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Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training

Hour Yoga Ttc Course In Rishikesh

Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Our 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh teaches provides a glimpse to this spiritual way of living. Here you will find yourself close to the nature in a green, clean environment, in the midst of the mountains and on the bank of river Ganga. This will take you close to your own nature and with the help of our wise teachers it will be a kick start to self exploration. 100 Hour Yoga TTC offers a more healthy, awakened, aware and spiritual way of living. Due to lockdown we offers Live 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and now you can also enjoy 100 Hour Yoga TTC Online Course.

Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

We welcome all the practitioners to join our 100-hour yoga training course in Rishikesh. This course helps the students become well acquainted with yoga. If the lack of time is an issue then also this course will be your choice. This course will bring various positive changes in the life of people in a concise time.

The Four Pillars Of Knowledge

The master Adi Shankaracharya offered four different stages on this path. Theyre known in classical yoga as the Four Pillars of Knowledge. They serve human beings by bringing each practitioner closer to self-realization and devotion.

Discrimination You experience discrimination when you observe that constant change happens. At the same time, you notice that the divine being within you doesnt change. Our bodies, thoughts, and emotions renew and fluctuate. And the true self, the part of you that witnesses this process, doesnt change. Identifying your own ability to witness is a goal of Jnana yoga.

Renunciation Also translated as dispassion, vairagya involves acceptance and a lack of feverishness. You become less attached to the pleasures and pains of the world. Your consciousness remains active and enthusiastic regardless of the fulfillment of desires. This is how you can experience the second pillar of knowledge on the yogic path. When you do, you become free of unsatisfied cravings and attitudes of aversion.

The Six Wealths Shama, the first wealth, is the tranquility of the mind. Dama, the second wealth, is control over ones own senses. Titiksha, the third wealth, is endurance or not getting shaken by what happens. Uparati, the fourth wealth, is rejoicing in or being with your own nature or inner self. Shraddha, the fifth wealth, is faith, or recognition of the unknown. Samadhana, the sixth wealth, is contentment or being at ease, calm, and serene.

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Yoga School India : Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Sri Yoga Peeth offers Yoga Alliance USA certified Yoga Teacher Training in India, 100 Hour Yoga TTC, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India and Yoga Retreat in India, Rishikesh.

Sri Yoga Peeth is an established name in the yoga education field since 2016. Sri Yoga Peeth is spreading the light of yoga in all corners of the world with strong dedication, affection, and love for the last 3 years.

Our course is designed to provide a strong launching pad for your spiritual development and develop a great and able yoga teacher and practitioner out of you. However, After this course, you will also be able to pursue a noble career of a yoga teacher and help spread the divine light of yoga in all corners of the world.

Our course is meant for the practitioners of all levels. If you are a beginner in the field of yoga or an advanced practitioner, in both cases you will find that our wise teachers will inspire you for seeking more wisdom. This 200 hours yoga TTC is compiled by wise and experienced yoga teachers, bringing the traditional concepts for the people of modern time. Special efforts were made to bring the great ancient knowledge in an easy to follow approach without diluting it.

Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training 200h Online

Online 300 hrs. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Well, this was June 2020, and I had a decision to make. A friend pinged me. First batch of Sri Sri Yoga teacher training 200H online in North America, applications close in 2 days.

I didnt like Yoga. Wasnt a fan. I rather go to the gym, work a sweat, raise my heart rate. But, I tried that for years and nothing was long lasting. After 4-5 months, my body hurts itself somehow and I have to hit reset on my physical fitness plans. For years I organized yoga classes for others, but I kept telling myself Yoga is not for me.

But, for ages, I have heard about Yoga. The foremost scriptures on Yoga: Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Vasishta, especially Sri Sri Ravi Shankar propounding on the benefits of a steady and consistent yoga practice, not including the modern trends in fitness!!: Eliminating misery, bringing long lasting health, creating strong & resilient minds, bringing harmony between body & mind etc etc.

That was always a tempting deal Hmmm. If a yoga teacher training wasnt going to help me get these benefits, nothing in the world would convince me on yoga. And what better place than learn from Sri Sri school of Yoga, from the Art of Living foundation, which I find to bring the perfect blend between authentic wisdom and practical delivery, making it very applicable to the modern mind.

So, I applied. After a tense week, I felt relieved to see I got accepted in the program. Wohoo!

Come July 6th, the program started.

  • Anatomy and Physiology topics
  • More to follow in my next post!.

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    Learn To Teach Yoga Anywhere In The World


    Do you ever wonder what yoga really is? If its more than just fitness? More than a modern hippy fad? Do you have a desire to know what else yoga can offer you? If so, our Yoga Alliance-certified Foundational 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka is perfect for you.

