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What Is A Yoga Mat Towel Used For

Are Yoga Towels In Target Worth It

Yoga Towel Tutorial : Stretching & Yoga

Are hot yoga towels in Target worth it? To better answer the question, its best to know first the qualities of hot yoga towels Target is selling.

A yoga towel is a highly absorbent cloth that soaks up moisture and sweat. It keeps you dry during vigorous workouts and prevents you from slipping. It also improves traction. Yoga towels are microfiber material renowned for their moisture-wicking features.

If your towel is not specifically designed for hot yoga, your mat will easily lose its grip and slide on the ground. You would want your training to be more relaxed, focused and prevent you from injuries due to sliding on the mat.

The best thing about hot yoga towels is they tend to grip stronger as you sweat more. Many yoga towels absorb more sweat than their actual weight, and you can repeatedly use them during the workout.

Here are some yoga guides to help with your fitness workout:

Alfamo Cooling Towel For Yoga:

Alfamo is distinctive from regular towels. Premium superior material has the key feature of cooling your body immediately.

It is a super-absorbent Alfamo cooling towel that gives a cooling impact through the evaporation of absorbed water to hold you comfortable up to several hours.

This towel is not only stays chilled for up to 3 hours as well as it decreases body temperature up to 30 degrees.

It comes with fabric to give you pleasant to touch, fairly than annoyingly dripping wet. This towel also offers UPF 50 sunscreen protection.

You also washed it many times in the washing machine and so far it remains and free of those smells so endemic to athletic wear.

Positive Reviewer Feedback Negative Reviewer Feedback
Fully lightweight and thin. It lingered cool for 5 hours before I had to add water again. Accommodated with my hot flashes too . Love it! Initially lets be fair, cooling towels are best. If anything I would tell its a more effective wet towel. Performs a great job of absorbing the heat from my skin without the massive wet towel feeling . Although you dont sense any cooling effect until to take it off to snap it . This is pleased to wear, good material, easy to pack and I can wrap it around my head like a Hijab.

Reasons To Buy


Look Out For Durability

Yoga will mean that you will have a lot of physical contact with your mat regardless of whatever youll be using it for. This constant contact is a source of friction for this towel. Ensure that the yoga towel is durable enough to withstand constant wear and tear.

This way, youll be making use of your towel for quite some time. After each workout, all youll need to do will be to launder the towel and its ready for use again.

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Can You Put Your Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

This is a hotly debated topic, but the answer depends on the mat that you have. Lilleston tosses her Yoga For Bad People Travel Mat into the washing machine with cold water on the delicate cycle using environmentally friendly detergent when its in need of a deep-clean, and hangs it to dry afterwards. I wouldnt recommend putting the mat into the dryer, but that depends on what your mat is made of of course safer to air dry, says Lilleston.

Stiff, however, encourages yogis to hand-wash their mats instead of risking it with the washing machine. We do not recommend washing your mat in the washing machine. In most cases, this will damage both the mat and washing machine leaving you with a very expensive bill to replace both, he says. Unless your mat has clear instructions that say you can put it in a washing machine, its safest to forego it and stick with hand washing.

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Can Using A Yoga Towel Help You Avoid Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

Non Slip Yoga Mat Cover Towel Anti Skid Microfiber Mat ...

Sometimes, the best way to minimize a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Yoga towels lie directly over top of your mat, allowing them to absorb most of the sweat and dirt instead of the mat itself. Plus, theyre slide-resistant, helping you avoid slipping while youre practicing. Lilleston is a proponent, saying Its smart to have a mat towel and that we really encourage our students to bring their own mats with a cover. Yoga towels are especially useful when practicing hot yoga, but youll feel the benefits in any class that makes you sweat.

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Which Of These Yoga Mat Alternatives Should You Use

As you can see, you can practice yoga wherever you are, whether you have a yoga mat or not. No matter which of these yoga mats alternatives you choose, remember to practice with caution. Always check if the surface you are practicing on is clean and clear of any objects that might hurt you, such as shattered glass and even small toys.

Moreover, if the surface is too slippery and unstable to provide you with proper grip and balance, stick with seated or supine poses. Do not take a chance on doing balancing poses, as you might hurt yourself.;

Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel


If hot yoga is your jam, then a yoga mat towel is a must. Manduka has been a leader in yoga mats and towels for years and for good reason. The company makes high-quality mats and towels that last and help to keep yogis firmly in place. Even the companys best mats can still use some help during hot yoga sessions because for real, thats a lot of sweat. The Yogitoes mat comes in several stunning designs and stays in place thanks to its silicone nubs that grip everything from the top of a yoga mat to carpet and other types of flooring. Not only does the 68 by 24-inch mat provide much-needed stability during sweat sessions, but yogis will also feel good knowing their Yogitoes was made with 50 percent recycled polyester or eight recycled plastic water bottles, which is easier to visualize.

