need to get started can feel a little overwhelming.

What should you wear?

What should you bring to class?

Should you have a towel?

But most importantly, will you need a mat or are there yoga mat alternatives?

With so many different mat options to choose from, the confusion surrounding which one to go with can often leave you asking, “do I really even need one?”

It’s important to start from the beginning and find out more about what a yoga mat can do for your practice. What are the benefits of using a mat, and what are the pros of not using one?

Whether you’ll need or want to use a mat while you practice depends on several factors, so let’s jump right in to find out more.


Can I Use A Yoga Mat As A Sleeping Pad: Best 8 Reasons Why You Should


Can I Use a Yoga Mat As a Sleeping Pad? A yoga mat can be an excellent substitute for a sleeping pad when camping. Yoga mats are fairly cheap and durable, so they make a smart purchase.

You can also use them as a makeshift mat to do floor exercises or other purposes in your home.

Yoga mats are typically about 1/4? thick, so they’ll work well if you’re looking for some more cushioning than sleeping on the ground would provide.

The unique texture of the material is also great if you’re using it outside of the studio. Because it offers just enough traction to prevent you from slipping and sliding around while working out or trying to get comfortable at night.

The downside is that some yoga mats are not designed for outdoor use and may wear out faster or not be as waterproof as conventional sleeping pads.

However, if you find a good quality yoga mat, it will last for years of rugged use. And even when it does start to show some signs of wear and tear, the materials they’re made with are designed to be biodegradable in most circumstances.


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  • Can I Use A Yoga Towel Instead Of A Yoga Mat What Are Towels For

    Yoga Mat Towel Stay

    Whether you’re a brand new yoga practitioner or you haven’t even stepped on the mat yet, you might be wondering what the best accessories are to use while you practice.

    Yoga mats are typically the first thing people consider purchasing when they’re initially getting into the practice.

    While many yoga practitioners do have their own mat, those new to the practice might wonder if it’s necessary to make this investment early on.

    Generally speaking, it depends greatly on the type of yoga you’ll be doing as well as where you’ll be practicing. Can I use a yoga towel instead of a yoga mat?

    What are towels for anyway?

    If you’re practicing mainly at a studio, it’s likely that they’ll have mats available for you to rent or even use for free. If you’re practicing on your own outside or at the beach, a beach towel could potentially work even better than a mat!

    When considering whether or not you can use a towel instead of a mat, it’s important first and foremost to specify the type of towel you’re referring to. A beach towel, for instance, can be great to use outside in place of a mat.

    However, yoga towels are designed specifically to go over yoga mats to help absorb sweat and keep the practitioner from slipping.

    Many yoga towels have little grips on the bottom so that they stick properly to the mat. Let’s dive a little deeper into yoga mat towels and find out how they can help in your practice!


    What Is The Difference Between A Yoga Towel And A Regular Towel

    When first starting out with yoga, it can all seem a little overwhelming—what products will you need, what products will you want, what products aren’t really worth the investment?

    With so many questions in mind, it’s common to see someone new to the practice bring a regular shower or beach towel into the hot room to spread out over their mat. Essentially, they work in the same way, but maybe not as well.

    Regular cotton towels are a little softer and more pliable than yoga mat towels. While mat towels do feel soft underneath your hands and feet, the material itself is a bit stiffer and more durable than that of a towel you would use to dry off with.

    This means it will hold up better in a heated room, and it’s less likely to move around underneath you as you practice.

    Mat towels are also much more absorbent than regular towels for the beach or shower. While these do a great job of drying you off, they aren’t sweat wicking. This makes a huge difference when sweat is actively dripping onto your mat!

    Particularly in a heated room, you might be surprised by how much you actually sweat during class.

    For many people—though it depends on how much you sweat—a regular cotton towel will easily get soaked through.

    When the cotton towel is soaked with sweat, you’ll end up with nothing more than a soppy mess covering your mat. It won’t absorb any more sweat, and because it’s soaking, it won’t really help keep you from slipping either.