    In this Sri Lanka yoga teacher training course we will live together for 21 days at beautiful villa near the beach. The ocean absolutely stunning and the rooms are beautiful, and the food is amazing.

    Its like an idyllic sanctuaryone of beauty, awe, and near perfection. It is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself, to others and to the earth. Looking out at the sunrise or the sunset, one can see the full beauty that is in this world.

    At this training we will share brunch together, we will meditate together each morning looking out at the Indian Ocean, practice yoga together on the open air deck, engage in meaningful philosophical discussion in a conscious way allowing us to explore the depth of mind and emotion and we will explore the physical and energetic bodies finding ways to connect our inner and outer world. By incorporating yoga in its totality we will learn to teach through our own daily practice.

    Yoga Teacher Training Programs

    Yoga Teacher Training Program at Sri Sri School Of Yoga aims at providing a comprehensive and multidimensional yoga education. The Teacher Training Program and certification courses offered are deeply rooted in ancient yogic science and give participants a unique experiential understanding of yoga in its purity and brings about a deeper understanding of the traditional scriptures through the medium of Philosophy.

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    Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat In Germany

    Join Sri Sri School of Yoga on this relaxing yoga teacher training in beautiful Germany. The Sri Sri School of Yoga teacher training is guided by the teachings of the Yoga Shiromani Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and includes the various paths of yoga: Gyana, the path of knowledge Bhakti, the path of devotion and sincerity Karma, the path of selfless service Hatha, the path of determination and Raj yoga, the real path, without effort.

    Two Weeks Yoga Retreat

    Sri Sri School of Yoga 200H Teacher Training Overview

    This two weeks yoga and meditation retreat course is a great opportunity to spend some time at a calm and serene place like Rishikesh. This provides advanced practitioners to revisit their knowledge and develop some new skills in the guidance of experienced masters. The aim of this course is to inspire some self-reflection and observation.

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    Sri Sri Yoga For Kids

    Teaching yoga to kids is a uniquely wonderful way to guiding them into a healthy lifestyle. From a young age, they should be taught how to calm the mind and become more emotionally stable. Yoga helps them calm down and yet builds their strength. They love learning through fun and not through routine patterns, so yoga poses need to be specifically portrayed for kids to enjoy them.

    One Week Yoga Retreat

    Our one-week yoga retreats in the tranquil city of Rishikesh are best suited for those people who want to take a small time away from the crowd and hectic schedules of life and relax in the lap of nature. The spiritual theme of your small hideaway will ensure the best utilization of your time and indeed the best value of the family vacation.

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    Destination Of Yoga Teacher Training In Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Why? Because it has a magnetic beauty that you can never get tired of. Yoga training in Sri Lanka not only means improving yourself further as a yogi. It also means experiencing the vast climate diversity and rich culture that shape the country. Train to be a yoga teacher while taking the time to enjoy this destinations breathtaking relics and ancient monuments. It truly is an amazing spiritual journey.

    Stunning Sri Lanka, with its endless pristine beaches, lush rain-forests, colorful temples and perfect opportunities for surf, sea and sun is a hidden gem youll be glad you discovered before everyone else does. It is an alluring land filled with natural beauty, culture and uncrowded beaches and waves. From visiting breathtaking ancient temples, exploring wild jungles and exotic wildlife to being blown away by the sun setting over miles of uninterrupted beaches Sri Lanka will enthral and enchant you many times over.

    Ease of travel

    How To Reach In Sri Lanka

    Becoming a Yoga Instructor: The Sri Sri Yoga Teacher ...

    The easiest way to reach Sri Lanka is by taking a flight from India and reaching there probably on the same day of your departure. Sri Lanka has a busy international airport and it is called the Bandaranaike Internal Airport. Located in Colombo, Sri Lankan flights from the major countries of the world arrive here.

    Being a separate island country away from India, Sri Lanka is completely inaccessible by train and road. If you are traveling on a short budget, you can come down to any of the Indian cities that have flights to Sri Lanka by road or by train and board Sri Lankan flights from there. This will help you save on your expenses and do more when you are in the new land.

    There used to be ferry services from Chennai to Colombo that carried tourists from one country to the other at economic rates. However, the services were suspended indefinitely in 2011 for various reasons. Now, there are just a few ships that operate from Mumbai port that take you to Colombo on a luxurious cruise-liner.

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    A Desire To Help Others

    When it was time for the practicum, I focused on my intention to teach yoga to the best of my ability. I didnt worry that I wasnt the most flexible person in the room or that I was in my 50s. My focus was on my intention, and my intention had grown from accepting a challenge from a friend to strengthening a desire to help others.

    Without the three-week immersion into all things yoga, I might have missed that essential element.Im not going to tell you that the written exam was easy because I had all that I needed to pass it. It was tough, really tough. I hadnt taken a college-level exam in a long time . We had 2 ½ hours to complete the exam , and it took me the entire time. Yes, I remembered nearly all of the information, but I did get confused on some of the questions .

    Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh

    Sri Yoga Ashram- Yoga School in India offers residential, non-residential and affordable Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is fully in accordance with Yoga Alliance USA requirements and you will be given an internationally valid yoga alliance certificate after the completion of this course. After this course you will be able to practice and teach 200 Hour Yoga teacher Training Course all over the world in the most authentic manner and help spread the light of spirituality and peace. We mainly offers Hatha Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga TTC and Ashtanga Yoga TTC.The aim of Sri Yoga Ashram Rishikesh is to spread the light of authentic styles of yoga and prepare the practitioners and teachers with the same goal.Course Fee InclusionThe course is quite intense and requires full commitment from the students. The course fees include following services. Rooms with hot water, attached bath & toilet and unlimited free WiFi internet connection Three vegetarian meals for the total duration of four weeks Course books and course manual Cleansing material like Neti Pot, Rubber tube etc. Yoga Mat

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    Hour Yoga Ttc Course Objectives

    This course is an ideal choice for getting an intense look at the yogic way of life. This course is also a great option for advanced yoga practitioners as a short review to their long term practice. This course can create the spiritual spark in the life for everyone. If you feel that you canât attend the whole 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in one time because of lack of time, then also you can join our 100 hour teacher training course at two different times

    Tapping Into The Joys Of Childhood

    Sri Sri School of Yoga Teacher Training short video

    At the beginning of the third week, everyone in class began to look younger. It doesnt make sense, does it? After two weeks of lengthy yoga sessions, unpredictable weather, and long days, we should have looked haggard.

    But, we didnt.

    We all have those memories of the unbounded joys of childhood. Remember those? Our class collectively began to tap into those old memories of happiness, and the contentment of self that young children have before life gets rough. Tapping into those feelings of happiness made us feel and look younger. That lost eye twinkle was back!

    What could challenge that renewed youthful spirit? Well, Ill tell you whatEXAMS!

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    Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course

    The Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course enables a deeper understanding of our traditional scriptures. Through the medium of philosophy, Shat Kriyas , asanas , pranayamas , mudras and bandhas , and meditation, this course gives you a unique dimension to go deeper into the practice of Hatha Yoga.

    Our experienced pool of teachers impart primary knowledge of Hatha Yoga practices, using modern as well as traditional teaching methodologies. Armed with relevant tools and techniques of authentic Hatha Yoga practices, and effective guidance, your unique style comes out in both the practice and teaching environment. This, in turn, paves the way for acquiring further knowledge and training of this time-tested practice.

    This program is offered at the Sri Sri School of Yoga as a 10 day residential course.


    The joy of teaching

    “This was the most amazing and incredible experience of my life. The knowledge and wisdom of yoga that had a source in Patanjali thousands of years ago, came alive. Feel so rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit that I feel everyone who wants to go further should attend this program.

    My body has become so strong and my mind has become so equanimous. The physical asanas, meditations and yogic wisdom enabled me to experience such profound harmony and peace. Do not miss this opportunity which will transform you inside and out!”

    Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course : Glance

    ⢠Itâs a two week long course aimed to provide the great beginning to the spirituality. The course gives hands on experience to try all yogic techniques in a relatively short time.⢠The course is at an even pace providing intense training with relaxing body and mind. You get better health, enhanced mental peace, better sleep, emotional adjustment.⢠A new way of looking at the life that is full of hope, youth and excitement.⢠You will be living in a place close to nature among green mountains, river and in a company of wise & beautiful people. Live in a place of sages and absorb the positive vibes in your souls.

    • DATE : 02 Feb 2021 â 12 Feb 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 12 Feb 2021 â 22 Feb 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 02 Mar 2021 â 12 Mar 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 12 Mar 2021 â 22 Mar 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 02 Apr 2021 â 12 Apr 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 12 Apr 2021 â 22 Apr 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 02 May 2021 â 12 May 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400
    • DATE : 12 May 2021 â 22 May 2021 COURSE: 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training COURSE FEE: US$ 400

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    Hours Yoga Teachers Training Course

    The 200 Hours certificate Yoga Teachers Training Course is the foundation stone towards a fulfilling career as a yoga teacher. During this course, you, as an aspiring teacher, will come face to face with the fundamentals of this ancient science, taught in its most sacred form. This 200-Hour Yoga certificate course is not only ideal for those of you looking at becoming thriving yoga teachers but also for those who would like to scale the peaks of yogic wisdom in the near future. After successful completion of this training course, you will be awarded a 200 hours certificate from Sri Sri School of Yoga, which also qualifies you to register yourself at Yoga Alliance as RYT200 .


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