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What Happens In A Yoga Nidra Class

Other Tips To Keep In Mind

Yoga Nidra for sleep – Yoga Nidra for beginners

For yoga nidra beginners, heres how you can get cozy, comfortable, and enjoy your class from start to finish.

  • First of all, come as youre genuine self. If youre feeling uneasy about trying something new, its okay. Its normal. Our instructors and staff are here to help with any and all questions.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your class .
  • Wear comfortable clothes and consider bringing a pair of socks plus a sweater or long-sleeved shirt to keep you warm.
  • If youre worried about accidentally falling asleep, dont be. Theres no need to feel guilty or embarrassed if it happens. Its also natural to be distracted by random thoughts during the class. Accept your thoughts and let them come and go.
  • Ensure your body is supported while lying down on the mat, especially for those with lower back pain or those recovering from a recent injury. From bolsters and blankets, our McKinleyville Club yoga instructors can help you choose the props you need.

When youre all settled in, take a deep breath, relax, and continue to follow the sound of your instructors voice.

First Yoga Nidra Experience4 Lectures 2hr 36min

  • 3.1 Preparations for the first yoganidra experience04:26
  • 3.2 The first yoganidra experience to wake up at the end01:18:56
  • 3.2 The first yoganidra experience to fall asleep with01:03:03
  • 3.3 Debriefing the first yoganidra experience09:15
  • 4.5 The Purpose of sleep05:28
  • 4.6 Sleep Disorders & How to resolve of themPreview22:58
  • 4.7 Western & Yogic Advices for better sleep08:07
  • 4.8 The military method for falling asleep06:31
  • 4.9 4-7-8 Breath for falling asleep00:42

What You Need To Know About Yoga Nidra

Imagine yourself floating, as if weightless, through calm waters. Now imagine youre suspended somewhere in that place of conscious recognition just before you fall asleep that sensation of complete physical surrender and of total relaxation is what Yoga Nidra is all about.

What;is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is also known as Yogic Sleep. It is an ancient yogic practice of healing and relaxation facilitated and induced by guided meditation.

The aim is to calm your mind as you move down through the progressive brainwave states where there is naturally less and less thought, ultimately coming to rest in a profoundly deep state of consciousness. Body breath awareness techniques are used to help us move from the thinking mind into the feeling body, which helps us to sink into a deeply relaxed state of being. The body does this naturally when we go to bed at night, but Yoga Nidra combines the deep relaxation of sleep with a state of alert awareness.

The heightened state of awareness achieved through the practice of Yoga Nidra is not the only aim. By accessing the pranamaya kosha through the breath the practice unblocks the channels through which prana flows through us. The free flow of prana through the body allows the body to heal itself.

Benefits of;Yoga Nidra

Traditionally, the;following consecutive steps are used during;the Yoga Nidra process:

Step 1 ;Preparation of the Body for Relaxation

Step 2 Introduction of the Sankalpa

Step 3 Body Awareness

A Quick How-To At Home

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What To Wear To Yoga Class To Feel Comfy And Look Awesome

When picking the right outfit for doing sports, we mostly go for baggy tops and comfy shoes. Still, these rules cant be entirely applied to yoga.

Yoga is mostly about movements and relaxation, and the clothes we choose for that should be tight and breathable in order to perform the positions flawlessly.

Another factor that impacts the choice of yoga clothing is the type of yoga we want to attend each type includes different conditions and postures, and thats why the outfit needs to match the entire concept of the yoga class.

The article below will give you some examples of the yoga clothes that are suitable for different types of yoga practice read on and find out whats the best solution for your studio and class.

What Happens To Your Body When You Do Yoga For The First Time

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
  • You will discover muscles you previously ignored the existence of: Yoga is a full-body workout and you will be sore in places youve never imagined before!

  • You will learn how to use your body properly: Did you know you had been sitting and standing wrong all this time? Yoga will help you find the right postural alignment in everyday situations such as standing or sitting at your desk.

  • Your body will feel more open: you dont have to be flexible to do yoga, yoga is what makes you more flexible!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about vinyasa yoga for beginners and you finally know exactly what is vinyasa flow yoga. If you are looking to start practicing with a teacher, go here to book me for an online vinyasa yoga class!

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What Is The Difference Between Yoga Nidra And Meditation

Guided meditation may be done in a seated or lotus position, and the goal is to build mindfulness and awareness. Yoga nidra is also a guided practice, but its typically done in the savasana pose, with a goal of deep relaxation and finding the middle ground between sleep and consciousness.4 2020 .

Who Created Yoga Nidra

The origins of the modern Yoga Nidra. Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the founder of the Bihar School of Yoga, created the modern relaxation technique Yoga Nidra in the early sixties. Swami Satyananda mastered a large variety of ancient practices. He modified some of them to fit into his own yoga system.

