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What Is Yoga Towel Used For

Serves As A Workout Towel

Uses for a Yoga Towel- by Shandali

You may be wondering whether it’s worth the money to buy a special towel just for your yoga practice. After all, will you really use it that much? We’re confident that the answer is yes, but even if you don’t use it every day in yoga, a yoga towel can also double as a workout towel. Take it along to a spin class or while you’re lifting weights. Its absorbency will help you dry off after any kind of intense workout.

Difference Between Hot Yoga Towel & Cotton Towel

You might wonder why you need to purchase a microfiber towel is youve got a stash of cotton towels in your bathroom. Theres no harm in trying out a regular towel for your hot yoga session, but mind that the experience will be different.

The thing is that microfiber, which composes most yoga towels, is much more absorbent and better at keeping the moisture in than cotton. So if you sweat heavily, theres no need to worry about the puddles of sweat around you during the intense practice.

Microfiber is also extremely quick-drying. You can practice yoga every single day, rinse the towel, and it will be fresh and dry for your next session.

A yoga mat towel will stay in space during the practice contrary to a regular cotton towel. Some hot yoga towels have silicone nubs at the bottom, others have corner pockets to grab your mat or a rubberized base to weight the towel down. All of these features are designed to help the towel to sort of attach itself to your mat and prevent it from bunching up when youre jumping and twisting in asanas. Try it with a cotton towel. Most probably, youll get fed up with adjusting it after a few poses and will prefer sliding instead.

Limber Stretch Yoga Mat Towel

Looks like fleece, feels like a dream

Reasons to buy

The fleecy look of this microfibre sandwash towel might not fill you with confidence on first glance, but as well as providing a plush, comfortable surface on which to practice those tricky inversions without hurting knees or hips, this tie-dye towel includes a moisture-wicking protective layer to reduce the risk of harbouring bacteria and were not going to be coy about it sweaty smells. Its said to absorb, and dry, quickly, and comes with an attached elastic loop for easy packing and carrying, so it can be used wherever you fancy.;

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The Best Yoga Towels For The Beach

Heathyoga Hot Yoga Towel: available at Heathyoga’s towel uses innovative material with dual grip that blends microfiber and silicone. It’s perfect if you’re prone to sweating and are looking for maximum grip.

Toplus Yoga Towel: available at Toplus offers an eco-friendly yoga towel made of 100% microfiber. It’s odorless and breathable and claims to reduce bacterial growth. It comes with a standard-size yoga towel and a hand towel.

MANDUKA eQua Yoga Towel: available at Manduka is a well-known high-performance yoga brand. Their yoga towel is 16 x 26.5 inches wide and is made from lightweight microfiber.

Yoga Mate Yoga Towel: available at Although advertised as a great yoga towel for hot yoga, since it’s slightly larger than traditional yoga mats , it’s a great towel to bring to the beach and is very versatile. You can bring it camping or use it for picnics as well.

YogaRat Hot Yoga Towel: available at YogaRat’s yoga towel is made from 80% polyester and 20% nylon. It’s a great towel for anyone who’s looking for more cushion.

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Gets Grippier When Wet

Yoga Towel

This one gets grippier when wet, so I dont usually like it at the start of class before youre super sweaty, coz theres less grip. What you can do is spray the mat towel down with water where the hands and feet go, so that can help with traction early in the class.

What I do – and maybe its a bit fiddly for some – is I simply flip the top and bottom of the mat over, until I get to that super sweaty point in the class where I need more grip, then I flip the top and bottom down again.

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Do You Really Need A Hot Yoga Towel

Yes, you do. And you’ll never want to workout without it again.

Dont worry. My argument doesnt end here.

A yoga towel is one of those accessories whose role may seem exaggerated at first glance, but which can truly enhance your practice once you invest in it.

Some may scoff that the first yogis used animal skin or some basic cloth for their practice instead of fancy non-slip yoga mats. They also didnt have cool yoga bags to carry their rugs around. So basically there is no need for any props if you zealously want to practice yoga.

But now, once we have a variety of yoga gear easily available, whats the harm of taking advantage of it? Our lives are so fast-paced and filled with distractions and demotivators that making your yoga journey as comfortable and safe as possible is the least you can do to stick with your practice.

Read on to find out what yoga mat towel is and why you might need it, what features to look for in a good quality yoga towel and why your regular bathroom towel is just not good enough for a seamless yoga practice.

We have also studied different product offers and have chosen the best yoga mat towels on the market to help you with the search.

Meet our top pick – an inexpensive multi-purpose yoga mat towel that absorbs large amounts of sweat even during the longest and most intense workouts, provides extra support for joints and can be easily packed into your bag when traveling.

