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Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training

Whats In The Training

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Addiction Recovery

You can join us for one module or the entire course. Our full online trauma-informed curriculum offers 7 modules . Topics range from the basics of trauma-informed yoga instruction to social justice, trauma-sensitive embodiment practices you can use right away to trauma and the brain, and of course special considerations for incarcerated youth and adults.

You can also sign up for multiple trauma-informed yoga demo classes, so you can experience the principles, then learn how its done and why. And dont forget to check out our module on How to Start a Yoga Program Behind Bars. See you online!

Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

Starting in the summer of 2021, my practice will expand to include a trauma informed yoga studio, where I will conduct trauma informed yoga classes. Classes will be held on weekends and evenings, and sign up information as well as class times can be found using the following link:

Yoga classes will be conducted to aid students seeking to augment their current treatment using a mind-body approach to alleviating symptoms of: PTSD, trauma, dissociation, anxiety and depression.

**The term trauma-sensitive yoga was coined by David Emerson, E-RYT, founder and director of yoga services at the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, MA. This type of therapy uses yoga as an adjunctive treatment within a clinical context. Experts in the field of trauma, such as Bessel van der Kolk, MD, have promoted and researched the use of trauma informed yoga to help clients access and regain regulation of the body, reduce anxiety and rumination, and improve a body acceptance and awareness.

Y4t Online Training Program Beginning In January 2022

The Center for Yoga and Trauma Recovery is a CYA Certified Yoga Training School.

Given the potential for both triggers and deep healing to occur while studying these subjects, it is important that you consider the timing, and the time and energy commitment of the course before enrolling.

Course enrollment fees are nonrefundable, but can be transferred prior to your program starting date.

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What Y4t Grads Say:

“The course is a wonderful blend of theory and practical advice on how to better address trauma populations through yoga.”

Hilary McKown, Owner of The Yoga Place, Milan Italy

“I joined Y4T to offer yoga to abused women and children in the Philippines. Now that I’ve completed the program I believe everyone needs this training!”

Noreen Belarmino-Nikolic, Founder of The Surya Project, Manila Philippines

“This program will provide you with tools you will use for a lifetime, not just for your clients, but for you”

Belinda Thurston Founder of Just Be Yoga, Landsing, Michigan

“Y4T is advanced, but accessible. Lisa’s personality brings light to the difficult, yet important topic of trauma and healing.”

Tara Tonini, Founder of Bloom Healing Yoga, New York City

Lisa holds a wealth of trauma knowledge with great intelligence and lightness.

Colleen Millen, E-RYT, MFT, Walnut Creek, California

I teach to a group of ex-prison inmates who are mandated to an outpatient program as part of their parole. Prior to Y4T I was having trouble gathering the students’ attention. This training provided me with the tools I needed to facilitate the class. The group has responded to my new style with enthusiasm they are thankful and even stick around after class to fill me in on their lives and their personal progress!

Christina Slack, Yoga Teacher, Novato, California

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply essential elements of dignity to the population served.
  • Y4T Program Trainer

    What Is Trauma Informed Yoga

    Trauma Informed Yoga 20 hr Training 10/14/2016 Whitefish ...

    Also called trauma sensitive yoga, it is a therapeutic application of yoga that is designed to be sensitive to the needs of participants with trauma symptoms.

    The intention of trauma sensitive yoga is to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and supportive space where students can start reconnecting with themselves and feel safe in their bodies. It emphasizes safety, empowers choice, and shares tools for resiliency and self-regulation.

    Some ways that certified yoga instructors support these principles in a trauma informed class include:

    • Teaching yoga poses that are accessible to everyone
    • Avoiding vulnerable poses or overly activating asanas and breathing techniques
    • Creating a calming, less stimulating atmosphere
    • Guaranteeing no hands-on assists
    • Using languaging, sequencing, and yogic techniques that align with polyvagal theory and regulate the nervous system
    • Using a tone of compassion and openness instead of rigid instruction, judgment, or pressure
    • Prioritizing participant agency and choice in what they do with their body overachieving correct alignment
    • Encouraging self-awareness, self-inquiry, and curiosity about ones experience and physical sensations
    • Teaching how to be present with what is, even if its unpleasant, over a just focus on the positive approach
    • Teaching mindfulness and meditation for resiliency
    • Assuming that all students have trauma in their past

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    Skill In Action 75 Hour Online Continuing Education Program

    Michelle C Johnson and Guest TeachersThe Skill in Action 75hr Online Continuing Education Program for Yoga Teachers is designed for 200hr and 300hr-trained teachers looking to deepen their spiritual practice and teaching and learn more about the intersection of justice and yoga.

