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Should You Do Yoga Teacher Training

In The End Its All About You

Should You Do A Yoga Teacher Training?

Spend time reflecting on what you want and need. What would the best yoga teacher training in the world look like for YOU. What truly resonates and speaks to you deep within yourself? Take time meditating, practicing, even talking it out with teachers and friends. In the end, yoga teacher training is an incredible experience. Its well worth the investment and you wont regret it.;

What questions do you have about selecting a yoga teacher training program? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Ive got your back,Anne

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Teacher Training

Going into a YTT program can be intimidating. You are doing something new, different, and unfamiliar, and as a result, you may feel completely vulnerable. Its normal to have these feelings, but know that yoga teacher training will be one of the most transformative experiences of your life!;Heres what to expect in YTT:

Why Start A Yoga Teacher Training

At Ambassador Yoga we believe yoga is an anchor that helps people stay stable in a stressed out world. There are a lot of people who need yoga in their lives!; Yoga teachers bring joy and peace to all kinds of people, but we also know from experience that yoga teachers work hard and are often trying to do it all on their own.

If youve thought of running a yoga teacher training and just havent had the time to create the program, we are here to help!

The next phase of your Yoga Teacher journey is here.

Just think of how your career will change as a Trainer!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Once youve decided to become a yoga teacher, there are A LOT of things to consider. Besides the fact that youve got to do some serious inner work and introspection, you also need to choose the right teacher training program. Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to becoming a yoga instructor.

Understand The Inner Self

I Finished Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training But Should You ...

Yoga teacher training is a great way to know the real you. It is about being completely silent and feel the purity of your soul. In the busy and noisy environment of today, nobody has time for his/her life. In a Yoga TTC event, you have the hegemony over each and every moment of yours. There is no one to dominate you. You are the owner of your own body and mind, enabling you to understand yourself better.

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The Best Online Yoga Teacher Trainings Certification Courses 2021

Ok so now we have covered everything you need to think about before you go booking its time to take a look at some of the best online yoga teacher training courses that you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home!

This list is just a small selection of some of the yoga teacher training courses I have reviewed online, if you click the links to learn more you can read the full course information and you will also be able to contact the instructors directly to ask any questions that you may have.

I have not personally done any of these courses this is a round-up of courses from trusted providers with solid reviews.

Yoga Is Not Just For The Experts

Number one, being a yoga teacher is not about being able to do all the fancy, complicated poses, like headstand, or forearm stand, or some of the arm balances.

What its actually about is cuing, which means effectively using your voice to tell people what to do with their bodies, and compassion.

So cuing and compassion.

So dont get down on yourself if you cant do all the super fancy things, because really good teachers are about great cuing and being extremely compassionate and loving with their students.

After all, yoga is a form of healing arts.

This doesnt always come naturally to everyone and thats okay. You can develop it with hands-on experience and will likely learn it in your teacher training education.

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The Truth About A 200

You may be thinking to yourself everyones becoming a yoga teacher these days. Seems easy enough, right?

Well my friends, were here to demystify the whole 200-hour teacher training thing, the guidelines created by Yoga Alliance,;and whether or not becoming an RYT is necessary.

Well also run you through what the general curriculum includes and want to see you thrive.

More yoga teachers on this blue and green floating planet

means more people using the tools in their handy toolbox kit for staying calm, spreading peace, and connecting to one another.

After all, the health and wellness industry is booming and we know that yoga is at hot commodity right now. So its time we truly understand what goes into a 200-hour YTT and why it matters.

Without further ado

We present you a complete breakdown of the 200-hour yoga teacher training requirements and why they matter.

*curtains draw back as audience claps excitedly*

In this article:

Should You Do A Yoga Teacher Training

Should You Do an Online Yoga Teacher Training? Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It? Advice

Have you ever heard people say their yoga training changed their life, but they couldnt really tell you how? ;I have. And those people almost prevented me from completing my own training. I know youre like me too; you want to do a teacher training, but youre not sure. ;I want to share my story with you and give you concrete examples of how my life was forever changed by doing a 200-hour yoga teacher training. ;

When I started this journey, I wasnt exactly sure if I would actually teach yoga. To be honest, Ive done other teacher trainings and didnt stay committed to teaching. ;I couldnt help but think, will yoga be like all the others? I knew I loved yoga and wanted to know more about it, but I didnt see myself as a yoga teacher. Have you ever felt like that? ;Like you didnt trust yourself to actually use that thing you say you want?

