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What Should You Wear To My First Yoga Class

To End Deepak Chopra Summarized It Best When He Said:

What to Wear to Your First Pilates Class + Bonus Shop with Me at Athleta | Pilates NRS

Imagine throwing a little stone into a still pond and watching it ripple. Then, after a while, when the ripples settle down, perhaps you throw another little stone. Thats exactly what you do when you go into the field of pure silence and introduce your intention. In this silence, even the faintest intention will ripple across the underlying ground of universal consciousness, which connects everything with everything else. If you are brand new to meditation, we hope this information helps you begin your practice. If you have a meditation practice and would like to leave some suggestions or encouragement for others, please do! We would love to hear how meditation has changed your life.

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Heres What To Expect In Your First Meditation Class:

Since meditating more regularly and becoming more mindful, I have noticed that I have more time. Ive noticed myself driving without the radio just to enjoy the drive. Ive noticed Ive been thinking more deeply. Ive simply become more aware.

When the teacher rang the bell and told us to bring our palms to heart center, I was surprised so much time had passed. Even more surprising I had absolutely loved it. Since meditating more regularly and becoming more mindful, I have noticed that I have more time. Ive noticed myself driving without the radio just to enjoy the drive. Ive noticed Ive been thinking more deeply. Ive simply become more aware.

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By Ashley Uzer

As someone whos never been an avid workout-class attendee, the outfit anxiety is real.

Somehow, whenever I decide to try a new class, I always end up being the only person in shorts. Every other attendee is in LuLuLemon leggings at minimum , a cute and ridiculously strappy sports bra, and sneakers that somehow manage to coordinate with the whole outfit.

This all leaves me to wonder if people who attend workout classes own multiple pairs of workout shoes.

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The thing about meditation is that you can wear anything you want, something that both Likhov and Keledjian stressed to me when I first started peppering them with questions.

Yoga Traditions You Can Expect During Class

What Should You Wear to Your First Yoga Class?

The following are some common yoga traditions that you may encounter in your first public yoga class.

  • Chanting Om: Many yoga classes begin and end the class by chanting the sound Om. This Sanskrit word is said to be the sound of creation, and helps to unite energy and bring sacredness to the practice.
  • Childs Pose: This pose is the most common and accepted resting pose in the physical practice, and is a good one for you to be familiar with for when you need to take a break. From your hands and knees, simply sit back on your heels and put your forehead on the floor with your arms outstretched or wrapped back around your legs. Feel comfortable taking this pose anytime.
  • Savasana: Pronounced sha-VAH-sah-nah, this is always the final resting pose in any yoga class. It translates to corpse pose, and while that might sound morbid, it simply represents the natural ending of the practice, and reminds us that everything in life happens in cycles. The pose is quite simple youll just lie on your back for a few minutes while the benefits of the practice absorb into your system.
  • Namasté: The tradition at the end of any yoga class is for the teacher and students to say the word Namasté to each other. This word has many beautiful translations, but essentially means I bow to the Divine in you.

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What To Bring Into The Room

Bring your yoga mat, water, and a small towel into the space. That is it. An important piece of etiquette is that you should not bring your phone into the studio space, as your practice is a time to unplug and disconnect from technology.

Youll also leave your shoes outside of the yoga room, so just see what everyone else is doing and go with the flow. As you enter the room, find a spot where you can see the teacher well. Also, it is proper etiquette not to step on anyone elses mat while you are in transit.

Starting With The Right Class

There’s a whole load of different yoga styles out there, with new ones emerging all the time. Did somebody say Drake Yoga?

Some are suited to beginners, and others definitely are not, so it’s important to pick carefully. Trust me, nothing is more disheartening than attending a class that’s way above your level.

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Savasana Is The Relaxation Bit At The End

Savasana means corpse pose in Sanskrit and is the final resting pose at the end of a yoga class. It basically involves lying on the floor and resting to finish the class. Dont get up and leave before or during savasana it usually only lasts about five minutes and is a crucial part of the yoga class, allowing the body to assimilate and absorb the practice. Its a great way to allow your mind to become quiet and learn the basics of meditation.

