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Tall Womens Yoga Pants 36 Inseam

Tall Yoga Pants: 9 Retailers + Styling Tips

Yoga Challenge for Tall Women & Tall Girls | Yoga Pants Workout | Clothing Try On Haul GiraffeWear

Your fabulous long legs are impressive in tree pose but not so hot in high-water pants. If you’re tired of settling for too-short leggings and pants that look like they shrank in the wash, hunt down those manufacturers who aspire to the heights right along with you. Tall yoga pants are a thing. Get some and be really happy in happy baby pose.

My 2nd Recommendation For Tall Yoga Pants

Rio Flared Leg Foldover Pant from Fit CoutureI was searching on Amazon for yoga pants awhile back and found these Rio Flared Leg Yoga Pants I bought them because they came in long inseams and the reviews werent half bad.

I will say, I am glad I bought them the 35 inseam option was perfect for me, plus the material was thicker and nice for working out.

I had never heard of Fit Couture before I bought them, but they sell a lot of workout clothes, and come to find out sell quite the variety of yoga pants too many of which come in the 33 and 35 inseams!

This particular style have a cute foldover waistband in a lot of great color choices .

Fit Couture sells yoga pants in many different fits and styles, AND several length options whether youre short or really tall.

Their yoga pants are made out of 88% nylon and 12% Lycra. The material is soft, yet thicker and durable. All the types of yoga pants Ive owned in the past were made of a cotton/spandex blend, so this was a little different experience.

These pants are very soft, comfortable AND flattering.

The nylon/spandex blend of these pants makes them stretchy and form fitting, giving the hips, butt and upper thigh region a smoothed out appearance. The fabric is also meant to wick away moisture and keep you dry when you sweat.

I prefer these when I need actual work out pants

as opposed to just wearing around the house, running errands, or as pajamas.

Guides On Choosing The Right Regular Tall Bootcut Product For Your Needs

Nowadays, the market is flooded with so many choices that it can be difficult to select just one regular tall bootcut product.

How can you find the best regular tall bootcut product for your needs? Its easy! Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Make a list of all your criteria and rank them in order of importance to you.2. Check out reviews and testimonials from people who have used the product.3. Consider how frequently you will use it is it something that will be an occasional hobby or something that will get frequent use? 4. Consider whether there are any other products on the market with similar features as the one youre considering which might offer more value for their price point.5. Finally, remember that sometimes what seems like a good deal at first could end up being costly in the long run because of hidden costs associated with the upkeep.

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What To Avoid When Buying Yoga Pants

Yoga pants come in 3 different waist measurements. Low, Mid and High waist. This again is a personal choice, but for the most part mid and low waist yoga pants are better suited to compliment the curves whereas the high is a good choice for taller petite women as the waistband is not too far from the belly button. So knowing this will help you decide which type of waist to avoid.

Other things you should avoid are yoga pants with zippers. Zippers can create a fair amount of discomfort and even pinch your skin in certain poses. This also goes for wearing a belt, especially with steel clips as they can pinch your stomach very easily.

Having a waist area that is bulky due to excess clothing can also restrict certain poses and be uncomfortable when you lay on your belly. This is also true for wearing uncomfortable belts.

Your One Collection For Tall Yoga Pants

Tall Yoga Pant for Women

Always expect more out of your workout clothes. Our collection of tall yoga pants and running pants is designed with your unique needs in mind. We’ve taken our same great designs and expanded the inseam so that you can be sure your activewear never falls short. Browse our tall workout pants, including our popular women’s bootcut yoga pants, all of which are perfect for women over 5’9″.

You deserve active wear that keeps you going at your best. Shop our tall collection and discover what a difference a few extra inches can make. You’ll find fan favorites like our women’s and girl’s bootcut yoga pants and outdoor must-haves like our fleece-lined, water-resistant pants for snow, ski, cycling, and more.

Stock up on our tall pants today and stop settling for anything less than perfect when it comes to how you look and feel when you’re working hard.

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P3011t Tall The Carmen

Made for comfort, this straight leg pant is equipped with two front pockets, one back pocket and a cargo pocket with a utility D-ring. The combination drawstring/elastic waistband will ensure ultimate fit and comfort. The inner waistband features MOBBs signature logo. Available in Black. Regular Length Tall Length . Fabric: MOBB Mentality STRETCH-FLEX Blend: 65% Poly/32% Rayon/3% Spandex.

Made for comfort, this straight leg pant is equipped with two front pockets, one back…

Made for comfort, this straight leg pant is equipped with two front pockets, one back pocket and a cargo pocket with a utility D-ring. The combination drawstring/elastic…

How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Pants

While we have discussed choosing yoga pants with long inseams to match your tall height, theres other factors to consider as well. Since yoga is spiritual practice the last thing you want to be doing is feeling uncomfortable in your pose due to the pants. Once you forget the pants are there, from the overwhelming comfort they provide, you can feel more centered and relaxed. Creating a better yoga experience.

