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What Is A Yoga Strap Used For

How Basic Props Can Help Even Veterans Deepen Their Stretches And Maintain Alignment

How To Use a Yoga Strap

Many who practice yoga see the foam blocks and straps used in classes as crutches that they discard once they achieve a measure of proficiency. But those props also can help intermediate and advanced practitioners deepen their stretches, maintain proper alignment and challenge themselves, yoga instructors say.

The best function of blocks and straps lies in helping people fit a pose to their body like a fine, tailored suit, says Bethany Lyons, founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga in New York City. People often are less flexible on one side of their body than the other, for instance.

What Is The Value Of Purchasing A Real Yoga Strap

You can certainly use something else I often suggest the belt from your bathrobe, says Aditi. That said, a yoga strap is worth purchasing. Its never going to be too short or too long, it has the appropriate buckle and you wont have to worry about washing it every day after it has touched your foot. Kristin has seen other stand-ins in classa long thin towel rolled up lengthwise can adequately stand in for a yoga strap when it comes to extending the reach of the arms in certain posesbut also recommends purchasing a real strap for a better result.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Yoga Straps

As with all of our product buying guides, we strive to find only the best and most effective products around. How do we do this? By using our tried and tested selection method, of course. Heres the method behind the madness.

Brand – We love all types of brands, which is why youll find a wide range of them any of our selections. With yoga straps, we understand there are plenty of excellent brands putting out superb products, and this factored into making our selection.

The brands we chose all boast excellent quality, spectacular durability, and fantastic comfort to ensure that no matter which option you end up going for, you can do so with confidence.

Price – The good news is that yoga straps are not that expensive, and you can get an array of options to choose from without breaking the bank. However, because everything is so affordable, its difficult to decide which is really the best one for you. What a convenient conundrum to have.

When making our selection, we kept this in mind and searched for and selected yoga straps which balanced affordability with the excellent quality so that if the strap you pick fits into your budget, youll be left satisfied either way.

Reviews – Reviews are our favorite part of the selection process. They give us the information we need that isnt available from reading product descriptions. Through these reviews, were able to narrow down our selection from a massively long list to the 10 excellent products you see above.

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Benefits Of Having A Yoga Strap

There are so many benefits of having a yoga strap in your collection of accessories. Yoga straps are an extremely versatile yoga accessory with many possible uses. The main benefit however, is to aid yogis with their stretching, increase flexibility and decrease tension.

1. Increase range of motion: If you are looking to improve your range of motion, a yoga strap can be used as an extension of your body to help with poses such as the Standing Forward Fold or the Seated Forward Fold. If grasping your feet is a tad too far, you can hook your yoga strap behind your feet, using the strap to extend the reach of your arms, create resistance and pull yourself further into the pose. Alternatively, if you are looking to push your range of motion that bit further you can hook the strap around your feet and use the length of the strap to pull yourself even deeper than before.

2. Adaptability: Another benefit of having a yoga strap is the adaptability of its shape and length thanks to its simple design. Our yoga straps are fitted with a D-ring at one end which is perfectly designed for creating a circular strap. For example, once you have eased into a stretch, you can tie your yoga strap around your body to hold the pose. The tighter you pull the strap through the D-ring, the deeper the stretch!

What Kind Of Yoga Strap Should I Buy

10 Ways Yoga Straps Can Deepen Your Practice

Straps come in various fabrics, widths and different types of buckles. They are fairly inexpensive, and pretty durable, so I recommend getting one if you can. I own both of the straps above and can recommend them. The only real difference is the buckle material.

1. Yoga Accessories – I have a few of these. They are great quality, and the buckles are strong despite being plastic.

2. Gaiam – I have two of these, and they too are great quality. The buckle is metal, so it is very strong. The only downside is that the material is white, so wrapped around your sweaty body the color may….change. 🙂

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Beginner Yoga Series: How To Use Yoga Straps

by Taryn Raine | Jul 10, 2018 | Yoga & Fitness |

Welcome back to part four of our 6-week Beginner Yoga Series. We have been discussing how to start a home yoga routine and what types of yoga may be the right fit for you. Last week, we chatted all about how to use yoga blocks to benefit your home yoga practice. Now we are diving into yoga straps, one of my favorite yoga props!

Yoga straps are my favorite for a number of reasons. Theyre:

  • Low-cost: Usually only $3-7 and can be found easily or even Walmart
  • Easy to Carry: Whether I am traveling the world or heading off to a local gym, straps take up very little space in my bag and hardly weigh anything.
  • Great for Deep Stretches: My hamstrings are one of my biggest problem areas in my body, but straps help to to really dig deep into the stretches in an easy, relaxing way.

