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Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

The Course Is For Anyone Who Loves Children And Has A Passion For Yoga

Kids Yoga Teacher Certification at Jericho House

Parents attending the course can find new ways to connect with their children, and share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity with their families.It is ideal for anyone who wants to expand a current related profession or learn a new one!

Please note:You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the course, but you must have 2 years yoga practice.

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Online

As Ive mentioned in my other posts, online is a great forum to get your yoga teacher certificate. Many of them contain interactive components and have live support from the instructor.

The self-paced learning format works great for some people. You will be taking in a lot of information, so being able to go back and review certain things could definitely be a benefit.

The length of the online trainings can vary. Some of them work like an immersion and include the 95-hour minimum. But, some are more in-depth and include the full 200-hours needed for yoga teacher certification.

Many people considering a specialized training might already be working with kids, which makes a flexible program perfect. Even before you complete the training, you can start to apply some of the techniques that you learn.

Teaching yoga to children may seem challenging at first, but it is just taking a different approach than you might take in a regular yoga studio. But its a wise professional move as a yoga instructor as research continues to show its positive impact on child development. Parents, educators, and social workers alike will be searching for childrens yoga classes and mindfulness for children. Not only that, but school teachers will also be expected to learn certain yoga and meditation practices that they can bring to their classroom and lesson plans.

Plus, its also just a lot of fun.

How You Can Take The Training:

You can earn your 96 Hour Certificate or Individual Modules with Young Yoga Masters in two ways:

  • Mostly Self-Paced Training
  • Mostly Live-Zoom Training

Each training offers a unique blend of synchronous and asynchronous to meet the Yoga Alliance requirements. See the details below.

Note: In-person training has been paused until further notice. Join the Newsletter to find out when it resumes.

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Our Online Program Is Suitable For:

  • Yoga teachers who would like to add kids yoga classes to their schedule
  • Professionals who work with kids , and would like to bring the benefits of yoga to kids.
  • Parents who would like to share the benefits of yoga with their own kids

At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion in the Childrens Yoga Teaching

Heartfulness Yoga: How To Lead A Successful Children’s Yoga Business

Yoga Child Teacher Training, 95 hrs, Level, I, II, and III ...

Heartfulness YogaLearn How to Establish and Run a Successful Children’s Yoga Business

I have just finished the training, but I feel I will really miss our meetings It was a magical time! Not only the training allowed me to build a clear and structured picture of what a children yoga class should look like and what wonderful themes I can incorporate in the lesson to empower children to flourish, but it also allowed me to gain something on a deeper more personal level connecting with like-minded people and learning more about Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Mindfulness etc from Irina a person who is not only teaching yoga but also living yoga was truly inspiring experience in itself!


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Little Flower Yoga Comprehensive Certification Program

Little Flower Yoga is an organization dedicated to helping children thrive through yoga and mindfulness practices that help prepare them for a happy life.

Since 2006, this organization has provided engaging yoga practice and mindfulness services to schools and incorporating these skills and practices in the classroom.

LFY offers a Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program that focuses on deepening your own yoga practice first so that youre able to teach future students from your own experience.

Other certifications often focus on ways to keep children entertained and engaged, incorporating worksheets, crafts, and games into your yoga classes. This particular course focuses on the emotional and educational elements of teaching children yoga.

Through this course, youll learn a variety of skills like how to effectively integrate yoga mindfulness into your classes, how to teach compassion and other behavior management tactics, and how to first deepen your own yoga practice.

Here are some positives of the Little Flower Kids Yoga Course:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of child development and behavior
  • Participate in a well-structured and creative course meant to keep you engaged
  • Work completely at your own pace. There is no required time of completion
  • Certified by Yoga Alliance

Definitely check this course out if youre interested in learning to teach kids yoga and compassionately engage, communicate, and connect with them.

Ramapo Yoga Teacher Certification Program

Ramapo Yoga Teacher Certification 200 Hour

Community members and Ramapo students who wish to expand their job market skills, who also wish to enhance their overall health and well being, may wish to pursue the 200-hour yoga teacher certification to develop a working knowledge of fundamental yoga concepts, practice and teaching methods.

Ramapo is a Yoga Alliance certified school and this certification meets Yoga Alliance specifications. Yoga Alliance is the major certifying body for yoga teachers in the U.S.

Mandatory Free Yoga Teacher Certification Orientation *

is required prior to signing up for the Certification Program). Please register to attend the Mandatory Free Yoga Teacher Certification Orientation.


Location always: | 642035165

Join by phone: +1-415-655-0001 US Toll. Access code: 642 035 165

*If you are interested in learning more about the program but are unable to make any of the Mandatory Free Information Sessions, please contact .