But buying a comfortable fitting pair of yoga pants is not easy, especially as a tall person. There are multiple types of pants you can use for yoga ranging from loose fitting to leggings. Choosing the style of pants will be determined by your preference. No one can say Capri pants are the best because you may prefer the loose fitting pants. Its a personal decision.

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Need More Extra Long Yong Pants

While the above 3 tall Womens yoga pants are very popular among the tall population, they may simply not be your preference. But being a tall person means choices are limited and with limitation comes a lack of vibrant colors and designs.

However, I have sourced out 4 more yoga pants with inseams of 34 or greater on amazon. These can be found below. I hope these options have been helpful and you end up with the yoga pants youve been dreaming about.

Yogipace Tall Women’s 35 Bootcut Yoga Pants Long Bootleg Flare Pants

39039 Shascullfites Melody women long yoga pants for tall women cut running leggings yoga pants
  • 35″ inseam yoga pants for tall ladies. You won’t have a hard time finding yoga pants in longer length!
  • Pass the squat test. 87% Nylon/ 13% Spandex. Moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric for superior comfort. Soft, cotton-feel. Fits like second skin.
  • Pass the bend over test. Wide and comfortable waistband won’t bind or dig, keep everything tucked in place. It provides added coverage while bending and stretching. Say goodbye to muffin top.
  • Double-layer gusset enhance comfort and allow easy movement. Hidden pocket in the waistband for your keys, cards, chapstick or any other little treasures.

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Yoga Leggings Pants 35 Inseam

If the bootcut design is not for you and you prefer the tighter fitting leggings style, these KindFolk yoga pants may be the solution. Designed specifically for women over 510, all sizes have a 35 inseam. The sizes range from small to extra large.

The color design is quite striking and make excellent workout pants for tall women. While you could get away with wearing these for other occasions like a visit to the shops or visiting a friend, I find them better suited to be used as yoga/workout pants only.

Materials Used

Similar to the above YogiPace, the KindFolk yoga pants contain no cotton. They are a moisture wicking material made up of 86% nylon and 14% spandex. But because they are leggings compared to the bootcut of the YogiPace, you get the compression effect.

The compression effect of these tight fitting pants can be beneficial for blood circulation. Blood circulation is needed for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions. But in terms of working out an yoga, having pants that enhance blood circulation is good for muscle recovery.

The pants put extra pressure on the muscles. When muscles are tight and sore, the applied pressure allows blood to flow to these areas. With the blood flow comes oxygen and self healing nutrients which can increase recovery time. So you not only get comfortable fitting yoga pants, but you also get the benefit of blood circulation.

Tall Ladies Rejoice

*Available in 3 color styles. Black, black and white, Neon blue.

Joggers For Tall Skinny Guys

Joggers, or sweatpants, whatever you call them they are most likely not in anything above 34 inseam in the normal clothing stores.

Thats why we have to go online to find clothing stores that feature joggers for tall skinny guys.

I know for a fact that great joggers can be found also with legs as long as 40 so its a matter of going through this list and finding a place to try out.

My favorites are from hands down. The training joggers from 2tall are tapered, great quality.. and long. I chose 38 inseam, but Id say they are even longer.

Joggers for jogging are different from joggers for chilling. For active use, go for fabrics with something else in them than just cotton.

The ones from 2tall consist of 60% Cotton/35% Polyester/5% Elastane, which is a great combination for transporting sweat and heat.

Check them out, and you wont regret it.

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Favorite 35 Inseam Pants Stores:

American Eagle Casual apparel targeting the younger crowd. Tall girls jeans and pants in long and extra-long . Choose your length in the Sizes drop-down menu.

Ann Taylor Sophisticated, classic style including a variety of professional and businesswear fashions. Long ladies 35″ inseam pants and jeans. Also has tops, dresses, skirts, suits, and jackets in longer proportions. Select Tall in the main menu for all tall clothing.

Athleta Athletic clothing for the active woman. Up to 35″ inseam pants including tall yoga pants, running pants, exercise pants, hiking pants, travel pants, ski pants, and leggings. Also offers casual dresses and skirts, workout tops and tanks, and swimsuits in tall sizes. See the special Tall Sizes section in each category. Free shipping on orders over $50 plus free returns!

Buckle Casual apparel targeting the younger crowd. Large selection of mid-priced and designer jeans and pants in up to 37″ inseams. Shop by inseam. Also has longer length tops.

Cabela’s Casual, outdoor clothing. Long size jeans in 34″ and 36″ inseams. Select denim in up to 38″ inseams. Also find outdoor and hiking pants in 34″ inseams as well as a few styles with the option to hem up to a 35.5″ inseam. Extended sizes available.

J. Jill Sophisticated, casual style. Tall size jeans and pants in up to 35.5″ inseams. Also has tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and jackets in tall sizes. Select the Tall option to view collection. Extended sizes available.

Inch Inseam Yoga Pants

33" / 35" Inseam High Waist Workout Bootcut Yoga Pants for ...

