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Red Dragon Yoga Mill Valley

Red Dragon Yoga Was Consciously Designed To Provide You With The Ultimate Yoga Experience In Every Way

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We know that you are looking to step away from your desk and into a safe space. Red Dragon Yoga is consciously designed to make you feel safe, comfortable, and ready to move. You will feel totally comfortable practicing with us whether youre on your mat in your living room or with us in the yoga studio.

We have enhanced protective measures that promote social distancing, cleaning procedures, and revolutionary ventilation for air filtration.

The San Rafael studio has an advanced HVAC air filter, which has been adjusted to nearly match oxygen levels outside actively purifying the air. Our advanced ventilation system is keeping you SAFE. It filters air & brings in fresh oxygen into the studio. The CO2 and Oxygen levels are being measured and when the CO2 gets to a certain level, immediately the air gets filtered out. Red Dragon Yogas system is set up to mimic outside. For redundancy, we also have an air scrubber machine inside the studio.

Here You Will Develop Strength And Resilience For Navigating Lifes Twists And Turns

Watch your health and vitality soar while staying grounded, stable and balanced. Its time to step into your power, to uncover and sustain a newfound joy. Unleash your laughter, add your smile to ours and glow like never before.

Welcome home, feel more alive.

At Red Dragon Yoga, we believe in:

These classes offer us time to come back to ourselves and feel centered, calm, and balanced.

Red Dragon Yoga Reviews

I have been coming to Red Dragon Yoga off and on about 7 years. More seriously for about a year.Its obvious the students take the practice seriously. The same faces can be seen in many different classes during the week. That level of dedication speaks volumns about the studio the classes and the teachers. People dont just come back day after day week after week for years if they didnt feed their souls here. Ive done some of my deepest healing on myself during the Bikram Classes. Those old hidden wounds can be resleased and if your self aware you will know it when something shakes loose during class. Wether students are aware of it or not allot is happening on so many levels beyond just the physical.I am grateful to have been introduced to Yoga at Red Dragon and the handful of teachers that help me grow and develope my practice.Over time i have made friends with many of the other students and i have often felt like it has become a sacred safe haven for the yoga family who truly make Red Dragon what it is. That healing energy comes from every one in class and i am grateful for that as well.I am Man enough to know that many women in the same room can create a very powerful healing space. Thank You divine Goddess!I cant wait to come back to class.Rick

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About Red Dragon Yoga

Red Dragon Yoga and Stephanie Schreiber team up with an impassioned troupe of instructors to lead students toward mental and physical health.

  • Classes include a lineup of hot yoga , Power yoga , Yin Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates. Their dual locations swirl with balmy temperatures to loosen tight ligaments and help students ease deeper into the tension-relieving stretches. The warm air pricks beads of sweat on shoulders and brows while flushing out toxins.
  • Environmentally Friendly: With an eye on preserving the environment, both studios are scrubbed with nontoxic cleaning products each day and feature textured rubber floors and fresh-air ventilation systems.
  • Awards: named Red Dragon one of the city’s best yoga studios in 2017 and 2018, and Pacific Sun named the business one of the city’s best in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Too Many People Feel Unhealthy In Their Life

Video On Demand  Red Dragon Yoga

Constant pain and overwhelm prevent us from living the best life. With strong yoga and fitness classes at Red Dragon Yoga, youll experience feeling more confident and see how accessible it is to feel more alive.

At Red Dragon Yoga, we know that you want to feel healthy from the inside and out, to get in shape and feel connected to yourself. You may feel stuck and self-conscious. We believe being healthy in mind and body is accessible to everyone. We understand it can be daunting to start something new. Weve guided over 10,000 people like you with our powerful, beginner friendly yoga and fitness classes.

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