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What Is A Gong Bath In Yoga

How Sound Baths Help You Heal

What Happens In A Gong Bath

Should you be in need of physical healing, a sound bath may be an option. In the same way that the vibrations may alter your brain waves, they can also encourage your body to heal itself. You may choose to try a sound bath, singing bowls, or alternative types of sound therapy when you need support in this area. Lets take a look at what the scientific evidence suggests in relation to this form of therapy and healing.

Relax And Feel The Sound

When the gong sound has increased in volume, the next phase is the variation of the frequencies and noises. You will both hear and feel these minute changes as you allow the sounds to wash over you. Each frequency is associated with a varying state of consciousness. Thus, you may feel that your mind shifts with the noises that you hear.

As you are lying perfectly still, you should allow the sound to envelop your being so that you are entirely calm. You neednt put too much pressure on yourself to meditate simply unwind and let it come to you. This journey should happen naturally through the sounds.

Lower Risk Of Disease

If you want to maintain peak health levels and protect yourself from diseases, making lifestyle changes is the answer. Needless to say, you should eat well and live a balanced lifestyle. But can sound therapy play a role?

One study published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that sound therapy may decrease a persons tension and lower their overall risk of disease. The researchers noted that this particular form of meditation can also improve wellness.

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My Experience With Gong Bath Meditations

The first time I experienced a Gong Bath It was love at first sight. During a 10 minute Savasana, I felt the deep tonalvibrations rippling and radiating through my whole body, aroundme, and filling up the entire room. I felt like I became one with the earth- grounded and rooted. My breath deepened, I felt my heart sped up and then regulated. All of my muscles softened and Iwas able to drift into a state of what felt like utter relaxation and suspension. When class was over, I had the desire to stay quiet and move slowly. My body and mind were processing the effects ofthe gong. I felt safe and supported by the universe and wandered home taking in all the sounds, colors, smells, and felt more connected to myself in relationship to my surroundings than I had felt in a long time. My experience was a visual, mental, physical, emotional ride that faded in and out, elevated and expanded me beyond my body, and stirred up and cleared out blocked energy. Parts were uncomfortable, parts were comforting and everything in between. I knew after this experience, this was real medicine and an accessible and ever changing goodness for the mind body and soul.

What Do I Do When I Arrive

Wellbeing Event

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time and check-in at the front desk. Put your belongings away in the cubbies and remove your shoes. Set up your mat so the short edge of the mat is facing the gong. When you lie down, lie down with your feet facing away from the gong. We do this because we below the frequencies of the gong encourage toxins and old energy to be released through the feet.

Turn off your cell phone , and remove any metal jewelry youre wearing. You can place your jewelry in your purse or on the gongs blanket .

Lie down and place the bolster underneath the knees. Place one folded blanket underneath your head , and cover your body with the second blanket from the neck down.

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Helps Tune Out Your Thoughts And Tune In Your Meditation

The healing sounds and vibrations created by the various instruments helps give you something else to focus on other than your thoughts which enhances and improves your meditation. While there have been multiple scientific studies proving the healing benefits of meditation it can sometimes be very difficult for individuals to completely clear out their mind and concentrate. However, by having the added benefit of different sound frequencies surrounding you during your meditation you can clear out your thoughts and focus your mind on the sounds and vibrations, making it easier for you to clear and reset your mind.

How Sound Affects Your Physical Mental And Emotional States

The therapeutic effect of music was acknowledged by major cultures from the Ancient Egyptians to Greek physicians. It wasnt until the 19th century, though, that experts began studying the way in which sound waves and music can affect a persons physiology.

Since then, this type of unique and effective therapy has soared in popularity. People practice this type of meditation for a multitude of reasons including self-care, healing, and more. The idea is that the movements can intercept your brain waves, change the bandwidth of them, and alter your mental and physical state. So, the question is, how does it work and what scientific evidence is there here?

Sound healing rests on one fundamental concept that each part of the physical world naturally vibrates at its own predetermined frequency. This is known as either vibration frequency or molecular frequency. Humans are no different and equally have a frequency at which they are most at peace and comfortable in themselves.

However, when we face times of distress or negative emotions, you may find that your frequency becomes out of tune. A sound bath could be a viable solution to this problem. The meditative technique uses sounds from instruments to actively change the frequencies of a persons innermost brain vibrations. This method is intrinsically linked to the brave waves within your mind and varying state of consciousness.

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Brain Waves And Your Mental State

Each of these bandwidths represents a state of consciousness in the human mind. Whenever your brain waves change in bandwidth , you will find that a different area of the mind is active. Using sound healing, we may be able to alter the phase of the mind using sounds and vibrations to their most genius effect.

When you choose to undertake meditation and gong sound bath classes, you will have the chance to manipulate the way in which your mind vibrates. This can help you to shift seamlessly from brain wave bandwidth to brain wave bandwidth. As this happens, you will notice remarkable transformations in your mood, mental state, and thought patterns. In essence, this means that you can take real control over your mind.

