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Should I Become A Yoga Teacher

What Draws You To Yoga

Should You Become a Yoga Teacher? 3 Key Issues to Think About – Yoga Upload Vlog

One cannot truly commit to being a yoga teacher without finding passion in the meaning of their personal yoga practice. Flexibility and skill level are waaaaay less important to teaching yoga than having a keen ability to lead a yoga class of multiple skill levels through breathing techniques with spot on cuing.

Yoga Instructors On Your Yoga Teacher Training

Now that youve done some research on the style of yoga you want, its time to pick the school. Actually the teachers.

How many instructors will be on the course? Is it a one-man show or is it a group of teachers?

Some schools have over 20 C.V.s on their website and this can be confusing because you have no idea which teachers you will study with. Find out who will be your teachers and then see what their yoga practice is, their teaching experience, and how many teacher training courses they have done.

Read reviews about them, check out their C.V., see if its possible to take a class with them, or request a phone call with them. Follow them on social media, see if you resonate with them – dont get fooled by the numbers of followers they have.

The number means nothing in terms of their ability to actually teach. It just means that they put a lot of effort into their Instagram account and there is a big distinction between skilled yoga teachers and successful Instagram teachers.

Create A Business Plan And Budget

It can be all too tempting to just get out there and teach, but without proper planning you wont be clear on your direction as a teacher and business owner.

A business plan will be your guide when starting out as a yoga teacher, helping you to understand the market, your competitors, and where and who youre going to teach.

Its important to structure your business plan clearly and keep reflecting back on it to make sure youre meeting your goals. For more, read our guide to writing a business plan for a new business.

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Why Yoga Teacher Training Is Worth The Investment

I understand that YTT does not come at a low price so you really have to look at YTT as an investment in yourself both mentally and physically.

It will seriously improve your yoga as well as your life, how you look at it and how you act. Thats why I claim it to be a life-changing event.

If you want to be a yoga teacher then YTT is really an investment into your future job which will return the money to you.

If you want to do YTT to deepen your practice then youre going to get so much more than that and may even want to be a teacher after. Most people in my course didnt want to teach and after the course was done all of us wanted to teach.

Theres something magical that happens during the course and a transformation that youll feel from it that is difficult to sum up into words so youre just going to have to trust me on this.

That magic, that transformation, that knowledge is priceless. So really an investment is so much more than just the money, its about the experience of a lifetime and you cant put a dollar sign on that. Take my word from experience.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Yoga Certified

You Should Be A Yoga Instructor

This depends on the level of training that you get, including continuing education courses. It also depends on where you complete your training. A standard 200-hour immersion course will be about a month long, whereas your local yoga studio likely offers courses over weekends over the course of 6 months.

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Take Continuing Education Classes

There is a lot more to learn after getting your yoga teaching certification. You should continue to learn by attending classes, workshops and continuing education units . You can choose to learn about a different yoga practice that you are unfamiliar with or take a class that goes over the latest developments in your specialty. You should not underestimate the value of continuing education to your success as a teacher.

Is Becoming A Yoga Teacher Worth It

I would say yes if you want to teach and are open to whatever salary. Its good to be realistic, especially when youre investing thousands of dollars for a teacher training. If youre looking to expand your yoga practice I dont really think a YTT is worth it, unless youve got plenty of time and money to spare.

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If You Want To Pay Rent Its All About The Privates

Theres just no way that you can sustain yourself otherwise. Unless youre packing group classes and being paid more per head, Im not sure how youre going to pay the rent.

With private students, its all about selling packages of five or 10 classes. This is great for students because it helps ensure they’ll show up , and its great for the teacher because its a useful chunk of change you can pocket and budget accordingly.

You’re Going To Get The Best And Worst Of Two Worlds: Business And Spirituality


Most yoga centers I know are operated as a weird hybrid of business endeavor and spiritual community, and its a truly confusing mix. For example, theres often lots of talk about being family. And while Ive genuinely experienced an authentic sense of spiritual community and felt accepted and lovedwell, in my own family, I never really ran the risk of being fired.

Sometimes studios are quite business-like . Yet despite these business-minded strategies, Ive rarely heard of centers giving raises based on seniority, or paid vacations, or insurance, or even the possibility of being made a partnerthings that are pretty standard in other businesses.