There are many different kinds of straps and no kind are right or wrong. There are two things I would pay attention to when shopping for your straps length and buckle style. If you are short , the length may not be as important, but if you have some long legs, check the length of your strap and see if you can get a size that is a bit longer than standard. The buckles come in metal or plastic varieties and both work great! I tend to prefer metal because I find them to be easier, but I have many friends who prefer the plastic.

When Movement Is Restricted

Yoga as therapy is the use of asanas as a gentle form of exercise and relaxation, applied specifically with the intention of improving health. This may involve meditation, imagery, breath work and music alongside the exercise. A 2013 systematic review found beneficial effects of yoga on low back pain.

Alice Christensen’s Easy Does It Yoga, first described in 1979, uses “chair exercises”, alongside others on floor or bed, and in later editions also in swimming pools or reclining on beds or the floor, for older practitioners with restricted movement.

Lakshmi Voelker-Binder created an approach named Chair Yoga in 1982, on seeing that one of her pupils, aged only in her thirties, was unable to do floor poses because of arthritis. The yoga teacher and author Lynn Lehmkuhl described Chair Yoga as the fastest growing aspect of the yoga market in 2013, prompting her to take a yoga teacher training with Voelker-Binder.

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How To Use A Yoga Strap

Whilst your yoga strap can be completely tailored to your practice and needs, here are just a few of my favourite ways to use mine

  • Opening the Shoulders: Taking hold of the strap with both hands slightly wider apart than your shoulders, slowly bring your arms straight out in front of you, continuing this movement until your arms are directly above your head. To open up your muscles, bring your arms further back until they are behind you. This is a powerful stretch for opening up your chest wall and shoulders, but be sure not to push further than is comfortable.
  • Bound Angle Pose: Begin by creating a circular shape with your yoga strap using the D-ring at one end. Place the strap behind your sacrum and underneath your feet, laying on your back with the base of your feet touching and your knees apart. As you relax into this pose, slowly tighten the strap, pulling your legs closer to your body and deepening your stretch.
  • Full Boat Pose: With your back staying straight, hook your yoga strap behind your feet, with both hands grasping the ends. Slowly begin to elevate your legs whilst maintaining a straight posture. Pushing through your feet to the strap, keeping your legs extended fully. This beautiful pose is perfect for strengthening your core and increasing flexibility.

There are so many ways you can use your yoga strap, more than I can list here! Are you ready to start exploring your new accessory?

How To Tie A D

How to Use a Yoga Strap | 10 Yoga Strap Poses Tutorial

Since the D-ring cinch can be a little intimidating to new yogis, let me explain step-by-step how to create an adjustable loop.

First, hold your strap in one hand, and then use your other hand to thread the non-ring end of the strap through the holes of both metal rings.

Next, fold the loose end back on itself.

Once the end is folded, it back through the second D-ring, tightening it to your desired loop size.

Not so hard, right? Do this before class starts to make it easy for you to adjust the strap for various poses and alignments, as necessary.

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The Takeaway On How To Use A Yoga Strap In Common Yoga Poses

Even if you can do these poses without the aid of a yoga strap, sometimes its helpful to use a yoga strap to change things up and see how your body responds. You might learn a new internal cue or alignment tip that helps you out the next time you try it in a flow.

Straps should always be used to support and expand your practice, not to force you into something youre not ready for. If you find yourself in a pose or stretch and you cant breathe or feel like something is about to snap, then ease out of it.

Theres no use in injuring yourself just to grab that Instagram-worthy photo.

Enjoy these strapped yoga poses during your next practice for both a bit of challenge and some nice relaxation.

Why Do I Need A Yoga Strap

May 24th 2017

Props and accessories used to improve yoga posture, increase movement and extend stretches include the yoga strap, d-ring strap, cinch strap and pinch strap. Additional props include mats, blocks, pillows and blankets. Stretching is a vital part of any exercise that is needed to increase fitness abilities and prevent injury.

Using props in yoga routines is not hard to learn. It is a particularly useful tool for beginners who are just starting their exercises and do not want to feel too much pain. Yoga equipment makes posing easier so that a beginner starts with less strain.

Straps are mainly used for stretching so that users achieve wide range of motion. Even people who stretch their legs while doing sitting poses can benefit from these straps. One technique is to grab both ends and pull it towards them while leaning into the pose. Also, yoga mats and blocks can be used with straps so that users change their positions more easily and have gentler contacts with the floor. Based on the kind of pose, the strap is fitted underneath the buttocks, knees or hips.