  • Six intensive weekend sessions offered only in the fall semester, addressing yoga anatomy and physiology, an extensive foundation in yoga pedagogy, yoga technique, and ethics and lifestyle.
  • Three additional weekend yoga workshops that that include topics such as more in-depth exploration of various branches of yoga, childrens yoga, and exploration of the classical understanding of the subtle body.
  • Who Will Benefit from Yoga Teacher Training Certification?

    Program Timeline*:

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    How The Program Works

    95 Hours Towards Your RCYT Certification

    To become an RCYT with the Yoga Alliance, you must successfully complete both a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and a 95-hour children’s yoga trainingin either orderthat are registered with Yoga Alliance. As a RCYS registered with the Yoga Alliance, our RCYT certificate program will provide you with the 95-hour training you will need toward this requirement.

    On Zoom These Training Are Online

    How do you become a Kids Yoga Teacher?

    Our Registered Children’s Yoga School training offers 5 Modules. You can choose to take each module individually or take all 5 to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher .

    • Learn how to create more FreedOM in your life, while making a difference for generations to come!
    • Receive practical knowledge on how to share yoga with kids
    • Bring more peace into your life and to children of all ages
    • Learn a comprehensive program that reduces stress and changes lives
    • Set yourself apart from the crowd of teachers
    • Have access to dozens of resources
    • Be a part of a growing compassionate community of teachers and leaders from 3 different women run businesses here in Colorado
    • This training can count towards continuing education requirements with Yoga Alliance.


    • Receive practical knowledge on how to share yoga with kids
    • Bring more peace into your life and to children of all ages
    • Learn a comprehensive program that reduces stress and changes lives
    • Set yourself apart from the crowd of teachers
    • Have access to dozens of resources
    • Be a part of a growing compassionate community of teachers and leaders from 3 different women run businesses here in Colorado

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    Meet Your Teacher Trainers

    Carrie Rice – Owner of Youth Yoga School, Sift Yoga, E-RYT, RCYT, licenced Indiana Teacher, wife and mother of 3. Carrie loves pretty much everything about teaching yoga to our youth. The magic in each youth yoga class just keeps bringing her back. She is a natural born teacher who loves to share her gifts with other like minded souls. She cant wait to meet you and help you come into your own light as a Youth Yoga School Certified Childrens Yoga Teacher.

    Do I Need To Have My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification To Take This Course

    No, this course is open to anyone that is interested in sharing the gift of yoga with children. This includes, yoga teachers, parents, teachers, OTs, PTs, EVERYONE!! This course will teach you how to encourage the best in your children while also making a difference in the lives of the youth in your community.

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    Get Certified To Teach Yoga And Mindfulness To Children And Teens

    Lan Lan Yoga RCYT Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher Training is an immersive 95-hour online program designed for anyone who loves working with children or teens. No prior yoga or teaching experience is needed to attend the program.

    Our program stays true to the spirit of yoga, both in principles and practices. We also introduce a modern curriculum design & methodologies while also discussing better business practices to empower you in creating a successful business.

    Upon completion of our program, you will be certified as a Yoga Educator with Lan Lan Yoga and eligible for Yoga Alliances RCYT certification.

    Yoga International: Yoga For Kids Certification Course

    Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program

    Yoga International provides a variety of content catered to anyone passionate about the yoga community. They offer online yoga classes taught by expert instructors, many of whom focus on a specific niche like vinyasa, meditation, or restorative.

    They aim to provide an inclusive community for anyone looking to grow in their yoga practice. And that also includes offering a variety of training courses for anyone looking to become a yoga teacher.

    They offer a Yoga for Kids course where you can learn how to teach yoga to kids in many different age groups, from how to teach 3-year-olds to 14-year-olds.

    Here are some benefits of taking the Yoga for Kids training course with Yoga International:

    • Only takes 4 hours to complete
    • Budget-friendly at $129
    • Taught by passionate Yoga International professionals
    • Unlimited access to course even after completed

    This course is great for anyone who doesnt have the time to spend on a 30-hour course but still wants a quality program taught by professional yoga instructors.

    Another large benefit is becoming part of the Yoga International community. With so many amazing teachers, the content available, and a strong mission and values, youll be gaining even more by learning how to teach kids yoga through this online course.

    The wide range of ages youll learn to teach will also give you an expansive education so that you can teach more students of all ages.

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    Become A Yogios Teacher

    Coming soon we will online workshops for Continuing Education credits!

    Founded by Elizabeth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP, the Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® Registered Childrens Yoga School weaves theory and practice to provide a strong yet playful foundation with which to bring fitness and wellbeing of body, mind and heart to youth, teachers, professionals, parents and families from a variety of abilities and backgrounds. As an official Registered Childrens Yoga School and Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance, the trainings you take with us can be applied toward the 95-hour Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher credential or CEUs. You also can take one weekend module to earn a certificate to become a Kids Yoga Instructor.