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How Much Do Yoga Mats Cost And Can I Just Get A Cheap One

An inexpensive yoga mat is better than none at all in most cases.

As we wrote above, all a mat does is prevent slippage and a little bit of cushion for certain poses.

While high-end mats like the Liforme are amazing and practice-changing, you can do just fine with a more budget-friendly option.

You can get a functional, quality yoga mat for as little as $10-20.

Benefits Of A Towel For Hot Yoga

What to use to Clean your Yoga Mat Towel 4 HOT YOGA – best Tips Yogitoes YUCK Sweaty Smell Gone
  • Extends the life of your yoga mat
  • Absorbs sweat and acts as a sticky surface after;your mat gets;sweaty

What about a regular towel?

I understand, you want to save a few dollars and use your old towel sitting in the closet. You CAN do this but it doesnt work very;well. Regular towels dont stick to your mat which leads to bunching up. If your towel is bunching up, youll be constantly adjusting;your towel.

Regular towels will wear out really fast; yoga towels last for years with;regular use. Yoga towels are the perfect size to fit your yoga mat. Regular towels are too wide and too short to be used for yoga!

Laslty, you can also go for a;hot yoga mat and towel in one combo. For example, the Yoga Design lab Combo Mat;which is a solid option. Personally I prefer keeping my yoga mat and the best non slip yoga towel I can afford separate.

*Bonus: a yoga mat towel also works great for a travel towel! See what else Anne packed in her bag for travel.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Yoga Mat

People who practice yoga may discover that their preferred yoga mat has become soiled. Quite often, the culprit is dirty feet, especially if there are multiple users over the course of a day. Sweat also collects on yoga mats, which can encourage the growth of bacteria and virus if they aren’t disinfected regularly. The best way to clean a yoga mat may depend on the mat owner’s personal preferences when it comes to organic or chemical cleaning techniques.

Most yoga mats are not made from exotic materials, so they can often be cleaned in a conventional washing machine. The manufacturers often include instructions on how to clean the mat using commercial washing machines and cleaning agents. People who own a standard rubberized or polyvinyl plastic yoga mat should be able to load it into a washing machine, add a very mild detergent, and allow it to run on the cold water/delicates cycle. Thoroughly rinsing off all of the detergent residue is essential, since it can make the mat very slippery. The mat should be air dried on a hanger for 24 to 48 hours.

The Manduka Yogitoes Skidless Towel

This is a super stylish, heavy-duty towel that comes with the ultimate promise to its users, which says you wont slip. It actually delivers on that promise and lives up to the users expectations.

An interesting feature of this yoga towel is that it works even better the sweatier you get. Regardless of how frequently you use it, this yoga towel will never bunch up or slide around.

As the name suggests, this amazing yoga towel uses Patented Skidless Technology which means that the bottom of the towel is covered with hundreds of little silicon modules. These silicon grips greatly prevent the towel from bunching up.

Another great characteristic of these towels is that they are made from recycled bottles that are then transformed into yarn. This process takes almost 66% less energy to produce the towel.

On the downside though, the silicone grips in the bottom of the towel arent for everyone and some people may find them uncomfortable and irritating. Secondly, this type of yoga towel is not exactly ideal for Vinyasa yoga poses because the towel tends to bunch up when you shift from one position to the other

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Do You Have To Use A Yoga Towel

Yoga towels wick away your sweat, helping you maintain your grip on your mat. Theyre ideal for hot yoga, in which the room temperature can be as high as;105 degrees Fahrenheit;and profuse sweating is part of the practice. Yoga towels absorb and trap the moisture so it doesnt spread on the surface of the mat, and their dense microfibers keep the surface secure, so you have a sturdy foundation under you.