    Can You Do Yoga On Carpet Positives And Negatives Vs Yoga Mats


    If you are wondering whether You Can do yoga on carpet then this article is for you. Here, we take you through why and how you can do yoga on carpet. Also we will compare doing yoga on carpet Vs doing it on yoga mats, so that you can make an informed choice.

    The calm effect of meditation and relaxing workouts can relieve anybody of the stress in modern times. When you are sitting in your own home with no way to go out, or too tired, after a hectic day, going out for a gym seems like a far-fetched dream.

    This is where yoga comes in and fits with the contemporary chaotic schedules. This ancient practice from India is quite relevant to this day. It is actually a holistic approach that heals the body, soul, and mind. As a result, you would find it as the perfect option to unwind and recharge your own self, anytime, anywhere.

    The best thing about yoga is you do not need a number of props to start the session, unlike the other popular fitness activities. Just get a mat and even if you are a beginner, you can start the journey in the wonderful world of yoga. However, people often come with some common queries, ‘Will it be possible to do yoga on the carpet? Is it safe to do yoga on a carpet, especially if we cannot get our hands on a mat? Can we replace the mat entirely with a carpet that we have in my home already?’ 

    We are going to discuss and answer all these topics here so that you can have a safe yoga experience without any trouble.

    What Are The Differences Between A Yoga Mat And Treadmill Mat

    Above, you can see the characteristics of yoga mats and what to expect from a treadmill mat. So let’s pull both things together and see if the characteristics of a yoga mat make for a good treadmill mat.

    So here are the benefits a treadmill mat provide and how well you can expect a yoga mat to perform in those areas;

    So, yoga mats are just as good as treadmill mats at protecting your floor, preventing dust and dirt from getting in and ease of cleaning.

    They are slightly worse at reducing noise and vibrations, providing a stable base and preventing movement. Yoga mats aren’t terrible at these things but a good treadmill mat will do a better job.

    A yoga mat is acceptable as a treadmill mat in a pinch but, a real, high quality treadmill mat will do a better job in a few ways. If you don’t have either mat yet, go for a real treadmill mat. If you already have a yoga mat and really need to put something under your treadmill, it’ll work but consider upgrading later.

    All of the above assumes that both mats are the same size. They probably aren’t though. So finally, let’s take a look at yoga mat sizes and what size mat you actually need.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives: Which Substitutes To Use For Practice

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  • Not all yoga mats are the same. Some yoga mats have different designs, some are just versatile, and some have just not the right features for bringing out the yogi in you.

    So, if you are looking for a comprehensive list of Yoga mat alternatives,  then you are at the right place. Check out these yoga mat alternatives and make sure that you know what to use next time you run out of them.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives: What Can I Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat

    There are many different surfaces on which you can practice yoga comfortably, though again, it really depends on your own personal preference.

    If you love spending time outdoors, I think that soft grass is a great option. Many people love waking early and practicing in their backyard with the earth beneath them.

    It’s also been shown that spending at least 10 minutes a day with your bare feet on the earth is great for your health and can actually help fight disease!

    Do you live near the beach?

    Slightly wet sand is another option for practicing outdoors!

    Practicing on the sand can get a little messy and can be somewhat difficult, but the closer you are to the water, the easier it will be.

    Similarly to running or working out on the beach, practicing yoga on the beach can be more challenging than on a flat surface. The soft sand requires the use of different muscle groups to stay steady and balanced.

    Whether you’re in the grass or at the beach, you can always feel free to use a blanket or towel to practice on if that feels better for you. While you won’t have the cushion or support from an actual yoga mat, the earth beneath you can provide enough of that!

    What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat Seven Clever Alternatives

    Have you been wondering what to use instead of a yoga mat? Just because a game requires particular types of mats doesn’t mean that you have to invest in that particular gear.

    There are loads of DIY and alternatives you can use to substitute for some yoga mat.

    Whether or not you are a newcomer, you do not have the budget, or if you’re only on the go and require a simple fix, we will show you a few distinct techniques you can use.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives: How To Practice Yoga Without A Mat

    If you find yourself in situation where you have to practice yoga at home or while traveling, and you don’t have a mat, are there any yoga mat alternatives that can help you maintain your practice?