    This 75hr continuing education program will offer a comprehensive, inspired approach to transformational social change work. Throughout this training, you will gain knowledge and skills to connect the transformation on the mat to the change that is possible off of the mat. Many people come to their yoga mats to escape the larger cultural context.

    The Art & Science Of Yoga Therapy

    Joseph LePageWhether you are a student on the path to becoming a yoga therapist or a yoga therapist already working with clients, this course will integrate and deepen your understanding of the Yoga therapy process, models and methodologies needed to help empower clients and be successful in the profession.

    Based on Joseph Le Pages experience of over three decades in the field, this course will cover essential areas of Yoga therapy including: Yoga Sutras as a Foundation of Yoga Therapy The Twenty-five essential qualities of a Yoga Therapist Developing multi-week programs for individual clients Developing multi-week programs for therapeutic groups Pranayama and Mudras and Yoga Therapy for depression and anxiety.

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    Online Virtual Yoga Teacher Training

    NORMAL PRICE: 1350

    NOW: Only 1150

    *Pay your 300 deposit to reserve your space. Remainder due 1st Mar 2022.

    Promo Code: YOGAHEALS22


    Offer ends 30th November 2021

    Youll receive:

    • 16-hour yoga class videos
    • 16 hours of video lectures
    • 42 hours of zoom conferencing in-person classes
    • 2 x individual supervision 1 hr sessions with Atira Tan
    • Email and Wassapp contact throughout the course
    • Private FB group where you can ask questions.

    In addition, youll be required to do:

    • 4 hours of additional homework, required reading and journaling.
    • 20 non-contact hours of observational notes, practice teaching and assignments due on the 31st July.

    As part of our training, you will be required to partake of required reading, homework assignments, observational classes, practice teaching classes and reflection essays.

    The dateline for the teacher training assignments, homework and essays are due on the 31st of July 2022.


    Ive been teaching yoga for 5 years and would have loved this information in every yoga training Ive done. This content is so profound and important. It changes your perspective on what trauma is, and how to respond. For me, it was like a window which opened. It has changed my teaching, as well as my life off the mat. I am now teaching with Art to Healing as a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher with girls who have experienced child sex slavery.

    Lisa Mosvich, Yoga Teacher, Germany.

    A Continuing Professional Development Specialty Intensive

    Trauma-Informed Yoga for Anxiety

    Any experience of fear and/or pain that doesnt have the support it needs to be digested and integrated into the flow of our developing brains.

    This definition encourages us to look into the neural and interpersonal aspects of experience for an understanding of how we become traumatized rather than toward the nature of the experience itself or a list of symptoms. We might consider the embedding of trauma to be a rupture in the inherent process integration of our ongoing experience, with healing arising through the initiation of and experience of repair so that the journey toward integration can follow its natural course.

    Badenoch, 2017, pp.40-41

    Trauma is a prevalent sociological health ailment. Adverse child experiences, inept assistance, or compassionate connection in the face of suffering, as well as levels of disconnect that impact inability to feel safe, significant, or to make sense and meaning in life have impacted our society in ways that are quite often to vast to fully fathom. Clients come seeking wellbeing through various primary or secondary treatment methodologies that include therapy, yoga, or meditation.

    Moreover, in learning to become more trauma-informed in your teaching, you will be focusing not only on the emotional and physical state of your student but helping them on a path towards regaining their sense of control and ownership over their own body and their own experience.

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    Note: This Course Is Being Held Online Via Zoom

    Experiment with new ways to bring a variety of mental health benefits to your yoga classes & practices. Reduce harmful effects of trauma and improve well-being through postures, breath work, relaxations, visualizations & other creative yogic tools.

