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Starting A Hot Yoga Studio

Reclaimed Wood For Yoga Studio Flooring: Pros

How to do Sun Salutations in Hot Yoga to start your practice!
  • The appearance of reclaimed wood has been a divisive factor in the last five to ten years. Its not certain yet whether itll continue to be a popular choice, but its appealing to look at when paired with brick and other types of wood.
  • One of the main reasons that so many people choose reclaimed wood for yoga studio flooring is because its better for the environment. Rather than chopping down new trees, old wood from other projects forms reclaimed wood.
  • The natural feeling of reclaimed wood is a bit more rustic than most other types of wood. Its much less slippery, giving a good foothold for your students while theyre performing their yoga poses.

Choose A Perfect Location

Your location of yoga studio matters a lot for its success. In urban settings, it is difficult to find a location with a lot of nature around, which is ideal for yoga classes. In big cities, try to find out a location that is easily accessible through roads and has a plenty of space for parking.

But if your budget is small and you cannot pay high rentals, start from one room with a small reception desk. That may be a good start. You can then expand your business when it has a good customer base and has bigger rooms. But make sure that the location is pleasant and pleasing to the people.

Outfit Your Studio With The Essentials

First and foremost, a yoga mat, of course. Beyond that, though, there are many different props that can support your practice: yoga blocks can help lengthen your reach as an extension of your arm if youre working on flexibility, and yoga straps can challenge you to get deeper into certain poses. A bolster comes in handy for restorative poses, as well as allowing your space to multitask as a meditation haven.

For a design-minded touch, a traditional wovenyoga blanket can offer a pop of pattern and texture. And when youre not practicing yoga, store it all in a chic oversized basket to keep it tucked away in its own cozy spot.

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Hiring The Wrong Staff

Once youve decided to open a yoga studio, youve decided to undertake a tremendous amount of work. If you fail to build a reliable team and hire the wrong staff who dont share your passion, it can impact your progress. Starting a business may take you out of your comfort zone where you will be performing tasks that you might not have a lot of experience in. Hiring a team that can take charge of tasks that youre not confident in can help ease the pressure.

The right staff members can help your business thrive, but the wrong staff can be detrimental. Whether that means hiring a bookkeeper to look after your accounts or a studio manager to handle the day-to-day running, look for people with passion and drive. Check out our guide on how to hire the best manager for your fitness business.

Dont Let Money Scare You

Hot Yoga Classes Chorley

Money can often be the most stressful factor in opening a business. Make sure to consider all expenses and be smart about your financials going into it. If your future studio is in a good location and serving a need in the community, it will grow and thrive and be worth the investment.

  • When considering ways to raise funds for your business, remember the following:
  • Bank loans often have a high-interest rate around 10% and require monthly payments. Banks will review your current income, current debt, credit score, and assets before offering you a loan, so it is not a guaranteed way of funding if your financials are not strong to begin with.
  • Asking to borrow money from friends and family can lead to uncomfortable situations. Instead, consider doing a crowd-sourcing campaign, like GoFundMe or IndieGoGo, where people can donate money to support your endeavor. You can offer things like class sessions or branded gear as small rewards for their generosity.
  • Take time to do the math and be honest about how much money you need to have for your studio. Plan out scenarios of how many monthly memberships and class packages you would need to sell in a month to cover costs and also pay yourself reasonably. Know that future revenue opportunities will also come from leading workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats.

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How To Get The Most Out Of An At

Stay hydrated at all times. Drinking water before, during and after a hot yoga sequence is critical. Take sips of water throughout your session and hydrate immediately following your workout.

Ease into the workouts. If you’re new to yoga in general or hot yoga specifically, allow your body time to adjust to the poses and the warmer environment. Kerpius recommends starting with a shorter practice to see how your body manages the heat. “As your body builds up the cardiovascular fitness and heat tolerance, you can add time,” she explains, up to 75 minutes.

Keep your space free of clutter. One of the many benefits of yoga is giving yourself permission to free your mind and body of external stressors. This can be difficult to do if the space you’re practicing in at home is cluttered with furniture, work items, your kid’s toys or any other visual distractions. If you can, try to designate a space just for yoga.

Consider using a mirror. Often a pose feels different than it looks, says Fuller, and a mirror can help you self-correct and fine-tune your practice. “Many people enjoy using a mirror to ensure proper alignment and positioning, while others prefer not to use a mirror so they can focus on the way their body feels in a pose instead of how it looks,” says Fuller. It may also be easier to balance if you are looking at a fixed object like a light or a candle instead of yourself in the mirror. Spend a little time deciding what is right for you in your sacred space.