    Certainly! From the grass in your backyard to a bath towel, you have a few options for replacing your mat. None of these are ideal long-term solutions, so you’ll want to seek out a real mat as soon as possible.

    But in times like these, when many people are stuck at home and can’t afford to buy a new mat, these yoga mat substitutes will do in a pinch.

    How Much Do Yoga Mats Cost And Can I Just Get A Cheap One

    Combo Yoga Mat

    An inexpensive yoga mat is better than none at all in most cases.

    As we wrote above, all a mat does is prevent slippage and a little bit of cushion for certain poses.

    While high-end mats like the Liforme are amazing and practice-changing, you can do just fine with a more budget-friendly option.

    You can get a functional, quality yoga mat for as little as $10-20.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives: What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat

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    A comprehensive guide on “17 Yoga Mat Alternatives: What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat?

    If you just sign up for yoga then the first thing that came in mind is “Buying Yoga Mat”. Because yoga mat is becoming a trend or fashion now, yogis think that yoga is nothing without a yoga mat.

    In Ancient India, Kerala Yogis practice yoga without a yoga mat even today practice yoga without a yoga mat. Make sure that there is no need for a yoga mat at all.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives You Can Use When You Dont Have One

    If you want to practice yoga but don’t have a yoga mat, here are different yoga mat alternatives you can use to get the most of out your yoga workout.

    Want to practice yoga but don’t have a mat? Don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to talk about what to use instead of a yoga mat so that you can start your yogic journey right away.

    Having a yoga mat is not a prerequisite to becoming a yogi. The Indians didn’t have yoga mats when they started practicing some 5,000 years ago. Before the invention of sticky mats made of different materials such as cork, rubber, and plastic, ancient yogis used animal skins, particularly tiger and deerskin.

    Yes, you read that right. But, don’t panic. Ancient yogis practice Ahimsa or non-violence. So, they didn’t kill those animals to use the skin as a cushion. Ancient yogis only used the skin of deer and tigers that died naturally. 


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  • What Are Yoga Towels What Is The Purpose Of A Yoga Towel

    Yoga towels—or mat towels—are specifically designed to place over your yoga mat. Mat towels are usually used in a heated room, during a power class, hot yoga, or anytime a practitioner thinks they’ll be sweating a lot!

    Many mat towels are made from a mixture of nylon or polyester, while others can be made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles. These eco-friendly options are a really great way to support sustainability within the yoga community.

    Mat towels are absorbent and sweat-wicking—crucial traits to have for doing their job right!

    The purpose of a yoga towel or mat towel is simply to help keep the practitioner from slipping while they practice. This can be incredibly helpful not only in heated classes but also with a lower quality mat.

    Older mats or mats that don’t have quite enough stickiness can sometimes be pretty slippery. Even in a non-heated class, with a low-quality mat, you might find yourself slipping around more than you’d like.

    Mat towels can help alleviate this problem altogether.

    Mat towels are also great for practitioners who might just like a little extra softness underneath their hands, feet, and knees. This, however, is really just a matter of personal preference.

    Ultimately, yoga mat towels allow the practice to be more accessible. When you’re able to practice without slipping and sliding, distractions are minimized, making it easier for you to focus more on the actual practice and less on not falling.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives; Pros And Cons And What To Expect

    A complete workout of body, mind, and soul- Yoga has innumerable benefits. It rejuvenates you completely, strengthens you, and to the top that, it demands very little props, unlike other kinds of workout regimes and physical activities. Since most of the yoga poses are done sitting or lying down, the first thing which comes to the mind as needed yoga equipment is a Yoga Mat.

    It is a myth that if you cannot find a good mat, it will result in a number of problems. You may end up hurting your back or other kinds of strains, which may discourage a beginner. Hence, everyone generally tries to find a good quality mat before starting yoga

    Still, there lies the problem. Buying a mat, which is top of the line can be quite costly, and you may not be prepared to spend that amount right at the beginning. Moreover, if you are stuck at home and there is no delivery going on in your zone, you may have no option to get your hands on a quality yoga mat Do not let that dishearten you.

