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What Size Yoga Wheel Do I Need

Trimming And Modeling Tools

How to Use a Yoga Wheel? (Funny Yoga Video) | How to Use a Yoga Wheel Workout

Trimming and modeling tools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These tools are a must-have when potting because, aside from trimming and modeling, you can also use these tools when throwing on the wheel. The Augernis 57 Piece Tools Set is a great choice if you want most of the modeling and trimming tools for your studio.

Check out all these Pottery Tools to purchase and get more information on how to build your Pottery Studio tool inventory.

Upcircleseven Yoga Wheel Set

  • Upon placing considerable weight, the wheel flexes slightly

This set of UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheels will transform your yoga routines.

As three different sizes of yoga wheels come in a pack, you can do a variety of things, such as decompress your spine and massage the knots in your neck and back.

As the wheel is created using the sturdy ABS, it can withstand up to 550 lbs . A full refund is on the table if you are not satisfied with the wheel provided by UpCircleSeven.

The 8mm padding of the UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheels is another advantage while performing backbends.

A free PDF pose guide is sent with the wheel to guide you through the initial phase.

Massages Your Body Particularly Pertaining To Back And Neck Pain

The most useful perk offered by a yoga wheel is that it helps relieve all the knots in your neck and your back by stretching your entire spine, all the way till your tailbone. As the yoga wheel is adequately wide, it falls right under your shoulder blade, which is an area that most of the massage-based props tend to neglect.

The best part is that it is especially useful today since the implications of the eight or nine hours of working by the desk are almost immediately reversed in about ten minutes, as the tight shoulders, back or neck pain relax instantly.

Your leg muscles can also enjoy a good massage using the yoga wheel, in a manner similar to the one experienced by a conventional foam roller. A yoga wheel helps relax tight muscles as it enhances blood flow to these areas.

Personally, I believe that the yoga wheel is better than foam rollers, in terms of longevity. Moreover, it provides the entire body with a good warm-up before the actual routine.


Do note that your body will not be healed of all the pains and tightness of muscles during the first use itself. Moreover, to relax and unravel the tight knots in your neck and spine, you must go through a short period of discomfort and even slight pain. In case your strongest suit is not flexible, it is a good idea to integrate a few more props before you immerse yourself into a backbend.

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The Best Yoga Wheel Exercises For Beginners

Though theyve been around for years, yoga wheels have recently gained popularity on social media platforms worldwide.

Brand new yoga practitioners and seasoned yogis alike are seeking to learn more about the yoga wheel.

What exactly is the yoga wheel? What can it do for your body? What are some of the best ways to use the wheel?

Lets dive deeper to find out what the yoga wheel is all about and to learn about the top 6 yoga wheel exercises for beginners!

If youre curious : This specific yoga wheel is one of the most popular wheels and its also the one we recommend.

Its an excellent yoga wheel, yet youll also find that it is also one of the least expensive wheels youll find online.

Its available in six different colors , light blue, pink, and purple) and hundreds of positive reviews across from yogis. If you can get it for under $40, grab it.

We think thats a great price for one of the best yoga wheels for beginners. .

Product Name

Petes Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

dharma yoga wheel
  • Comes only in one style
  • Unsuitable for intensive routines

Petes choice came up with a 13 Ultimate Dharma Yoga Wheel, which is affordable for novices and experts.

It is made up of ABS material and is layered with a foam padding of ΒΌ inch. The wheel can endure up to 350lbs. However, the manufacture is against the idea of jumping on or from it.

Each purchase comes with a free eBook containing 16 yoga wheel poses as well as a free yoga strap to ensure that you can improve your flexibility. Moreover, the customer service of the company has been lauded by many of its users. If you are unhappy with the wheel, the company will either refund your money or replace your product.

The wheel, however, comes only in one design.

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It Can Help You Wind Down

If your evening HIIT sesh leaves you feeling completely wired come bedtime, Lucy suggests swapping it out for a go on the yoga wheel, ‘It’s perfect for winding down after work and encouraging TLC.’

A Harvard University study even concluded that certain yoga practises can reduce the impact of exaggerated stress responses and may be helpful in combating both anxiety and depression, and anything that helps us sleep easy gets our vote.

Yoga Wheel: An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Yoga is not just a workout routine, but it is a whole system which affects our health, lifestyle and our relationship with ourselves and those around us. Although it has been practiced for centuries, it keeps evolving with time. There are a lot of new trends which have made their way into the world of yoga in recent years. One of such new trends is a Yoga Wheel which is quickly gaining a lot of popularity and appreciation for the many benefits it offers. All the celebrities, yogis, old and new, are seen using it.

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It Can Help Relieve Aches And Pains

When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to do is work up a sweat, but you might want to put the paracetamol down for a second, because Lucy believes that practising gentle poses with a yoga wheel has the clever ability to soothe away soreness and discomfort.

‘Certain poses with a yoga wheel can help diminish any aches and pains at the front of the body including the abdomen, chest, shoulders and hips,’ she says.