  • The Top 5 Hot Yoga Towels
  • Better Grip + Traction

    It provides better grip and traction. Especially if you have a hot, sweaty kind of practice you might have noticed that less than halfway into your practice, if youre dripping in puddles without a mat towel, you might be slipping and sliding around too. Having a good mat towel helps to provide more grip and traction. Some of the better mat towels actually become grippier when wet.;

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    Aurorae Sport Mat Towel

    Auroraes products are always popular. Their sport mat towel comes in both mat-length and sport-size We like the sport size because its a little bigger than a some other hand towels. That gives you more material to work with, and therefore more ability to sop up sweat.

    As with most Aurorae products, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The absorbent material wicks away sweat far better than a typical cotton towel.

    For the mat-length towel, it may be necessary to slightly mist or dampen the towel before using. That helps to obtain maximal slip resistance. But that is true of most towels, so its not a reason to pass on what is otherwise an excellent product. If the Aurorae is not the best yoga towel on the market, its close.

    The Top 5 Hot Yoga Towels

    Manduka Equa & Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towels Review
    • Designed for light to medium perspiration.
    • Ultra lightweight with exceptional durability.
    • Tightly woven fibers produces a soft, suede-like feel.
    • not grippy when totally dry
    • may become waterlogged during a long practice
    • limited color scheme

    Manduka has been on the market for more than 20 years and has gained the reputation of a reliable company with durable products.

    Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel is made of the plushy microfiber with a velvet-like texture. It perfectly covers your mat and is suitable for longer 72 yoga mats as well. eQua towel also dries very quickly. Just rinse it after the practice, and it will be good to go the next day.

    The towel works best when your feet and hands are a bit wet. It may be a bit slippery when dry, but spraying just a bit of water on the towel before the yoga session will work wonders. Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel doesnt have grips on the bottom but manages to stay in place even during the intense, fast-paced Vinyasa and Power yoga.

    eQua is also multi-purpose and lightweight so you can easily take it to the beach, pool, or gym.

    As a tradeoff for being very light, the towel is quite thin. So if you are a pretty heavy sweater, then it is not likely to absorb all the sweat during the long session and may get waterlogged.

    Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel comes in limited dim colors. So you might look a bit further if thats a deal-breaker for you.

    • lack of information about the brand
    • heavier than other yoga towels
    • available in 1 color only

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    Choosing The Best Yoga Towel: Our Reviews Of The Top Towels With Grip

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    Finding the best yoga towel can be tricky. Yoga towels are used primarily for two purposes: To place on top of a yoga mat to improve grip and traction, and to wipe away sweat .

    If youre tired of using a yoga towel that isnt absorbent enough or slides around on your mat, nows the time to upgrade and find something better!

    Most everyone who practices yoga will need a towel. Some people try to remedy the fact that their yoga mat isnt sticky enough by using a standard bath towel to cover their mats, but those just dont do the job. Nows the time to wise up and select an appropriate non slip yoga towel to improve your practice, your grip, and your peace of mind.

    You may think all towels are created equal, but the differences in size, absorption level and price can make a huge difference. Read on to find the best yoga towel for you.

    Different Types Of Yoga Towels

    Art Chief EditorFind the best yoga towel to go along your yoga gear collection for those intense and sweaty yoga sessions by checking out the different types of yoga towels to choose from and get handy tips in case you’re shopping for one.

    Whether you are a newbie to yoga or a veteran yogi, a yoga towel is a must for you to add to your yoga gear collection. During an intense, hot, and sweaty yoga session, most of us really struggle to prevent slippage and skidding. Oftentimes, a yoga mat is not enough or sufficient to do that. A handy, good-quality yoga towel can make all the difference in the world in helping you keep your hands and feet in place.

    Yoga towels are extremely versatile and multi-purpose so it is entirely up to you whether you want to substitute your yoga mat with a soft and highly absorbent yoga towel, use it as an exercise towel, or cover your yoga mat with it.

    However, there are a few key characteristics and features you need to seriously keep in mind when buying a yoga towel.


  • The Shandali GoSweat Hot Yoga Towel
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    Yogitoes Rskidless Yoga Mat Towel $62

    The rSkidless Mat Towel has a soft, absorbent top and yogitoes’ patented silicone dots all over the bottom for a skid-free practice and extra grip. The silicone dots set this towel apart from any other towel in this review – we loved them!

    All the other non-skid towels in this review have a solid, sticky backing. This keeps the towel from bunching up, but also makes the towel more like a mini-yoga mat: bulkier and thick to roll up. What’s genius about the silicone dots in the yogitoes towel is that there are so many dots, and they are so small, that the towel still feels soft and fluid.

    Portability;1.25 lbs. Easy to bunch, roll up or fold.

    Backing;Unique, patented silicone dots.

    Washer / Dryer;Yes. Before using, wash separately.


    This towel is the best of both worlds: its silicone backing grips the mat, but the towel still feels soft and portable. Most towels are only truly sticky when wet, but the yogitoes towel felt safe when dry too making it our #1 pick for heated Vinyasa yoga. The only con here is the high price tag.

