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What Is The Cobra Pose In Yoga

How Can You Incorporate Cobra Pose Into Your Yoga Practice

Cobra Pose: Home Practice from Yoga Journal

Cobra pose is probably most often practiced as part of Sun Salutations , where you transition from Plank pose into Bhujangasana and, subsequently, into Downward-Facing Dog . It can also be practiced as an alternative to Upward-Facing Dog in further Sun Salutation variations.

Cobra can be an alternative to Upward-Facing Dog. Try it in Melayne and Cameron Shaynes Budokon Yoga.

If youre new to yoga, approach this asana by opting for the low Cobra variation, also called Baby Cobra, since this requires less flexibility in the spine, while the high Cobra option is appropriate for more advanced students.

You can also practice Sphinx pose as an easier variation of Cobra pose.

However, you should always take it slowly and never push your body into a deeper backbend. In case you feel discomfort or even pain in your back or neck, lift your chest only as high as you can without feeling pain.

If your spine is very stiff, or if youre pregnant, try practicing Cobra pose standing up rather than on the floor. Face a wall in front of you and place your hands against the wall. Hug your elbows into your rig cage. As you start pressing against the wall, apply the same alignment as described above, i.e. keep your elbows slightly bent and bring the bottom sides of your shoulder blades together. Then lift your collar bones up and forward.

Learn how to do Cobra pose with Desirée Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivins Transformational Home Practice on TINT.

Benefits Of Bhuangasana Yoga Pose:

This pose is effective in treating a lot of disorders and illnesses.

  • While stretching, it tones the abdominal muscles thus, reducing the stomach fat
  • It helps in improving the blood circulation of the body
  • It is known to help relax muscles of back, neck and abdomen
  • It helps to stretch the parathyroid glands thus, keeping the thyroid disease in check
  • It helps to remove the stagnant blood in kidneys and helps to supply fresh blood which is useful for maintaining good kidney health
  • It helps to correct imbalanced body postures
  • It is effective in developing your chest and in firming of bust
  • It helps to stretch the internal region of lungs which proves to be very useful for people suffering from asthma
  • When practised daily, it helps in strengthening of muscles
  • It helps to regulate the secretion of gastric juices which proves to be effective in case of indigestion, constipation etc.
  • It lessens the pain in the sciatic nerve and in many cases it cures the problem forever
  • For someone suffering from the problem of a slipped disc, this pose is very beneficial
  • During the pose, the adrenal glands are massaged optimally. The hormones from these glands help in reducing stress and anxiety
  • It helps to stretch the uterine muscles and ovaries and is very effective for women suffering from uterine disorders
  • It helps in the optimal release of cortisone which helps in alleviating rheumatism

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga

Practicing yoga may also help you develop muscle tone and improve your metabolism. While restorative yoga isnt an especially physical type of yoga, it still helps in weight loss. One study found that restorative yoga was effective in helping overweight women to lose weight, including abdominal fat.

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Teaching Yoga To Beginners: Skillful Action In Cobra Pose And Upward Facing Dog

Backbends are an integral part of any yoga asana practice and are especially prevalent in a Vinyasa Flow practice. Upward Facing Dog Pose is a core pose in Surya Namaskar A . Portions of Surya Namaskar A, including Upward Facing Dog pose, are used as a palate cleanser of sorts between standing poses during many a flow class, which means as a student you will have a plethora of chances to give Upward Facing Dog Pose a go.

However, Upward-Facing Dog is not a simple yoga pose, and neither is it’s apparently simpler cousin, Cobra Pose . A healthy spine should be able to bend forward, backward, rotate and bend laterally. However, more often than not, the one direction of movement that has the most fear and misunderstanding associated with it are backbends.

Yogapedia Explains Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is often used within a sun salutation or vinyasa as a transitional pose in a collection of asanas, and is considered a moderate back bend that can help prepare the spine for more advanced back bends. The pose can be practiced as a low cobra or a high cobra , and is easily adjusted based on individual needs.

Cobra pose stretches the chest and lung areas strengthens the spine, shoulders and abdomen firms the buttocks and is thought to aid in digestion and intestinal relief. This pose is also an excellent counter stretch to relieve muscles that are hunched or curled over from working at a desk or using mobile devices for many hours during the day.

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Cobra Pose Strengthens Your Spine:

Since the snake pose in yoga is helpful in providing a good extension to your back, it is very helpful in strengthening your spine. It is designed so that your lower and upper back is stretched. But if you suffer from chronic back pain, it is recommended to consult a doctor to make sure you have no contraindications.

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Do You Need A Modification

Strongly engaging the legs and pressing them down will help you bring your chest higher.