Many people prefer to spread a yoga towel on top of their yoga mat regardless of the yoga variety theyre practicing. Others like to keep a yoga towel close to hand because theyre prone to sweat a lot. In the end, the decision to put a yoga towel on top of your mat is entirely up to you.;

Yoga studios often provide communal mats for group classes. These can be full of bacteria and dirt, since multiple people use them throughout the day. Placing a yoga towel on top of these mats is an excellent way to maintain personal hygiene, especially when the yoga position requires you to put your face on the mat. If your mat turns out to be too thin for you, using a yoga towel can add a layer of cushion and make it more comfortable to hold positions.;

The Towel By Lululemon

Microfiber Non Slip Yoga Mat Yoga Towel


A full-sized towel may not always be the best option for your practice. Maybe you prefer using the mats at your gym or studio and simply want a smaller towel to place under your head for hygienic reasons. Or you could prefer a towel that only covers the spot where you frequently slip, like your feet or hands. For a towel that stays put and takes up minimal room in your yoga bag, the Small Towel by Lululemon is a great option. Spin class and hot yoga enthusiasts also love it for their handlebars and for drying off after a sweaty workout session.

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Do I Really Need A Yoga Towel

You might be asking yourself, what is a yoga towel? Cant I just use a normal towel? Or no towel at all.

Well, technically you can. If you only practice yin yoga, aka you never sweat during yoga, a yoga towel will offer nothing besides a little extra support.;If you do hot yoga, you need a towel;to prevent slipping which can;cause injury.

Benefits Of Adding Yoga Towels To Your Yoga Gear Collection

May 17th 2017

Yoga towels are great additions to your yoga gear collection, whether you are a newbie or veteran yogi. Most yoga towels are the same size as a typical yoga mat and feature a soft,absorbent material that can be used to serve as a yoga mat substitute, soft covering to go over a mat, or as a workout towel or exercise towel to keep your face and body sweat-free during exercise.

Many yoga fans are finding that the mat alone is not sufficient to prevent slippage due to a sweaty surface. Because it is essential that people performing yoga can hold their poses without slipping, a yoga towel can make all the difference in helping hands, feet and other body parts to stay in place.

Intense yoga workouts, such as Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga, really bring on the heat and the sweat, but thats one of the great benefits of this style of yoga.;

To use the yoga towel, simply place it over the yoga mat. The workout towel should cover the mat only, not taking up too much extra space. Some people try to use beach towels or bath towels in place of the specialized yoga towel, but the problem is that these items are not designed for exercise purposes. Therefore, they arent as absorbent as they need to be and are not sized correctly. You can also find yoga towels featuring slip- resistant padding on the bottom side of the towel, so they stay in place and dont bunch up during intense workouts.

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Yoga Mat Alternatives: The Best Options For Practicing Yoga Without A Mat


Pretend youre back in 1920, and stuff like PVC, TPE, and synthetic rubber hasnt been invented yet. In that case, your best option for a soft yoga mat substitute would be your own yard or a nearby grassy park.

This option can be good or bad, depending how cushiony your grass is. In the northern part of the U.S., the ground is usually harder, with shorter grass and more potential for mud on your backside when you sit down. In the south, the grass is a bit thicker, but it can also be more dry and prickly.

You can do poses in the grass just like you would on a mat, but the grass can be a bit more slippery, so use caution. Who knows, you may find that after a few sessions outdoors with the sun on your face, you actually prefer the grass!

Carpet/ Rug

What if you dont have a yard? The next option would be the carpet or rugs in your house or hotel room. Often, a nice bushy rug has as much thickness as some of the thin travel yoga mats on the market.

On thick carpet, you should be able to perform just about type of yoga routine without having to make too many modifications. Rugs are more likely to move around and may also have less grip. Hopefully you have some non-slip yoga socks around to prevent any slipping. Or pick up a pair of grippy yoga gloves those are great for traction!

Is It Necessary To Use A Yoga Towel

Manduka Equa & Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towels Review

Ultimately, whether you decide to use a yoga towel over your yoga mat or not is completely a personal preference. It depends largely on the type of yoga youll be doing as well as how much you typically sweat while practicing.

If youre more interested in non-heated gentle yoga, it might not be necessary for you to use a towel unless you really just want an extra layer of softness between you and the mat.

If you know you wont really be sweating during class and you do decide to use a mat towel, you might find that the towel is more in the way than anything. Mat towels typically need a little bit of dampness to really adhere to the surface of the mat underneath.

This means that when you arent sweating, the towel might just get rolled up underneath you if your hands or feet catch it as you move. Not only is this slightly annoying, but it can also be incredibly distracting.

Additionally, gentle classes usually dont require too much standing or too many downward facing dogs, so it isnt incredibly necessary to have a sticky mat or a towel that will help keep you from sliding.

If you usually sweat a lot during physical activities, you might find that you want to use the mat towel for a basic flow class even in a non-heated room.

Often times older mats or low-quality mats wont be sticky enough to keep you from sliding, and you might notice this annoyance if youre moving around a good amounteven if the room isnt heated.

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