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What Is A Yoga Swing

Hammock Plank And Pike Ups

Yoga Swing All Levels Warmup Standing Stretches 2014

Another great workout for you core muscles, this pose begins in a classic plank position and uses the swing to pike your knees up toward the core. You can start on all fours facing away from the yoga hammock with your hands firmly planted on the ground.

Lift one leg and place it in the yoga swing, adjusting until the top of your foot is cradled in the fabric. Bring your other foot to join it and hold in plank for 30 seconds to a minute. Then, you can build body strength by bringing your butt toward the sky as the yoga swings behind you. Keep your arms steady and engage the abdominal muscles for maximum benefits.

Best Extra Long Hanging Straps

How many S type hooks did you watch with trapeze strap? Yes, now Im telling you about such extra hanging straps of the brand Hammock sky.

If you want to get durable, safe and astonishing colored straps, then there are many reasons to pick this kind of extender rope.

The sophisticated engineering process makes this hammock strap to adjust with any suspension elements including swing, hammock regardless of thicker end loops.

The non-stretch seat belt polyester material allows the most secured hammock hanging in any indoor or outdoor location.

As, the O-ring and S-hooks combinedly are 1200 Lbs weight tested. So, this is heavy and no compromise with safety.

Moreover, the lifetime warranty deal gives you worrying free fly yoga always!

Length:10.17 Ft.

Weight capacity:1200 lbs. and 600 lbs.

Notable features

Seasofbeauty Yoga Inversion Sling

If youre unwilling to spend over one hundred dollars on a yoga swing, perhaps youd like to check out this item as weve seen that its reasonably priced and usually costs less than fifty dollars, regardless of the online retailer of your choice. The product is made with polyester taffeta and is durable enough to accommodate the physique of individuals whose weights can go up to three hundred pounds.

The main difference between the Seasofbeauty model and others weve analyzed is the fact that it includes a set of four independent hooks that you can use to hang up the sling from the ceiling. Aside from the actual product, the package also contains six foam handles as well as six training belts. It might be worth noting that this is one of the few options on the market today that come with a carrying bag, allowing you to benefit from the same yoga routine everywhere you go. Based on the consumer reports, it seems that the Seasofbeauty unit is well worth the price as it is just as robust and durable as hammocks and slings that are typically used in yoga studios. Plus, some people recommend it for novices.

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Why Should You Buy The Yogabody Trapeze Pro

  • High-quality design and materials

If you are a true yogi and find yourself looking to push your limits when it comes to your regular routine, then this yoga swing by UpCircleSeven will give you just that! This professionally designed yoga swing is innovatively designed to ensure ultimate comfort and safety.

The UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing is 25% larger than most other aerial swings, making its seat much more spacious. It has 6 thick padded foam handles to comfortably accommodate different types of poses. A triple-stitched swing seat ensures strength and durability while exercising.

As safety is a priority , the material used for this yoga swing is 100% high-strength Nylon fabric, similar to parachute fabric. Very tough, but soft and silky to the touch.

Perfect for use indoors or outdoors, you can hang it in doorways or even attach it to ceiling beams.

Assembling the UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing is super easy! You are provided with 2 multi-loop, high-quality daisy chains to hold and support the swing. These are height adjustable and capable of supporting a load capacity of 550 lbs. Two extension straps and a travel bag are also included. A PDF guide will instruct you on how to safely assemble the swing.

Ceiling mount accessories are not included and must be purchased separately.

Yoga Swing Pro Its Better Late Than Never

10 Best Aerial Yoga Swing &  Yoga Trapeze Hammocks Of 2019 ...

Being human we always hesitate before trying something new. Aerial Yoga Swing Pro® offers a plethora of health benefits through Aerial Yoga from spinal traction to weight loss. Buy Yoga Swing Pro® products with peace of mind as we offer 100% customer satisfaction. Even if youre a fitness-conscious teen, busy are working mom or home-based self-employed, all you need is determination and Yoga Swing Pro® premium quality aerial yoga set. So, aerial yoga swing does not give you false hope, that its going to be a piece of cake.

