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What To Know About Yoga Teacher Training

What Is The Difference Between A Certified Yoga Teacher And A Registered Yoga Teacher

What you need to know about YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in INDIA

A certified yoga teacher training program typically meets the required industry standards of what is expected from a training. If youre interested in getting a certificate to teach, then your best bet is to look for teacher trainings that allow you to be a registered yoga instructor at the end of it.

What that means is you get an official certificate by Yoga Alliance, a recognized training body of yoga in the world. Schools that are Yoga Alliance certified follow a strict framework that allow them to lead not just 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, but 300-hour and 500-hour programs as well.

Studios that are Yoga Alliance-certified will feature the Yoga Alliance logo on all of their courses. When in doubt, its always best to inquire with the school directly.

Old Friendships Will Dwindle As New Ones Are Made

This is a tough one. As you delve deeper into the studies and become more entrenched in the principles of yoga, people that no longer serve you will start to surface. This is totally okay. And dont worry friends dont disappear overnight. Its a gradual process of recognizing what each friendship represents in your life.

Just know in your heart that everything unfolds as its supposed to. So let it flow and let it go.

I came to realize that some of my friendships were so damn superficial. At first, I wanted to cast these friends off and no longer participate in the petty conversations about clothes and celebrities. But after talking it through with my teacher training group, I realized this: Each person in your life serves a purpose. Some will be deep. Some will be shallow. And some will fall in between. Some will uplift you. Some will challenge you. Some will support you. And others will think your new yoga life is just plain weird. And to the outside world, it may be weird.

You Will Acquire A New Family Of Lifelong Friends

Your yoga teacher training group will become your family. An odd family made up of all shapes and sizes, but a beautiful, supportive, and loving family. These people will witness you break down barriers, move through fears, and blossom into a yoga teacher. Its such a powerful transformation that will forever keep you connected to one another. Our teacher training family has an online Facebook group to help us stay in touch. Social media is a great tool to help everyone stay connected. I highly recommend you or someone else does this for your teacher training family.

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That Sounds Like A Lot How Will I Fit That In With My Already Packed Work Life/personal Life

I dont know how else to say this but you just do. Teacher training becomes your new normal you figure it out. I think its important to have support from your partner if youre in a relationship because they will definitely feel the effects of training. If youre dating, theyll have to understand that you might be unavailable or just too wiped out on training weekends to do much. If youre married, they might have to do a little more of the heavy lifting when it comes to cooking/cleaning/house stuff on training weekends. If you have children, I think its even more essential to be sure your partner is on board because you will definitely have to work together to be sure everything is taken care of. Rest assured that we have had MANY moms with children ages 12 months to teenagers complete our trainings so it is possible. Youll just need good support.

And as far as work goes, if you feel comfortable let your supervisor know that youre doing yoga teacher training. Not as any excuse to why your work might be compromised as a result but just so they know whats on your plate in this season of life. If you usually work late nights or weekends, youll definitely want to make sure that you run the dates by your supervisor so youre all clear on your availability up front.

There will never be a perfect time. Start before youre ready.

When Should You Get Certified

Yoga Teacher Talk: What to know about teaching private ...

Yoga teacher training involves a lot of time and effort, and maybe even a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Choosing the right time to start should not necessarily be dependent on your yoga knowledge and skills. You can even use yoga teacher training to deepen your understanding of the practice without the intention to actually teach! What should factor into your decision are these questions:

  • How much time do I have to commit right now?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my certification?
  • Why should I complete the training now ? Why should I wait ?
  • What is holding me back?
  • How will I benefit?
  • What will I gain and/or lose if I begin training tomorrow?

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You Do Not Need To Be An Expert Yogi

This was one of my biggest fears going in. Im practicing inversions but truthfully, balancing upside down terrifies me. While I wouldnt suggest doing yoga teacher training if youve never done yoga before, dont feel like you need to be an expert to take a course. People were at all levels in mine and honestly, its nice to see everyone be at different points in their practice. Also, some people will just be bendier or stronger than others. Thats not a good thing or a bad thing!

Last But Not Least: Be Excited Be Proud

You are embarking on a new adventure whether a continuation of your yoga journey or a brand new experience, you will emerge from this training with new knowledge, community, and tools to weave yoga and mindfulness into your life and the lives of others! Thank yourself for your commitment to learning.