Limited Budget Design Ideas

You can spend a fortune or give your studio a design overhaul on a shoestring budget. Dont let limited resources stop you.

Paint/color can go a long way to improving your studio design. Its amazing what the right color scheme can do to improve your space.

Inexpensive and/or used furniture can improve your studio space considerably. Personally, I like IKEA furniture its inexpensive and looks great. Yeah, I know its quality is questionable, but on a limited budget, you wont do much better elsewhere unless you find some great used furniture deals.

can improve your non-class space very well. Id avoid hanging anything on the walls in the actual classroom space because walls are handy for yoga.

Use stylish and up-to-date window coverings. Ratty curtains or blinds can detract from your studio. Its one area to invest some money into because great window adornment can enhance a yoga studio considerably.

Plants and small trees are inexpensive ways to improve your indoor space. Avoid vegetation in your yoga studio class space however, in your reception area, they can add a nice touch for a few dollars.

With lighting, you can change the mood considerably, both in the light generated and the lighting fixtures themselves. Be thoughtful about the lighting and lighting fixtures you use and for not a lot of money you can enhance the design of your studio considerably.

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Hot Yoga Studio Heating Solutions

Temperatures of 40 °C. 26 poses in 90 minutes. Line after line of sweating students stretching their bodies to the max. Youve just walked into a hot yoga studio.

Of course, if youre a hot yoga instructor, youll know all about the decades most talked about fitness trend. What started out as an extravagant exercise programme for the rich and famous now appears in local leisure centres across the country, with affordable prices bringing high-temperature fitness to the masses. The hot yoga boom has controversially developed this traditionally introspective and spiritual pursuit into a $100 billion industry, with thousands of qualified hot yoga instructors setting up studios all over the world.

Have A Good Logo And Website

Beginners Start Here! Original Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) w/ Mardy Chen

A logo is an essential part of your brand, and quite often its the first thing a client will notice about your business. A logo is a point of recognition, and a well-designed logo conveys everything a potential customer needs to know about your brand. It takes 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brands logo. Of course, a logo is just the start when it comes to your brand. An easy-to-use and informative website is essential, as well. Branding should be consistent across all platforms and your website.

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Create Additional Streams Of Revenue

Selling retail items like yoga mats or water bottles is a great way to create additional streams of revenue to your business. Part of what fuels the yoga industry is yoga apparel and accessories. Selling yoga clothes, books, or jewelry from your studio is an easy way to add more revenue. All you need is a small shelf to start with if youre limited on space. This is really helpful when one of your students have forgotten their water bottle or simply want to invest in a new yoga mat.

Infrared Heating For Hot Yoga

Reaching and maintaining constant temperatures of 40 °C is a very difficult task for conventional heating systems. Fan heaters, central heating radiators and other convection heaters heat by pushing warm air around the room. The occupants of a room are heated in turn by the temperature of the air. Because warm air naturally moves to cooler spaces, convection heat constantly moves around the room creating uneven temperature levels. This can be very disruptive in a yoga studio, creating cool breezes and waves of heat above the required temperatures. Convection heat is a poor imitation of natural outdoor heat which does not effectively recreate the atmosphere of truly tropical environments. Its also very inefficient because the hot air will naturally rush to colder spaces outside the room through windows, the gaps under doors and poorly insulated walls requiring the heat to be constantly topped up.

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Cost Of Opening A Yoga Studio Member Management Software & Website

You can very well start your yoga studio without a website and membership management software in place. However, not having a membership management software in place will make your life that much more difficult.

A membership management software is the backbone of your yoga studio operations. It provides the pages where your students can buy class-packs and memberships and register for your classes. It allows you to take electronic payments.

Additionally, membership management software is vital in the early days as you dont have to worry about storing student information securely. The software does that for you automatically. The software helps you grow your yoga studio business and incorporates tools such as automated emails and reminders.

Regarding a website, yes, in the early days, you can get by without a website if you have an active Instagram presence. You can provide a link to your membership management software on your Instagram bio, where students can click and register for your classes.

A membership management software can run you anywhere between £1000 to £1500 per year. A simple website build will cost you £600 to buy the theme, hosting, and hire a developer to set it up for you. If you choose the right software and a simple website builder, you will need £1600 to pay for the software and the website for the year.

Put Together A Business Plan

Beginner Yoga Classes

Putting together a business plan might be the most time-intensive part of this process. It will act as the backbone of your business moving forward.

