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Vibram Women’s Vi S Fitness And Yoga Shoe

Getting To Know Your Feet

Vibram FiveFingers Vi-S SKU:8639198

Wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers is very different from wearing conventional footwear. The thin, flexible, and deconstructed sole allows the foot to curl and flex. The toes are separated just like on our feet! Because of these features, every step taken in FiveFingers is an experience in texture, ground feedback, and awareness that can keep us better connected to our environment.

So, how are we supposed to do this minimalist/barefoot thing?

The truth is there isnt a single correct approach. Vibram believes that moving and running in FiveFingers can make us more connected to the environment around us. Come join us and explore the joys of minimalist footwear.

Best For Walking To/from The Yoga Studio: Sketchers Meditation Studio Kicks

Perfect for heading to/from the yoga studio or practicing outside, Skechers really knocked it out of the park with these trendy yoga sandals. The soft weathered jersey knit is stretchy and super comfortable. Some people have even walked 10+ miles a day in these sandals and reported absolutely zero foot soreness!

When it comes to your yoga practice, this pair of yoga shoes is best for outdoor yoga or fun yoga photoshoots while traveling. They may not be as great for yoga sessions on the mat just because the platform flip-flop style has a fairly thick rubber sole that is not as flexible as other yoga shoes. Overall, the Skechers Meditation Studio Kicks are the best choice for slipping on and walking to yoga classes.


Isnt Yoga Typically Done Barefoot

Although yoga is associated with getting connected with nature and thus being barefoot to have a better feel of the environment, a pair of shoes designed for yoga can be a great addition to your spiritual practice. This is true for many reasons.

First off, you can choose a pair of yoga shoes that would resemble your foot. These are generally built with skin-friendly materials like cotton and natural rubber that fit your feet like a glove. With these shoes on, you are prone to completely forget that you are wearing shoes at all.

Second off, a pair of supportive shoes provides you with the stability and confidence that motivates you to work harder and attempt more challenging poses. So, naturally, yoga shoes act as a protective piece of equipment that gives you peace of mind that the likelihood of injuries is minimized.

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Most Breathable Option: Vibram Womens Vi

When youre wearing yoga shoes, theres nothing worse than them coming loose during a difficult pose. Vibram designed a form fitting open sandal with stretchy adjustable closure for a super secure fit on these yoga shoes. The ballet-flat style is ventilated and very comfortable. They are minimalist and close to being barefoot, which makes for excellent slip-free yoga sessions.

The fivefinger toe style is stylish and comfortable without squeezing your toes into place. These yoga shoes really flex and bend with your foot, allowing a full yogi toe spread, as well as a solid foundation for balancing poses and even weightlifting.


Best Slip On Yoga Shoes: Vifuur Yoga Shoes

Vibram Vi

Vifuur Yoga Shoes are another super popular yoga sock/water shoe hybrid that hugs the foot, grips the mat, and is flexible enough for any asana. They have the widest range of colors available and are made of a smooth, breathable fabric that moves with your feet.

When it comes to outdoor yoga or yoga classes on the beach, these yoga socks have a rubber sole thick enough to protect your feet from sharp rocks, while still thin enough to ensure a full range of motion. They are easy to slip on or off whenever needed and have a smooth neck design that prevents chaffing.

In hot yoga, they work great adding traction to your yoga mat without making your feet sweat a bunch. Since they were initially designed for aquatic use, they dry surprisingly quickly and wont harbor sweat.


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Are Yoga Shoes Safe To Use

Safety is the number one reason why you should be wearing yoga shoes during your yoga classes. Its not only germs that pose danger to your health but also the slippery mats and floors. The yoga studios personnel might assure you of the local floors slip-free coating, but there is no actual guarantee in it.

For your own sake, never forget to bring a pair of yoga shoes when you go to the gym even if you are running late. A mat of your own would also be ideal, although yoga can be done without it if your yoga shoes are reliable and supportive. The cushioning built into the shoes attests to the shoes steady construction and trustworthiness, which ensures the highest possible level of safety.

Basically, its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to any kind of sport including yoga. And a pair of good-quality yoga shoes never hurt anybody.

Are My Yoga Shoes Breathable

While it is important to pick the pair of yoga shoes that would fit like your second skin and not feel restrictive, it is even more important to choose the pair with enough room for your feet to breathe.