These 34 inch inseam yoga pants are intended for women 55 and taller. Made by YogiPace they offer a mix of fabrics to cater to your needs. If you want yoga pants for cooler conditions the Charcoal high rise waist pants have a blend of 50% cotton, 36% polyester and 14% spandex. The cotton keeps your warmer while the polyester and spandex allow for moisture wicking and stretching.

The solid blue or black color pants have a mixture of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. These would be a better choice for warmer months as they wont be as hot as theres no cotton and they also wont retain sweat.

These yoga pants by YogiPace are 4 way stretch which means they can stretch both horizontally and vertically. Which basically means they are very stretchy and will suit most body shapes over 55.

Of this list so far, these pants are the only ones which contain a back pocket. Which makes them super handy for other things besides yoga. Great for out and about pants as the pocket is even big enough to fit a smart phone.

The pocket doesnt have a zipper. Which if you ask me is a good thing. Some people may prefer a zipper for non yoga reasons such as keeping keys and money safe in the pocket. But for yoga, having a zipper is a thing you should avoid. Especially on back routines. The zipper can dig into your body and cause discomfort.

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Yoga Pants Are Incredibly Hard To Find In Longer Lengths

Ive always had such a hard time finding yoga pants. While some stores carry long inseam options for pants and jeans, its nearly impossible to find yoga pants in longer lengths. The only store Ive found that actually sells long yoga pants is Target but I cant always find them and they dont have very many options.

But I still love yoga pants. They are incredibly versatile, comfortable and sexy. Whether they are worn to yoga class, working out, running errands or just for those lazy days, they are perfect for many occasions!

Trust me, Ive looked a long time for yoga pants to fit my taller frame, and I FINALLY found some that are long enough for me, and are pretty decent as well!

2019 UPDATE: These recommendations are NO LONGER SOLD!!! Ive updated a list of the 5 places you can still find LONG inseam yoga pants!

Amazon 33 35 And 37 Inseams

These days, if youre looking for yoga pants that are still cut in the bootcut style, Amazon is the place to go. Because joggers and leggings are dominating the style market, most clothing manufacturers just dont make them anymore.

I know that buying clothing on Amazon might be a little iffy but they actually have a TON of longer inseam yoga pants on the site from many sellers, and a lot of them actually let you pick the inseam option!

Sellers like Yogispace come in 33, 35, AND 37inseam options, and other companies, like Safort, are available in up to a 34.

Just double-check the materials in a particular color you want, because I noticed some brands have different material blends for certain colors.

Both of these sellers have thousands of positive reviews. And averaging around $30 theyre fairly inexpensive!

You can shop the full selection of longer inseam yoga pants and

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Safort 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ Inseam Regular Tall Bootcut Yoga Pants 4 Pockets

  • Truly opaque more dense and elastic fabric guarantees non-see-through, totally safe to be used as pants for work and great athletic pants for training,gym..
  • Unique diy pants the full length of the bootleg yoga pants is 34″, but you can cut them into 28″/30″/32″ inseam pants.
  • Reminder thouse pants are not “hemmed”,to find a more appropriate inseam length and to cut the inseam length more accurately, before cutting the pants, please try on the pants and find out your ideal length.
  • Four pockets the dress yoga pants have two front pockets can fit in your wallet and cellphone.
  • One pair of pants fits different hight petite/ regular/ regular/ tall34″ inseam fits women 5’9″ -5’11” or above)..

*final Sale Olive 309p

Denim & Co. Active Tall Duo-Stretch Yoga Pants with Jennifer Coffey

This TALL MOBB unisex style is made to fit everyone looking for a sensible scrub pant. Features a combination drawstring and elastic waistband and a slimming cut ankle. The two slash pockets located at the top of MOBB’s bestselling scrub pant complement the two lower side cargo pockets. The left cargo pocket divides and conquers all, including a secure Velcro flap compartment and pen/scissor pockets. One back pocket. Length is 36″. Fabric is…

This TALL MOBB unisex style is made to fit everyone looking for a sensible scrub pant….

This TALL MOBB unisex style is made to fit everyone looking for a sensible scrub pant. Features a combination drawstring and elastic waistband and a slimming cut ankle. The two…

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Tall Yoga Pants & Tops

Take a deep breath in, now exhale slowly and relax…because women’s tall yoga pants and tops are here! Made in longer inseams and proportions, ladies tall yoga clothing is exactly what you need to get in a good workout.

*Support TWR by using the links on this page to shop. When you purchase, I receive a small commission . In this way, I can keep bringing you free, helpful, TALL content. Thank you!*

What kind of yoga clothing styles are available for those deep breathing exercises? First, you have full-length yoga pants which are fitted through the thighs and knees and end in a little bit of a flare at the ankles. Capris have a similar fit, but only fall to mid-calf.

Another style of pant that works great for really any kind of workout is leggings. When it comes to your upper half, the tall yoga tops you will come across have a longer length in the torso, ensuring good coverage. Made of soft, stretchy material and in a variety of colors, women will find both balance and comfort amongst the styles below. Namaste!


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