    In this training, you will:

    • Apply creative, trauma-aware sequencing based on ancient wisdom & evidence-informed yoga tools
    • Experience a range of effective practices you can use right away
    • Understand tips and strategies to create a safe environment for exploration
    • Learn how to avoid common mistakes in working with trauma survivors
    • Learn the stages of trauma recovery
    • Assess the concept of post-traumatic growth and how to foster it in students and your own life
    • Engage the ways yoga promotes the transformation of traumatic energies

    Open to yoga teachers & practitioners, mental health professionals & trauma survivors

    Meet Your Teacher

    Erin Byron, MA, is a retreat leader, psychotherapist, author and yoga therapist. Her most recent book, Yoga for the Creative Soul, has been greeted with much acclaim. Erins fun, engaging presentations inspire you to take concrete action to uplift your life.

    Here’s What You Learn In The Program:

    WEEK 1 – Foundations of HealthIn your first week, you will learn how to set yourself up for success in this program, and to how build a healthy foundation for your clients & students.

    WEEK 2 – Understanding TraumaIn week 2, you will learn the current definitions and conceptualizations of trauma within the field of mental health. We’ll explore how the criteria for Post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as complex and developmental trauma, help us understand how trauma can show up during yogic practices.

    WEEK 3 – Somatic Psychotherapy and The Nervous SystemIn week 3, you will learn the key role the nervous system plays in trauma recovery, and how to involve the body in the healing process. We’ll discuss concrete techniques to help students and clients stabilize in times of crisis, and process emotions when the time is right.

    WEEK 4 – Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy and PracticeIn week 4, you will learn the philosophical roots of yoga and how they relate to the themes we have covered thus far: post-traumatic stress, somatic psychotherapy and the nervous system. We will also cover the impact of postures and breath work on the nervous system, including some sample sequences for common manifestations of post-traumatic stress.

    WEEK 5 – Principles of Trauma Informed Yoga In week 5, you’ll learn core principles in trauma informed yoga, which will guide you in setting up, or refining, your trauma-informed individual or group space.

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    How Do I Get Trained For It

    Some 200-hour traditional yoga teacher training courses or 300-hour advanced yoga trainings include a module on trauma informed yoga, but many feel the most informed by taking a training specifically in trauma sensitive yoga.

    There are typically two options for this type of training:

    1. Take a full 200 or 300-hour trauma-informed yoga teacher training. These are less common, but there are a few out there. This could be a good option if youre feeling called to specialize in working with trauma survivors.

    2. Take a short course as an adjunct to your primary training. This is the more common option for certified yoga instructors who already hold a 200 or 500-hour certification. This type of program usually ranges from 10 hours completed over a weekend to 20 hours completed over the course of a week. Now there are even more options for this type of training as more online formats emerge that allow you to train from home.

    Iayt Yoga Therapy Training


    My Vinyasa Practices Clinical Yoga Therapy Program provides the foundation you need to enter the professional health care industry and is designed for people who would like to work within clinical settings including rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and private practice offices.

    This in-person training prepares you to work as a Certified Clinical Yoga Therapist within a care team of medical professionals. MVP Yoga Therapy School is a Member School with IAYT and our Clinical Yoga Therapy program is accredited with IAYT.

    The first module of our Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification fulfills the requirements to level up your registration with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour RYT. Students enrolling with a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification will enroll in Module 1 and be required to complete Module 1, 2, and 3 with a total cost of $7,200 .

    Students enrolling with a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification will have the option to transfer coursework from their 300-hour training. Students wishing to transfer course work from a 300-hour training will have their transfer credits assessed against our Module 1 curriculum. Only coursework that is comparable to MVPs Module 1 curriculum/coursework will be accepted for transfer credits.

    Potential trainees can transfer in up to 300 hours of comparable equivalent coursework. Students who enroll in Module 2 will be required to complete Module 2 and 3 with a total cost of $4,700 .