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Reduce Stress In The Mind And Body

Tension, aches and pains, and even emotional stress can feel like a massive burden. Fortunately, Yoga Nidra can ease the intensity and frequency of these situations by nurturing the body, mind, and soul.

It can be difficult to set time out for ourselves to be indulgent and focus on self-care. Many times we even rationalize this time by combining it with other useful tasks. This can lead us to believe that yoga is only worth it when exercise is involved.

Of course, this is not the case, and practising a still mind and body can do wonders for your stress levels, pain in your body and emotions, and even soothe that tense state so many of us live in.

Yoga Nidra: Here’s What You Need To Know

What is Yoga Nidra?

Look on the schedule at your local yoga studio. In between the inversions workshops and regularly-scheduled yoga classes, you may find a yoga nidra class or workshop. If not in the next month, it will be there soon. That’s because the ancient practice of yoga nidra has tons of benefits for our bodies and mindsand people are finally catching on.

This deep state of conscious rest, an ancient style of meditation that’s starting to go mainstream, is no longer reserved for ashram life or advanced yoga teacher trainings. It’s become a semi-regular offering in yoga studios in New York City and Los Angeles, as yogis of all levels who get a taste keep coming back for more. New release books likeYoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep, out in March, and Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation praise the modern benefits of yoga nidra and share practical applications of the age-old practice. Plus, with the rise of podcasts and audio content, accessing yoga nidra through YouTube videos and various other sources of audio has never been easier.

So what’s all the buzz about? If you’re new to yoga nidra, here’s everything you need to know about this magical practice.

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What Is Yoga Nidra And Its Benefits Class 11

The benefits of Yoga Nidra are: It helps in relieving muscular, emotional, and mental tension. Yoga Nidra relaxes the mind by relieving stress and anxiety. It treats insomnia, psychological disorders, and psychosomatic diseases. It trains the mind and helps in enhancing memory and increasing learning capacity.

How Yoga Nidra Meditation Works

Yoga nidra meditation is a pathway to good sleep as it takes you into a conscious state which is akin to sleep and releases tension in your mind and body, says Highfield.;

People who cannot sleep well, even if they feel physically, mentally, and emotionally tired, are often kept awake because their mind is overactive, and their body feels restless. Yoga nidra works to gradually release all of these small barriers and tensions,” she adds.;

Not convinced? Whenever I have had insomnia in the past, yoga nidra has worked wonders in calming me down and preparing me for a deep restful night’s sleep,” adds yoga instructor Hannah Barrett. “Some people even say that 45 minutes of yogic sleep feels like three hours of regular sleep.;

Similar to sleep-guided meditations, this practice could be a natural cure for insomnia. But remember, allowing yourself to enter this conscious state takes patience. It is one of deep surrender and the more you practice yoga nidra the more you will find this surrender,” says Barrett.;

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Who Can Benefit From Yoga Nidra

If you’re stressed out, anxious, or have trouble sleeping, yoga nidra can be a simple and effective way to help. Rachel also said that personally, it helped her with insomnia and pain management. “I came to yoga nidra after a serious skiing accident,” she said. “I’d damaged both my knees and required two surgeries with over six months of recovery time. I was grappling with severe pain management, immobility, and insomnia. I was determined to sleep and find some way not to think about the pain even if only for a few minutes.”

She purchased Dharma Mittra’s recorded series of Yoga Nidra called “Psychic Sleep” from Alo Moves, so she could listen from bed. Rachel said, “The results shocked me. I almost always fell asleep right away, and while that wasn’t the point, I knew it was what my body needed desperately. I would wake realising I’d forgotten the pain I was previously experiencing and feel as though I’d been asleep for a very long time. Every time I would practice, I would notice something different and have a truly unique experience.”

Restoring The Physical Body Systems

iRest Yoga Nidra (Weekly)

Going more deeply into the process of relieving stress, Yoga Nidra can have lasting effects that literally alter the negative consequences that hormones can create in the body. Elevated and chronic levels of cortisol and epinephrine that stress cause can lead to inflammation within the body. Inflammation is correlated with a host of physical symptoms that lead to dis-ease and illness .

Yoga Nidra sessions are designed in a way to enhance states of extreme relaxation, triggering the bodys nervous and endocrine systems to heal and regenerate. Oxygenation and glandular massage induced through breathwork and the use of props help to increase serotonin and other mood elevators, while diminishing the effects of cortisol, epinephrine, and estrogen during moments of a womens menstrual cycle. Because of the effects Yoga Nidra has on tissues of the body, in can enhance organ function and negate the issues caused through inflammations restrictive effects on the body.

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What Happens If You Fall Asleep During Yoga Nidra

The difference between deep sleep and yoga nidra is that in yoga nidra we stay 100 percent alert and awakened, says Dharma Mittra, who leads a yoga nidra workshop in YJ’s Master Class program. When you fall asleep, you are totally unconscious and unable to learn anything because you cannot see what is going on.