What usually happens is we just dont do it. If we think we cant justify it with something logical other than you just want to, we tend to opt not to do the things we want to do. Or we opt out because we let the fear of failure hold us back. Taking a yoga teacher training did not seem like a logical next step. But I decided to do what I wanted to do instead of what I thought I should do. I have no regrets and I actually gained more than I expected. ;

The untrained mind is restless, constantly wandering here and there trying to fulfill its desires.

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Things You Should Know About Being A Yoga Teacher

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Whether you are a new yoga teacher, considering becoming one, or have been teaching yoga for years, theres always more to know and countless ways to grow.

But particularly when youre just starting out in your yoga teaching journey, theres a lot to know and learn. From anatomy, Sanskrit, and sequencing a yoga class, to marketing and building your brand as a yoga teacher, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Psst!! Did you know YogiApproved has an entire column dedicated to yoga teachers? Check out our Yoga Teacher Resources column here!

As an accessible starting point and from a yoga teacher whos been teaching and training others to become yoga teachers for decades, this article provides five key things you should know about being a yoga teacher.

You Will Deepen Your Spiritual Practices

The study of the Yoga Sutras, the chanting, and the meditation practices that will be brought into your life through your training will most likely help you to transform your spiritual practice. These are sacred tools that you can use in your daily life that will help you to connect to yourself in a deeper way.

No matter what your current spiritual practices are, there is a good chance they will be deepened through your training.

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Have I Been Practising Yoga For Long Enough

Often concerns that come up for potential trainees before they start a course is; Have I been practising yoga for long enough? Do I need more experience before considering becoming a yoga teacher? I cant do any advanced yoga poses, can I still train? To join a Yoga Teacher Training future students do not need to have years and years of experience on the mat. Signing up with an open heart and an open mind are the best two things to bring with you as this will also encourage you to embrace the teachings. There is no requirement to be able to fit both feet behind your head whilst balancing on one finger!

Ideally, you should have some regular practice experience prior to the course so that you are comfortable with some of the basic yoga postures. Physically, these training intensives can feel demanding at times so having past experience will help you get the most out of your training without leaving you too tired or too sore!

A minimum of 3 months of consistent practice will help you and your body prepare for the transformational journey ahead of you. Or, if youve been involved with a closely related fitness or sports training background this may also be an advantage to you, but this is not essential. If you are signing up to an Ashtanga or a Vinyasa Flow course it is useful to have participated in these styles of yoga beforehand as they are both dynamic and fluid forms of yoga.

You Will Find Your Inner Voice

6 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Do Yoga Teacher ...

When first learning how to teach yoga, its imperative to find your inner voice. It might sound weird at first. Too high. Too soft. Too rough. Too monotone. And all of that is OKAY.;In todays society with texting and email being the main form of communication, its all too often that we dont speak for hours. Its weird and unnatural. So when asked to speak in front of a group of people at your teacher training, it can be overwhelming and scary!;Its true you will have to get up in front of your YTT peers and lead them through a yoga practice. Dont shy away from this experience. Its a beautiful opportunity to learn, gain confidence, and grow independently and also alongside your peers.;During your training, find it within yourself to speak YOUR voice and project YOUR emotions loud and proud. In time and with practice, each person develops their unique identity. It might happen naturally or it might take months of practice.;Whatever the scenario, enjoy each hiccup, mistake, and loss for words. Its in those moments that you experience change, growth, and your transformation into becoming a yoga teacher.;;

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Great Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training

Maybe you have seen the flyer at the studio, talked with others who have participated in the program, or just find the idea of yoga teacher training intriguing. Yet, you keep talking yourself out of it. You make excuses as to why it wont work right now. You tell yourself teacher training is only for flexible students, those that can do impressive postures like handstand, or only for those that want to teach yoga.

What if those thoughts are simply holding you back from stepping into something extraordinary, even if teaching yoga is not on the horizon for you?

