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Should I Do Yoga Teacher Training

Get Certified In Cpr And Efac

Should I Do A Yoga Teacher Training?

Becoming certified in CPR and EFAC highlights that you have taken a step further to become a professional member of the yoga community. It is not necessary to take this step but it does come with the added bonus of professionalism. Your students will also feel safer knowing that you’re certified in administering first aid.

You should make sure to add the certificate to your certification folder.

Yoga Leaders Discuss The Explosion Of Teacher Training Programs Over The Last Decade The Pros And Cons For Students And Alternate Models For Students Who Wish To Deepen Their Practice

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The explosion of yogas popularity has resulted in a concurrent explosion of teacher training programscurrently the only widespread way to deepen a personal practice, even if someone doesnt intend on teaching.

In 2016, the most recent year for which official data was available, there were an estimated 70,000 yoga teachers and 4,300 yoga schools registered with Yoga Alliance.

Many in the yoga community worry that the prevalence of training has created an abundance of inexperienced teachers whose knowledge may never have been individually assessed. One of the founding reasons for Yoga Unify was to up-level the profession of yoga, by holding teachers accountable for the quality of their class, and honoring the tradition of transmission over transaction. We sat down with senior teachers and community leaders Greg Nardi and Selena Isles to discuss.

Selena Isles is a yoga and meditation steward, speaker, physiotherapist, and international DJ Seriousblack. Having lived with monks in Thailand, she has studied both Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, in the lineage of Sri Vidya. Shes the co-creatrix at Legendary Yoga & Wellness, and both her teaching and DJing have led her to stages from Lole to BCorp summits. She sits on the Yoga Unify Governing Council on Education and Qualification.

Yoga Unify : What are each of your personal experiences with teacher training?

You Will Forge New Relationships

There is nothing quite like going through the experience of a yoga teacher training and those you meet in your training will forever hold a special place in your heart. You will understand each other in a very unique way at the end of your course, and there is a good chance that you will make friendships that last a lifetime.

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The Best Yoga Teacher Training At Odyssey Mvmt

I personally did and recommend the 200-hour Bali yoga teacher training at Odyssey MVMT in Canggu. It covers all of the requirements I mentioned above and is lead by an absolute gem of a person and beautiful soul, Erin. Also, who doesnt want to do YTT in Bali?!

The course itself is what Erin describes as a heart-centred vinyasa yoga teacher training so expect lots of soulful flows.

Bali is a special place and is also a place where Hinduism is still widely practiced which yoga has its roots in so I believe learning yoga on an island with such a powerful connection makes the training that much more special.

The studio is a yoga/fitness studio that believes yoga and fitness benefit each other and incorporates fitness into the schedule to help you build strength. Pair that with the fact that Odysseys values are all about soulful movement, passion and connecting with nature and you have yourself a professional course designed for the modern-day yogi.

While there are many traditions in yoga, the truth is that yoga was never originally created for the everyday person. Odyssey has put together a yoga teacher training course that teaches you how to make poses more accessible for yourself and your future students while building strength and connecting ancient philosophic beliefs to the 21st century.

Email Erin at and let her know that I sent you or use the code online Taylor100. You can always email Erin with any questions about the course as well .

Requirements For Following A Yoga Teacher Training: Are You Experienced Enough

Why everyone should take a yoga teacher training course ...

If your goal is to become a yoga teacher, it can be quite intimidating in the on- and offline world of yoga. You might think of the endless stream of pictures on Instagram of perfect yogis or the amazing students you meet in yoga studios. Often social media shows you the yoga teacher as someone with an impeccable body and stamina that students can look up to. This is a misconception on what being a yoga teacher means. Teaching yoga and practicing yoga are two different activities. Someone who practices yoga in an advanced stage doesnt necessarily have the skills to be a teacher. Most of your students will never look like the famous yogis on Instagram, why should you be any different? Every person has their own limitations and every yoga teacher has difficulty with certain poses. By showing your own challenges, your students will relate more to your teaching and they will be more open to explore their own challenges.

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What Is The Cost Of Your Training

Yoga Teacher Training is not cheap. It doesnt matter how long or short the course is, its still going to cost you. Your yoga teacher training cost can range from $2,000 $5,000+ depending on many factors such as: on-site or off-site housing, meal plan, guest teachers, materials, special workshops, business of yoga training, etc.

If youre traveling for training, be sure you know exactly whats included .

What do you place high value on? What exactly are you looking to extract from this experience? Will being at home or away help you get what you want?

TIP: Many programs offer payment plans if you need it! Just ask!

