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What Is The Best Flooring For A Yoga Studio

Heaters For Yoga Studios: What You Need To Know

What is the best Yoga mat for home?

So, what are some of the essentials of finding a good heating system for your yoga studio?;Consider this when purchasing heaters for your yoga studio:

  • The energy source
  • Space heaters vs. central heating
  • Heating type
  • Costs, including the hidden costs.
  • Quality of the insulation in your building
  • Length of the system warranty
  • Durability of your heater

Now that you are aware of the basics lets dive a bit deeper to understand the pros and cons of different heating systems and how to find the heaters for your yoga studio that perfectly fit all of your needs.

This post is part of a series of guides and articles providing in-depth information about how to;start a yoga studio. Head to the main article to find a list of articles and guides covering the topic.

Electric Heaters For Yoga Studios

Electric heaters are a good option. The main benefits of choosing electric heater are that they are sometimes cheaper than their gas counterparts, and you;dont need an exhaust pipe or chimney;to remove the gas vapors from your yoga studio.;

Electric isnt always cheaper than gas sometimes gas is the less expensive option. The exact prices vary based on your location, so you should look into what each form of energy costs near you before making a purchase decision.;

One Or More Class Rooms

This is a difficult issue to answer for many yoga studios.

Obviously, if youre the only teacher, you only need one yoga class space. However, if you have multiple teachers, it may make better business sense to have two yoga class spaces especially if the demand for both teachers is roughly equal.

Most studios starting out on a limited budget will have one large class space. The first expansion is either adding more space to the single class space or creating a second-class space.

The only way a second or third or more class spaces make sense is if the demand for different teachers during the busy hours is spread across two or more teachers. If you have other teachers but find that most of your students take your classes , youre better off having one larger space.

It would be a shame to turn students away from one class only to have the other class not full.

Each studio must assess the number of classrooms individually.

From a design perspective, one or more classes make no difference. This is a financial/business consideration only.

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The Perfect Pilates And Yoga Studio Flooring

Choosing the perfect flooring for a yoga or pilates studio is all about finding something thats practical, hard-wearing and looks great.

Whether youre creating a blissful home studio or installing a commercial yoga room, its vital to embrace the spirit of the practice and plan these things from the ground up.

Anyone whos ever been to a yoga class will know that the less distractions there are, the easier it is to focus. Thats why studios almost always feature white washed walls, minimal decor and simple lighting. This simplicity helps the mind focus on the practice but when youre trying to balance on one foot, the last thing you need is an uneven, slippy or uncomfortable floor. Thats why choosing the best flooring for a yoga studio or pilates room is so important.

Whether its yoga, tai chi, pilates or something more dynamic, like body balance, a practical, great looking floor will help keep you and your classmates focused and in the zone. Even with a yoga mat in place, many types of flooring and carpet can prove slippy or too soft to really feel grounded. And, when things start getting a bit hot and sticky, youre going to want a surface that is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Dual Function Work Out Rooms

20 Best Yoga Studio Design Ideas For Exciting Exercises ...

If you dont have the luxury of a dedicated home gym, using a multipurpose room in your home for working out is also a great option. Playrooms, TV rooms and home offices can all do double duty as a home gym. Any of the flooring options above will work well in a room that needs to serve many functions. Or, consider designating a gym space within a room by laying foam tiles over the existing flooring. These are easy to pick up and move or clean if necessary, and they provide a comfortable, safe surface for working up a sweat.

If you are ready for new flooring in your home gym or any other room in your Plano house, contact us for a free in-home design consultation. Well come to you with our mobile showroom!

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Reclaimed Wood For Yoga Studio Flooring: Pros

  • The appearance of reclaimed wood has been a divisive factor in the last five to ten years. Its not certain yet whether itll continue to be a popular choice, but its appealing to look at when paired with brick and other types of wood.
  • One of the main reasons that so many people choose reclaimed wood for yoga studio flooring is because its better for the environment. Rather than chopping down new trees, old wood from other projects forms reclaimed wood.
  • The natural feeling of reclaimed wood is a bit more rustic than most other types of wood. Its much less slippery, giving a good foothold for your students while theyre performing their yoga poses.

Lounge Area Yes Or No

If you have space, a sitting area is fantastic. I love it when studios provide a couch and some comfy chairs to sit in while waiting for class or chatting with fellow students after class.

I realize it invites students to stay longer than you might like, but its a very nice touch that students appreciate.

However, dont take away too much class space for a lounge. Only set up a lounge if you have some odd extra space that cant be incorporated into class space.

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Semi Sprung Dance Floors

  • The semi-permanent sprung dance flooring system has a revolutionary five-layer construction.;
  • This dance floor eliminates the need for foam or rubber pads, and because it is completely floating, no damage will happen to the existing subfloor.
  • Semi Sprung Dance floor is considered ideal for all types of dance and aerobic exercise including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, yoga, ballroom and Pilates;
  • Sprung floors are typically engineered to be shock-dampeners.