Benefits Of Practising Yoga Nidra:

We do not bring any benefits to our body from outside. Our body knows exactly what to do to attain a perfect equilibrium between our body and health. But to turn on that switch we have to reach to the state which only Yoga Nidra can help us attain. That state where our body’s own revitalisation and regeneration takes place.

Yoga Nidra works upon the deeper level of being and has the power of transforming core negative beliefs which not only changes our outlook, but improves our health and gives us a sense of happiness and leads us to self-awakening.

According to a research conducted in various well recognised universities and medical centres, which includes Banaras Hindu University, Ohio State University, Medical College of Ohio etc regular practice of Yoga Nidra can prevent so many ailments as well as cure them. This includes cardiovascular, psychosomatic condition, Insomnia, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis. It also increases helper cells that defend against infectious disease. It also activates our dormant healing energy to improve overall health and well being.

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Why I Teach Yoga Nidra

In an ever-increasingly exciting world, with endless information and activities at our fingertips, many of us find it hard to slow down, relax, switch off and rest. Yoga Nidra integrates the facets of resting deeply and at the same time, engaging in a meditative enquiry. For me, the act of lying down to meditate feels so nourishing, so welcoming, soeasy? It might even feel a bit like cheating! Dont underestimate the power of this practice; through surrender we are born anew into our essential nature of wholeness.

The focus of welcoming and listening brings about a whole new way of being. We feel a deep wellspring of authenticity; we learn to trust ourselves deeply and as we learn to be a good friend to ourselves, we become better at listening to others. Ultimately, in the words of Derek Walcott in his poem, Love After Love, we begin to fall in love with ourselves again. This is a practice of healing, kindness and surrender.;

I love Yoga Nidra with all my heart. I;look forward;to practicing Yoga Nidra.;I get sad when I dont have time in my life to practice it. To find something that integrates well-being, restoration and effortless relaxation, and reminds me of my very essence of being, is just too good to pass up. Its my hope that you will find this love for and affinity with Yoga Nidra too.;

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training With James Reeves Ekhartyoga Academy

Yoga Nidra | Awak{end} Sleep Teacher Training

Get in touch with your true nature and deepest desires, while better understanding the human experience using the tools of Yoga Nidra.

In this comprehensive online course youll receive step by step guidance, scripts and audio practices, plus detailed practical techniques to support you in becoming a Yoga Nidra teacher. This course is equally suitable for non-teachers as a personal development course. Learn more on the EkhartYoga Academy.

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Can You Get In Shape From Yoga

Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, and build flexibility, leading to a more lean-looking physique,” he says. If flexibility and balance are what you‘re after, even the gentlest forms of yoga will do the trick. Many types also help you build muscle strength and endurance.

The Mind Of The Consciousness

So, what occurs when we are getting into Nidra is that we disconnect the body senses, while maintaining awareness. The body is sleeping but the mind is active, and its not that mind of the list-maker or over-thinker, its the mind of the consciousness. Whatever happens while going down between subconscious and unconscious is difficult to time, because memories and archetypes rush up and they can come from all different areas, from the past, from the future, from other layers of experience. And this is what makes the Nidra practice to be that experience of timelessness so many people describe, the same that happens in dreams, because dreams are this same dance between the subconscious and unconscious mind. But in dreams you are asleep, you are not aware and it makes it more difficult to reconnect them to reality.

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Other Tips For Practicing Yoga Nidra

While yoga nidra might seem much easier than traditional yoga, Bar says you still have to practice, especially if youre not used to meditation or quieting your mind. She recommends practicing away from distractions and in a darker room. You can use a sleep mask to block out light if you need to. Bar also recommends covering up with a blanket since the body tends to cool down when its at rest.

If lying on the floor for a while wouldnt be comfortable for you, you can practice yoga nidra in a recliner or even in bed. And you dont have to start with a long session. Start with 15 or 20 minutes and work your way up. You also dont have to do yoga nidra in the middle of the day. A nighttime practice can help you sleep tight through most of the night.

And like with most things, dont give up if you struggle with your first session. Quieting your mind and not doing anything is much harder than you think. So give yoga nidra a few tries. Youll get the hang of it in no time especially when your mind and body need time to rest and recover.

Can I Do Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra at ShangriLa

Yes, of course you can! The best part about yoga nidra is that it’s completely accessible: All you need is a place to lie down or sit upright and relaxed. If you don’t have access to a guided class, we recommend listening to the CD in the back of Richard Miller’s book to start, band there are several online podcasts and YouTube videos that work well for yoga nidra. Fishman has also compiled a selection of recordings to guide you through the process. You might not get the hang of it right away, but once you to surrender to the power of yoga nidra you’ll likely find that it’s a reliable tool for those days when you don’t get enough sleep or simply need to take a beat to relax.

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