Your body feels its best and performs well solely when its temperature is optimal, which is applicable to your feet too. Imagine wearing shoes that become hot within 20 minutes of yoga you will most likely want to finish your yoga practice straight away. For this to not happen, your yoga shoes must have ventilation in the form of a mesh, small holes or open-toe design.

Yoga shoes that are breathable allow your feet to cool off when it starts getting hot and stops bad odor from developing too. Not only is it embarrassing to have smelly feet but it is also time-consuming to have to wash your shoes after every yoga session.

So, check for your yoga shoes to have one or another breathability feature before you make the purchase and you are certain to have a good time doing all kinds of yoga flows.

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Why Wear Yoga Shoes

Yoga shoes are that extra support you need to prevent your toes from twisting and over-bending in yoga poses. Many yoga shoes also add traction and grip to your mat so you dont have to worry about slipping.

A pair of yoga shoes really transformed my practice, especially during hot yoga and outdoor classes. They keep your feet cool while preventing injuries to your toes, feet, and ankles. They also make you feel more solid and stable during balancing poses.

Best of all, yoga footwear is usually multi-functional: wear yoga shoes to the beach, to/from the studio, in barre or pilates classes, and even on a run!

Depending on your needs, yoga shoes should be comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and functional both on and off the mat.

Top 10 Best Yoga Shoes For Preventing Injuries + Outdoor Practice

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train Gold’s Gym SKU:8961506

Logan Hailey0

Arent you supposed to be barefoot while doing yoga? While most yogis practice without shoes, some people find that its actually much easier to grip the mat and support your balance.

Yoga socks and yoga shoes have similar functions, except that yoga shoes are often more supportive and have a thicker sole.

If you often practice yoga outdoors or youve found yourself slipping around a lot during yoga class, yoga shoes could be the secret to making your yoga practice more comfortable. Weve reviewed the top 10 best yoga shoes on the market to help you figure out what will work best for your yogi toes.


  • 7.2 What do you wear on your feet for yoga?
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    Best Grip: Vibram Five Fingers Womens V

    Somewhere between a yoga sock and barefoot running shoes, these scrappy loop sandals are 100% polyamide with a synthetic grippy outer sole. The mesh upper part provides plenty of breathability, and the foam-cushioned soles are flexible enough for any asana.

    The shoe outlines each toe and provides lightweight support on the mat. They are pretty dang close to being barefoot except with a non-slip bottom surface. In certain positions that put pressure on your foot, the shoe may rub up against your toes and cause discomfort, so they are best for lower intensity yoga flows.


    Best Yoga And Barre Shoes: Block Womens Contour Suede Front

    If you couple your yoga practice with pilates or barre, these ballerina-style flats are the shoes for you! The suede sole comes in black or pink and is very soft and durable. They are slip-on with an innovative fabric that sticks to your foot and stays in place.

    The reinforced closed toe offers major stability and a slip-free practice. At the same time, the ballet-style design is super flexible for pointing, flexing, tip-toes, or any other poses requiring foot mobility.


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    Best Yoga Sandals: Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Shimmer

    Finally, a sandal that is as flexible as you! If youre the type to travel around, spontaneously do yoga on the go, or practice outdoors, these sandals are a must. The Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals are as stylish as they are functional. Unlike some other yoga shoe options, these can really past for regular fashion sandals. Some people even wear them out to dinner! Theyre that cute.

    The sling-style knit upper is super comfy and stretchy. The fabric is a soft knit that hugs your foot without making it sweaty. While I may not wear these in an indoor class, they would be perfect for a summer of outdoor flows and travel yoga photos. The sole is cushiony yet firm enough to walk on concrete, rocks, or hard floors.

    Best of all, the footbed is made from yoga mats! It is so comfortable without needing to be broken in. You literally feel like youve got twice the mat support with extra grip and style. Of all the yoga footwear out there, these are definitely those most functional and cute.


    Best Yoga Socks: Ozaiic Yoga Socks


    As youre starting to see, the line between yoga socks and yoga shoes can be blurry. This pair airs more on the sock side because its sole is really just silicone gel grips on the bottom. This style is by far the closest you can get to a barefoot feeling on the mat.

    The patented design is ballet-inspired with combed cotton fabric and stretchy top straps. They work great for slippery surfaces like tile, wood, gym floors, or sweaty yoga mats. Your yogi toes can fully expand, point, and move with you without any limitations on the range of motion.

    Each affordable pack comes with 3 pairs in your choice of an ethnic patterned design, plus a carrying pouch. Whether youre doing yoga, barre, or pilates, these socks are comfy, supportive, and breathable.


