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What Are The Best Yoga Blocks

Can You Sit On Yoga Block

Top 10 Yoga Blocks 2015 | Compare The Best Yoga Blocks

This is where yoga blocks can come in, especially in seated poses, according to Clifton Turner. A block can be used under the sitz bones in seated poses like easy sitting pose to create space for an anterior pelvic tilt, which allows the hip flexors to relax and the knees to melt below the hip line, she says.

Types Of Yoga Blocks: 3 Essential Features To Decide On

Yoga blocks may all look the same.

Make no mistake, though. Subtle differences in shape, size, and the material will determine:

  • how heavy the blocks are
  • how long they will last
  • if they’re convenient to carry to a yoga class
  • whether the block can hold up your weight in arm balances.

Besides, individual characteristics, such as density or design, may determine the primary function of the block. For example, softer blocks are better for stretching and building flexibility. In contrast, firm and sturdy ones are best for practicing inversions and arm-balancing poses.

Using Yoga Blocks For Different Poses

How exactly do you put your yoga blocks to good use once you have purchased them? Here is a list of a few examples of how beginner and advanced yogis might use them in their practice.

  • A beginner can use two yoga blocks for a forward fold. If you are unable to reach the floor in your forward fold, reach down and use your yoga blocks for stability instead. You can use them in the longest way and work your way down as you gain flexibility.
  • If you need more difficulty with your yoga bicycles, try adding a yoga block. Instead of simply alternating left elbow to right knee and vice versa, hold a yoga block as you switch from side to side.
  • If you are unable to sit in Hero Pose comfortably, use a yoga block. Sit on the yoga block and add a blanket under your knees. This should keep your legs from falling asleep or tingling.
  • Use a yoga block to help keep proper form when transitioning. When going from downward dog to a lunge or another pose, have a yoga block on the mat as an obstacle to avoid. This will help keep your hips lifted.
  • Use a yoga block to help with balance. A yoga block will keep you grounded in a side angle pose or help you conquer your fear of the crow pose.

Yoga blocks can be very versatile. Try using them if you need help with balance, flexibility, or increasing the difficulty level.

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Yes You Can Be More Flexible

Always wanted to do wheel pose with ease? Frustrated that forward bends are so difficult and dont know why? Improving back flexibility is key. A more flexible spine reduces overall back pain, helps you sleep, and strengthens your posture.

These seven yoga poses will help you open your hips, open your shoulders, create more space in your body, and improve your overall back flexibility.

Do the complete series at least three times a week, finishing with your favorite spinal twist when you are done.

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Fledo Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks Reviewed in 2020


The Fledo set of featherweight blocks offers the bare necessities for a fraction of the cost of other fitness equipment on the market. We love how easy these EVA foam blocks are to flow with, especially when the going gets hot. The non-slip surface lends itself perfectly to what could otherwise be a slippery hot yoga experience. This pair of blocks is incredibly wallet-friendly and holds up well for the price.

While we love how affordable the Fledo blocks are, the lower-than-average EVA foam density isn’t as supportive as we prefer. We recommend exercising caution when using these blocks to support balancing postures because of their weight. They don’t necessarily stay put under pressure. They do, however, make restorative practices gentle and productive. Those looking for a supple and forgiving prop for a budget-boosting price will love the squishy softness of the Fledo yoga blocks.

Options: 4 colors, price is for a 2-block set


The AmazonBasics block set is just that, basic. They are simple bits of fitness equipment that will get the job done and nothing more. They resist moisture absorption but not impressively so. These blocks didn’t absorb sweat during our testing, but the surface was more slippery than we’d prefer. This two-pack of traditionally sized blocks is affordable, though, again not impressively so.

Options: 2 colors, price is for a 2-block set


Options: 5 colors, price is for a 2-block set

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Why Do You Need A Yoga Block For Your Practice

Adding a yoga block to your practice is never a bad idea, regardless of how far along you are in your yoga journey. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced yogi, you could always use some extra help in practicing complex movements, and theres no better way to ensure stability and safety while attempting a new position than with yoga blocks.

These handy tools are great for building confidence in your practice so that you can learn something new every day without compromising your form. But did you know that not all yoga blocks are created equal?

With so many options to choose from, finding the best yoga block for your preference and training can be tricky. So, straddle up because were about to let you in on some secrets for finding the best yoga blocks for your needs!

Yoga Brick: 7 Sweaty Betty

We guarantee that if you turn up to any yoga class with a Sweaty Betty product, you wont be alone. The brand has grown massively in the UK and is known for its quirky prints and high quality products.

While we wish that this block was slightly more Instagram-friendly , we were blown away by how lightweight it was, making it the perfect accessory to shove in your kit bag. We did find, however, that this block had a bit more give than the Lululemon and Yogi Bare products, leading to a few more wobbles in difficult poses.

