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Social Media For Yoga Studios

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Your Yoga Studio

Social Media 101 for Yogis

Nowadays, your yoga studio can experience more growth from digital marketing than with traditional means. You can no longer solely rely on traditional methods such as giving business cards or spreading your contact information through referrals or word of mouth. Yogis are spending much of their time online, and its vital to follow their lead. Coming up with marketing ideas to establish your digital presence sooner, rather than later, will help your yoga studio gain a competitive edge. The more time you have to develop your brand and spread it across your digital marketing platforms, the more leads youll receive.

64% of consumers will click on a Google ad when they are looking to buy items online

61% of consumers say theyre more likely to contact a local business if their website is mobile-friendly

74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement

71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals

55% of buyers do research via social media

67% of clicks go to the first 5 results displayed on search engine result pages

Got A Projectlets Talk

Lets look at some of the necessary factors for promoting your yoga studio through social media.

1. Choose your social media platforms wisely

Each social media platform has its own features. So choosing the right platforms allows you to focus on the marketing efforts for the preferred ones and achieve profitable results. It is not necessary to be present on all the social media platforms, what is required is to create an impact where you are present. For yoga studios, Facebook is a perfect option, and you can also consider Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But always remember that what matters is the way you present it, not the number of platforms.

2. Understand your audience

Each platform attracts different audiences. Having a good idea about whom you are targeting can benefit your marketing process. Before choosing a few platforms, try to define the audience you are targeting. It makes the process of choosing the right ones for your studio effortless. A social media marketing agency for yoga studios conducts in-depth research and analyzes the available information. And its easier for them to alter the strategy for a specific audience.

4. Schedule your posting

Creating a posting schedule helps you stay consistent. Having an idea about the best time for posting on each social media platform helps you reach out to a larger audience. It increases the chances of the audience coming back to your page or account and makes them consistently react to the feeds.

Hire an expert

Attracting New Gym Members Through Social Media

In order to attract members via social media, you need to make a conscious effort to be seen by NEW people, not just your existing circles or followers. Posting regularly is a good way to start, but its not enough. How will you get in front of new people if youre only talking to the ones who already know you?

Facebook is the largest social platform, yet the organic reach of posts is between 2% 6.5%.

This is pretty depressing. For every 100 people who follow you, between 2 and 6 will actually see what you post. Sigh.

So if you really want to attract NEW members, you need to invest in advertising or get people to share your content. Every time someone shares your post, itll appear in their friends newsfeeds, multiplying the number of people who see it. The , so thats an extra 7-22 people wholl be exposed every time its shared.

Attracting new members and clients isnt about getting likes. Its about providing valuable content, getting that content shared, capturing new contact details, and then following up.

Follow up

Here are some highly-effective gym social media ideas thatll help your club attract new members and boost monthly revenue

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Find Your Breath And Your Niche

The key to these yoga studio marketing strategies is to remain true to your studios mission, first and foremost.

If your studio focuses on studying the yoga sutras and incorporating them into daily life, your tone and strategy will be much different than the ashtanga studio down the street or one that specializes in prenatal classes.

Check Your Analytics/social Insight

Social Media Marketing Tips for Yoga Studios

Again, its not as difficult as it sounds. All you have to do is to verify the results of each content you share on your page to find out which posts got the most likes, retweets, comments or mention. Thats not all the analytics will also allow you to gain insight of your followers and discover more about their demographics, their interests and when they are most active online.After monitoring these statistics for a few weeks, youll better understand what your visitors appreciate the most and, therefore, what and when to share online.Where do you get this information? All major social networks already have an analytic feature included, and its also easy to directly examine the results of your content on tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Try these 5 social media tips and let me know your opinion and your social media tricks!

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Looking For The Best Online Yoga Classes Watch Your Favorite Ones At Home With One Of These Best Yoga Streams

Do you enjoy practicing yoga but find that todays circumstances prohibit you from your favorite studio or yoga classes? Looking for the best online yoga classes to have a daily yoga practice from the comfort of your home but unsure how? Or youve never contemplated yoga before but are now looking for streaming Yoga programs or innovative Yoga online classes to relieve all the tension from the COVID-19 scenario?

In any case, you can stream the best online yoga courses to support you with your yoga at-home practice! Nowadays, place, time, or convenience are not required to practice with experienced and knowledgeable teachers and take well-taught online yoga streaming classes.

So, how do you practice yoga at home? There are many quality Online yoga classes streaming platforms and yoga programs for yoga students to choose from, varying in quality, length, various video channels, yoga subscription models, etc. We have selected the best streaming yoga classes for you to pick the one that best suits you.

Heres what we found as far as your next virtual yoga class.