If you feel like you’ve never really understood how to lift your chest higher in this pose, here’s a little exercise to help you get in touch with your back muscles:

  • Make sure that your pelvis and legs are firmly rooted into the floor. They act as the anchor that allows your upper body to rise.
  • Come in and out of the pose three times, lifting the chest up on every inhale and lowering it back to the floor on every exhale. As you go through this undulation, see if you can lift up a little high each time you inhale.
  • Do this exercise regularly as part of your home practice and see how your relationship to Cobra changes over time.

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    How To Do Cobra Pose In Yoga

    Cobra pose is a challenging yoga posture that requires strength and flexibility in the spine. It strengthens the back muscles and stretches the front of your body, which can help you feel more energized. In this blog post, we will provide tips for doing cobra pose correctly.

    Plus, well provide you with additional resources to help you take your practice to the next level.

    Right Way To Perform Bhujangasana

    How to do cobra pose | Yoga for beginners | 5 minute yoga

    Well, do you know how to perform bhujangasana properly? In this section, we will help you to understand the steps and ways of bhujangasana so that you can perform it without any hassle.

    After the continuous practice of bhujangasana, you will be able to strengthen your back muscles and stretch the spine. Therefore, you will feel more energetic and get relieved from all the back-related problems.

    • Lie on the stomach and strengthen your legs properly. Keep the toes outward and touch each other.
    • Place the arms just outside the chest. Keep these arms close to the body and place the elbows outward.
    • Keep the forehead on the floor and keep the body loose. Now while breathing slowly raise the forehead first, then raise the neck and finally the shoulder.
    • With the help of the back muscles, keep your chest high, and using the hands lift the head up.
    • Now, slowly move the neck towards your back, so that your posture resembles a cobra or a snake. Breathe through the nose and look upward. Place the weight on your back and keep your chest wider enough.
    • Hold for 20-25 seconds.
    • Now slowly return to the cobra pose. Remember to exhale properly then bring the chest, shoulder, navel, and forehead down.
    • Place the hands under the head and rest for 30 seconds.
    • Repeat this bhujangasana at least 5 times!

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    Sphinx Pose And Its Effects On Chakras

    Sphinx pose is known to be very beneficial to both the heart chakra and also the throat chakra . By opening the heart chakra, one can open the gates to self-confidence, inspiration, and love.

    In addition, the heart chakra with the throat chakra can further open each other as both gates open in a sphinx pose. With your throat chakra open, you are able to let go of tiredness and bring purity. If you are suffering to express yourself or are holding something in and are not able to let it out, a sphinx pose is a great tool to open that chakra up.

    In combination, a sphinx pose is such as the name, salamba bhujangasana, a warrior that should stand confidently and with strong standing in their voice and beliefs.

    Cobra Pose Yoga Sequence Relaxing Follow

    The benefit of any yoga pose can be obtained only if the muscles which were put to stress are relaxed immediately. Thus under the category of relaxing yoga pose or follow-up yoga poses for Cobra Pose , a few are explained below:

    Thus are few yoga poses which can relax the body after performing Cobra Pose. The sequence of the yoga poses can be modified as per the requirements of the students and their level of practice.

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    Getting In The Starting Position

  • 1Make sure you have the space for the exercise. Youll be lying straight out, so make sure you have the room to stretch the full length of your body on the ground. You dont want to twist your body any way, or else the exercise wont work properly.
  • The ground needs to be level as well. An incline will impact the way your muscles work, and either not give you the full benefits of the exercise, or could lead to injury.XResearch source
  • If you have a yoga mat, laying it out should show if you have enough space.
  • 2Lie down on your stomach. Stretch your body out with your head facing down. Your torso, thighs, and feet should be firmly planted on the floor with the tops of your feet facing downward.XExpert SourceEric Christensen, DPTPhysical TherapistExpert Interview. 17 March 2021.
  • Make sure your toes are pointed straight out. They should stay this way for the whole exercise, which will help strengthen your spine.XResearch source
  • You do not need to warm up before doing this exercise. Just get to the ground and start.
  • 3Tuck your hands and elbows against your body. You will be using your arms for support when you lift upward. Pull your arms in close to your ribs, and keep your shoulder blades pulled back and down slightly.XResearch sourceXExpert SourcePhysical TherapistExpert Interview. 17 March 2021.
  • Bend your elbows to pull your arms up against your body.
  • Put your hands under your shoulders.
  • Exhale gradually and slowly open your eyes.
  • Why Is Bhujangasana Important

    How To Practice Cobra Pose

    Well, if you perform bhujangasana then your whole body gets a good stretch and makes your body flexible. Also, it has ample other health benefits. Bhujangasana aids the digestive system.

    Most of us have a 9-5 job where we need to sit in front of a computer screen for a long time. Our back muscles get most y affected by this lifestyle due to not exercising. Therefore, gradually the back muscles become weaker and it causes backache, slip discs, bending problems, and many more. Now, this article will state to you about bhujangasana yoga and the benefits it poses and precautions you should know.