Think about what happens when you come together with other like minded individuals and share a yoga class experience. Theres a little magic in there, right? Now, take that and multiply it by a thousand and youre starting to get in the ballpark of what it is like to gather with a group of other high intentioned friends and share 200 hours of study, practice, and transformation. Need more? Here are 10 reasons why teacher training is right for you:

deepen your practice enhance your understanding of poses from the inside out and experience them in new and interesting ways. learn yoga anatomy, alignment and key actions, modifications and hands on adjustments.

focus on you teacher training is an investment in you; your health, and your growth. sure your responsibilities will still be there, but you just might find them easier to manage after some dedicated time for yourself.


Choosing The Right Instructor

200 hours, even spread out over the course of a year, is a lot of time to spend with someone. In addition to the time commitment, yoga teacher training can induce some pretty intense emotions and energy. Youll want to be certain you feel confident and comfortable in the guidance of your chosen instructor.

Is this someone youve learned and studied from previously? I highly encourage taking multiple classes from the teacher youre considering training with before making up your mind. Is their style something that resonates? How long have they been teaching? How many trainings have they run? Do you feel a strong connection to them? If you can answer these questions with raging positivity, then I think you have found your person.

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Build A Mailing List Asap

Step six is to start a mailing list.

Have a way that you can keep in touch with the people who come and probably really enjoy your classes.

To me, this is even more important than most other . It will help keep you top of mind so that when your network needs a yoga teacher, they know to come to you.

In Our Experience Their English Level Hasnt Stopped Any Of Our Students To Achieve Their Goals During Our Yoga Teacher Training

Why You Should Definitely Do A Yoga Teacher Training!

Whenever we had students whose English was weak, their determination to learn and grow, and the the discipline to work hard made up for that disadvantage.; Exactly this determination made it possible for those students to successfully complete their course. Often these students finish the course with better results than students who were very comfortable with the English language.

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You Want To Form Lasting Connections

The people you embark on this journey with will, at least for the duration of your training, become your family.; You are going through the same things, learning the same lessons, coping with the same insecurities, facing the same fears. This shared connection bonds you to your fellow trainees on a deeper level than you can imagine.; You will undoubtedly waver in and out of touch, and some people may leave your life forever but some of the connections you make here will last your entire life.

You Will Learn New Things About Your Body

Throughout your yoga teacher training, you will be led through several asana labs where you will get to fully dissect different postures and how your body expresses them.

I learned SO much about my unique physiology in my yoga teacher training that gave me a million tools to take back to my regular practice. I now have a much better understanding of what my body can do, and what adjustments I should make for myself in a practice that will serve my body.

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Can You Get Yoga Certified Online

It depends. The Yoga Alliance is the most well-known organization that provides an RYT certification, though they dont provide those certificates to those who graduate from an online program. The YA traditionally requires contact hours to qualify for an RYT certification. Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they temporarily allowed yoga schools to offer their programs online.

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Is An Ryt Certification Necessary

Why everyone should take a yoga teacher training course ...

To become an RYT you basically just pay flat out fees to;Yoga Alliance which come out to about $115 JUST for the initial registration. After that you have to keep paying $65 annually for maintenance.

Like clockwork.

You also need to continue your yoga education by enrolling in workshops, taking new classes and trainings to stay up-to-date with safe teaching methods.

Good news is you can still participate in a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training without having to register as an RYT, then having the option to register later on in the future.

Lets just say because someone is registered as an RYT doesnt mean that they are a qualified teacher.

It takes practice and dedication to be a good teacher.

Knowledge is power.

Our advice to you is to save your membership money and invest in more workshops & trainings instead!!

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You Will Discover Your Strength

In your yoga teacher training, you will be tested; your will, your ability to hold postures, your ability to focus, your ability to speak in front of people will all be strengthened and stretched. You will come out of the other side of your training feeling physically stronger, but also mentally and emotionally stronger too.

But Know That Your Reasons May Change Over Time

You may begin your course with the intention of teaching afterward, but halfway through find that the idea of teaching doing so isnt as appealing as it first seemed. And vice versa: you may think thats theres no way youll have the courage to stand up at the front of a class and teach but this can change too!;

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