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What Is A Yoga Wheel For

Yoloha Premium Cork Yoga Wheel

How to Use a Yoga Wheel (Video Tutorial)
  • For beginners, the 5mm cushion may not be comfortable
  • Chemical glue is used to attach plastic frames to the foam padding.

Yoloha, a company by a small family based out of the US, will ensure that your experience with yoga-based products is top-notch.

The Premium Cork Yoga Wheel manufactured by Yoloha is devoid of toxics and latex as well as PVCs and other times of chemicals. Every Yoloha Premium Cork Yoga Wheel is made up of maple and poplar wood and created by skilled artisans hailing from the USA. An eco-friendly cork is used on top of the product.

The wheel not only looks better than cheaper wheels, but it also smells better.

To ensure that maximum safety is provided to the practitioners, Yoga Wheels by Yoloha is equipped with the anti-slip and anti-microbial surface. Moreover, they come in a variety of creative designs and are well-rounded even in the interior parts.

A weight of 250 lbs can be sustained by these extremely durable wheels.

If extensive use wears out your product, it will get replaced by the company with no extra charges. Within 30 days of purchase, you are eligible for a full refund or an exchange.

What Is A Yoga Wheel

It is a prop which is used in yoga to help with stretching, flexibility and many other poses. It costs somewhere between $90 to $150 but is worth every penny which is spent on it. It is a circularly shaped wheel which may look a little odd but is proving to be very helpful in advanced yoga poses, spine rolls, and many other postures.

Take Some Time To Acclimate To The Wheel And Learn How To Use It

Alright, I know. It’s just a plastic wheel. A plastic wheel that you hold onto or place under your back to make backbends deeper or more accessible. And if you regularly practice backbends you might think, “Instructions? Who needs those?” I thought that too initially, only to find out that the just-under-six-minute tutorial on the Dharma Yoga Wheel’s Youtube channel is actually pretty useful. It includes variations of poses like bridge, dvipada viparitta dandasana , andwhat I was personally most stoked aboutkapotasana! .

You see, full pigeon is a pose that I’ve struggled with for a long time. I may or may not have referred to it as my “arch nemesis.” When I first spotted the wheel on Instagram, I noticed a lot of supported kapotasanas, and as I awaited the arrival of the wheel, I eagerly anticipated that it would help make this challenging pose more doable for me. Only when I first tried it , it was actually harderharder! Frustrated, I was ready to admit pigeon defeat, until I fortunately came upon the aforementioned tutorial. It offered what I found to be a much more accessible approach to entering a wheel-enhanced pigeon , and a handy tip about holding below the opposite elbow . For the first time in my life, I was able to do a version of full pigeon! And it was actually pretty comfortable too.

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Which Chirp Wheel+ Should I Use

The 12″ Chirp Wheel+ is the best option for overall maintenance and rolling out of your upper and lower back.

The 10″ Chirp Wheel+ is for advanced users looking for a deeper stretch. The 6″ Chirp Wheel+ is ideal for targeted relief on trigger points causing you pain in your back and hips.

It’s important to note that you should never use the 6″ Chirp Wheel+ on your lower back.

Wheel Assisted Pike Up Version Hand Stand

Top 10 Best Yoga wheels in 2021 Reviews

To get into the handstand, press your hands firmly onto the ground and place both legs on the wheel. Extend your shoulders and tuck in your pelvis. Tip your body forward as you lift one leg away, focusing on the fingertips and grip strength. Externally rotate the arms, with the sacrum pointing towards the sky. Activate bandhas and elongate through the right leg, as you balance on your left toes. Draw your navel in towards the spine and open up your armpits, as well as your chest, to align properly. Handstands play a vital role in blood purification and immune system enhancement. The ability to engage your whole body to glide into the posture will, therefore, be one of the clear indicators of the effectiveness of your yoga practice.

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The Top 4 Yoga Wheels & Best Exercises

Using a back roller wheel is one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to relieve lower, mid-back, and upper back pain without emptying your wallet.

A durable yet comfortable yoga wheel can relieve back pain from muscle tightness, back muscle spasms, sciatica, and more in less than 5 minutes.

In a hurry?

Jump to the top 4 back roller wheels of 2021


Its important to buy the best yoga wheel since it has to be sturdy yet flexible enough to support your weight and allow for quick muscle pain relief.

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  • 7 Back Roller Wheel FAQ
  • Using A Yoga Wheel To Build Strength

    Building strength all over your body makes it easier to hold and balance in yoga poses where you are lunging or reclining. The great thing about a yoga wheel is that it allows you to pinpoint specific areas of your body where you want to build strength because using a yoga wheel with target specific muscle groups. The more concentration you give to an area of your body the better developed and quicker it is to enhance your performance in this area.