A D-ring is a metal ring in the shape of the letter D. D-ring and cinch buckles are adjustments commonly used at the end of straps that can extend to 6 feet in length. A strap is usually adjusted by shortening or lengthening it so that it suits the users preferences. The poses and stretches brought about by users effectively decrease tension and increase flexibility.

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How To Use A Yoga Strap In Balancing Poses

For balancing postures, the strap can be used in poses like extended hand to big toe when the flexibility isn’t as developed. Loop the strap around the foot as shown, and grab hold as close to the foot as you can, keeping the body long and in alignment, and keeping the arm straight. Activate the entire leg and breathe.

Yoga strap for shoulders

Ananda Balasana Happy Baby Pose

10 Ways Yoga Straps Can Deepen Your Practice

Have you seen how easily babies hold their toes while lying down on their back? Looks simple, right? Tight hips, sore back, and inflexible hamstrings make the pose tough for adults. While you can achieve the benefits of the posture by keeping the knees bent, a yoga strap will help you straighten your legs completely. And, when your legs are straight, your hips release the tension in a better way!

Lie on your back on the mat, arms resting on either side of the body, palms facing the floor. Inhale and hug your knees to your chest. Bring your knees close to your armpits. Loop a strap around the middle of the feet and hold the straps with your hands.

Inhale and straighten your legs, allowing your shins to come perpendicular to the mat. Let the soles of your feet point to the ceiling, toes flexed towards you. Keep your lower back on the floor and relax your shoulders. Engage the thighs and hold the posture for seven deep breaths.

Exhale and bend your knees. Remove the strap and gently stretch your legs out.

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Forward Bends With Straps

A shorter torso is a challenge when it comes to forward bends such as Pada Hastasana and Paschimottanasana. Keeping your spine erect and holding your foot with straight elbows is something that needs a good dose of flexibility. In such cases, binding the feet with the yoga strap and holding it in your hand gives you an opportunity to work on the posture in a better manner. Additional benefit your neck and spine will thank you!

Here are few poses that will give you an insight into how you can use yoga straps.

Are Yoga Straps Stretchy

Yoga Straps are extremely useful tools when it comes to flexibility. They stretch tight hamstrings after a long run, assist you in finding the length in a difficult yoga pose, and can help keep your arms together in a hand stand. Slowly and completely stretching out your body, you can enjoy the feeling of extension.

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How To Prepare Your D

The D-ring yoga straps are generally undone, and you need to prepare them to use it during yoga practice. The strap holds typically two D rings at both the needs of the belt. You can adjust the loop size according to your requirements and flexibility of use. The preparation technique is essential to make the ring comfortable to use for you.


There are different types of yoga straps with loops available for different types of yoga. The straps become more useful, while the difficulty level of the yoga increases. When one tries to hold the yoga strap and stretch, it longer more challenging yoga poses can be obtained and achieved. So, if you consider the D-rings to be a rewarding device, then you are no wrong.

How Can A Yoga Strap Help Facilitate Connections In Poses

How to Use a Yoga Strap | Yoga Tutorial

Everybody is different and sometimes certain physical limitations prevent us from fully expressing a pose. This shouldnt stop you from feeling a full stretch though.

For poses where anatomy or flexibility may limit your ability to make a connection, yoga straps provide a great extension. This comes up in many arm binds.

Say you have shorter arms or have limited shoulder mobility, the arm connection in Gomukhasana, Cow Face Pose, with one elbow up, one down and hands clasped behind your back can be particularly challenging.

This pose is great for stretching your chest, shoulders, and armpits so dont let this challenging connection deprive you of this stretch.

Holding a strap between both hands can complete that connection as you work to open your shoulders and eventually connect your hands.

This connection can be created in other binds too, such Baddha Parsvakonasana, Bound Extended Side Angle Pose.

Take a strap in your top hand and as you bring the arm around your back, draw your bottom arm under your front thigh. Take hold of the strap to complete this connection and spiral your chest toward the ceiling.

Another way of using a strap to connect body parts that may not otherwise reach is in connections between the hands and the feet.

If your toes arent accessible by reaching with your arms, looping a strap around the ball of your foot helps act as an extension of your arm.

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What Are Yoga Straps For

Although yoga straps are not required, these devices can be used alongside a variation of yoga poses and stretches.

Depending on the position, yoga straps may be wrapped around a limb, like a foot or leg, as the yogi holds the ends of the strap in place or even tugs on it.

Adding a yoga strap to your routine, fortunately, is not difficult.

Some yogis like to include the use of a yoga strap alongside the use of other yoga tools like a yoga mat and/or yoga blocks.

Generally, there are many versatile and creative ways to use a yoga strap.

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