Your Body Will Hurt You Will Feel Terrible A Lot Of The Time

The best practice youll have will be on day one. After that, its a downhill slide. If youre on a four-week immersion, itll go a little something like this

Week 1: Your body becomes stiff from the hours of asana and all the toxic crap being kicked out of your system.

Week 2: You feel like your practice is getting worse. You cry. Your body goes into healing-crisis mode as you clean out your closet.

Week 3: You are in intense pain! Sore muscles, sore joints, youre overwhelmed by all the information you have to take in, and stressed out by all the information you cant. You just want to sleep.

Week 4: You realise that you were stiff and sore because you were building strength. Your practice suddenly feels more solid. You understand that yoga isnt all about pulling poses.

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Teacher Training Is Exhausting

Physically and mentally. Ive practiced asanas several times a week, consistently, for at least a year now, and while this prepared me well for the physical aspects of training, an intensive month-long course still takes a toll. We meet six times a week from Tuesday to Sunday and get Mondays off. While we only have guided asana practice four times a week, there are readings, worksheets and lots of, how should I put this, digestion from the information overload. Im fairly certain our class contributes to more than half of the coffee shop next to the studios business.

Over the past two weeks, Ive been living, breathing and even dreaming about yoga. When Im not in class, Im either doing my readings and worksheets or thinking about sequencing and I have now had several dreams about internal and external thigh rotation, though Im told this is fairly normal. Sometimes, I find myself reciting the Gayatri mantra when Im walking down the street or doing my grocery shopping. Beyond this, there is a lot of thinking, reflection and study of the self that happens as a natural result of learning about yoga philosophy and theory in particular, yamas and niyamas have really hit close to home for me in terms of how I think about relationships with others and myself.

Long story short: Ive consumed way too much coffee over these past two weeks, but am loving every minute.

What Do Yoga Instructors Make

Should You Do A Yoga Teacher Training?

If you want to teach yoga, the pay depends on your experience and the studio. If you are teaching at a yoga studio, then it can be anywhere from $20-$80 per class. Private Yoga classes can be up to $150 per class. Some teachers teach online and get paid more because they do not have any time or place restrictions on when they practice their yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Considered as the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh has 50% of the Yoga Alliance accredited schools in India. The perfect time for visiting the city is February to April, and AugustNovember.

If you are coming for an authentic yoga experience, then you should avoid coming in July, since the famous Kawad Yatra takes place during this time. As a result, all hotels in Rishikesh remain crowded, and most roads are blocked due to regular traffic jams. However, there are some schools at outskirts of Rishikesh far away from crowded areas, you can attend training with them if July is the only month you can come.

Apart from July, May and June are also not recommended for those who dont like the hot weather, with temperatures touching +45oC. But if you like winters, try visiting this holy city in December and January. The weather stays relatively cold, with maximum temperature being around 15oC and the minimum around 5oC.

Keep Your Personal Practice

This is a simple process. You started doing yoga for a lots of personal reasons and it makes no difference if youre teaching yoga many times a day or a week. Those same reasons that you started yoga are still reasons you should keep your own personal practice.

One of the many things that happens when you begin to teach many classes is that you lose a sense of what is important that you.

You lose a sense of balance and you lose a sense of connection with your own internal voice but by keeping your practice youre able to know when youre running yourself thin and perhaps even helping you to avoid burnout.

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Your Priorities Will Change

When yoga takes over all of your free time and then spits you back out into the real world, dont be alarmed! As my trainer said, dont go out in the world and just spin around from one place to the next. I thought that word spin is so appropriate for the daily grind of life. Your personal practice will become a necessity. Eating habits will change, drinking and partying will be less frequent, shopping will be less important, and gossiping will no longer excite you. Its a big shift. It was a huge shift for me coming from a world of sorority sisters, materialism, and constant gossiping. I almost had to mourn for my old way of life. Now, I value this new way of living. Its sacred to me. Its special. Its who I am and Im so incredibly proud of it. And you will be too!

If Youre Considering Yoga Teacher Training Start Here:


If you are interested in yoga teacher training , I highly recommend starting by doing a lot of thoughtful consideration and research. First, identify what style of yoga you love and want to teach. Then theres the type of training based on your schedule, how you learn best, etc. Decide if you will do an intensive training or a more spread-out version. Research teachers, programs, and studios and try to meet with or interview them. And then commit to it! I know youre excited and already researching where and how and when to become a yoga teacher, but lets pause for a moment. What you wont find in the FAQ section or on the About section is this The Truth about Yoga Teacher Training. These YTT programs should come with a warning label:

Your life will be forever changed.