Yoga Studio Social Media Marketing

  • How to make your social media profiles professional, cohesive, and beautiful
  • Attract more students by mastering Instagram Reels
  • Understand what tools to use to create attention grabbing promotions
  • Access never ending creativity and up your story content
  • Start posting feed content that your followers want to see
  • Craft effective captions that engage your audience
  • Get fresh ideas and start utilizing cross-promotion
  • Simplify your life by using a content calendar
  • Think like a marketing professional and start using next-level strategies
  • Fine tune your social media marketing strategy and move forward confidently!

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Best Yoga Online With R20com/yogatoday

In this platform, you can watch LIVE Online Classes every weekday at 8:30 PT hosted by Tommy Rosen. The classes are donation-based and open to all.

Tommy is teaching powerful yoga techniques to detox, tone and strengthen the lungs coupled with movements to build immunity and meditation to calm the mind. He will move the energy through the body, calm the mind and help us connect with our spiritual center.

Cost: donation-based, with a suggested donation of $10.FB: @Recovery2point0

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

The Right Way To Use Social Media As A Yoga Teacher

Pick your platforms wisely. Consider which ones your yoga community will likely visit for information, then pick one or two to focus on. Its better to do a couple things well than to over-extend yourself and burn out.

Facebook still dominates the social media market with 2.4 billion users, so thats a good place to start. Because its estimated that by 2022 the number of videos crossing the internet per second will approach 1 million , you may also want to consider YouTube. Videos tend to be the most engaging content and are shared often.

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Grokkercom Yoga Class Online

Are you looking for a platform with experts to personally answer your questions and provide you with the information you need for your practice? Certainly, if you are a person who desires 1:1 communication and advice, Grokker is the best choice. With a rich website with a variety of content, Grokker users can not only access yoga videos but many other workouts and articles related to health. For example, HIIT workout sessions, plantbased diets, and delicious vegan recipes.

Above all, Grokker is free during the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice! The registration process is simple and it can be cancelled at any moment.. It also provides business plans formats for firms.

Free during COVID-19. Usually, 14-Day Free Trial. Monthly Fee: $14.99/month unlimited.Also, Read> > > How Much Do Yoga teachers Make?

Why Are Yoga Social Media Campaigns So Important

These days, yoga studios are on every corner. It seems oxymoronic to think of money making and yoga in the same sentence, but deep breaths and open hamstrings are not going to pay the bills. You can stay true to the core of yoga while still supporting your studio with yoga studio social media campaigns.

However, social media campaigns are more than just dollars and down dogs. Engaging with your students helps build your community. This results in strong relationships that last and students who bring their friends and family for classes in the future.

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Dont Link All Your Social Media Accounts

It will hopefully happen that your fans in Facebook will find your articles so interesting that they will want to follow you also on Twitter and Instagram. Thats great news, but it can become very dangerous if your fans realize that you post the same articles, at the same time on every single social media profile they have. If thats the case, it will not take long until theyll realize that is completely useless to follow you on other platforms.This isnt what you want, right?Then do not link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Twitter one otherwise, every post youll make on Facebook or Instagram will get twitted just with a link. Would you click on a link without even knowing what you are going to find on the other side?

These kinds of posts dont just appear sloppy they are also useless and not engaging at all. Remember that each social media has characteristics that you should keep in mind when you post: while on twitter you have to stick to 140 characters, you should be more descriptive on Facebook and dont forget about the hashtags on your Instagram posts! Going back to the editorial calendar, that is the perfect tool to realize what to post on each social media without creating duplicates.

Ads And Announcement Posts

Social media template for yoga studio. #yoga #socialmedia #yogastudio # ...

Via design software, you can create eye-catching posters for social media that lead your students to your classes. You can write about your studios promotions, events, workshops, retreats, again the world is your oyster. This applies to both online and live classes. Right here on Momoyoga, we can share our online classes via feed post or story. Its easy! Just copy-paste the link of the class youre offering and either instruct your viewers to click the link on your bio if you are using Instagram or put the link on your Facebook post. Another way is to instruct your viewers to shoot you a DM/ PM. Not only do they receive a personal message from you plus the link, but you have also made a first-hand connection. Speaking from experience, that goes a very long way. We also have options to share your class in Momoyoga so that you may acquire organic growth from us as a business. Check out our article if you need more information on this.

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Determine Your Yoga Studios Personality

It is important that you determine your studios personality before you start a marketing campaign and posting on social media. Many social media users expect that brands will have a distinct personality on social media, even if it is just a blog post on the benefits of yoga classes.

A good example of this is how Wendys brands its personality on Twitter. Wendys Twitter account got popular among consumers for their sassy comebacks to users Tweets. Consumers were excited to see what sassy comeback Wendys would Tweet next. This does not necessarily mean that you should start creating content with sassy comebacks. It is more so an example of a brand leveraging its personality for an increase in engagement.

Most business owners typically go for a professional personality. It is also important that on your yoga studio media account that you do not interact with any content that is not in line with your brands personality. Companies in the past have gotten into trouble for accidentally liking a tweet that went against the values of their brand.