You Need To Be Hydrated

What Should I Wear For My Hot Yoga Or Pilates Class?

You might not think yoga is a strenuous activity, but as with any workout, you want to be hydrated. Drink a lot of water before you hit the mat, and take a water bottle with you to class. You can take sips of water between poses, don’t worry. Many people keep water bottles at the front of their mat so they can drink during class.

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The Kind Of Clothes You Will Need For Yoga Classes

Since most men learn and do yoga for its physical benefits, its easy to assume that the clothes you will need wont be any different from the ones you wear to the gym. This is both true and false. Its true in the sense that you will also need clothes that are comfortable, easy to move in, and can absorb sweat properly. However, its false because not in all cases will your trusty old gym shorts or sweats be appropriate for yoga class. This is simply because yoga involves a lot of stretching and bending, so you will need yoga clothes for men that are very stretchable and wont hamper your movements as you do various yoga poses.

For the bottoms, you have a choice of wearing shorts, or cropped or long stretchable pants whenever you go to your yoga for beginners class. It would really depend on you to decide whether you want to go short or long on your bottoms, but the best way to decide on this is to figure out which type of yoga clothes for men would give you the most overall comfort. Some men like to wear shorts because it feels more cool for them, which is an especially important consideration if youll be doing Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga. While there are men-specific types of clothing in most yoga wear lines, most guys can get by with a good pair of basketball shorts, with cycling shorts underneath to bar from accidental exposure.

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Yoga Attire You Need A Good Sports Bra

The first item for any female yogi is a good sports bra. By good, I mean a bra thats supportive and gives decent coverage. You dont want to be popping out in the middle of a pose!

It doesnt have to be as supportive as a running bra but it does need to hold you in place. Your sports bra needs to be comfortable. You dont want to be distracted during your yoga workout.

Its also good to avoid any bras with fastenings at the back. Youll be spending time doing floor work and you dont anything digging in to your back!

I like the way this yoga bra from Running Girl has flat seams for comfort on the mat.

Of course, you dont need a yoga bra this decorative. This one from Gaiam is simple and supportive.

Its best to try out a few different yoga bras and make sure you find one that fits well with good support.

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Yoga Costs: Where Can I Find A Yoga Free Trial

Many yoga studios will want you to commit to the practice before you have the chance to decide whether or not yoga is right for you. When trying your first yoga class, consider finding a fitness location that offers a multi-day free trial. This gives you the time you need to try one or more yoga classes before investing in a membership.

Mindfulness And Meditation Exercises

What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

Both mindfulness and meditation are integral parts of the yoga practice. As mentioned earlier, physical yoga practices aim to prepare the body and mind for meditation.

There are two simple elements that define mindfulness:

  • Become aware of the physical sensations in your body.
  • Notice these sensations without judgment.
  • Below is a simple, mindful counting meditation that you can practice at home:

    Meditation technique

  • Find a comfortable seat.
  • Set a timer for how long youd like to meditate for, somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Notice the sounds around you. Listen as they come and go.
  • Bring your awareness to your physical body. Can you notice the temperature of your skin? Can you notice whats touching your skin?
  • Focus the awareness from your head and move down to your feet. Which parts of your body are harder to notice? Which parts of your body are easier?
  • Bring your awareness to your breath. Notice the cool air as you breathe in and the warm air as you breathe out.
  • Start to count your breath. Inhale on 1 and exhale on 2.
  • Continue counting all the way up to 10. Repeat until the end of your meditation.
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    Why Runners Should Do Yoga

    Yoga is an excellent complement to running.

    Running can be tough on your joints and muscles, so you definitely need to stretch and relax your muscles on a regular basis. Yoga does all of that, while also helping you get ready for your next run.

    Yoga focuses on breathing techniques and mindfulness while going through all the different postures.

    This means that anyone can do yoga. Theres no need to be intimidated about going to a class. Everyone has different fitness and flexibility levels, and a good yoga teacher will help you adjust yourself to the positions. They want you to be able to stay within your ability and not get left behind.

