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Scoria World Yoga Mat Review

How To Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat

Scoria World Cork Yoga Mat Review | Sustainable, Eco-Conscious, Canadian Brand!

The good news is that the cork is naturally antimicrobial. It means that you do not need to worry about germs, mold, and mildew or frequent cleaning. Just lay the mat flat after practice to air dry. Of course, no washing machine needed.

If there is dirt or body oils, wipe the surface with a damp soft cloth wet in warm water. I consider these safe cleaning products a good option for an occasional mild cleaning of your mat surface. These safe cleaners will not only give you peace of mind, but also help you save your money.

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In My Opinion Scoria Yoga Mats Perform Very Well

This cork mat comes in two thicknesses 3.5 and 4.5 mm. My cork yoga mat is 3.5 mm, because back then Scoria made only 3.5 mm non-toxic yoga mats. The mat rolls well, is not bulky, and has no smell. When it was new and just out of the box, it had a tiny bit of smell which dissipated quickly. When four days later I was doing the childs pose, there was no detectable smell any longer. I did detect some smell when I pressed my nose against the rubber backing. But it is not something you would do under normal conditions.

Scoria yoga mats grip better with sweat, and, thus, are excellent for hot yoga. Therefore, for colder practices, it is good to spray the non-toxic yoga mat with water until you are warmed up. I do not do hot yoga and felt that spraying water was not necessary as the mat was not slippery. But I might be not doing the yoga poses that require extra support, so use your own judgement.

All in all, I am excited about these non-toxic cork yoga mats by Scoria, a Canadian company, by the way. So, whether you live in the US or Canada, Scoria will ship these healthy yoga mats to you. They also carry kids yoga mats with beautiful, unique, and creative artistic designs.

In addition, the founder, Yara Kamal, is passionate about making a difference. She cares about health, the environment, and social justice. With every purchase, they give 10 meals to hungry children.

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Scoria Cork Yoga Mat Consists Of Cork And Natural Rubber

Scoria yoga mats have cork as the top layer and natural rubber as the backing. Cork is the best material for me as it provides the cushioning and support I need so much. Plus, there are no known health or environmental concerns associated with it.

Unfortunately, cork mats without backing are unlikely to stay in place they will slide. That is why backing is a must. Some other cork yoga mats, e.g., Yoloha, use synthetic rubber backing. As a petroleum-derived material, synthetic rubber may contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals .

Therefore, I was happy when I found a Scoria cork yoga mat with natural rubber backing. Though not perfect, natural rubber is much better than synthetic rubber. Indeed, it is not a petroleum product, and, reportedly, is biodegradable.

To make rubber, harvesters make incisions in the bark of rubber trees. Then they collect latex fluid into vessels in the tapping process. After that, they turn the fluid into rubber by adding vulcanizing agents and chemical additives. And, as I mentioned above, we do not know what those agents and additives are.

While natural rubber is not ideal, it is the only natural material I know of they use for backing. Again, natural rubber is a much better choice than synthetic rubber. Besides, you are not going to face the natural rubber side as it is used only as backing.

Slip Or Grip 3 Yoga Instructors On Cork Yoga Mats

Scoria Blossom Cork Yoga Mat

Were no strangers to yoga mats and their grip factor. Our initial reactions were somewhat apprehensive: How can this smooth-to-the-touch mat have any grip? But cork, as you may have noticed with that bottle of Merlot, is super absorbent.My sweaty yoga session was a success, and the 4mm Cork Leaf Mat was there for me through thick and thin. Literally. The cork texture provided a soft, subtle extra padding . I could also seamlessly transition from upward dog to downward dog a definitive, telltale transition in terms of slip n grip-ness.Amodrns own Bianca Cheah seemed sold on the concept after a few sessions

When I love something, I pretty much stick to it. But since the cork yoga mats have been making a bit of an entrance in the Amodrn office, I had to try one. I trialed them over a few practices and was super impressed. I expected them to be slippery, but they kept me upright and in one place. Would I recommend? Totally, and my favorite part is that theyre eco-friendly. Win, win!