The first few days of flying yoga practice will be immensely crucial and difficult for beginners. Research shows, there is never a perfect time to start aerial yoga. But thy yoga hammock swing provides an alternative approach, supporting all kinds of poses that are usually restrict on the mat. Because Yoga Swing Pro® is versatile and improves flexibility for all practitioners, irrespective of your weight or health issues. Along with this, a Yoga Swing Pro® also helps in improving body stretches with the support, core, upper body, and posterior chain strength. Give aerial yoga a shot without a second thought or What IF as we stand behind our Swing kit for yoga with pride and confidence. The Yoga Swing Pro® offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty exclusively for Amazon customers. Yoga Swing Pro® is the second name of Trust.

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Inversions And Aerial Yoga

A yoga swing can take a lot of the fear out of practicing inversions in yoga. The feeling of being off the ground can make you feel like youre flying.

  • Star InversionMost of your body weight will be held up by the yoga swing in this inversion, but you can still touch the ground which can help make you feel less anxious. Extend your limbs as far out as possible to form the five points of an upside-down star to get the maximum stretch.
  • Flying BridgeSupport your spine while practicing Setu Bandhasana, or Bridge Pose. This backbend is completely off the ground while you suspend yourself securely in your yoga swing. It will allow you to completely surrender into the pose for a deeper stretch in your spine.
  • Floating BoatNavasana, or Boat Pose, is challenging already on the ground. Practicing this asana in a yoga swing adds another level to this pose but also helps be removing the pressure from your tailbone.
  • BatBat is an upside-down, hanging version of Baddha Konasana, also known as Bound Angle Pose or Butterfly. The yoga swing helps decompress your spine while opening up your hips.You may either let your arms hang down or try a variation with your palms facing each other in a prayer position behind your back.
  • Gravotonics Yoga Inversion Sling

    The final item on our list of the top yoga hammocks is the . This swing is lightweight, strong, and comes with hanging instructions. Its not necessarily superior to any of the others, but it gets the job done. Price-wise, its in the same general ballpark as the Wellsem.

    If you are suffering from back problems, this one might be a good choice for you because of the DVD included with purchase. The video is not specifically related to the Gravotonics product. Instead, it provides basic information about how to treat back pain with aerial yoga. Those tips will definitely be useful for aerial yoga beginners.

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    The Key Features Of A Yoga Swing

    Yoga swings are usually crafted from silk or satin-like materials and can hold a maximum weight of around 300 pounds. They also have handles some models use curtains of silk, while others use plastic and foam handles.

    In todays day and age, you dont have to become a member of an over-priced Pilates studio to access a yoga swing, you can hang one in your own home or garden. You dont need a huge amount of space to hang a yoga swing, either. They are easy to assemble and fold down into a small carry bag for easy transportation.

    Yoga swings can be used by both beginner and well-versed yogis. The swing supports your weight in all the right areas, without having to worry about overextending, overstretching, or hurting yourself.

    Aerial Yoga Physical Restrictions And Contra

    Yoga Swing Installation and Use Tips

    If you plan on taking an aerial yoga class, talk to your instructor before attending a session. Mention any medical issues that might hinder your ability to inverting or putting pressure on your spine.

    It is also recommended that you check-in and get the go-ahead from your licensed medical doctor, especially if you have any spinal injuries or related medical conditions.

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    A Family Company Since 2001

    Omni Gym is a family owned and run company dedicated to promoting pain-relief, fitness and well-being for every body. We pride ourselves in our portable swing systems designed for all ages and all levels. Based in Chico, California we´ve been providing quality products for over 15 years. When you buy Omni Gym, you support homegrown business as well as creativity and innovation in the healthcare and fitness market. We don´t buy and sell other people´s products, we are proud trailblazers in the yoga swing market and inventors of the original Yoga Swing. Read More

    Personally, it has changed my day to day life forever. I have the ability to have access to full movement at the start of everyday and the ability to release stress at the end of every day.