Home Yoga Studio Placement Ideas

DIY Harwood Floor Solid Surface For Your Yoga Mat! Super Easy!!!

Bedroom: ;These days primary bedrooms are built very large many of which are large enough to accommodate a private yoga space. If you have a spare bedroom, that makes it easy to create a dedicated yoga space.

Living Room: ;This is terrific if you get get the space to yourself, its not cluttered and enjoy following along to yoga ;streaming videos.

Basement: ;I like basements. I think with a little reno work, they can make for perfect home gyms. However, some people dont consider basements a comfortable place to be. The plus side with basements is that usually they offer plenty of bonus space.

Backyard: deck, gazebo, separate yoga studio building, poolside.

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Best Mat: Gorilla Mats Extra Large Exercise Mat

Material: Foam| Dimensions: 8 feet x 4 feet x .25 inches | Thickness: 0.25 inches | Intended Use: Cardio, Strength, or Dance Workouts Such As P90x, TAM, Insanity, T25, Zumba, TRX, Kettlebell, Jumping Rope

  • Heavy

If a small workout space is all you need, consider using a heavy-duty mat over your existing home gym flooring or in your garage, basement, etc. Gorilla Mats use foam to create a durable surface for any fitness function you have in mind, including weightlifting, aerobics, or plyometrics. The 0.25-inch thick mat can also be rolled up and transported to a new location.;

Comfort padding provides plenty of cushion for pressure points while the non-slip, textured backing gives this mat a firm grip on the floor. These extra-large mats are 8 x 4 feet in size, which is plenty of room for a solo workout. If you need more coverage, then consider using two mats for your home gym floor.;

“This exercise mat is solid. Its thick, durable, and can handle any type of workout you throw at it. A lot of exercise mats require you to take off your shoes before using them, but the Gorilla Mats exercise mats are durable enough for you to leave them on.”Lindsay Boyers, Product Tester

Balance Strength And Breathing

Transform your home or professional studio into a low-impact, high performance exercise area. Can be installed wall-to-wall to maximize the floor space and help prevent slips and falls as clients step off their personal mats.

Dollamur Tile and Roll Flooring is the ultimate in impact protection, offering various thickness options for maximum comfort. Available in multiple textures and colors to fit you style.

Unlike most traditional Yoga flooring, our Tatami Hot Yoga tiles are oversized to accommodate taller individuals. Also perfect as floor tiles for fitness equipment, weights and high heat yoga rooms.

Dollamur is quickly becoming the standard at professional studios. If you are looking for a cushioned, dry, odor-eliminating flooring surface, Dollamur is the answer!

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Carpet Concrete Stone And Ceramics

In short, avoid these. If your studio floor is any one of these surfaces, your best bet is to cover it with a more forgiving or more easily sanitized, cleaned, and dried material that will withstand heavy use, moisture, and high temperatures. You want to encourage a focus on the yoga postures – not on a funky, nasty-smelling, cold, or really hard floor. Covering a sub-par floor can raise your yoga space to a new level of cleanliness and comfort that is safe and welcoming to your students. In your home, when replacing a floor is not an option, a quality natural material or laminate that can be laid over the existing floor provides a suitable surface.

Choosing Eucalyptus For Your Yoga Studio

The Best Yoga Studios in Toronto

Another option other than bamboo flooring is to go for eucalyptus. Both are equally hard wearing and look great, and there is little technical difference between the two. The main difference is largely aesthetic because you can see the woods knots with eucalyptus floors, making it look more natural.

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Cork For Yoga Studio Flooring: Cons

  • Humidity and dampness are harm cork flooring easily. If you work in a humid area, then you might notice that the wood will start to warp and lose its color. It might even lump and ripple, which causes uneven surfaces.
  • Sharp objects damage cork more than any other type of wood. The porous surface is subject to damage from knives, nails, and other sharp items that could potentially get stuck and dig right through the cork.

Sustainable Floors: New Cork And Bamboo Flooring Ideas

TAGS Design TrendsProducts and Benefits

The first time I came across a cork floor was at a hot yoga studio here in Victoria. On the studios website, they explain that cork is great for its anti-slip and antibacterial properties, and also because its an ecological, sustainable material. How lovely it was for me to see that the studio backed up its claims of greenness and sustainability with actual actions.

It didnt take me long to learn to love the cork floor. It was quiet and it absorbed a lot of the yogis sweat throughout the practice. I actually kind of liked walking on it, too. It was never cold, even in the winter, and was soft for bare feet. And it also made the room smell much better than without a cork floor.

Left: peeled cork flooring. Right: solid strand-woven bamboo floors. Which sustainable flooring will you choose?