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How Do Spin Instructors Make Playlists

7 Ways to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Spin Classes

  • Span a Wide Variety of Genres.
  • Throw in a Couple of Out There Selections.
  • Leave Out the Slow Stuff.
  • Choose Songs That Inspire.
  • Let the Participants in Your Class Help You.
  • Use the Music as a Soundtrack to Your Spinning.
  • Consider Themed Classes.
  • What Type Of Time Commitment Can You Make

    Obtaining a yoga instructor certification requires a significant amount of time to complete, typically beginning with a 200-hour program in a one- to four-month program. If you have decided that you would like to pursue becoming a yoga instructor, it is important to determine exactly how much time you can commit to pursuing certification while being able to meet your other commitments. If you have a flexible schedule, an intensive, full-immersion program may be the best fit for you. Under this type of program, you would meet and train every day to obtain your certification.

    However, if you work full-time or have other commitments that take up your time, then it may be necessary to enroll in a slower-paced course that is spread out over more time. In addition to the time you will spend physically present in training, it is also vital to account for the other time you will need to commit to the course such as homework, commuting time, and additional time spent practicing yoga at home.

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    Understand The Skills You Need To Become A Yoga Instructor

    Once you decide that you want to teach yoga, the first step you need to take is identifying the necessary skills. Here we profile some of the main competencies that teachers should demonstrate:

    Yoga ability

    Its no surprise that to teach others yoga, you need to be at a fairly high standard yourself. This is likely to mean a regular, consistent practice developed over a number of years, so that youve gained the practical experience and understanding that can be applied to your students requirements as well as the confidence to correct postures when necessary. Well explain the different levels of yoga teacher training that are available and the minimum requirements in more detail in the next section below.


    Teaching yoga isnt only about standing at the front of the class and moving through a sequence of poses for others to follow. Youre likely to be interacting with your students a lot, too.

    This could be friendly conversation before class begins, or responding to peoples individual requirements about their injuries, aims, or other requirements. So you need to be a person that others can relate to and feel at ease talking with.


    As a yoga teacher, you can create your own schedule and offering. This means youll need to be able to tailor your teaching style, depending on the location, style, and level of each class you lead.


    Computer skills

    Business savvy

    A Yoga Teacher Does Not Have To Be A Spiritual Guru

    Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India  World Peace ...

    Though yoga is a spiritual practice, you dont have to be very spiritual or a highly evolved person to be a yoga teacher. You can just be an Yoga Asana Teacher. Most people are initially attracted to the practice as a form of physical exercise and arent as concerned with the spiritual aspects. . . at first.

    Be authentic and show up as you are. Just as your students, your identity as a yoga teacher will evolve over time. Embrace the journey.

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    Format Of The Training:

    The training can be either over the weekends or in an intensive format. The weekend format is for those who cant get away for a long period of time. The intensive format is the format where you really feel immersed in the yoga journey, without distractions from work. You will also meet like-minded people and make good friends. Intensive training takes you out of your routine and into a deeper yogic lifestyle.

    Youre Going To Be Running Around All Day And Have A Really Weird Schedule

    When I was starting out, I took each and every teaching gig I could get. This meant I was sometimes working 17 hour days.

    I once taught a regular 5:30 am client, followed by 7am and 9am ones. I got up at 5am, and I was home by 11am . Then I had several free hours until my evening classes. Sometimes, my last class or private session would end at 10pm.

    I also became much more conscious of the weather, because I was going in and out of the elements all day long. There was something tremendously freeing about this, but it can also be perpetually exhausting.

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    Phd Kinesiology With An Emphasis In Exercise Physiology Ryt

    As a child who was raised among athletes, I have always loved playing sports and being physically active. Without hesitation, I studied Exercise Science for my undergraduate degree to gain more knowledge about human movement sciences. Then I went on to earn my Ph.D. degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology from Iowa State University. I have taught many courses in the field of Exercise Science. Throughout my education and career, I primarily focused on physical fitness, but truly felt there was a lack of connection and balance between the physical body and mind.

    Then I started wondering how to heal the distressed body, while also thinking about how to reconnect the body and mind. One of the solutions that I found was the study of yoga. As I started to practice more yoga, my physical body was able to start to connect with my mind, and ultimately, find the balance in between. Since then, I have loved practicing yoga, which lead me to earn the 200-hour San Diego Miramar College Certification of Performance in Yoga and the 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certificate to teach and spread the power of yoga to others.

    Lastly, I love spending time with my husband and our three kids. I love spending time outdoors, on the beach and in the nature in our sunny San Diego. I currently teach yoga activity classes at San Diego Miramar College. I hope you join the great journey of yoga with me and the rest of our program.