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    Pose Energetics And Benefits

    Practicing the Sphinx pose comes with the following benefits:

    Stretches the Front Body

    Lifting the chest off the mat opens the chest, abdomen, and hip flexors.

    Strengthens the Back Body

    Performing Sphinx Pose requires contracting the backside of the body, which includes your upper back muscles and glutes. Doing this will strengthen the back body muscles.

    Relieves Back Pain

    Practicing Sphinx Pose can relieve your back pain. It improves the mobility of your whole spine and stretches the tight muscles around it.

    What Is Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose

    Well, in modern hatha yoga, bhujangasana is considered as a reclining posture. In bhujangasana, the posture resembles a snake thus it is known as bhujangasana. It is mostly performed within the Surya Namaskar, which is a cycle of 12 different yogas or asanas. Bhujangasana is also performed as an alternative to the Urdhva Mukha Savasana or Upward Dog pose.

    Within the 12 Surya namaskar yogas, bhujangasana is the 7th one! This asana claims to have therapeutic effects on some organs such as the injured spine. Also, this bhujangasana is important for your back muscles and thigh muscles.

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    How To Do Cobra Yoga Pose Correctly + Tips Modifications & Benefits

    Backbends are not only great for a healthy spine, but they also help open up the chest and improve posture. One backbend, in particular, that’s beginner-friendly and super-effective is cobra pose . Here’s how to do it properly, as demonstrated by certified yoga instructor and health coach Juanina Kocher.

    What Is Called Bhujangasana In English

    How to do Cobra Pose | Yoga Tutorial Day 3 | 30 Poses 30 Days

    Since that yoga is a way of being united with the divine and nature, most of the yoga postures are mimicking what can be seen around us like the earth forms, plants, and animals.

    One of which is Bhujangasa that is a portmanteau of two Sanskrit words namely Bhujang meaning Snake or Cobra, and Asana meaning Sitting or pose. Thus, giving us the English translation of the Cobra Pose.

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    Yoga Cobra Pose Modifications For Back Pain

    Ben Goldstein / Verywell

    The basic movement of the yoga Cobra pose is to arch the spine backward. This pose has benefits that include strengthening your back muscles. However, it may need to be modified or avoided if you have certain back problems.

    People with facet joint problems and/or spondylolisthesis would likely do well to take a cautious approach to this movement, or possibly even skip it altogether. This is because in general, facet joint problems are irritated when the spine is arched, and spondylolisthesis could be worsened. Ask your healthcare provider or physical therapist if this pose is allowed for your condition.

    If you are in acute pain, the Cobra pose should not be attempted. Otherwise, listen carefully to your pain and allow it to guide you as to how far into the pose to go.

    Cobra Pose Breath Awareness

    Any yoga pose that brings maximum stretch to the muscles around the spine needs to be practiced carefully with controlled breathing. As Cobra Pose is about the stretching of the back and upper back, breathing plays an important role.

  • Inhale and raise your body upwards while placing both palms near the upper abdomen on the floor. Exhale once you have expanded the upper body.
  • Taking another deep breath slowly raise the forehead, bend the neck backwards and then slowly raise the shoulders, chest and abdomen. Remain here with deep breathing and then slowly move into slow breathing.
  • To stay in this yoga pose for a longer time ensure the weight of the body is spread evenly around the shoulders, lower abdomen, thighs, back and elbows. If all the weight is on the lower abdomen then breathing becomes difficult thus loosing balance of the pose.
  • It is the breathing that brings the magic to the body in this yoga pose. Every inhalation should make the body rise up and back and should press the pelvic on the floor thus tightening the lower back muscles.
  • To release from this yoga pose, exhale and slowly bring the lower abdomen, chest, and finally the forehead on the ground using the support of the elbows by bending it a bit. Place the arms close to your sides and relax in complete .
  • Bring the body to a relaxed stage in Makarasana and begin the slow breathing taking the mind to the movement of the spine. With every exhalation contract the spine and release the stress around the spine.
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    Start From Lying Position Not Plank

    You can follow the instructions for this pose, omitting the plank position. Just start by lying on your belly, and allow the floor to provide you with support. Beginning the Cobra from the Plank position is asking for troublethe Plank is an advanced move that challenges even those with no back problems at all.

    Who Should Avoid Doing Bhujangasana

    Yoga Cobra Pose Photograph by Science Picture Co

    Though bhujangasana is actually safe, there is a group of people with specific problems, who should avoid Bhujangasana altogether.

    • People who suffer from acute neck disease like spondylitis
    • Cobra posture should not be done if you have a severe spinal operation or injury
    • Do not do Bhujangasana if you are pregnant
    • Do not try this if you have recently had stomach surgery
    • The person who has carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist problem should avoid it completely
    • If you have a severe headache problem, consult a doctor before performing any asana such as migraine

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