    Thanks you for making such a life changing product! My daughter is autistic and has come out of her shell so much more since using it. It soothes her and helps her find her voice, the swinging motion is very therapeutic, not to mention it is improving my physical conditions as well.

    My favorite thing is the inversion. You could develop a complete geriatric program , I am energetically at peace while doing this it feels like Im flying.

    Shoulder getting more range of motion, finally. Thanks in part to the great stretching I am able to do on my Omni Gym Yoga Swing! I really believe this is a winning combination to the rehabilitation of my frozen shoulder. Its been 3+ years of rehabbing.

    Doorframe Pullup Bar And Screws

    If you want to install your yoga swing easily, you can install it using a door frame pullup bar or a door mount bar and some screws. This setup is more suitable if you have limited space in your house.

    How to Install a Yoga Swing Door Frame Pullup or Door Mount Bar

    A door mount bar comes with instructions on how to install it in the doorframe. Follow the manual that comes with it. Then, find the rope on each end of your yoga swing and make it a noose knot. Make sure there is at least one meter of space between each knot. Then, pull very tightly.

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    Simple Yoga Swing Poses For Beginners To Try At Home

    Logan Hailey0

    Traditional yoga been a very grounded practice, but now you can zen out while dangling in the air! Dont worry, its far safer and more therapeutic than it sounds. Aerial yoga is growing in popularity as a way to take your yoga practice to the next level. This unique combination of yoga, pilates, and trapeze acrobatics has incredible benefits such as spinal decompression, back pain relief, and improved posture.

    Many yoga swing poses are surprisingly beginner-friendly and often times safer than their typical mat yoga counterparts. Thats because the swing supports you and prevents you from overextending your spine or putting excess pressure on your joints.

    Best of all, the broader category of inversion therapy is also known to improve blood circulation and promote mental clarity. If you dont want to try unsupported handstands or dangle from a gymnastics bar, playing around in your yoga swing could be the perfect midday pick-me-up to de-stress and decompress. Yoga swings can be easily installed right in your home for a quick dangling flow any time you please.

    Here are our favorite yoga swing poses for beginners, as well as the best yoga swings on the market and a brief look at the benefits of this invigorating practice.


  • 6.3 Is yoga trapeze a good workout?
  • Material Of The Yoga Swing

    Yoga Trapeze 2

    Most yoga swings are made of a very strong parachute-grade nylon tricot, silk, or taffeta, that is soft but durable. Others are made of high-quality polyester lycra. Depending on the material, some yoga swing is very supportive and offers a lot of stretch, while others arent quite as soft or stretchy. Fabric choice depends wholly on your preference!

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    Benefits Of Aerial Yoga Stands

    With the general health benefits of aerial yoga, it can be a good idea to take part in the activity. But what are the benefits to using free standing swing frames, instead of the alternatives?

    Zero damage When using an aerial silk stand, you dont have to make any changes to your home. You see, using ceiling hooks means changing your ceiling, which isnt always an option. It also means extra DIY!

    Portable Want to practise and perform in any large space? Then nothing beats a portable yoga swing stand. With most stands only taking 10 minutes to set-up, you can even take a stand to the beach and enjoy aerial yoga by the sea.

    Exercise System To Keep Your Body Fit Release Pressure On Your Spine And Organs And Eliminate With Ease

    We all know how important exercise is for our health. But how hard is it to get motivated and to do something every day to keep your body fit unless it is right in front of you?

    This is why this little exercise gadget is perfect. Hang it up in your living room or on the veranda. You don’t have to go anywhere and every visitor will want to have a go, getting you motivated to show off your skills. At the same time you can make the exercises as easy or as strenuous as you like. Kids love it!

