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What Are Yoga Pants Made Of

Yeah But Who Cares If Tiny Bits Of Plastic Too Small To Be Seen Are Being Injected Into Our Biosphere By The Millions Of Tons Per Year

Well here’s the rub: those tiny bits of plastic are making their way up the food chain into humans, where they have been proven to cause fibrosis and inflammation. And science is now starting to realize that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases, and has been linked to conditions like ALS and asthma. In fact a report published in the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health  states that chronic inflammation may be at the root of ALL disease and illness.

I’ll give you a moment to take that in.

Ok This Is Serious But I Cant Go To Yoga Naked What Can I Wear That Wont Infect All Life On The Planet With Petroleum

Well here’s the thing…you know stretch? Stretch means petroleum, so it’s pretty hard to find comfortable yoga clothing with NO petroleum in it . But what you CAN do is look for clothing with less of the bad stuff, and more of the good. For instance, we made a commitment not to have any more than 5% spandex in any of our styles. Any less than that and the fabrics wouldn’t hold their shape, but more didn’t add any extra benefits, and you could really feel the difference in the hand of the fabric. Organic, and sustainable fabrics have a soft…real…feel to them. Generally speaking they smell better too! Many natural fabrics are naturally antimicrobial, and require less washing because of that. Mother earth really is amazing.

So unless you are planning on wearing an organic cotton dhoti to your next yoga practice , here is our go-to for getting down with your mat, without getting down on the planet.

How Do The Microfibres Get From My Hot Yoga Booty Shorts Into An Ocean Hundreds Of Miles Away

Through our washing machines. Micro fibres had less of an impact when they were solely being used as an alternative to leather products like ultra suede, and pleather. Still not the greatest in our opinion , but still it was better than the invasion of yoga pants that hit washing machines like an army of silent bendy assassins since the early 2000’s. Quite simply, micro fibres break free during the washing process, but never actually “break down”. Tiny plastic particles leach out through the wash, and into our waterways, and eventually to the oceans. Where they NEVER EVER BREAK DOWN. Did we mention that? They are then eaten by fish, mollusks etc.. and have entered our biosphere by the millions of tons.

And here’s the thing: recycled plastic is No Better. It’s still plastic that is being worn, and washed,. And second hand? Even worse. The older the clothing, the more microfibres come out per wash. We are literally infecting our planet with plastic.

Natural Or Synthetics: What Fabric Works Best In Yoga Pants For Women And Men’s Yoga Pants

Fabric is the king.

Cheap poor-quality material will cause itchiness at the most inconvenient time, trap heat when things get hot, sag after the workout, and get stinky after a single yoga class.

If you’ve ever wondered why some leggings are $15 per pair and others $85, fabric composition will be your most probable answer.

Poor fabric can turn your zen practice into an itchy & scratchy show.

Yoga pants for women and men are generally made of cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, synthetics, and cotton-synthetic blends.

Let’s look at each fabric on a case-by-case basis. I’ll mostly focus on the properties and features of each material rather than the sustainability of its production.

Do I Need A Pair Of Yoga Pants If I Already Have Sweatpants/workout Leggings

Coronation Day

It is true that nowadays the market is abundant with every type of clothing from harem pants to see-through plastic jackets. This raises the questions of what items you actually need to invest in and which ones you can leave behind. Although sweatpants and workout leggings have the 99% likelihood of already constituting a part of your wardrobe, a pair of yoga pants might be a smart addition for many reasons. While sweatpants are great for lounging around and running errands, workout leggings merely serve the purpose of gym training. Neither one of them is great for a yoga session that can transition into a coffee house meeting with friends afterward. Yoga pants, however, come in handy in these scenarios more than any other type of pants.

Their material is not as thick as one of sweatpants, and they do not have as much elastane as the workout leggings do that makes them look glassy. There is also no drawstring involved and thus no chance of your pants falling down from your hips. Stretching and yoga poses are easier done while wearing a pair of yoga pants due to their lightweight construction that fits like your second skin. You are able to execute more challenging poses and headstands without easily getting sweaty and then run your errands without having to change in a different pair of pants. So yeah, you do need a pair of yoga pants even if you already have sweatpants and workout leggings sitting on your closet shelve.