You will cry, laugh, and shed tears of joy.

You will do the weirdest shit ever.

You will lose friends but make new ones.

You will question your entire world.

You will become a better person.

You will be a yoga teacher.

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When Should You Get Certified

Yoga teacher training involves a lot of time and effort, and maybe even a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Choosing the right time to start should not necessarily be dependent on your yoga knowledge and skills. You can even use yoga teacher training to deepen your understanding of the practice without the intention to actually teach! What should factor into your decision are these questions:

  • How much time do I have to commit right now?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my certification?
  • Why should I complete the training now ? Why should I wait ?
  • What is holding me back?
  • How will I benefit?
  • What will I gain and/or lose if I begin training tomorrow?

Affords Deep Personal Practice

Yoga learning is in many ways a good practice to adopt but if you really wish to strengthen your personal practice you need to do yoga teacher training, which allows for more attention to detail. You will be able to grasp your physical, mental and emotional make-up and realise your true potential through the longer practice sessions. Yoga teacher training helps you to understand postures, their true alignment and the anatomy involved in each pose and the benefits a certain pose will have on health and well-being. Each individual has specific asana needs and the training helps you to learn what poses are suitable for which specific disease or organ in the body. So by doing yoga teacher training you not only get a stronger body but better emotional and mental development. In fact you could surprise yourself by mastering poses you thought you were incapable of even trying!

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What Do You Want To Learn Specifically

The 200-hour yoga teacher training will be the foundation of your training. While the curriculum varies from program to program, you will finish with knowledge of the practice of yoga, yogic philosophy, anatomical alignment, sequencing, meditation, and even building a business. Be prepared to study, complete assignments, and read. While in your 200-hour, take note of the things youd like to learn more about. Do you want to teach in prisons? Do you want to get certified to teach pre/post-natal? Are you interested in yoga for anxiety? Do you want to know more about anatomy? Once your 200-hour yoga teacher training is complete, you can pursue these more specific trainings.

You Will Gain Confidence In Your Abilities

Should You Do an Online Yoga Teacher Training? Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It? Advice

You will fall. You will stumble. You will fumble over your words. You will learn the art of picking yourself up, laughing it off and continuing on. You will walk out of your training with a new sense of how much you can do, how far you can go, and how amazing you areright here in this moment.

What do you think? Are you thinking of doing a teacher training? If you have gone through training, do any of these points resonate with you?

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Do You Want To Study Yoga Abroad Or Would You Prefer To Study Yoga Closer To Home

For most people this is the best option, its often cheaper and it offers you a completely immersive experience. This way you are away from all the normal distractions and able to be fully present. You can find some great flight deals on Skyscanner making studying abroad a great option. Take a look through some of the courses on Book Yoga Retreats to get an idea of where you could study.

If Youre Considering Yoga Teacher Training Step Off The Ledge

With yoga taking over the globe, its no wonder we want to deepen our practice. Big yoga superstars promote their exclusive trainings, exotic destinations host trainings year round, and local studios host a variety of their own too. Yoga teacher trainings are literally everywhere! Its a great phenomenon. Yes, the market might be a tad oversaturated, and yes some programs might not be thorough enough, but in the end, the main goal for each yoga practitioner is the same to know and learn more about yoga.

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The Desire To Learn And Teach Yoga Outweighs Experience

So what does it take to become a yoga teacher? What are really the necessary requirements for you to possess before signing up for a yoga teacher training?

First of all, you need to have a strong desire to learn. With this important ingredient, you can overcome any obstacles in becoming a teacher. There have been many cases to show this. For example, students who hardly speak English and completing their training with high marks. Another example is a student arriving to her training in crutches and finishing her training as an excellent teacher. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. This desire is also closely linked to your attitude. Often the less experienced yogis are the disciplined ones. They achieve the most growth and show the best results in their teacher trainings. Even a seasoned yogi is usually a beginner in teaching. This makes the teacher training challenging for anyone.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Which yoga teacher training course should I choose?

In your first YTTC, you will likely at least touch briefly on the restorative yoga magic that is Yin yoga.

Unlike restorative yoga, which utilizes props such as yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters to help students find release and open the body passively, Yin yoga uses a completely unique philosophy.

Yin yoga is focused on applying positive strain on the connective tissue in your body to create a stronger more resilient you, not simply stretching your hamstrings so you can touch your toes.

Because Yin yoga is focused on completely different functions in the body, it makes a wonderful candidate for a specialized training. Dive deep into the anatomy of your musculoskeletal system and become a Yin certified yoga teacher.

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