There is scientific research to suggest that you can change your brain waves and instantly rid yourself of negative emotions. For instance, one study from the Wiley Online Library suggests that sound healing can lower peoples levels of anxiety.

That is merely one example of how sound bath sessions and other forms of meditation can help people on a mental and emotional level. Of course, the unspeakable ability to change your mental state unlocks a wealth of benefits and could also help you heal over time.

Gong Bath Meditation Faq

Gong Bath – A Meditation for Sound Healing, Restorative Yoga, Relaxation, and Inner Peace

For a list of our events please visit Our Calendar and Booking Page

Do I need any special clothing for a gong bath?

No special clothing required. Whatever you are most comfortable in lying down for an hour.

Do I need any special equipment for a gong bath?

A mat ie yoga mat or camping mat

Blanket for warmth


Are children allowed?

Sorry I do not allow children in my general gong bath sessions as they get too loud for children. Occasionally I will run a family friendly session where the gongs are played in a much softer and more gentle way.

Do I sit in a bath?

That is definitely a No No water is required for a gong bath as you bathe in the sound waves.

Is the gong bath suitable for everyone?

No it is not. There are some medical precautions which are listed on the individual events.

Do I need experience of meditation?

No not at all. This is the beauty of the gong bath meditation as the sounds of the gongs and other instruments help your mind to relax helping you go reach a deep meditation.

When and where are your gong bath meditation sessions?

Best to check my events page via Our Calendar

for the most up to date information join our mailing list via . Our Gong Baths are usually on Saturdays in Camden Town and Islington in London and in Bushey Heath near Stanmore and sometimes at other popup locations around London and beyond. Also available for workplace wellbeing and private events.

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Sound Is An Integral Part Of Human Life

Many ancient traditions recognized vibration and sound as an important method for returning to balance and healing. Some of the ways these traditions have used sound and vibration include: music, chanting, prayer, toning, and the use of instruments such as drums, bells, singing bowls, gongs, and wind instruments. Now with help of great thinkers and scientists we are returning to this lost knowledge and have many tools available these days to understand and explain the potential of sound, vibrations and frequencies.

Sound waves move through water at least 5 times more efficiently than through the air. Human body is over 65% water. This makes our body a very receptive vessel for sound vibrations. Scientists around the world continue their studies on the effects of sound vibrations and more positive effects are being found. No negative effects found yet by the way

Gong Meditation / Sound Healing Etiquette And Information

I went to my first Sound Bath around 2009 at Inner Wisdom Yoga on South Blvd in Oak Park. The word was spreading around about these sound baths or gong baths . I didnt know much just that the vibrations were relaxing and healing. I took two of my buddies . We each brought a pillow and a blanket and stepped into the unknown

Nowadays, sound baths are a bit more mainstream theyre all over the place, and even integrated into regular classes. Kundalini Yoga uses gongs and/or bowls at the end of each class, and many of Ahimsas restorative or yin classes as well.

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Where To Find A Gong Bath In Hong Kong

As always, Hong Kong has the goods on the wellness front. Theres a

  • Balance Health offers Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation every Friday at noon. Click here for more information. 27/F, Universal Trade Centre, 3 5 Arbuthnot Road, Central, +852 2530 3315.
  • Red Doors offers Gong Baths. Click here for their schedule. 21/F, Flat A, Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, +852 2110 0152.
  • Sound Therapy offers Gong Baths. Click here for more information. 10/F, 4-6 Morrison Hill Road, EIB Tower, Wan Chai, +852 9729 4367.

What Is A Gong Bath

Gong Bath

Simply put, a Gong Bath represents an ancient, multi-dimensional form of sound healing meditations that continue to be practiced today. Predating the Bronze Age, gongs have been used for meditation, healing, and communication purposes for nearly 6,000 years. As rightfully described by Gong Master Don Conreaux, the gong is known as an instrument of transformational power and translates to an engine of power releasing tone resonance and complex harmonics that are transferred to the recipient. It is considered a bath as you are bathed in vibrations from the instruments.

Today, Gong Baths may utilize one or several gongs, in addition to various other ancient and/or new age instruments. Journeyers who participate in these sacred sound healing meditations often receive experiences that oscillate between the intensely introspective and the extremely cosmic, often fusing into some combination of the two while helping you shed that which does not serve you. And thats just the beginning

On a production level, a Gong Bath works by participants laying down with their heads closest to the gongs, allowing the vibrations of the gongs to wash over them the crown to the root. This allows energy to be discharged from the fingers and toes. Participants are encouraged to lay in complete stillness to allow the vibrations the opportunity to move stagnant energies.