People choose cork and bamboo flooring for plenty of reasons. It might be the price, or the look, or the sustainable aspect. It might be for sound proofing reasons or for durability. Or for any of the many other reasons then come up when evaluating cork or;bamboo flooring pros and cons. And if youre not convinced yet of the value of cork and bamboo flooring, let these ideas inspire your next floor change.

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Pros Of Vinyl Yoga Tiles:

  • Easy to clean: just like wood flooring, vinyl yoga tiles are easy to mop and dry quickly.
  • Stable: check the foam core density of the tiles you are purchasing. The right yoga tiles will have a density that provides ample stability while still maintaining a soft surface to cushion falls.
  • Anti-skid: vinyl provides an anti-skid surface. You can even choose from smooth or tatami textures, using tatami surfaced tiles for added anti-skid protection.
  • Moisture proof: vinyl tiles are the best choice for hot yoga because they do not absorb water or expand when exposed to excess humidity.
  • Sustainability: the right tiles will be made from recycled materials. Ask your flooring provider how they make their tiles.
  • Easy installation: these tiles can be placed over all types of flooring and have an anti-skid backing that holds them in place.
  • Easy replacement: suffer damage to a certain area of your flooring? Simply purchase and install a new tile rather than replacing the entire floor.

Whats the downside of foam and vinyl yoga tiles? Some would say the price, but the right yoga tile is a long-lasting investment that should last at least 10 years, so its worth what you put into it. If you are serious about providing a comfortable and safe space for your yoga practice, look into getting yoga tiles for your studio. If price is an issue, check out Zebras financing options or speak with a Zebra representative today, about options from the Zebra Outlet.

Vacuum At Least Once Every Month

Tips on Yoga : How to Use a Yoga Mat on the Carpet

Luckily for you, wood floors are very easy to clean. However, since you cant use water to properly get rid of dust, it can accumulate in corners and in tight spaces around your yoga studio.

This is why we recommend you to grab a vacuum and clean up around all these difficult places, and make sure no dust or dirt is still hanging around your yoga studio.

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Radiant Heaters For Yoga Studios

Radiant heating;systems work by directly supplying heat to the floor, wall panels, or ceiling. The heat dissipates to the room through infrared radiation.;

Infrared panels are a particularly strong contender for hot or Bikram yoga studios. They are very efficient and can heat the room quickly through electromagnetic radiation. It operates like a low-level microwave of sorts .;

Using radiant heat can result in significant energy savings, and there are reports from hot or Bikram yoga practitioners who say that they prefer this form of heating.;

One of the main benefits of infrared heating is that it heats the room evenly. Some hot yoga studios use forced air to raise the temperature. Still, the inconsistent nature of airflow can lead to pockets of cold air lingering about, which means that some students wont get the full-fledged hot yoga experience.;

Its important to mention that infrared heating is only suitable for hot yoga studios. The light essentially turns the room into a giant sauna, and students who are looking for a normal yoga experience wont appreciate the extra sweating they have to endure.;

One more note before we move on: if you plan on using infrared heating, make sure you have moisture-resistant flooring that can handle the sweat that will be pouring off your students bodies. Insufficient flooring can quickly become damaged by the sweat that will be pooling on it all day long.;

How Much Space To Lease/buy

There are too many variables involved to provide any concrete guidance here. The cost for space varies considerably. So too does the demand for yoga and the level of competition in various areas.

However, the quandary is whether to get more space or keep it as inexpensive as possible.

If you want to expand as soon as possible, opt for a larger space, but use the extra space in the interim in ways that generate revenue. Consider:

  • A retail store
  • Premium membership facilities such as sauna/steam room

Get creative there are many ways to turn excess space into revenue generators.

If you intend to sublet space out or bring in outside contractors, be sure its acceptable under your lease. If you havent signed a lease and you want to go in this direction, youll need to negotiate it into the lease .

Also, its best if you have people lined up to use some of your space before you sign a lease. You dont want to be stuck with more space than you can handle.

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Gas Heaters For Yoga Studios

Gas heaters are standard in homes and many businesses. Theyve been in use for decades, and they could heat your yoga studio well.;

However, they do have certain health implications. For example, having a furnace heating system spreads allergens around. Its also not good for the environment, which could hurt your branding if you present your yoga studio as an environmentally-conscious business.;

Eucalyptus For Yoga Studio Flooring: Pros

20 Best Yoga Studio Design Ideas For Exciting Exercises ...
  • Eucalyptus wood isnt as common as most other types mentioned. The appearance can be very eye-catching. It has natural knots throughout the surface, replicating what you might see from mahogany.
  • Its almost as hard as hardwood, and its incredibly resistant to dents. It also withstands stains and discoloration.
  • Despite the beautiful color and tough nature, eucalyptus wood is less expensive than hardwood and bamboo.

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