Be Sure To Review Some Of Our Other Activewear Jogger Pants And Leggings

Royal Apparel offers additional leggings, activewear products, Jogger Pants, and other related products.  We offer our business customers that option of blanks, of inventory stock, or you can request a production run that meets your garment requirements.

Besides our Yoga Pants at wholesale, businesses and individual customers can learn more about these types of product, many styles are “unisex” and have several sizing options—review our sizing chart/product specifications.  Take a few moments to review a few of our current inventory of styles:

Real Quick: What’s The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings

The terms “yoga pants” and “leggings” are often used interchangeably and many pants fall under both categories, but they’re not actually the same thing.

  • Yoga pants are typically made of soft, matte fabric as opposed to the shiny, smooth materials that are used in running tights. Their purpose is to be comfortable and easy to move around in. There are a variety of fits available in yoga pants, including looser styles like joggers, bootcut or wide leg pants, and tighter fits like yoga leggings, which are the most popular right now.
  • Leggings,on the other hand, is a more general term to describe tight-fitting, stretchy pants. They can range from workout leggings to fashion leggings and are made of a variety of materials.

If you’re looking for a fun pair of yoga pants, these will add some sparkle to your look with the speckled metallic print. They come in different colors and metallic finishes so you have plenty of options, and the high waist is incredibly flattering. Just note that users say this brand runs small, so it’s best to size up if you’re in between sizes. Also keep in mind that this pick should be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

Lexie Sachs, Good Housekeeping Institute

Yoga Pants Are Made With Stretchy Fibers To Allow For Movement

Moving while making that complicated yoga pose is a requirement for getting the maximum benefit from yoga. If your pants don’t stretch and move with you, you will not get the posture correctly. That is why yoga pants are made with stretchy fibers that allow for movements, such as nylon, lycra, spandex, and other cotton blends.

These stretchy fibers make yoga pants extremely comfortable, which is why people wear them for more than yoga or other sports. When you’re lounging or moving, yoga pants don’t hold you back or constrict you. People realized that these pants are more comfortable than jeans or dress pants and started wearing them for more than just yoga or sports-related activities.

The Most Important Difference Between Leggings And Yoga Pants

Yoga pants and leggings ultimately look pretty similar so what’s the difference? Well, yoga pants are considered fitness or activewear while leggings are designed to wear during anything but exercise. However, with improvements in materials and the increase in manufacturers, the line has blurred leading most of us to ask ourselves, “What’s the difference between legging and yoga pants?”.  

In short, the difference between leggings and yoga pants is that yoga pants are meant for athletics while leggings are not specifically designed for this purpose and may be too thin to wear during fitness activities. Additionally, yoga pants are not always tights. They come as sweatpants, wide-leg yoga pants, and capris while leggings are always skin-tight.

Below I’ll cover more of the major differences between them, what each one’s for, and some of the different styles.  

Let’s get right to it…

What Red Flags Should I Look Out For When Browsing Yoga Pants

As with any piece of clothing, there are several attributes you should be watching out for prior to purchasing a pair of yoga pants. One of them is the fit. The overly tight or loose pants are a no go regardless of your body shape and size. Yoga sessions require the freedom of movements which can be achieved solely if you feel comfortable and not limited to do even the most demanding yoga poses. Imagine having your blood flow restricted to the point where Halasana seems impossible to execute? Right, this better not be the case. If anything, a little too lose yoga pants are a whole lot better than those that are a little tight.

Another no go is the cheap built of the yoga pants. Low-quality synthetic will most likely not be breathable and moisture-wicking, which are the two essential features of a good pair of yoga pants. You will definitely work up a sweat during your yoga classes, and the last thing you want is for your pants to be clinging to your bare wet skin. To eliminate this possibility, be smart about choosing the yoga pants that are constructed from high-quality materials. This also means that it should not be transparent so that you wouldn’t catch your underwear showing through in the mirror of your yoga studio. After all, it’s better to pay a higher price for your own comfort that will accompany you for at least a few years.