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What Makes The Sound

Gongs are very special instruments that are carefully created to produce certain sound frequencies. The same goes for Tibetan singing bowls, which are usually made out of a type of metal and hit with a mallet or played by moving the mallet around the lip or outer edge of the bowl. There are bowls made of crystal, also made of differences sizes, which produce different sound frequencies. Other sounds may also be used, like a rainstick or cymbals.

How Does The Sound Healing Work

Every sound is a vibration and this vibration touches each and every cell of our body. We perceive sound with our ears, but also with other cells in our body.

Stress reduction is one of the most important results of receiving sound therapy. It is the underlying cause of many physical conditions and it melts away with ease when you are bathed in the ocean of sound healing vibrations. And maybe we are so comforted by vibration and sound because as humans, our first experiences within the womb were known and felt as vibration .

The fact is that all matter vibrates and the human body is no different.

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The Healing Power Of Sound

Megan Monahan is a certified meditation instructor and has studied under Dr. Deepak Chopra. She is also the author of the book, Dont Hate, Meditate.

Though sound baths may seem like a new age concept, the practice of healing bodies through sound is technically thousands of years old with deep roots in cultures across the world. This spiritual, cleansing music varies according to place and culture, but it can be as simple as chanting an om following your yoga session or as complex as an hour-long experience in a dedicated space with a sound practitioner.

With expert guidance, weve outlined everything you need to know about what sound baths are, what benefits sound baths may provide to participants, and how you can experience one yourself.

Deep Restorative Relaxation Is Vital To Your Wellbeing It Allows Your Body Time To Re

Sound Healing Yoga Nidra and Gong Bath | 40 Minutes of Deep Relaxation with Tiaga Prem

In this Gong Sound Bath session, therapeutic sounds will lull you into a deeply relaxed state, similar to that achieved during meditation.

Sound is a great holistic therapy, as it works on all levels of your being mind, body, soul & spirit. The sound waves provide a sonic massage to your physical self and subtle energy fields, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What is a Gong Sound Bath?

A Gong Sound Bath is a powerful holistic healing therapy which can induce deep, restorative relaxation whilst at the same time being energising and rejuvenating. A gong session can also alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, creating a feeling of peace and calm.

You might fancy a Gong Sound Bath simply to create a bit of me time to deeply relax, as part of an overall holistic healthy lifestyle, or for meditative and spiritual reasons. Whatever the reason, its a great experience!

The therapy is called a sound bath because the participants are bathed in the sonic vibrations of the gong and other instruments played during the healing session.

The sonic vibrations are sensed by the individual both as aural sounds and as physical vibrations around the body. The gong is a great sensory stimulus. Different parts of your body will resonate at different frequencies, therefore, the gong provides a sonic massage to your body.

* Please note this will be held in the studio *

Equipment is included

About Soul Shine Life

Craig says:

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Could Improve On Sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, 1 in 3 people have at least mild insomnia . Sound reflection like gong meditation could help you sleep better. Combining mindfulness reflection and gong meditation could get your sleep schedule back on track.

An analysis done early this year revealed that this practice can help improve insomnia, and may even improve sleep quality for those without existing sleep problems . Two more studies in 2014 and 2015 revealed that this practice helps with chronic insomnia and helps improve sleep quality and daytime impairment among older adults with sleep disturbances .

So What Is A Sound Bath Anyway

Do you go into a bath? Is there water? Weve heard it all. The term bath just means that your body is bathed in sound, or healing and relaxing frequencies, waves, or vibrations. Some people are able to meditate deeply during the sound bath. Others relax deeply in a quiet and present awareness that they are unable to find in daily life. Some people go into a trans-like state and see colors and visions. In the end, you leave feeling relaxed and energetically cleansed.

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Sound + Gong Bath + Yoga Nidra With Elena Mironov And Gert Bach

First of all, what IS sound + gong bath?

Sound + Gong Bath is an experience that allows you to “receive” healing, grounding and deeply relaxing live music from the comfort of lying down on your back in savasana, in a restful and meditative half-asleep state. Sound Bath is an invitation to a non-verbal meditation where thoughts can begin to fade away and you can become really present in the now.

And what kind of sounds can you expect from Gert Bach at this Sound Bath?

Music created by Gert is like a sea of harmonies that allows you to really let go and de-compress. It makes you dive so deep into the sensory experience that you forget space and time. His music makes you float, surrender and explore the dimensions of effortless meditation, absorbed in the most delicate of sounds. My favourite kind of savasana.

One important detail: Gert doesn’t just sit and play singing bowls. He is an experienced sound architect and is bringing a massive variety of instruments to create a unique soundscape and immerse you in carefully crafted magic “sound cocoon”.

Let yourself be grounded through a yoga nidra practice, and allow live music to take you even deeper into a state of relaxation.

Join us for a rich 2-hour programme dedicated to creating space for self-care, rest and inspiration.

All levels welcome.


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