For Kate Kendall, it was all about transitioning

I like it because its easy to roll over the toes from chaturanga to upward dog, and again to lift up and slowly roll over the toes to down dog. It helps me build more core strength by transitioning smoothly.

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Are Cork And Rubber Sustainable

When I hear the word cork, I automatically think of cork stoppers for wine bottles and cork boards for messages. Associating cork with a yoga mat was a strange idea for me and made me wonder what cork and rubber really were and how sustainable they are.

  • Latex being harvested from a rubber tree
  • Image by Simon from Pixabay

Some Facts About Cork

  • Cork is harvested by stripping the outer layers of bark from the Cork Tree or Quercus suber.
  • A tree must be at least 25 years old before it can be stripped and then can be stripped every 9+ years from then on.
  • This process of harvesting cork is sustainable as it allows cork to regenerate on the tree.

Some Facts About Natural Rubber

  • Unlike synthetic rubber, which is made from chemicals, natural rubber comes from a treeHevea brasiliensis to be exact.
  • Natural rubber is made from the milky white liquid from plants . This milky white substance is called latex.
  • Being a natural, plant based product, natural rubber is biodegradable. Depending on the item made with natural rubber, it is not guaranteed how fast the item will degrade.

Before Writing About Products I Research Them Using A Five

To begin, I have been doing product ingredient research since 2012. Before I write about any product, I research it thoroughly using a five-step approach. One of the steps is to research the industry and the manufacturing processes to understand a product better. Thus, this information helps me see potentially unlisted contaminants in a product and harmful by-products of the manufacturing process.

When I study ingredients, I rely on scientific databases such as the Cosmetic Ingredients Review and the OSHA Occupational Chemical Database. As for the EWG database, it has its limitations. Therefore, to make the most of it, it is a good idea to know how to use the Skin Deep Database the right way.

Additionally, as a part of my research, I actually test some products for an extended period by using them myself. This cork yoga mat by Scoria was one of the products I tested along with several other mats. To learn about numerous mats I have tried and looked into, read my Non-Toxic Yoga Mat Guide. I placed Scoria yoga mats into the best category because, I believe, cork is the best material for a yoga mat. And here is why.

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Free Shipping On Orders $80+

Scoria’s cork mats are the world’s first ever cork yoga mats for kids. A non-toxic environment for our children can make a big difference! So, we wanted to bring them a 100% natural play and yoga mat.


Our kids mats are 13″ shorter than our standard adult cork mats, and 1″ less wide.

  • Cork and natural tree rubber backing
  • One of the safest mats for kids
  • Made with natural cork and backed with natural tree rubber
  • Cork surface that naturally resists mold, mildew and bad smells
  • Sustainably harvested, without harming or cutting down the tree
  • No PVC, PER, TPE
  • Sweat-loving grip! The wetter the better, encourage kids to play with water and spray their yoga mat to enhance grip qualities
  • Mat strap included for FREE!
  • Best for family and kids yoga classes. A great play mat as well.
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty. Please read our policy and what it includes here.

Possible allergens natural rubber latex.

Scoria Gives

Every purchase makes an impact! Portion of proceeds empower Indigenous youth through play-based education promoting healthy living and life-skills ~ learn more

Dimension: 59″ x 23″

Weight: 2 kg

About the art
Use & Care

Always roll CORK side out.Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.To clean, simply wipe with a cloth, a little soap and warm water.Not machine washable.

What Are Cork Yoga Mats Made Of


Scoria World yoga mats are made out of two materials. The top layer of the yoga mat is made from cork and the lower layer of the mat is made from natural rubber. These two layers are fused together using high heat and a natural water based eco adhesive. Some of Scorias yoga mats have designs and these are done using water-based, non-toxic inks.

