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Have loved Red Dragon since I started there 10 years ago. Moved away and am now doing virtual classes because they are so good.

I love Red Dragon! All the teachers I’ve had are very different yet equally wonderful. I attend virtual power yoga and whether it is with Ed, Lori, or Anna I always love the class – and the energy they bring to it.

I love The Red Dragon teachers so much. I have been doing yoga for 30 years, and luckily have also known Stephanie for 30 years. During the pandemic, I joined the Red Dragon community from across the country for virtual classes. The classes helped keep me sane, healthy and happy, and I cannot express my gratitude to the RD community in words. Love this group of teachers, and the whole community radiates compassion and joy. Thank you Red Dragon!

Too Many People Feel Unhealthy In Their Life

Constant pain and overwhelm prevent us from living the best life. With strong yoga and fitness classes at Red Dragon Yoga, youll experience feeling more confident and see how accessible it is to feel more alive.

At Red Dragon Yoga, we know that you want to feel healthy from the inside and out, to get in shape and feel connected to yourself. You may feel stuck and self-conscious. We believe being healthy in mind and body is accessible to everyone. We understand it can be daunting to start something new. Weve guided over 10,000 people like you with our powerful, beginner friendly yoga and fitness classes.


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