It’s also brilliant for easing back pain and works wonders to massage the length of your spine – no professional masseuse needed.

They Help In Endurance

What MTB Wheel Size Should I Ride? | SportRx

Regardless of your level of experience and flexibility, yoga wheels can help you stay in a backbend posture longer.

However, to achieve the best results and improve your endurance, you need to remain in that position for as long as possible.

As your muscles fatigue, they allow you to build stamina and eventually, your endurance.

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How To Choose A Body Yoga Wheel

When shopping for a yoga wheel, youll intuitively know what you do and dont like. The most important factors to consider are that its well made, can support your weight and has a comfortable padded exterior. The foam should be high quality since this is usually the first thing to go on cheaper products. Most wheels can support hundreds of pounds so as long as youre not buying a ten dollar product you should be perfectly safe.

Beyond that, the size of your yoga wheel will also be something to think about. They come in sizes ranging from 6 to 15 inches in diameter and about 5 to 7 inches in width. Consider opting for a larger size as it provides more support .

In our review we focus on the comfort, quality and price among a few other factors. We dont base our decisions specifically on cost in dollars but on value. What I mean is that we search for the best combination of comfort and quality for the price the most bang for your buck if you will. That being said, I think weve done an impeccable job at finding high quality and affordable options for you.

How To Choose A Yoga Wheel

Truth to be told, all yoga wheels look pretty much the same small, circular-shaped plastic.

So why a massive difference in price ?

Because these simple circular yoga props are, in fact, more complicated than they look.

Yoga wheels differ in their material, sustainability, weight load, size, etc.

Here are four major things you should consider when choosing a yoga wheel.

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Wheel Assisted Split Leg Entry Headstand

Practicing Sirsasana with the yoga wheel is sure to help practitioners feel more confident in the posture without using the assistance of the wall. Come to all fours and hold onto the base of the wheel for support. You want to place your forearms under the shoulders, forming a triangle shape. Your head is on the mat, gently pressed against the roller. The shoulders are actively moving away from the ears as you start lifting your hips to the sky. Take several micro-steps towards the direction of your face and once you can’t go further, bend one knee and lift both legs away from the floor. Extend your right leg and leave the left knee bent. Counterbalance the posture by squeezing the back of your head onto the wheel. Activate your arms, neck and the core to lengthen your spine that will keep you stable in the inversion. Always relax in child’s pose after Sirsana, bringing the body to rest.

Helps You Move Into Advanced Yoga Postures

Dharma Yoga Wheel Beginner Tutorial

Moving into a backbend or other challenging posture can be scary the first time. There is also the potential for injuries as your body might not have the muscle strength to perform it properly. Using a yoga wheel can ease some of your fear and also help you achieve the proper alignment when first starting out. Holding the posture with a prop not only offers you support but is helping you strengthen the necessary muscles at the same time

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Urbnfit Yoga Wheel & Strap Set

Over 280 Ratings!

If you need a slightly wider yoga wheel then this is your best bet. The URBNFit model is an incredibly sturdy model with a bit more width than the standard size.

This set is particularly nice because it’s a 2-in-1 combo set that comes with a strap as well. Furthermore, the price point can be beat for the amount of quality, durability and amount of gear you get!

Benefits Of Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel opens up a whole new world of workout experiments. From massaging your back to opening your hips and testing your balance these are the tip of the iceberg, the fun use of the yoga wheel.

Massages your body and relieves back and neck pain. The easiest way to use a yoga wheel is to gently pull all the kinks in the neck and back out of the tailbone up your spine. Thanks to its width, a yoga wheel goes directly between the shoulder blades an area that is impossible to reach with other massage props.

Just 10 minutes of a back massage will help you alleviate sore shoulders, back or neck pain, and reverse sitting and hump hours at your desk.

You can also use your yoga wheel for the foot massage. Similarly, to a traditional foam roller, a yoga wheel can help your stiff and tight muscles by increasing blood flow and speeding up recovery.

We think that the yoga wheel takes the upper hand when compared to foam rollers. It is more durable than foam rollers, which lose shape with use and provide a full-body warm-up before a workout.

A fair warning:

Do not expect miraculous rest during your first use. Like a massage, ironing those tight knots in your neck and spine can feel uncomfortable and a little painful.

If flexibility is not your strong point, you may want to add some extra support, such as a yoga blanket or yoga block to ease backbends and get more support.

1. Helps with flexibility

2. Supports and prevents injury

3. Improves Balance and Builds Core Strength

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Plexus Chirp Wheel Set For Back Pain

Over 432 Ratings!

  • Enjoy a custom notch down the middle that allows room for your spine. No more direct pressure on your spine!

  • 3 different sizes to help with your unique problem! Lower back, mid back and even your neck will enjoy these options.
  • Fantastic customer service. Speedy and helpful communication from the company.

The Plexus Chirp wheels are some of my favorites

They dont come very high on this overall list because they are not meant to be an all around yoga wheel. They are really geared towards those who want to work with these yoga props over time to see how they might improve their back pain.