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Are Cork Yoga Blocks Better Than Foam Yoga Blocks

Cork blocks are better for people who want firm blocks with little-to-no give. They are highly stable, easy to grip and provide better support and balance. If you want firmness but don’t like the surface feel of cork, try a bamboo yoga block instead. EVA foam yoga blocks, on the other hand, are softer to touch and relatively squishy. They are better for restorative poses and feel better against the skin.

Why Choose This Product

Best Yoga Blocks for Beginners – Yoga Block Review

Stability + Balance: Gaiam Yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses, and increased strength. Durable Supportive Foam: These lightweight and supportive foam blocks are constructed of durable foam with a nonslip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping. Premium blocks are 50% denser than standard EVA blocks. Modify + Align: Use these blocks under your hands, feet or seat to ensure the proper alignment needed in order to safely support and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility If you feel tight, dont risk injury and grab a block or two. Extend + Deepen Stretches: These blocks make for the ideal yoga prop and companion, as they are an important tool in your practice to help extend, support and deepen your stretches while also working to increase your range of motion. Care Info: Spot clean with mild detergent towel or air dry Sold as 2 Pack.

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What Are The Best Yoga Blocks To Buy

There are many different brands that make fantastic yoga blocks. Gaiam, Manduka, Hugger Mugger, and Lululemon all make high-quality blocks of different materials.

When deciding on the blocks youd like to purchase, consider the ways in which youll be using the blocks. Foam blocks are typically much less expensive than cork, wood or bamboo, as well as much more comfortable.

However, the denser qualities of cork, wood, and bamboo, make these blocks much more durable and more reliable for certain transitions or advances poses.

If you have more of a gentle practice where youll likely be using the blocks to lay on or rest underneath your head, you might prefer foam for their comfort. If you plan on using your blocks to work toward arm balances by placing the blocks underneath your hands and putting your whole body weight on them, you might prefer something a little more heavy duty than foam, such as cork or wood.

No matter which blocks you decide work best for your practice, youll be glad to have them! Yoga blocks help create space through the body, lengthen the spine, increase flexibility and strength, and they provide support and stabilityenhancing your practice in so many ways!

Analysis And Test Results

Whether you have been practicing yoga for decades or you are just starting, finding the right props amid a sea of trending fitness equipment can feel overwhelming and downright frustrating. We sifted through this saturated market to bring you an assortment of options to help you find the best fit for your needs. We take our yoga practice seriously, with a side of humor, so we are confident that our roundup will provide the details you’ll need to heat things up. Your yoga block should feel as much a part of your practice as your mat, so please, select your new favorite prop wisely based on the information we’ve garnered.

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The 6 Best Yoga Wedge And How To Use Them To Help With Joint Pain

Logan Hailey0

The 6 Best Yoga Wedge and How to Use Them to Help With Joint Pain

As if the breathing, balancing, and flexibility arent hard enough, yoga can actually be really challenging on your wrists and hands. Even after years of practicing yoga, I still find myself wanting to stretch and massage my wrists after repeated sun salutations or a prolonged downward-facing dog.

If youre struggling with wrist pain or need some extra support in certain poses, a yoga wedge could be your new best friend.

Here we cover the top 6 yoga wedges and 9 wedge-assisted poses to help alleviate joint pain during your yoga practice.


  • 5.3 Are Gaiam yoga blocks good?
  • Are Yoga Blocks Necessary

    The Best Yoga Blocks You Can Buy for Home or Bring to ...

    Do you have to use yoga blocks in your practice? Absolutely not. You can modify poses in other ways, too. Or you could use one of these yoga block alternatives.

    Ive done that myself in my early days of my yoga practice, when I didnt have a penny to invest. Now though, I wouldnt give back my yoga blocks! I am using them almost every day, and they definitely work better than any of the alternatives.

    So if you are serious about practicing yoga at home, I would definitely invest in a proper set of yoga blocks. They are really affordable, and theyll serve you for a long time!

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    How To Shop For Yoga Blocks

    Picking out the perfect yoga block may seem like a fairly straightforward decision, but there are a number of factors to consider. The most important things to consider are your goals, your preferred yoga block material, and how much space you have to transport or store the block.

    What are your goals?

    If you’re looking to begin or deepen your yoga practice, you may benefit more from a yoga equipment bundle than a single yoga block. Or if your priority is working your way up to a specific pose, maybe your needs are better suited to a single basic block that will help extend your reach until your flexibility is more developed.

    Cork or foam?

    Material is another consideration when it comes to choosing your yoga block. Many yoga teachers and educators sing the praises of cork yoga blocks, but other blocks are made from molded foam or recycled eco-friendly options.