    Learn More About Yoga Break For Children Training And Resources

    Learn how to do effective yoga practices with children to teach them essential self-regulation skills for a healthy and successful life. Receive ready-to-use, year-long children’s yoga program.

    Choose a Full Course orIndividual Modules

    54 cards organized into 7 themed practices. You can use these cards to lead yoga breaks in the classroom, teach complete classes in a yoga studio, do yoga and play games at home.


    Receive ready-to-use kids yoga lesson plans and worksheets organized into themed monthly units! It is for children’s yoga teachers, educators, parents or anyone doing yoga with children.

    50% OFFSelected Units & Bundles

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    Can You Get Certified To Teach Yoga Online

    The short answer is yes, you can get certified to teach yoga online. But there are a few things you should know before you get started with an online kids yoga teacher training.

    Yoga for kids training courses are widely available and can usually be completed at your own pace. I recommend Pretzel Kids Certification Course+Pretzel Kids Teacher Association .

    How Do I Become A Child Yoga Instructor

    Kids Yoga Teacher Certification

    Kids yoga teacher training courses teach instructors all they need to know in order to feel confident guiding kids through different poses and principles of yoga. To become a child yoga instructor, the first thing you should do is think about where youd like to teach.

    Is there a school, daycare, or yoga studio that offers classes to kids that you might want to apply to?

    If so, the first thing you should do is research their requirements for hiring kids yoga instructors. Each yoga studio, childrens daycare facility, and school will have different requirements for hiring a yoga instructor. Some places may require a certification or the minimum number of teaching hours, but this isnt always the case.

    While some locations may not have specific requirements, if you want to indicate that youre serious and dedicated to teaching children yoga, a certification from a reputable yoga organization or studio is highly recommended.

    People interested in becoming childrens yoga instructors often start by getting their feet wet and teaching yoga to kids at a nearby studio or school. Its common for new yoga teachers to seek out more and more training in order to deepen their knowledge and yoga practice even more.

    Therefore, it may be a good idea to teach kids yoga at a studio for a while, and once youre ready to take your instruction skills to the next level, sign up for an intensive kids yoga teacher training course.

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    Can I Teach Yoga For Kids Without Certification

    You dont need to get certified or register with the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga for adults or kids. However, it is highly recommended, and often its difficult to get hired as a yoga teacher, unless you have taken a teacher training course.

    In order to become a professional yoga teacher, here are our best suggestions:

    I do recommend at least some sort of training if youre going to be working with children, and Pretzel Kids offers a great course that takes just 12 hours instead of 200!

    Keep in mind that teaching yoga to kids is more than just putting on fun yoga videos for them to follow. Young kids, especially toddlers, can be difficult to work with if you dont have the passion or patience required for the job. So, make sure you enroll in a childrens yoga teacher training program that will help you become a successful yoga instructor

    Most kids courses usually cover:

    • How to calm children down
    • How to create a fun experience for kids
    • How to run and manage a yoga class

    These are the basics that you should know if youd like to be an amazing youth yoga teacher.

    Heres what you should know when choosing a kids yoga teacher training class.

    The 5 Best Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online

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    Teaching yoga to kids is a wonderfully fulfilling job that can make a big difference in the lives of your students. Teaching yoga to kids can also be a fun and exciting job that involves a lot of hands-on activity rather than sitting in an office chair all day.

    To become a quality yoga instructor for children, finding the best training program is important. The top 5 kids yoga teacher online courses are:

    But each course differs in curriculum and structure, so its always good to do as much research as you can before enrolling in a course. Keep reading to learn more about the top training courses for teaching kids yoga.

    Article Topics

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    Santosha’s Online Children’s + Teen’s Yoga Training Course

    The Santosha Yoga Institute has provided classes, trainings, and retreats for almost 14 years. Theyre dedicated to making yoga certifications and teachings fun and fulfilling for everyone whos passionate about yoga.

    Thousands of yoga teachers have graduated from Santosha Yoga Institute and gone on to find success.

    The Childrens and Teens Yoga Training Course by Santosha teaches students the yoga postures, meditation practices, and teaching skills youll need to help your future students feel safe and have fun during their yoga class.

    Youll also learn how to plan out your future classes with a flow of sequences as well as other teaching methods that are appropriate for different children of all ages. This is an interactive training course that helps you connect with the mind and attitude of a child so that youre able to lead them through a yoga class with confidence and joy.

    Here are some benefits of getting your kids yoga teaching training at Santosha:

    • Take the class online at your own pace
    • Taught by yoga experts with a high level of teaching experience
    • Includes interactive workshops and classes

    Make sure to check out what past students have appreciated about Santoshas kids yoga teacher online course here. You can also check out the modules and checkpoints that will make up the curriculum of the training.


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