If this was a yoga wheels for back pain post then youd find this set at the very top. Nonetheless, if you happened to fix all of your back problems youd be left with an expensive set of yoga wheels that still work fantastic.

Long story short, you should consider these if you have back pain troubles. If dont then youd be best with any of the other choices listed above this one.

Over 710 Ratings!

The width of any given yoga wheel is always something to consider

Youll find come models are 6 inches wide, while others are only 5 inches. This might not seem like much of a difference but this all as to do with your shoulders.

How wide the wheel will depend on whether or not it can fit between your shoulders. Which will help to open up your shoulders and upper back – which will hopefully alleviate some of your back pain.

The Right Size That You Need To Buy

Yoga wheel : drills to improve your backbend poses and overall flexibility – ALL LEVELS

The size of the yoga wheel that you buy entirely depends on your practice, size, and personal needs. If you are a beginner you may want to start with a small wheel so you can make ease your postures while also getting the most from it.

With that in mind its not a must that you start with a small wheel. On the same note small wheels can still work well for seasoned practitioners.

Also small wheels are great for releasing tension and targeting certain muscles, something that even rollers do.

On the contrary larger wheels will help provide you with tons of support and sturdy counterbalance. They will also give you the space to go deeper into certain postures while also giving you the stability that you need.

While its hard to balance with one foot on the wheel a good yoga wheel will help strengthen your body in a number of ways.

Although the yoga wheels come in different sizes, the normal one is 12-inches diameter. But generally, there is the standard, small, and micro wheel sizes.

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Types Of Yoga Blocks: 3 Essential Features To Decide On

Yoga blocks may all look the same.

Make no mistake, though. Subtle differences in shape, size, and the material will determine:

  • how heavy the blocks are
  • how long they will last
  • if they’re convenient to carry to a yoga class
  • whether the block can hold up your weight in arm balances.

Besides, individual characteristics, such as density or design, may determine the primary function of the block. For example, softer blocks are better for stretching and building flexibility. In contrast, firm and sturdy ones are best for practicing inversions and arm-balancing poses.

Where This Prop Really Shines Making Challenging Backbends More Accessible

When the DYW first arrived at our office, I think a lot of us expected it would be a little less intense/more restorative. But soon we discovered that “Holy crap, this is actually a pretty big backbend!” When I asked a friend/co-worker what she thought of the wheel, her response was “Well, it wasn’t nearly as relaxing and luxurious as I thought it would be.” Noted. If you’re hoping to add to your restorative yoga toolbox, your money would probably be better spent on a couple of new bolsters.

While it’s not only for backbending, if you ask me, the DYW really shines when it comes to making challenging backbends more accessible. While “challenging backbend” can mean all sorts of things depending on the practitioner and their individual practice and body proportions, the wheel is a useful preparatory tool and prop for all kinds of backbendsfrom bridge pose to full pigeon, to everything in between.

In fact, the first time I lay back over the wheel I couldn’t help but notice that I was practically in urdhva dhanurasana . One of my favorite ways to teach urdhva dhanurasana is to prep students with three yoga blockstwo blocks at their lowest height stacked horizontally underneath the shoulder blades, with the other block horizontally at its lowest height supporting the head. From here, the student is already “halfway there,” and pressing up into urdhva can seem less daunting. I could easily see how a yoga wheel could serve a similar purpose .

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Q: What Muscles Can You Hit Using A Yoga Wheel

  • A yoga wheel is aimed at improving your posture and strengthening your spine.It doesnt help build muscle directly, but it conditions your back and chest muscles for optimal growth during strength training.
  • You can use a yoga wheel to stretch your back muscles, shoulders, and chest, based on what pose you practice. It can even help in engaging your core during assisted headstands.

Choosing The Right Roller

How To Use A Yoga Wheel

Finally choosing the type of roller can be the hardest part because different rollers will make the balance board behave differently.

Furthermore most mass produced balance boards come with a specially built roller that is going to be hard to replicate with parts that are easily obtained so you are going to be left trying to find something to use as a roller that will be suitable for your application.

Here are some of the different types of rollers i have personally tried using on diy balance boards and my experiences with them.

First off I felt using a larger roller slowed down the movement of the board and made it easier to use.

2 inch black pipe- balance board was very twitchy, the board slammed on the ground often, was very challenging to use and not very fun.

4 inch pvc pipe – Balance board reacted slower and moved slower, was fun to use but the balance board slid around on the pvc pipe.

4 inch Pvc pipe with duct tape wrapped around it in a few spots- The tape slowed the board down and prevented it from sliding around on the pvc pipe. It was fun for awhile until my skills improved and i wanted the balance board to react faster.

3 inch cardboard tube – This is my personal favorite roller to use now because it is challenging but still fun to use . The balance board reacts and moves faster and doesn’t slide around as much as using the 4 in pvc pipe. The down side is over time the tub starts to warp or fall apart.

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