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    So What’s The Verdict Is The Yoga Wheel Really Worth It

    As I may have mentioned above, this deceptively simple-seeming cylinder is a pretty useful tool to have around when it comes to working with backbends in particular . It’s versatile enough to be accessible for a variety of skill levels, and teachers may find it especially useful when it comes to working with private clients or small groups . If it looks intriguing , then sure, take it for a roll.

    What Should You Consider While Buying A Yoga Wheel

    How to Use a Yoga Wheel? (Funny Yoga Video) | How to Use a Yoga Wheel Workout

    Buying a yoga wheel can be a tricky business. Yoga wheels are available in different sizes, materials, durability, and weight loads. If you want to add one prop to your yoga gear or personal props collection, you must do it right.

    Here are a few points you can consider while buying the best yoga wheel.

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    How To Use Yoga Wheels

    As we have mentioned earlier, a yoga wheel is a narrow but wide cylinder shaped prop which may be made of plastic or wood or both. The basic use of a yoga wheel is to set it upright while you do your yoga poses.

    However, make sure that you incorporate it into your practice in an effective way. Using a yoga wheel in your yoga practice allows you to deepen your stretches by enhancing your flexibility. It allows you a more challenging balance practice and it also provides you with support to accomplish difficult and complicated yoga poses.

    Yoga wheel helps stretch the entire front side of the body. It also massages the entire length of the spine in a safe but deep way. Yoga wheels are very helpful for yoga practitioners because it helps them move deeper into heart opening postures, back bends and forearm balances.

    Makes Meditation More Challenging

    Using the yoga wheel while meditating can positively impact the experience.

    All you have to do is, position your prop behind your shoulder blades as you align your back against the wall. In such a case, your focus will be divided between being mindful while ensuring that you remain seated straight.

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    Usage : Strengthening Balance

    Yoga wheel also helps challenge and strengthen your balance. This is how you can try and balance on the yoga wheel. If you learn how to balance on the yoga wheel, you can pretty much balance on anything and everything.

    • Practice first with your hands on the ground till you feel steady.
    • Once you feel steady test out your favorite standing or sitting pose on the yoga wheel.
    • However, do this on a soft ground or with a wall nearby in order to prevent injury.

    It Can Help Prevent Injury : Gaiam Yoga Wheel, Elephant : Sports &  Outdoors

    ‘Many years ago, yoga tools were back-forbidden,’ reveals Peter, ‘but this tool has been developed in a way to work with your body, and one of the brilliant things about them is that they can help to prevent injury.’

    Think of the wheel as scaffolding for your body – it can help keep you upright and lends the support that’s lacking during traditional poses without props.

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    Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

    • Material- ABS wheel and TPE padding
    • Dimensions L*W*H- 6, 10& 12 and 5 wide

    Stretch all parts of your body comfortably with the Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel. It supports up to 500lbs and hence is ideal for all practitioners to stably practice using this. The 10mm thick padding of this Shogun yoga wheel is excellent for your spinal comfort.

    It features skid-resistant TPE padding that ensures the comfort of your skin as you practice. The strong ABS inner core offers incredible strength and durability. Its unique design makes the wheel suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.


    • Comes in sizes from 6 to 12
    • Easy return policy with 1 year warranty
    • Moiture resistant and double skid-resistant


    Yoga Wheel: Why You Need It And Which To Buy

    Currently, a new trend has taken over the fitness-related markets, with the yoga wheel being advertised as an all-encompassing tool that is not only useful to ease back pains, but to also assist in enhancing posture, improving the stretch routine by integrating more options, and facilitating the buildup of core strength.

    The yoga wheel was first launched in the market in 2014 and was declared the hottest workout prop in the year 2018. It was featured as an accessory in the social media profiles of several popular influencers inclined towards yoga as well.

    I can almost read your mind right now!

    You must be wondering how a plastic ring that is extremely shaky has been deemed to be more useful than the tried-and-tested yoga straps, yoga blocks, and relaxing bolsters?

    I was flabbergasted as well. So, in this article, well delve into this fad that has caught up quite quickly, and answer a few pertinent questions about yoga wheels, including:

    • What are the perks of using a yoga wheel?
    • Is it safe to use one?
    • How do I pick the right yoga wheel?
    • Among the thousands of yoga wheels present in the market, which is the best?
    • Does a yoga wheel live up to the hype, and is it worth investing in?

    Lets look at these questions right away.

    However, if you are in a hurry and just wanted to find out about our top pick, well address that first:

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    Usage : Flexibility Exercises

    Yoga wheels also improve flexibility apart from stretching and heart opening aspects. Heres how you can use it.

    • Take a seat on the ground, extend your legs and place the yoga wheel in front of the feet.
    • Inhale and bring arms overhead finding the length of the spine.
    • Exhale and fold forward clasping your hands around the wheel.
    • Pull the yoga wheel like a pulley and deepen and soften into the pose.
    • As you deepen and soften take a few breaths and then release.

    Myyogawheels Original Yoga Wheel

    How To Use Yoga Wheel for Inversions | Lydia Lim Yoga

    The Original Green + Black Yoga Wheel from MyYogaWheels.