Even though you might want to start a small household yoga business, this plan is essential. A business plan should have four major parts:

  • Executive summary. This is a two-page rundown of what your business is all about. The summary acts as an elevator pitch to tell potential partners and investors who you are, what youre doing, what makes you special. Someone will read this summary and decide whether or not they want to read the rest of your plan.
  • . Your marketing plan will look at the need for your business first and foremost. If youre opening in an area with many yoga studios, what makes yours special? Is there enough demand to keep your doors open? This section also highlights your marketing plan moving forward.
  • Key management bios. If youre going to run your yoga practice alone, this section introduces yourself. Its a quick biography of your story and qualifications. If you have decision-making partners involved, youll also introduce them here.
  • Financial plan. This section will be really simple for you. It outlines how much money you need to start, what services youll offer, and what your pricing structure will look like.

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Start A Yoga Studio By Following These 10 Steps:

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your yoga studio. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant.

Check out our How to Start a Business page.

Designate Your Yoga Space

The beauty of the at-home studio is that it can be anywhere, whether youve got an extra bedroom, an underutilized space above the garage, or just one section of a room to spare. No matter if youre limited on square footage or youve got tons to play with, the space is defined by the vibe.

A common rule of thumb for those opening a full-on yoga studio is to allocate 21 square feet per practitioner, and this is a good place to start at home, too. You should have enough room for a yoga mat, plus extra space to stretch out into, say, Warrior or Dancer poses.

Make sure youre a safe distance from any walls or furniture in case you lose your balance, especially if youre into inversions .

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Lounge Area Yes Or No

If you have space, a sitting area is fantastic. I love it when studios provide a couch and some comfy chairs to sit in while waiting for class or chatting with fellow students after class.

I realize it invites students to stay longer than you might like, but its a very nice touch that students appreciate.

However, dont take away too much class space for a lounge. Only set up a lounge if you have some odd extra space that cant be incorporated into class space.

Keep Your Space Uncluttered And Purposeful

#PureYogaTV JUMP START Your Day with Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga!

Its tough to have a clear mind when you dont have a clear space. Go as minimal as you can when it comes to whats around you, and in the spirit of yoga, be purposeful about the things you do surround yourself with.

House plants are thought to boost mood, improve focus, and relieve stress , while an essential oil diffuser can instantly give your space that inviting yoga-studio scent.

Ultimately, what makes a yoga space is the intention behind it, whether you’ve got a whole room to work with or just a small corner of your bedroom. After all, stepping onto your mat is about letting go of your surroundingsbut it certainly doesn’t hurt if your surroundings are filled with stylish, soothing design touches, à la your favorite yoga studio.

Follow House Beautiful on .

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Resources To Help Women In Business

There are many resources out there specifically for women entrepreneurs. Weve gathered necessary and useful information to help you succeed both professionally and personally:

  • Funding
  • Guides
  • Support

If youre a woman looking for some guidance in entrepreneurship, check out this great new series Women in Business created by the women of our partner Startup Savant.

Incense Scents & Essential Oils For Your Yoga Studio

Yoga studios have an alluring smell, and you can recreate the typical yoga studio smell by choosing Japanese or Tibetan-style incenses. The usual essential oils that yoga studios use are:

  • Rose oil
  • Incense vs. essential oils for yoga studios
  • Incense buying guide for yoga studios
  • Why essential oils are popular in yoga studios
  • Health benefits of essential oils
  • Top 10 essential oils for yoga classes
  • How to apply essential oils in your yoga studio

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These People Really Did Not Want To Give Up Their Hot Yoga

Barred from studios, yogis are steaming up basements, pricey inflatable domes and even the bathroom.

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By Katherine Rosman

After the pandemic left fitness studios and gyms around the country shuttered or operating at reduced capacity, let her regular yoga practice go.

It wasnt a lack of interest in classes offered on Instagram or Zoom. Ms. Drake, an entrepreneur in Grand Rapids, Mich., did plenty of high-intensity interval training classes online. But for her, yoga isnt merely about stretching, twisting, strengthening and balancing on her head. Its about doing all of those things in a room heated to 90 degrees or hotter.

The experience of doing yoga in a hot room is powerful in a way that Im not sure if people who havent tried it can completely grasp, Ms. Drake said.

So last fall, in one of the more creative fitness hacks of quarantine, she became a bathroom yogi.

Three times a week, Ms. Drake wakes up, plugs a space heater into a bathroom outlet and turns the shower on full tilt for about 10 minutes. She then goes to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, shutting the bathroom door behind her to trap in the heat.

About an hour later, she returns to the bathroom dressed in leggings and a stretchy top. She lights a few candles, drizzles essential oils near the heater, unfurls her mat and pulls up an online yoga class.


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