Life Beyond Plastics: How Yoga Pants Are Destroying The Ocean

Here’s your weekly update in our series “Life Beyond Plastics” reporting on the harmful environmental effects of plastics: How Yoga Pants Are Destroying the Ocean!

“With New Age names like Awake, Enlight, Balance and Align and a $100 price tag, you’d think those yoga pants would be made of recycled, organic hemp in a fair-trade factory under a rainbow. But, alas, they’re made of 100% petroleum-based polyester, aka plastic.”

This is the snappy opening of an article in returntonow.net on how microfibers from synthetic fabrics are making their way into the ocean via our washing machines. Microfibers are plastic fibers, shed from synthetic materials that are too small to be filtered out as they pass thru our water treatment plants and consequently migrate via waterways into the ocean.


Yoga Pants At Wholesale For Royal Apparels Business Customers

Royal Apparel is pleased to offer a comfortable, high-quality option for Yoga Pants as well as a variety of Women’s and Unisex Activewear, Leggings and other clothing options.  Our current Yoga Pant product details include:

  • Combed Spandex Jersey Yoga Pant– a comfortable and great feeling fabric, of combed Spandex for Yoga Pants; leggings that are comfortable for leisure-wear, for yoga exercise, or working out, or for doing your chores around the house; these Yoga Pants are made of a fabric blend combining 92% Organic Cotton/8% Spandex; also, we would like to note that there is minimal shrinkage from washing; these Yoga Pants are available in colors including: Asphalt, Black, Navy, and White; we offer these Yoga Pant leggings in several sizing options including: Extra Small , Small , Medium , Large , Extra Large and Double Extra Large ; and, of course, these Yoga Pants are leggings made in the USA!

Sustainable Yoga Pants: Your Next Pair May Be Made From Corn

Coronation Day

Samantha AllenWriter and Editor

Samantha is part of DoYou’s editorial team and writes about inspiration and news. View more

Spandex may be great for showing off your yoga-sculpted glutes, but have you ever wondered where that fabric comes from, and what happens to it once your favorite pair of yoga pants is too worn out to wear?

Most yoga pants are made with a blend of fabrics that usually mix cotton with some percentage of polyester and Spandex, creating a lightweight, durable fabric that stretches easily with your movements. But Spandex and polyester both come from sources that aren’t exactly eco-friendly.

Clothing Manufacturers Need To Step Up Plus Here Are 2 Micro

Clothing Manufacturers also have an important roll to play in attacking this problem. Environmentally aware, Patagonia which makes clothing from recycled polyester, stated that they support research into micro-fiber pollution and now offers a “GuppyFriend” washing bag to catch micro-fibers before they go down the drain.

Another yoga-clothing company, Prana is now offering alternative yoga pants made from natural fibers like hemp and organic cotton. While Amazon is offering several options made from cotton or

See our Blue Ocean post on the Rozalia Project and their micro-fiber catcher:


Leggings Activewear Jogger Pants And Yoga Pants At Wholesale

Royal Apparel is an American clothing manufacturer committed to producing a wide assortment of comfortable and fashionable clothes and that even includes leggings, activewear, sweatpants or joggers/jogging pants, and related items including our Yoga Pants at wholesale.  Royal Apparel is also a union shop and we manufacture American-made clothing at our production facility in New York.  We are also committed to offer our retail customers and our wholesale business customers and extensive selection of exclusive fabrics and design.

Royal Apparel is committed to producing sustainable fashions made with sustainable, environmentally-friendly fabrics and blends.  Royal Apparel is an ASI member, and we manufacture ASI organic apparel, meeting industry best practices.  We produce a wide range of clothing, blanks and  wholesale eco-friendly brands for our business customers—we also offer full-service, custom clothing manufacturing and finishing services for your own company’s product line or for Private Labels.

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Why Do I Care If There Are Microfibres In My Yoga Clothes

Well because in 2011 Dr Mark Brown from the University of New South Wales did a landmark study, and found that microfibres make up for  more than 85 % of plastic pollution on the world’s shores. Jump Back! Just let that settle in for a second. We already take reusable or fabric bags to the store. We are already demanding less plastic packaging. We recycle. But companies are still using microfibres in clothing when that is the largest percent of what’s killing our oceans?! Does this make sense? We could change all the packaging we want, but without dealing with the microfibre disaster we are still heading for…well…disaster.