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What Makes A Good Yoga Teacher

If you’ve studied yoga and have favorite teachers, consider what makes them appealing. Good yoga teachers connect with students. Some teachers focus on a set agenda, regardless of who attends class. Good teachers, however, understand their students and provide access to everyone in attendance, while giving clear instruction. Good teachers also practice Ahimsa, or non-harming, a key yoga principle. By providing safe classes and avoiding potential injuries by not exceeding students’ abilities, they provide an environment to explore and find comfort and ease in practicing yoga.

A Sense Of Stress Will Occur

Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Teacher Training ð§ð?»â?âï¸?

Many see a ytt as just a course and so get caught up that they just need to to learn the new terms and topics to teach, but yoga topics are mainly about feeling things.

This can lead analytical students to being stressed in the beginning of a ytt, but at the end of the course all students will see how the different topics of yoga work together.

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Yoga Therapy Vs Yoga Teacher Training

While many yoga classes are therapeutic there are specific differences between Yoga Therapy Training and Yoga Teacher Training. Some teachers focus their classes using the asana as exercise while others will include a pranayama and meditation practices in their classes. There are classes that are geared towards students with specific conditions that might require modifications and attention to areas that cant be covered in other classes. As you grow and expand your teaching practice and training, you might specialize in one area of teaching.

Yoga Therapy, on the other hand tends to focus primarily on the needs of individual clients. Using the many tools of asana, pranayama and mindfulness, the yoga therapist assists clients with specific symptoms to discover and manage imbalances that create pain, sleeplessness and discomfort in their lives.

How Soon Should I Start Teaching After Graduation

Tomorrow, one month, a year, or maybe fivewhenever you feel ready and have the desire to share the practice.

This is a personal question to knowing your own intentions. Ask yourself, if there are any fears that may stand in your way and how you can outsmart them. Knowing myself, if I didnt start teaching right away, fear may have taken over and I may never have started.

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Things Every Yoga Teacher Wants You To Know

Yoga teachers have many things theyd like you to know about taking yoga classes. But they dont always mention them. Maybe because you just met, perhaps because it might make you feel uncomfortable, and perhaps they dont want you to feel judged.

Anna De Sousa, an expert instructor at London-based yoga brand, MoreYoga is sharing her top five things every yoga teacher wants you to know, so you can step on your mat feeling confident and ready to enjoy your practice.

Its not about touching your toes.

Flexibility, strength, and mobility will be different from person to person depending on many factors, including how long & how much they practice.

However, the goal for yoga isnt necessarily to transform in an aesthetical sense but to give you time & space to be still, contact with your breath, and find body awareness.

Yoga is not about touching your toes or getting into a handstand its a journey to find a connection within your body and mind.

We dont care if youre sweaty.

Sometimes in class, a teacher will come up to you to give you hands-on adjustments.

You might feel self-conscious because you are sweating. But when you get tense, your body reacts, making a really lovely experience like assists slightly uncomfortable.

But worry not, because instructors dont care. They are used to it. They want to help, and if youve given consent, you should benefit from their expertise in this moment with your practice.

We also struggle with our practice.

Understand The Yoga Alliance

What You Need To Know About Yoga Teacher Training

Number two, certification in the yoga world is something thats very much in flux. Yogas not really regulated by the state or at the national level.

So you can pay Yoga Alliance for permission to use their RYT trademark after your name, but it doesnt actually, really mean anything at the government, state, or national level.

So it may or may not be worth doing, based on your personal goals.

If you wanna deep-dive with me into what certification really means, I absolutely suggest you listen to this podcast, where I go into a lot more detail.

So what is an RYT certification for, then?

Its mostly for yoga and fitness studios in the US to assure that the yoga instructors they hire have completed a minimum level of education as a yoga instructor. It doesnt, however, ensure that you actually practice yoga, that you have any teaching skills, or that your training program was of high quality.

While it is certainly helpful when applying for a teaching job at a yoga studio, its not necessary for other more lucrative teaching gigs .

If youre clear about your goals for your training program, then youll be more clear about whether or not an RYT certification is necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Once youve decided to become a yoga teacher, there are A LOT of things to consider. Besides the fact that youve got to do some serious inner work and introspection, you also need to choose the right teacher training program. Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to becoming a yoga instructor.

What Will We Be Doing During Training Will I Be Practicing The Whole Time

I find training weekends to be a nice mix of movement and lecture/talking. Yes, you will practice a lot of yoga but youll also do a lot of sitting and listening/discussion as well.

Here are some of the things you might do regularly during your 200-hour training:

  • Daily class/practice together
  • Learn about the business of yoga, running a studio, finding teaching jobs, etc

And much more! Hopefully this gives you a good idea.