    Hot Yoga Score: A+

    For What Reason Do You Need Them

    Hot Yoga Towel, Skidless Microfiber Yoga Towel Non Slip ...

    A yoga towel isa touch of uncommonly supple texture that keeps you dry during the genuineexercise, decreases slippage, and improves balance by engrossing moistness andsweat. Yoga towels are regularly made of microfiber material known for itswicking qualities. Notwithstanding, how incredible your tangle is, if its notorganized unequivocally for hot yoga, you will probably lose hold and slip morethan on a dry surface. A yoga towel can make the preparation continuouslypleasing and keep you from potential injuries achieved by sliding on the wettangle.;

    Likewise, curiously, the more you sweat, the better the grip is. An enormous segment of the yoga towels ingest a couple of times more sweat than their genuine weight and can be used again and again during the activity. A yoga towel will generally be suitable for the Bikram yoga class, where the high temperature in the room makes even the most impenetrable to perspire copiously. Nevertheless, if you are typically a staggering sweater or have sweat-drenched palms, a yoga towel may wind up being helpful during various types of yoga, including brisk paced Power and Vinyasa yoga. Besides constantly wicking sweat and thwarting injury, a hot yoga towel can offer you a considerable amount more.

    1-Improve Neatness;

    2-Save Time;

    3-Get Extra Cushion;

    4-Acknowledge Versatility;

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    Differentiation Between Hot Yoga Towel And Cotton Towel

    You may inquire as to why you need to purchase amicrofiber towel is you have a save of cotton towels in your bathroom. Theresno harm in assessing a standard towel for your hot yoga meeting, anyway mindthat the experience will be exceptional. To be sure, microfiber, which framesmost yoga towels, is essentially increasingly retentive and better at keepingthe clamminess in than cotton. So if you sweat enthusiastically, theres noconvincing motivation to worry over the puddles of sweat around you during theoutrageous practice.

    Microfiber is moreover incredibly expedient drying.You can practice yoga every single day, flush the towel, and it will be freshand dry for your next gathering. A yoga tangle towel will stay in space duringthe preparation, contrary to a standard cotton towel. Some hot yoga towels havesilicone stubs at the base; others have corner pockets to get your tangle or atreated elastic base to weight the towel down. These features are proposed tohelp the towel with arranging itself to your tangle and shield it from groupingup when you\re skipping and bending in asanas. Endeavor it with a cottontowel. In all probability, you\ll become weary of changing it after a fewpositions and will lean toward sliding.

    Microfiber hot yoga tangle towels are made thinking about yogis and are made to cover your yoga tangle, starting with one end then onto the next. Attempt to check the yoga towel size ahead of time in case you have an extra-long or extra-wide yoga tangle.

    Mats Provide Some Padding And Increase Safety

    If you are working on inversions, balance poses, or more complex asanas, the supportive structure of a mat and the extra padding can help you avoid injuries. Also, a mat can help you avoid adding stress to your joints if you are placing your weight on delicate body structures such as the neck, wrists, or forearms.;

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    Best Yoga Towels Of 2021 According To User Reviews

    No slipping, no problem.

    Just because yoga is meant to be a meditative exercise doesn’t mean that you won’t work up a sweat. And nothing messes up a good flow like slipping all over the mat. Cue: the yoga towel.

    This tool is designed to provide you with grip and support as you move in and out of your favorite poses. The best part? The wetter they get, the more grippy they become. And if you don’t want to clean your yoga mat on the reg, yoga towels are an ideal buffer between your sweaty palms and it.

    If you’re ready to get a grip on one for your home yoga practice, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up seven of the best yoga towels according to user reviews. Here’s your chance to read what real yogis have to say about each before adding any to your own cart.

    The web of silicone backings on this yoga towel are designed to do away with one of the most annoying parts of practing with a towel:;the annoying bunching.

    Average rating:;4.8/5

    Number of reviews:;578

    Reviewer rave:;”Fantastic yoga mat with a sticky side that prevents your feet from sliding when you are sweating up a storm. Use it for Bikram and I can’t rate this highly enough.”

    Manduka Equa Yoga Towel


    Its no secret that Manduka makes premium yoga products. Their flagship hot yoga towel is yet another great product. Priced very well . Personally I think this is the best value of the non slip yoga towels we reviewed. I;use this towel for any heated vinyasa class and its my go to travel towel.

    Potential downside:

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    Yoga Towels Without Silicone Dots

    If you plan to use a yoga towel without silicone dots, make sure you are not using it without a yoga mat on a slippery surface. These kinds of towels are suitable if you crave protection between your body and soil, sand, or grass.;

    However, you should not use these towels alone on a wooden or tiled floor. Indeed, in this case, the towels can become incredibly slippery and make any yoga flow dangerous!


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