    Depending on your personal preference, some yoga block materials may feel better to you than others. For example, foam blocks tend to be more malleable and even squishy, while cork yoga blocks are more sturdy and offer more stable surfaces.

    How much do you want to carry?

    The material construction of a yoga block directly impacts its weight, as well. If you plan on traveling with your yoga blocks to and from the studio or the gym, the portability of a lightweight foam block may outweigh the squishy soft surfaces.

    Peace Yoga Cork Blocks

    Peace Yoga blocks come in a pair of either 4-inch tall or 3-inch tall blocks. Although they list the product as corkwood, the details of the blocks and comments from them in the FAQ section list them as cork.

    Most reviews listed these as a great addition to their practice, and for the price, its a no-brainer to get these to help your yoga practice.

    There were a few low reviews mainly for their heavier weight and a couple mentioned that the edges crumbled but this was not the general consensus.

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    Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

    If youre looking for an eco-friendly option that can keep up with your yoga practice, then the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block is the one for you. Hugger Mugger is a popular yoga block manufacturer, and this yoga block does not disappoint. Constructed of fast-growing, renewable cork, it is stable, long lasting, and heavyweight for added stability.

    The natural fiber and texture help provide extra grip and traction, while the rounded edges create a comfortable surface. They can even absorb sweat, so there arent many disadvantages to a cork yoga block. Weighing only 1 pound more than foam blocks, the cork yoga block is still very lightweight and perfect for backbends and standing and sitting poses. Along with being the top rated yoga block on Amazon, it was also chosen as the best cork yoga block by Yogauthority.

    Hugger Mugger 3 In Foam Yoga Block

    10 Best Yoga Blocks 2018

    The Hugger Mugger 3 foam yoga block is made from environmentally friendly EVA foam that is latex free. For many this is the preferred foam yoga block due to its firmness as compared to what other manufacturers of foam yoga blocks are making. This makes it possible to feel more secure when placing weight on them. The textured surface helps in preventing slippage when in use. They are also simple to clean and maintain and easy to transport weighing only 0.8 lbs each.


    • Denser foam than most other manufacturers that provides added stability preferred by many users
    • Edges are beveled for more comfort when using them
    • Made from recycled material and is environmentally friendly
    • Long lasting
    • Easier to clean, maintain and store than cork
    • Textured surface for firm grip
    • Odor free
    • Light weight
    • Added stability as compared to discount foam yoga blocks
    • The block is recyclable
    • Lower in cost than cork, bamboo and wood blocks


    • More expensive than the average recycled foam yoga block
    • Weighs more than cheaper less dense foam blocks and cork blocks
    • Not as soft as other foam blocks when used for meditation

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    Best Set: Balancefrom Goyoga 7

    BalanceFroms GoYoga 7-Piece Set will cover all your yoga basesin color-coordinated form, of course. The set comes with one yoga mat, one knee pad, two towels, one yoga strap, and two foam yoga blocks. Use the yoga blocks to tackle challenging poses and use the yoga strap to make stretches more accessible. The towels will bolster your hips and back during seated postures, and the knee pad will cushion your knees any time you need to kneel. Combined, these must-haves make yoga a whole lot easier and more comfortable.

    Gaiam Athletic Yoga Block $2299 At Rebel Sport

    Image: Rebel

    If youre a seasoned Yogi looking to up your workout, this is the block for you. Constructed of 50% denser foam, itll add challenge to your exercise routine and deepen your stretches. I have used many yoga blocks in my time, and none comes close to how firm this block is, says one reviewer. Very useful to get deep support during your stretch. Would highly recommend.

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    Material: Should You Buy Cork Foam Or Wood Yoga Blocks

    Foam Yoga blocks: Foam blocks are typically made from EVA foam. They are cheap, lightweight, and available in dozens of colors. That said, foam blocks, especially the cheaply-made variety, can be too squishy. We recommend high-quality recycled foam to ensure your money’s worth.

    You can use them to cushion the knees or rest the head. However, they are not firm enough to trust for tricky poses such as Parivritta Ardha Chandrasana or Utthita Parsvakonasana. The other downside is that foam is not eco-friendly or sustainable.

    Wood Yoga Blocks: Wood includes bamboo, and they both are in tune with the environment. They are weighted. That means they can support you in the trickiest of inversions, bends, and twists. But they are only available in natural finish, usually with non-toxic staining.

    Wood yoga blocks are more expensive but highly sustainable. They last forever and look gorgeous. Among the two types, bamboo is more eco-friendly than wood. The downside is you need to care for them and they are not as comfy as foam if you rest against them.

    Cork Yoga Blocks: Cork blocks sit in the middle of foam and wood in every sense. They are not as dense as wood but more stable than foam. They offer a gleeful compromise with a textured grip, moisture-wicking characteristics, and sustainable material.


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