    Many yoga studios offer an intro class if you want to learn the basics of the poses before getting started. There are lots of great videos on YouTube where you can follow along from home.

    The videos are great for learning, but once youve seen some examples, I highly recommend going to a live class. Getting tips from a trained teacher who can monitor your progress and lend advice where needed is a great asset.

    Got Questions Here Is What You Need To Know

    What are the best classes for beginners?

    While youre welcome to take any class, most beginners find the Beginner Series the most helpful. Other classes that are a good starting point to exploring yoga for the first time are Yoga Basics, Yin Yoga, and Hatha classes. Once you feel ready, graduate to Yin Yang Fusion, Vinyasa Level 1 and onto Mixed Levels Vinyasa which is our most challenging class.

    My first class was hard! What should I do?

    If it were easy, everyone would do it! Give yourself at least 10 classes to get comfortable.

    What temperature is the studio?

    In general, the room is gently heated between 80 and 85 degrees to help increase flexibility and circulation.

    Are there any class rules?

    No Cell Phones: You deserve time to focus on you without distraction, so please silence your cell phone! We also ask that you are quiet in the yoga room so students can meditate and relax before class begins.

    No Perfume or Cologne: Out of respect for your fellow classmates, we ask that you refrain from using perfumes or cologne while in the studio space.

    Be On Time: The studio will open at least 15 minutes before class begins. Please be on time because the doors will lock promptly at the start of class.

    What should I bring?

    A water bottle and towel will ensure youre hydrated and comfortable during class.

    A yoga mat is essential for each class. If you forget yours or dont yet own one, you can use one of ours or purchase one from us.

    What should I wear?

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    Arriving At Your First Class

    Get there early.

    You’ve no doubt been told that on any number of other articles, but it really is true. While it always applies, it’s especially true for your first class.

    You really don’t want to be scrambling for a position as everyone is getting started. I think this was the thing I was most nervous about. I wasn’t sure of the etiquette and I was terrified that I’d interrupt the wrong class or set up in the wrong way and everybody would witness my humiliation.

    Luckily I was spared that horror.

    A lot of articles insist that you should introduce yourself to your teacher, and I can see why. It’s polite for a start, and you can let them know about any injuries or ask any questions you might have.

    However, I do think it’s a little misleading to say it’s something you need to do. Yoga teachers are often the last person to arrive at their own classes. So if there isn’t an obvious opportunity to introduce yourself, don’t worry about it.

    Maybe it’s just me being neurotic, but that’s something that would stress me out if I was lead to believe I had to do it but didn’t see an opportunity.

    Barre : 5 Things To Know Before Your First Barre Class

    Yoga Etiquette for Men

    Barre class is a rigorous workout that blends elements from different exercise styles including ballet, pilates, and yoga. Combining so many different challenging workouts can seem intimidating. How will you know what to do with your body? What are the different pieces of equipment? Take a deep breath. Most barre classes welcome first-timers, and your instructor will use hands-on guidance to help you get used to moving your body in new ways.

    Barre class is named for the primary piece of equipment: the bar. If youve ever been in a ballet studio, this piece of equipment will be familiar. Youll also use other equipment, like a mat which youre familiar with if youve ever tried yoga or free weights, exercise bands and exercise balls. You can pick how heavy you want your weights to be, and your instructor will walk you through the proper use of each piece of equipment. Theyll explain how you can integrate the equipment into the class to get the best workout possible.

    Getting the best workout possible means youre going to be working a lot of different muscle groups. You can expect barre class to address multiple areas of your body, including your:

    • Arms
    • Core
    • Glutes

    The exercises are set at a slow pace that aims to build strength and flexibility you wont have to worry about high impact moves, like jumping.

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    First Barre Class: What To Expect

    Barre class might push you to your limits, but you can expect to gain a lot from dedicating yourself to the class. When you regularly challenge your body in barre class, youll notice benefits like improved muscle definition, greater flexibility and better posture. Like other types of regular exercise, barre can also help you manage and reduce your stress levels.

    Now that you know the basics how of a barre class works here are five things to know before you dive in and take your first barre class:


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