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Sustainable Gift Guide Physical Gifts

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1. Scoria World Cork Yoga Mat and Accessories

Whether it is for someone who regularly does yoga or has just started working out at home like me, these yoga mats are extra special. Not only are they non-toxic and made with sustainable materials, but they also have beautiful and fun designs on them. If youre shopping for a parent, there are super cute matching adult and child yoga mats that could make an adorable family gift. In addition to yoga mats, Scoria World has a number of yoga accessories and clothing items.We have a full review up on our blog about Scoria World cork yoga mats if youd like to learn more about them. Read the full yoga mat review here: How Good Are Cork Yoga Mats? A Scoria World ReviewShop Scoria World Products here: Scoria WorldSave 10% off your purchase with coupon code: SIMPLELIFE10

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2. Abeego Food Wraps

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3. Beach Eclectic Reusable Straws

4. Castile Soap

5. Reusable Cotton Pads

Other Materials Include Plastic Rubber And Fabric

The most common material some manufacturers use is polyvinyl chloride . Personally, I would not use a PVC yoga mat because of potentially harmful substances involved in its production. Feel free to read my PVC Yoga Mats post to learn how they make PVC and why I prefer to avoid PVC products.

Then, there is thermoplastic elastomer that has become popular in the yoga mat industry. However, it raises my concern because, in essence, it is a blend of undisclosed ingredients. In my post about Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats you will learn more about the TPE material. You will also find out which TPE yoga mat I have tried and did not like.

Next is natural rubber made from rubber trees, but the manufacturing process involves adding vulcanizing agents and chemical additives. We do not fully know what those agents and additives are. In 2015, a German magazine published a test that revealed that two natural rubber yoga mats contained carcinogenic nitrosamines. This means that it is possible for natural rubber to contain nitrosamines, but only a lab test can confirm that. Also, natural rubber normally smells of chemicals.

And, finally, there are plant fibers, such as cotton, hemp, and jute. Their downside is that without backing they are slippery. And the backing material is usually rubber either natural or synthetic. I described my experience with them in my Non-Toxic Yoga Mat guide.

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Motherhood: A Fine Balance And Scoria World Review

Ive heard many times over the past few years that balance isnt real or attainable in motherhood, that it is one of those words we throw around and say that we either have or dont have. Well that may be true during some moments, motherhood throws things off for sure, and brings about immense changes. But I think that if there is imbalance then we must also be able to find balance too. I dont think that Ive found it yet and I also dont think that when I do it will hold any sense of permanence but I do think that there are seasons of balance in our lives and times when we feel out of balance. My hope is that I can find my own sense of balance within the current season or stage of my life.

Motherhood has been one of the most life altering stages of my own life, and while I cant speak for anyone here, this completely makes sense to me from a logical point of view. You go from living your own life completely independent to caring for someone who is completely dependant on you things obviously change a lot. As a result of this some of the things that were a regular part of my life and that I loved like practicing or teaching yoga, got a little lost along the way.

When I met Yara, heard the Scoria story idea and found out that the images on the mats were inspired by children and that the proceeds from sales went to such a great cause I was hooked. I was so excited to purchase my own mat and share this story with all of you.

Spark The Child Within

Mandala Cork Yoga Mat

Our children love yoga, but also they enjoy interaction. This mat brings forth kindness. When you are playing on this natural mat, you invite your friend to sit with you and to enjoy games, stories and so much more. This mat encourages good mental and physical health. The attention to detail, the high quality and the eco friendly mantra are what make this mat not only a product to help your child or yourself learn yoga, but it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Choose more and choose Scoria Cork Mat.

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How Do I Wash A Cork Mat

Washing a cork mat is easy! You dont have to worry about throwing it into a washing machine. You simply have to wipe the surface with a soft cloth and water . The ink on the cork mat is safe, non-toxic and it is also water based. Remember to lay the mat flat to air dry. Mild soap and water will clean it because the cork is naturally an anti microbial and does not need regular cleaning. Store in a dark place. It is easy to roll up and take to your next fun adventure!

A Yoga Mat Alternative

After a year of pandemic eating in 2020, I started to work out at home a lot more this year. I was on such a roll that I actually wore out my yoga mat! It was an old thing Id had around for years and, honestly, I hadnt thought much about replacing it until it started to shed. I began finding little flecks of purple plastic all over my living room from my plastic mat. Those little bits of plastic were what gave me a wake up call to what my mat was made of. And it made me want to search out an alternative to the mats I see readily available. Thats how I came across Scoria World and their cork yoga mats. I purchased one of their yoga mats because I was motivated to try out a natural, more sustainable yoga mat option.

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