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    Manifest Life: A Trauma

    Manifest Life is a trauma-informed prenatal yoga and healing series Nityda designed to inspire and empower pregnant people to heal, to be fully embodied along their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys, and to be deeply connected to their beautiful humanness.

    This series is like therapy plus yoga. In addition to the seven, full-length, trauma-informed prenatal yoga practices, you get a therapeutic, 96-page workbook to complete, filled with rich, detailed, journal prompts, & reflective exercises that help us engage our minds, our bodies, and our souls as one. The yoga practices are here to help us liberate traumatic memory from our bodies. The workbook exercises invite us to explore our conditioning, fears and beliefs around pregnancy, birth and labor.

    When we heal ourselves and prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for labor, birth and parenthood we resolve intergenerational trauma breaking a cycle of transgenerational suffering.

    Visit this page to see a video message from Nityda.

    Want to preview the course?

    Try one of our Manifest Life Movement/Yoga Sequences here.

    to get a preview of the 96-page workbook.

    Inspiration for this course:

    Birth can be an incredible experience, a spiritual and unifying experience, it can be an ecstatic experience, and an empowering experience, but it can be traumatic. Yet, there is work we can do beforehand to set intentions, to heal, to have the best birth outcomes for us. Birth can be healing.

    L E A R N S U P P O R T L E A D

    This training lead by Geni Donnelly and Rebeccah Bartlett is designed for yoga teachers, educators, therapists OR any one who would like to introduce the tools of yoga and mindfulness from the growing field of trauma research to manage, regulate and even resolve some of the symptoms of trauma. This comprehensive training marries the emerging and developing field of traumatology with the ancient wisdom and healing of Yoga philosophy, principles and teachings to provide a powerful framework for wellness. Also included in the curriculum is a focus on developing leaderships skills as an advocate for social justice. This training will create the foundation for implementing a trauma/ justice-informed class. We will begin this training with 4 week modules of a self-paced interactive ONLINE slide presentation. So wherever you are in the world, we will then meet on April 21 for 24 days of study while soaking in the sunshine on the beautiful beaches in Koh Lanta, Thailand! Our retreat location at The Oasis Yoga Center in Koh Lanta, Thailand is the perfect place for laid back island relaxation! The meals are designed around local produce and ingredients with an emphasis on health and sustainability. Check out this awesome Retreat Center HERE!

    ONLINE TRAINING MODULES – March 1 through April 1, 2022 IN-PERSON INTENSIVE – April 21 through 24 in Koh Lanta, Thailand

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    Post Course Completion Requirements For Certification:

    • Lead 4 trauma-sensitive restorative classes

    • Complete 1 one-on-one online mentoring session with a training facilitator. Cost $100

    • Recommended Reading: Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine and/or The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk.

    Mentoring sessions can be completed in person or via zoom. Sessions are $100 each and can be booked online at: . Mentoring sessions must be booked within one month of completing the training unless other arrangements are made. Please teach and film one class to show you using trauma-sensitive restorative yoga for review before the time of your mentoring call.

    *Eligible for CEUs through Yoga Alliance

    What Is A Trauma

    Trauma-Informed Yoga for Adults

    A trauma-informed certification, in general, is practical educational techniques and methods taught to all different types of practitioners to incorporate into their clients recovery, whether in a classroom, health facility, or gym, to build a trauma-informed practice. It is a way for teachers to help empower students to determine what is best for their own recovery by providing a path to do so

    Examples of trauma can include but are not limited to:

    • Physical, mental, verbal, or sexual abuse
    • Early childhood or domestic violence
    • Being displaced due to disasters, terrorism, refugee or job loss

    Trauma-informed yoga is a specialized niche in the yoga industry that was originated to create the role of the instructor as a guide and facilitator of the poses and assist a patient healing in:

    • Reclaiming their bodies
    • Regulation of processing sensations and emotions
    • Releasing of trauma stored in the muscles

    Adults and children suffering from trauma who are not ready to discuss their feelings or be touched are given time and space to re-learn these emotional regulation skills through breathing and yoga movement in a safe environment conducive to healing and provided immediate support.

    A trauma-informed yoga certification assists health care practitioners in identifying the following trauma-based issues such as:

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