    Is There A Demand For Yoga Teachers

    Should i become a yoga teacher?

    A yoga teacher will be more in demand in different locations, especially in big cities. More demand means more job opportunities, but the cost of living may also be higher. Considering how easy it is to become a certified yoga instructor, the market is quickly becoming over-saturated with instructors.

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    Dual Ms Exercise Physiology And Nutritional Science E

    Yoga Professor – Sofie Blicher

    My first memorable experience with yoga was when I travelled to Goa, India in 2007. I instantly was drawn to the body and mind connection that yoga provides and as I returned to Denmark , I continued my journey with yoga. I evolved my understanding on the holistic human view as I completed my Bachelors in Psychomotor Therapy and Relaxation.

    My whole life, I have always been very physically active, horseback riding, sports, and competitive swimming, and I managed to make it my living sharing the passion for movement as I became a fitness instructor, and have been enjoying motivating people for the last decade. Fitness and exercise became such a passion of mine that I decide to expand my knowledge and completed my dual masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science at San Diego State University.

    All through my time as a fitness instructor and student, yoga was always with me. As yoga was always my sacred space for a physical challenge and increased body awareness, I decided to share that joy with others, and I completed my 200 hours Yoga Alliance certificate. I am eager to help others become physically stronger with a deeper understanding of their body and mind connection.

    Your Willingness To Learn & Intention

    Its important to understand that training to become a yoga teacher involves a deep commitment. If you are unable to devote the required time or energy, it will be a seemingly impossible goal to complete.

    You must be willing and ready to give it the time, energy and effort needed to learn the different poses, the related philosophy and the anatomy, and this is by far more important than your level of expertise.

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    Alignment Classes Of Asanas Learned

    The training should include Alignment classes. Lets say a school teaches Vinyasa Yoga. Which poses are found in most of the Vinyasa yoga classes? The alignment of these poses should be explained with

  • modifications
  • prerequisites
  • preparation steps and ways to get to the main goal of asana, etc.
  • Do you want to know how many yoga poses learned in his first Hatha Yoga teacher training? 12 poses! And of course, this was one of the reasons why he had to take another 200-hour yoga teacher training.

    In our 200-hour yoga training, you will learn alignment for 51 poses! Not 12, but 51 poses. The alignment classes are a game-changer on our trainings and always students’ favorite module.

    Youre Just Drawn To Do It

    6 Things Every Budding Yoga Teacher Should Know

    You dont know why but you just feel called. In fact, youve been secretly thinking about this training for a long time and your internet history is proof as its full of searches leading you to articles just like this one

    In free moments at work, you find yourself researching program tuition, maximum number of trainees, what the yoga alliance is, etc.

    Guess what?

    Thats your intuition telling you that you want to do a yoga teacher training! Its just taking your intuition time to convince your rational mind that its okay to take the leap, follow this voice, and trust that it will work out.

    Reconnecting with our intuition is a part of the journey of yoga, so if youre just feeling like you want to do it, its time to listen to your inner wisdom guiding you!

    There you have it! Howd you do?

    If a few of these resonated with you, why not take the leap and get your yoga teacher certification to become a registered yoga teacher . Remember, it doesnt mean you have to teach

    but if someday you decide to teach youll be ready and able! If you decide to take the leap, hold on for one of the most amazing and transformative rides of your life!

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    A School And Program That Includes:

    An ideal and holistic yoga teacher training course would have these five main components.

    Asana and Alignment

    Asana and alignment include the yoga asanas and correct alignments of the asanas. Good yoga schools have yoga teachers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in Asana and Alignment. Having a good yoga teacher makes a huge difference in the training experience.

    Philosophy and Meditation

    Yoga philosophy includes ancient scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, yoga sutra and Hatha yoga Pradipika which shed light on the profound wisdom and philosophy of yoga. Meditation is an essential aspect of every yoga teacher training program. So pick a yoga school that offers meditation classes.

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Anatomy and physiology is all about the human body and how yoga affects the human body. Any yoga teacher training course is incomplete without an in-depth study of anatomy and physiology.

    Shat Kriyas

    Shat kriyas are six yogic practices that help in the purification of the human body. Shat kriyas are mostly taught in advanced teacher training courses and are an essential part of the course.

    Teaching Methodology

    In teaching methodology, you will learn how to design a yoga class from start to end, which is a vital aspect of every teacher training. Here you will learn how to design creatively and technically sound yoga classes

    For the best yoga teacher training experience make sure the yoga school and yoga program you choose as these five subjects as its focus.


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