    As it turns out, Yoga mats, however necessary, is not irreplaceable.

    Even if you manage to buy one, you cannot carry one while traveling, for you to enjoy a few yoga poses in the lap of nature. To let your inner yogi free no matter where you are, you can make do with a number of things that are lying around your house or are used in your day to day life.

    Here are our top picks that can be used as an effective substitute for a yoga mat.

    Also, read our post on What Are Yoga Mats Made Of?


    Which Is Better Pros And Cons Of Doing Yoga On Carpet

    Well, no yoga enthusiast can ever say that specifically. However, here are a few common points of advantages and disadvantages that will be good for you to consider. So, keeping all of this in mind, choose which one to go for suited as per your needs and requirements.


    • Doing yoga on the carpet puts less pressure on your wrist and other joints, as it has more cushioning given the usual mats.
    • If you do not have a mat handy, you need not wait but start if you have a carpet ready.
    • Actually, practising on a carpet is more challenging, but it ends up improving your balance as a whole. You have to work hard to achieve it. So if you can do yoga on a carpet, you can do it anywhere.


    Which Of These Yoga Mat Alternatives Should You Use

    As you can see, you can practice yoga wherever you are, whether you have a yoga mat or not. No matter which of these yoga mats alternatives you choose, remember to practice with caution. Always check if the surface you are practicing on is clean and clear of any objects that might hurt you, such as shattered glass and even small toys.

    Moreover, if the surface is too slippery and unstable to provide you with proper grip and balance, stick with seated or supine poses. Do not take a chance on doing balancing poses, as you might hurt yourself. 

    Eco Friendly Yoga Mats For That Sustainable Stretch

    Why should sustainability stand in the way of you and your mid-morning vinyasa flow?

    Well, it shouldn’t but…it does because most yoga mats are made of PVC.

    And PVC poses a huge risk to any asana advocate. Not only does it expose you to carcinogenic dioxins, especially in child’s pose, but it also has a heavy carbon footprint. 

    We don’t know about you, but that makes us feel pretty anti-zen.

    So, stand tall, limber up, and take a deep, grounding breath in—because we’re on the hunt for the best eco friendly yoga mat.

    For a quick flow, picture digging your heels into an organic cotton yoga rug from or a made from cork or recycled plastic bottles.

    Thanks to these eco friendly yoga mat brands, our daily practice can be worry-free. 

    Now Get your ujjayi breath going, limber up your favorite eco friendly leggings, and let’s get down-dog to business.

    Oh and for more on how we picked the most eco friendly yoga mats, slide down to the bottom of the article.

    • Recused fertility 
    • Danger to unborn children

    Kind of makes you want to skip your next hot yoga class, doesn’t it? If you’re temporarily stuck with a PVC pad, fear not: just cover it with a cotton towel or some layer so you reduce contact with it. 

    But the worst part about PVC?

    There’s no safe way to recycle or destroy it. That pretty purple PVC mat of yours will exist forever. So throwing it away isn’t even a great option. 

    For more on why we should avoid PVC,this video by the Safe Water Advocacy Alliance sums it up nicely.

    Yoga Mat Alternatives To Diversify Your Practice

    Can I Use a Yoga Towel Instead of a Yoga Mat? What Are ...

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    As a unique yogi with diverse needs, a one-size-fits-all approach to yoga mats might not be for you. Luckily, there are a variety of yoga mat alternatives with not-so-typical surfaces and designs that offer all the unique and versatile features that your little yogi heart desires. When you’re on the market for your next yoga mat, you may want to consider switching up your routine a bit and going for a not-so-traditional yoga mat alternative that offers portability, travel ease, and versatility. Depending on your needs and goals for your practice, a non-conventional yoga mat can replace your traditional yoga mat in its entirety, or simply help augment and add dimension to your current yoga practice. Here are six alternatives to the traditional yoga mat that will help enrich and diversify your unique yoga practice:  


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