    It is the best thing for your back, making it easy to hang upside down and relief pressure on your spine and internal organs! Regular exercises will help to eliminate with ease.

    The Yoga swing also folds away small and easy if you don’t want it hanging around. But maybe you just want to use it as a hammock when you don’t excercise, as relaxation is another important part for your overall health.

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    Improves Your Flexibility More

    There is no doubt yoga can improve flexibility. But when you do it on a yoga swing, your flexibility can improve faster. That is because you have more space when youre up in the air. Also, there is less gravity to fight with your strength. So many poses, such as backbends, are much more accessible.

    Why Should You Buy The Yoga Swing Pro Aerial Hammock Trapeze

    Yoga Swing Instruction How To Part 1 of 6 Warm up
    • Convenient carrier bag included

    If youre looking for the best budget option to start out your aerial yoga journey, then look no further than the yoga swing from EverKing! If you struggle with chronic back pain or weak muscle tone, then this swing will be a wonderful addition to your workout equipment and routine.

    This beautifully designed hammock definitely doesnt look like a budget option! Made from high-quality parachute fabric, ergonomically designed padded foam handles with strong and durable hooks youll definitely be happy with this affordable purchase!

    The EverKing Aerial Yoga swing can support a load capacity of up to 400 lbs. Reinforced stitching throughout the hammock, provides extra strength and enough durability for regular use.

    The EverKing Aerial Yoga Swing has 3 sets of large foam handles. Foam padded handles add comfort to your hands and feet when working out. The handles are all set at different heights so that you have the ability to find the best and most, comfortable position when trying out different poses.

    The hardware included with this purchase is 2 extension straps and 4 carabiners. All tested to ensure strength and durability. Additionally, this silky yoga hammock from EverKing comes with a 12-month warranty!

    A lovely storage bag is included, to safely and conveniently store your swing when its not being used.

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    Aerial Yoga Health Benefits

    Combining the benefits of yoga with aerial yoga you have a new and powerful way of accessing another part of strength-based exercises, pain relief, and relaxation.

    • Increased cognitive abilities
    • Spinal therapy for better back and lower lumbar health
    • Stretches that improve open lung function
    • Benefits to remedy constipation and general digestive health
    • Extended flexibility for your body to rid aches and pains
    • Strength-based exercises and poses that promote Stronger muscles

    Aches and pains are a fact of life and aerial yoga is a great natural alternative to grease up your joints for better flexibility and yoga positions for shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and many other fantastic alternative health benefits.

    Load Capacity Or Weight Limit

    The load capacity of the yoga trapeze is another important factor to consider. This is because overloading a yoga swing can be really unsafe. So when buying a yoga trapeze, make sure that it completely supports your body weight in order to avoid accidents of any kind. Remember not to compromise your safety in any way.

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    Can A Yoga Swing Relieve Back Pain

    Using a yoga swing can assist in alleviating pain in the back. Its been revealed that hanging upside down can help in reducing discomfort in the spinal column as it enables the area to be developed in between the vertebrae, launching pressure and stress created in time.

    It is essential to be conscious not to stay upside down for extended periods at a time, sometimes as it can be risky for someone with high blood pressure or vertigo.

    Not just can it alleviate discomfort and stress through the spinal column and neck. However, it can likewise increase blood circulation to the brain and assistance stimulate blood cells.

    Consider how practicing a headstand on the flooring can trigger stress through the neck.

    Though the concept of a headstand is to have the ability to push into the lower arms and raise all of the weight off the top of the head, lots of people brand-new and skilled specialists alike battle with that be highly harmful to your neck.

    Practicing inversions on the yoga swing can assist you to discover the present in your body while likewise keeping your head, neck, and back safely.

    Additionally, through enhancing your core muscles, you likewise reinforce your spinal column.

    So whether youre hanging up and down decompressing the spinal column or youre practicing a stimulating series engaging all of the muscles of the core, youre assisting your back in one method or another!


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