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    What Shoes Are The Best For Yoga

    Nowadays there are tons of different options that might seem a little overwhelming for someone just starting out with yoga. You will find sneaker and ballet-type shoes as well as flip-flop and strappy shoes that serve the same purpose support your feet during yoga.

    There is no universal answer as to what model will suit you best, but we can assure you that if your pair of yoga shoes is breathable, flexible, has nice traction and is supportive enough for you to feel confident during the most challenging yoga flows, you will be fine.

    Moreover, you can wear your new purchase to your local swimming pool as over half of the models is waterproof and made from water-friendly materials. This means that you are killing two birds with one stone, and this is always an indication of a great investment.

    If you already have a yoga shoes or you just bought one, leave a comment in the comment section below and share your experience with it.

    What Do You Wear On Your Feet For Yoga

    Though yoga is traditionally practice barefoot, yoga shoes and yoga socks are rising in popularity thanks to the added support, stability, and non-slip grip. Yoga shoes come in a wide range of shapes and styles that stabilize your feet and prevent injuries without hindering your range of motion.

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    What Shoes Should I Wear For Outdoor Yoga

    Outdoor yoga shoes alleviate the pain of rough surfaces on the soles of your feet. While many yogis traditionally practice barefoot, yoga socks or yoga shoes make outdoor yoga more enjoyable thanks to protective rubber soles and toe-gripping support. Our favorite pairs are the Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Shimmer and Vifuur Yoga Shoes.

    Best For Yogi Toes: Fitkicks Foldable Barefoot Yoga Shoes

    Vibram FiveFingers Vi-B SKU:8805177

    These foldable bootie-style yoga shoes are extremely versatile for everything from water sports to low-impact workouts to dancing. On the mat, their spandex-upper and flexible sole make it easy to bend your feet in any asana. Your yogi toes can fully splay out and you maintain a full range of motion with the added grip of a shoe.

    The slip-on style and convenient pull tabs make it super easy to throw these breathable shoes on before your practice. I really like that the foldable design is super portable with your mat. They fit almost like spandex socks and dont have much arch support or cushioning, which is great for yoga poses but not so great for other activities.

    FitKicks have a toe guard that makes it easy to adjust your foot alignment and distribute the weight of the pose off your big toe and across the top of the shoe. The bottom is also extremely grippy for vigorous flows.


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    Should I Be Wearing Yoga Socks Or Yoga Shoes

    It is true that you can wear either yoga shoes or yoga socks to your next practice and both options will work equally well. With that said, there are a few differences to keep in mind when deciding what to opt for.

    If the yoga you are doing has a low level of intensity and you dont need a lot of gripping, yoga socks are the way to go. They will provide you with the right amount of support without the added weight and the feel of the shoes.

    If, however, the yoga you practice involves high intensity flows that require good traction and support, you should choose yoga shoes over yoga socks for the ultimate comfort. Regardless of whether you will go for the flip flop or slip-on type of shoes, you are bound to retain the needed balance throughout the entire yoga session.

    What Are Yoga Shoes

    Yoga shoes can be sort of like a cross between barefoot running shoes, grippy socks, and flexible water shoes. They should still allow you to connect with the earth, but provide added support for your toes and arches that can help prevent injuries.

    Yoga shoes come in all shapes and sizes: there are slip-ons, sandals, ballet flats, and even flexible tennis shoes. Some are better for outdoor practice, others for vinyasa, and others are designed specifically for aerial yoga. Some yoga shoes will even dual-function as fashion-forward accessories for running errands or cross training workouts.

    If you dont like touching your feet on cold floors or you find yourself often slipping on your mat, yoga shoes could be a game changer for your practice. They also may be your go-to yoga footwear for going to and from yoga classes and walking around lounge or locker room areas.

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    Where To Buy:

    You might be wondering what are these funny-looking shoes good for? Well, let us tell you that yoga and VI-S shoes by Vibram are perfectly compatible with each other. Moreover, they are designed to help you advance in your yoga skills faster.

    This is possible due to the separate pouches for your toes that allow for a wide motion and two thin straps tightly securing your feet in place. The mesh on the upper part of the shoes makes them lightweight and breathable, which is a must when doing yoga. The KSO-EVO sole has traction nubs that enable you to grip well regardless of the yoga mat you are using.

    These yoga shoes might seem like an investment, but you will see how quickly they will redeem themselves. You wont need to buy a new pair for at least a few years they are this long-lasting and durable.


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