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What Are The Prerequisites For Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Online

There are no formal qualifications required before enrolling on a Kundalini Yoga teacher training program. Many people who undertake this yoga training do so because they wish to learn about yoga in more depth and become a teacher.

Others do so because they wish to change their careers and start working as yoga teachers, personal fitness trainers, or acupuncturists. You may begin your training with no knowledge about Kundalini Yoga. An excellent online course will equip you with all the correct information you need.

You Will Find Your Inner Voice

How To Know If Your Online Yoga Teacher Training Is Legit

When first learning how to teach yoga, its imperative to find your inner voice. It might sound weird at first. Too high. Too soft. Too rough. Too monotone. And all of that is OKAY. In todays society with texting and email being the main form of communication, its all too often that we dont speak for hours. Its weird and unnatural. So when asked to speak in front of a group of people at your teacher training, it can be overwhelming and scary! Its true you will have to get up in front of your YTT peers and lead them through a yoga practice. Dont shy away from this experience. Its a beautiful opportunity to learn, gain confidence, and grow independently and also alongside your peers. During your training, find it within yourself to speak YOUR voice and project YOUR emotions loud and proud. In time and with practice, each person develops their unique identity. It might happen naturally or it might take months of practice. Whatever the scenario, enjoy each hiccup, mistake, and loss for words. Its in those moments that you experience change, growth, and your transformation into becoming a yoga teacher.

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You Will Feel Overwhelmed

Like I mentioned in #2, studying yoga is no joke. It involves learning the Eight Limbs, the Chakra system, the founders and influencers, the ancient stories, yoga postures, the Sanskrit names, how to teach the postures, and so on and so on. You can get dizzy just thinking about all of it! Heres my advice treat the learning process as a journey. Dont focus on the end destination of actually teaching a class. Instead, break down what your primary goal is and then continue to build upon it one step at a time. I repeat, one. step. at. a. time. Take loads of notes, practice at home on family and friends, repeat it out loud while driving, and be confident in your skills. You got this!

A Yoga Teacher Needs A Regular Practice

Can you actually teach something that you dont actually know? Would you expect to be able to teach people how to drive a car if you had never driven one yourself?

You must have a yoga practice and have been practicing consistently for a long period of time. Its a lifelong commitment. Im talking about an actual yoga practice of say, 6 or 7 times a week which is supplemented by going to yoga classes with a real-life teacher, not just online tutorials. When I suggest practice, Im sure you know Im talking about all of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The study of yoga within the self.

…youve also got to have been going to yoga classes for 2-3 years to join the course…Ive only really tried a few yoga poses at home but never been to any classes. Just trying to think of things to try to get a career I enjoy thats good and relaxing

True story somebody actually emailed this response a while ago asking if I offered yoga teacher training. I had recommended a very good yoga teacher training school – this was their objection.

I dont post this to shame or belittle anyone, merely to illustrate my point that embarking on a YTT course, one would expect that yoga is a pretty big part of your life already.

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Complete Course Prep Work And Familiarize Yourself With Course Materials

In the Yo Re Mi kids yoga teacher training, there is about 4 hours of pre-work required to complete 30 hours of training the other 26 hours covers in-person training. While your yoga teacher training hours may vary, a good training will include pre-training prep work or homework. This coursework is often a requirement and essential to your training success.

How to prepare: Before your training, be sure to check your email to look out for any next steps or instructions from your training administrators. If you do not receive any prep work, be sure to inquire directly to ensure you havent missed an important notification.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Yoga Teacher

All You Need To Know About Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Actually, one of the great things about becoming a yoga teacher is that you can take as long as you need.

It is very popular for aspiring yoga teachers to undertake a 200-hour YTT at a retreat. This may be in your home country or overseas. The fastest way to get qualified is to take a 15-day retreat. However, this is extremely intense and will not suit everyones learning style. The most popular YTT retreats span three to four weeks. The schedule is packed, and usually, you will rise early for pre-breakfast meditation and /or yoga. During the day you will study all manner of philosophy, anatomy, science and teaching methodology.

If you are unable to invest your time in a full-time yoga teacher training retreat you have two other options:

  • You can study part-time at a school in your neighbourhood. On average, part-time study will take three to five months to complete. But, it might take up to one year.
  • Alternatively, you can become a yoga teacher online by studying a remote YTT. More on that later!

Be realistic about how much time you can invest in your studies. It is better to spend longer on the studies but be truly committed to the practice. In contrast, trying to cram it in too fast may result in you not fully digesting your learnings.

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