Streetwear Or Athleisure Are Popular On College Campuses

Athleisure, or casual streetwear, has a long history of evolving from on the court to on the street or, in the case of yoga pants, on college campuses. While there is a debate about the propriety of young women wearing leggings or yoga pants, these pants’ popularity continues to grow. The main reason is that they are comfortable and easy to move in.

When asked the difference between high school fashion and college fashion, one young woman stated that students are more concerned with looking good and being popular in high school. Still, in college, students are more concerned with being comfortable. With college courses being more intense than high school courses, students spend more time studying than they do worrying about fashion.

As college students graduate, they take that trend into the workplace, which is why many women in offices wear more yoga pants or leggings instead of jeans or trousers.

Best Maternity:lorna Jane Maternity Ankle Biter Leggings

  • No pockets

  • Few colors

Whether you’re rocking a new bump, 9-months pregnant, or newly postpartum, the Lorna jane Ankle Biter Leggings provide the support and comfort you need to move through your pregnancy. They’re made with their 8-way stretch, buttery-soft Bare Minimum material that provides the compression and support you need for your growing belly.

The moisture-wicking fabric makes them perfect for workouts or just wearing around town .

They run true to your pre-pregnancy size and come in sizes XXS – XL.

Material: Bare Minimum Nylon and Elastane | Length: 22.8” – 25.5” | Rise: High | Sizes: XXS – XL | Pockets: None

Best Flare Pants:alo Airbrush High Waist Flutter Legging

  • Run long

  • Narrow waistband

If the skinny leg design isn’t your thing , slip on a pair of the Alo Airbrush High Waist Flutter Leggings for a flattering and more relaxed fit. They feature a forward flare with a slit in the front, so you don’t end up with that huge bell bottom look while still benefiting from a flared leg. The signature Airbrush fabric sculpts and smoothes, while remaining extremely comfortable. 

They run long, so shorter women may need to get them hemmed, but they also pair well with a platform sneaker for a fashion-forward look. They come in sizes XXS – L.

Material: Sculpting signature Airbrush | Length: 32.25 – 32.75 | Rise: Mid to high | Sizes: XXS – L | Pockets: None

How Can I Tell If There Are Microfibres In My Yoga Pants

  • Look at the fabric content of all your yoga wear
  • Look for Acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex
  • Check out the percentages of content – should be 5% or less of the above
  • If they have a registered trademark fabric , be wary and find the content list
  • If there is no content list, and they won’t give you one – run away. Seriously.
  • There are more options than ever for doing your yoga practice in a sustainable way. More companies are offering eco options, and choosing a sustainable path. It’s up to us as consumers to vote with our wallets, and change the world for the better.

    Hey this blog was written by our fabulous content gal Amanda Euringer.


    What Are Micro Fibres And Why Are They In My Yoga Pants

    Yoga Pants USA Made by Royal Apparel

    Remember polyester? It’s that crazy stuff that your mom, or grandma wore in the 60’s and 70’s until everyone realized it was actually horrible to wear, and made you stink and well…that’s because it was basically plastic. Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon are made from the waste of the petrochemical industry, and as we all know they petrochemicals don’t break down in the environment. In the 1990’s Sweden figured out how to take an earlier iteration of fine polyester and nylon fabric, and “spin it” into a fabric finer than silk. This thread had the capacity to be tough, soft, water repellant and absorbent, and was cheap like borsht if you didn’t care about the cost to the planet . The activewear industry picked that puppy up and went to TOWN with it. It’s now in almost every single piece of yoga clothing made, as well as most active wear tanks, tops, jogging pants, rain wear, outdoor gear, your favourite fleeces, and even your underwear and socks!