The Future Of Yoga Studio Marketing

Focusing on digital marketing, firstly, is a much more cost-effective marketing tool. You can put out content and advertising online for a fraction of the price it takes to publish print material, and it can spread to a much larger audience. Social media and mobile devices have aided in the effectiveness of digital marketing, and this will only become more useful in time. If you want to keep with the current trends, developing a strong digital marketing campaign is the next step for you.

Hiring an agency to handle your marketing campaigns can also save you a lot of time and resources. As yoga studio owner, youre busy running your business, so let a digital marketing agency like LYFE Marketing take some of the pressure off. Running your studio is what you do best and what we do best is digital marketing. We can create a yoga studio marketing plan that is right for you, and we can handle all of your digital media marketing efforts so you have more time and resources to take care of your facilities.

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Social Media Strategies For Yoga Studios

Social media is a crucial element of any marketing plan for a yoga studio. Especially since two-thirds of adults in America have and actively use social media. It is important that yoga studios are able to reach consumers where they spend a lot of their time. Word of mouth is not enough.

Not only is it important that you are able to reach consumers, but yoga studios should come up with a marketing strategy so you can understand how to best leverage social media. This ensures that yoga studios are using social media in the most effective way to reach their target audience. Social media marketing also helps with search engine optimization. These 8 strategies will help you get the most out of your social media strategy.

How Social Geeks Can Help

How to Use Social Media as a Yoga Entrepreneur | Teach Yoga with Briohny Smyth feat. Virginie Duval

At Social Geeks, we know how much work running a business is. Thats why we are here to help!

Were the all-in-one business management solution trusted by health/wellness businesses worldwide. Let us help you manage your schedules, and client profiles, and much more! And while we take care of the other things, you can invest more time in managing your yoga business social media strategy.

Enquire now, no-commitments and boost your business today.

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Do You Teach Yoga Are Your Class Numbers Lower Than Youd Like Perhaps Its Time To Focus Your Efforts On Being Not Only A Great Teacher But Also A Great Yoga Marketer So That You Can Reach Anyone And Everyone Who Could Possibly Benefit From The Yoga Message Youre Offering

As yoga teachers, were in the business of service. We serve our students to the best of our ability and hope that the lessons we teach and information we impart make their lives richer, fuller and happier. Theres honestly no better feeling than when a student recounts how our teaching has changed their life for the better.

Yet, as much as we love to serve, were confounded when thinking of ways to increase our student body. Were brilliant at sequencing and weaving poetry into class, but we dont have a clue as to how to entice more students through the door.

Lets get one thing straight: your class numbers are not a reflection of the quality of your teaching. Even the very best yoga teachers on the planetTara Stiles, Sadie Nardini, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea or any other yoga goddess you admirestarted small. Its the only way to start!

However, if you want to take your teaching to the next level in order to spread your yoga message far and wide, you have to think about ways to connect and build relationships with current students as well as potential students. The primary way to do that is to meet them where they hang out: online.

Here are three social-media strategies that will serve and grow your yoga community:

I encourage you to think about ways you can start serving your students when theyre not on the mat in your class.

Pricing And Payment System

It is common for newer yoga teachers to just accept payment in person. This isnt a great idea. Why? For two reasons.

One, because its never a good idea to carry a ton of cash around! And two, because its a much smarter business move to have customers prepay. That way, you can reliably plan your yoga sessions.

We recommend having customers pay directly on your website. Read our guide to learn more about accepting payments with WordPress.

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Yoga Captions For Instagram

Going to the gym makes you sweat, yoga makes you graceful.

Yoga pants are here to stay. #yogapants

Say Yo to yoga and no to being unfit. #fitandfine

You dont really work out when you do yoga but you work on whats inside of you.

Yoga increases your focus, makes you aware, and flexibility is just a bonus.

Be prepared to learn some new tongue twisters in the form of Asana names. #IloveYoga

Work on your core, your life will straighten up itself.

Yoga brings you inner peace, makes you know yourself better.

Yoga is basically physical meditation. #yogalover

Yoga gets tougher as you advance, but your life gets easier with it.

Your one-way ticket to fitness and flexibility. #getflexible

Once you start yoga, you can never go back and should never let go.

If you can do yoga daily, you did not worry about your health really.

Yoga brings harmony between your body and brain.

Gym freaks build muscles, yoga people build strength. #yogafreak

Yoga mats and yoga pants have always been in demand.

All you need to start yoga is will power. #beginyoga

It will help you stand up on your feet, hands, toes, and even more.

The longer you do yoga, the stronger your core gets.

Makes you stern in life and flexible in the body.

There is no bad day for yoga. #yogadaily

Your body and brain will thank you. #yogalover

Do your body and brain a favor and start yoga immediately. #yogaIsTheBest

Yoga creates music in your body that your soul dances to.

The more flexible your spine, the younger you are.


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