    A fantastic prop for stretching and bending your back. Realign your spine with this roller! Or just use it to help get into those tricky positions!

    Helps with Asana positions stretching and massaging your shoulders and back 5 inches wide to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades. Expand your hips and chest with this clever roller. Improve your back pain, posture and balance.

    MyYogaWheels are made from REACH approved Durable ABS with high quality eco non-slip 6mm TPE yoga mat on the outside.

    Diameter: 32cm


    Buyer Protection: 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

    Questions: 24/7 Customer Support

    Checkout: Safe & Reliable Payment Process via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card

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    Wheel Assisted Side Bend Pose

    Place the wheel on your right as you get ready to bend over the roller. Inhaling, raise your arms above your head, stretching your whole upper body. Stay there for a couple of breaths, keeping your mind alert. On your next exhale, rollover on the side, activating your external oblique on the right. Your arms stay above your head interlaced in Ksepana mudra, with the whole right rib cage pointing upwards. The knees are stacked on top of each other, with the right knee placed on the ground. The other knee is slightly off the floor as the body is leaning on the opposite side. The arms are not touching the floor, and the elbows are straight. Focus on one single point in the ceiling and activate your Drishti. Urdhva Hastasana is said to have therapeutic importance in removing diaphragm congestion and clearing up the toxins from the airway passages. The upward salute is even said to be that powerful that it could cure acute asthma.

    Massages Your Body Particularly Pertaining To Back And Neck Pain

    The most useful perk offered by a yoga wheel is that it helps relieve all the knots in your neck and your back by stretching your entire spine, all the way till your tailbone. As the yoga wheel is adequately wide, it falls right under your shoulder blade, which is an area that most of the massage-based props tend to neglect.

    The best part is that it is especially useful today since the implications of the eight or nine hours of working by the desk are almost immediately reversed in about ten minutes, as the tight shoulders, back or neck pain relax instantly.

    Your leg muscles can also enjoy a good massage using the yoga wheel, in a manner similar to the one experienced by a conventional foam roller. A yoga wheel helps relax tight muscles as it enhances blood flow to these areas.

    Personally, I believe that the yoga wheel is better than foam rollers, in terms of longevity. Moreover, it provides the entire body with a good warm-up before the actual routine.


    Do note that your body will not be healed of all the pains and tightness of muscles during the first use itself. Moreover, to relax and unravel the tight knots in your neck and spine, you must go through a short period of discomfort and even slight pain. In case your strongest suit is not flexible, it is a good idea to integrate a few more props before you immerse yourself into a backbend.

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    How Do I Pick A Yoga Wheel

    In all honestly, all the yoga wheels are made out of plastic and look similar to each other- small and ring-like.

    Thus, it may be quite surprising that the prices range from $30 to over $100.

    The reason for this vast variation is that although they look extremely simple, yoga wheels are quite complex in terms of their structure.

    The ones in the market have different materials, sustainability, weight load, size, etc.

    You must consider four specific aspects before you purchase a yoga wheel.

    It Will Stop You From Hunching

    Yoga Wheel: Why You Need It And Which to Buy

    Being desk-bound from 9-5 does a whole lotta damage to your back and shoulders, but you can cancel that massage, because the yoga wheel is just as amazing at ironing out knots and releasing that tension.

    ‘As a personal trainer I see so many instances of clients coming to me with rounded shoulders due to how they sit at work,’ says Lucy, ‘but research suggests that using a yoga wheel is a fantastic way to help reverse this effect. It help clients who have never practised yoga before and aids deep stretching all over the body. Not only is the prop gaining popularity in the yoga, world but also in athletics, because of the way it can counteract those knots.’

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    Wheel Assisted Half Pyramid Pose

    Stand on your knees towards the middle of the mat, and place the wheel at the front. Inhaling, stretch one leg onto the roller in a flexed position, keeping the other leg parallel with the wall. As you exhale, move from the hips as if you are to touch the upper portion of the leg with your belly. Grab the wheel with both hands, somewhere in the line with the ankles. Soften the elbows, as well as your shoulders and face. Keep your spine straight and quads engaged as you sink deeper with every exhalation. Repeat on both sides. You can place a blanket under the knee cap if you find the posture uncomfortable. This pose is known to balance one’s emotional and physical state by keeping the longest and widest sciatic nerve in the body strong and healthy.

    Pick: Solofit Double Radian Yoga Wheel

    This is a cool concept for a yoga wheel. The bend makes it not only great for training your balance, but allows a much gentler way to practice backbends and double as back support when sitting.


    Stability: Also holds up to 550 pounds

    Versatile: Can be used to train flexibility, as well as support your back while you are seated in a chair

    Easy to transport: Being 10 wide makes it easy to transport and take with you in your bag anywhere you go

    Beginner friendly for balancing: The shape of this wheel makes balancing poses much less challenging for even the newest beginners


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