    What Is The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings

    Before we dive right into the thick of things, let’s first talk about the difference between yoga pants and leggings. Leggings are usually much thinner than yoga pants, as they are not typically made for athletic activities. Yoga pants are generally made with exercise in mind and will be thicker and more durable for this purpose. Yoga pants also come in more styles, whereas the only style variations of leggings are the different lengths.

    Yoga Pants Provide Many Options When It Comes To Style

  • There are many options to choose from, and many fabrics are available to choose from.

  • There are many reasons that you can choose to wear yoga pants, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable, elegant or both, there are plenty of options.

  • There are also many websites online that offer information about them, and some companies even sell them in stores around the world. If you’re ready to try out yoga pants for yourself, you can do so by shopping at some of those stores.

  • You can also shop for them online if you prefer. Just make sure that the online retailer offers quality pants at a price you can afford.

  • The last thing that you need to know about yoga pants is how they fit. You may have to try them on to find the best fit. If you’re buying online, then this should not be too hard. You should just go ahead and try them on in the store.

  • You may want to try on them before buying, to see how it feels. if they feel too tight or too loose. in the thighs or butt. If you feel like your legs have gone through the ruts once again, then it’s time to try another pair.

  • Summary: Yoga pants are just one of many ways that you can lose weight, strengthen muscles, and improve your posture. There are many more things you can do to achieve your goal. If you don’t feel good about yourself, then you may want to try out yoga pants for yourself.

    Yoga Pants Are Now More Popular Than Jeans Or Trousers

    Walk into any office today, and you will find that more women are wearing leggings paired with skirts or large shirts than those wearing jeans or trousers. “Fitness chic” is the new fashion trend, and jeans have taken a back seat to yoga pants and leggings. Sports bras and athletic socks are also high-class fashion accessories.

    Americans are getting more active, which explains the push for more activewear sales, and it explains why yoga pants are becoming more popular than jeans or trousers. Fashion runways in New York display as much workout wear as any gym in the US.

    Workout wear can also be dressed up with a skirt and dressy top, or it can be dressed down with an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt. These types of outfits are what makes yoga pants so popular today, and with upscale designers creating high-end yoga pants, the trend of “fashion chic” continues.

    New York-style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg stated that “It is almost cooler to be comfortable and athletic and feel like yourself than to be overly glam.” That same article claims that when people wear leggings or yoga pants, it sends a message to others that they are healthy and active, whether true or not.

    Yoga Pants: The Greatest Invention And Who Invented It

    Ever wondered who came up with the brilliant idea to invent one of the best pants ever made—the yoga pants? As a yoga pants owner, you also wonder who was inspired enough to create this pair of flexible, form-fitting, comfy pants you wear to your yoga practices. If you’re as curious as I am, stick around and perhaps we’ll be able to learn a valuable fact or two about your favorite fitness wardrobe.

    Best Overall:athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Tight

    • Quick-drying, breathable fabric with UPF 50+ protection

    • Multiple sizes and lengths

    • Small pocket in waistband only

    • Limited colors

    Support, comfort, and style — that’s what you get with the Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Tight. From the buttery soft fabric to the leg and butt sculpting design, you’re going to want to live in these pants. And you can! They transition perfectly from the yoga studio to the street and you don’t even have to worry about sweat lines with the moisture-wicking breathable signature Powervita™ fabric. The high rise waistband that doesn’t roll down when you bend and move make these even more flattering.

    They are made in three lengths and come in sizes XXS – 3X, so you can find the perfect fit for your body.

    Material: Powervita™ buttery soft | Length: Regular/plus 27”, petit 25”, tall 30” | Rise: High | Sizes: XXS – 3X | Pockets: On waistband

    • Solid colors and fun patterns available

    • Ankle and ? length available

    • Smart-phone sized pockets

    • Thin fabric

    • Ankle length fabric loose at ankles

    Looking for flattering, comfy yoga pants without the high price tag? These BALEAF women’s high waisted yoga pants fit the bill. The high-waist design paired with smart-phone sized pockets make them perfect for both workouts or running errands around town. The soft, moisture wicking, breathable fabric with just enough compression around the waist makes them both flattering and practical for a variety of activities. 

    These pants come in solid and patterned and sizes XS – XXL.


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