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Private Yoga Instructor San Diego

Kelly Derouin Ryt 200

San Diego Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training

Kelly has been a student of yoga for 10 years. Also a professional singer and actor, she initially began delving into the practice in order to stay in shape, expand her breath capacity, and sharpen her concentration onstage. However, the practice of yoga transformed her in ways she never expected. It gave her the tools to feel at peace within her body and mind, to feel confident and powerful in expressing her truth, and to refocus her purpose in the world. Motivated by the desire to connect, empower, and share this with others, she enrolled in the YTT program at Pilgrimage of the Heart where she completed her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour certification in 2017. Kelly is honored to share the joy of this transformative practice with students of every background.

Welcome To Yoga One San Diego

Our mission is to help you enjoy a healthier, happier life!

We offer a variety of yoga styles and levels in a welcoming and positive environment led by experienced instructors who teach optimal alignment and breathing, as well as mindfulness, strength and balance on and off the yoga mat.

In addition to facilitating the well-being of thousands of private individuals, Yoga Ones instructors have also assisted companies, schools, organizations, social groups and residential communities looking improve the health of their associates. Contact us to have Yoga One at Work for you.

We look forward to sharing the joys and benefits of yoga with you. Please always feel free to . We strive to share the practice of yoga with depth of knowledge, heart and integrity.

Namaste, All of Us at Yoga One Enhancing well-being since 2002

Allow Yourselfto Rise Above

At Sun Chaser Wellness the primary goal is to bring each client to a point of relaxation that will allow them to excel in their lives. Need to get away? Come visit us at one of our beautiful treatment rooms at EnVision Personalized Health. Want to stay home? Allow us to bring the spa to you to the comfort of your own home!All services are offered either at EnVision Personalized Health wellness center, or in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Each interaction is handled with the utmost level of professionalism. Each and every body on this planet is different and requires a different mixture of tailored services. If you are constantly on the move, stressed, or experiencing pain or discomfort – book now! Trust and allow us to take over while you let go of your concerns during your next session.

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Dual Ms Exercise Physiology And Nutritional Science E

Yoga Professor – Sofie Blicher

My first memorable experience with yoga was when I travelled to Goa, India in 2007. I instantly was drawn to the body and mind connection that yoga provides and as I returned to Denmark , I continued my journey with yoga. I evolved my understanding on the holistic human view as I completed my Bachelors in Psychomotor Therapy and Relaxation.

My whole life, I have always been very physically active, horseback riding, sports, and competitive swimming, and I managed to make it my living sharing the passion for movement as I became a fitness instructor, and have been enjoying motivating people for the last decade. Fitness and exercise became such a passion of mine that I decide to expand my knowledge and completed my dual masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science at San Diego State University.

All through my time as a fitness instructor and student, yoga was always with me. As yoga was always my sacred space for a physical challenge and increased body awareness, I decided to share that joy with others, and I completed my 200 hours Yoga Alliance certificate. I am eager to help others become physically stronger with a deeper understanding of their body and mind connection.

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Integrative Om

Hello! My name is Alex and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and Environmental Studies in 2017 from a small liberal arts college in Michigan. During college, I played lacrosse and I was also a part of my schools Athletic Training program. While I was growing up, I lived a very active lifestyle. I played every sport I had time for and I loved to be outside. Later in life, this passion for movement translated to a will to help others feel more active and mobile in their lives like I have had the privilege to do in my life. I am excited and humbled to be a part of such a friendly and knowledgeable team. As PT Aide, I hope to bring my passion for Physical Therapy to the table to help others achieve their physical goals. I spend most of my time rock climbing, surfing, backpacking through the wilderness, and simply getting to know the beautiful and vast world around me. I have many hobbies but most of all, I love being active outside and learning all I can along the way. Cheers!

Hi, my name is Lanie! I was born in Arizona and currently study Kinesiology and Psychology as an undergraduate student at SDSU. I love to be active! I grew up running competitively and I now waterski for my school. In my free time I like to surf, hike, camp, meditate, read and paint! In the future, I hope to help people improve their health both physically and mentally! I am super excited to join the welcoming and supportive Catalyst team!

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Jessica Wales Ryt 200

Jessica began practicing yoga in 2002 during her college years. She immediately felt the benefits of finding a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit and is committed to sharing that passion with others. After receiving her B.A. degree Jessica worked in social services for seven years. She became credentialed with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher , specializing in Hatha and Vinyasa and later completed training in Restorative yoga. Jessica facilitates a safe place where you can explore and unfold layers of your practice. She will encourage you to move and breathe with awareness to find balance in body and mind. Jessica believes yoga is for everyone and provides options and modifications for all levels, she encourages others to listen to their bodys wisdom and be playful with their practice. Jessica strives for a peaceful experience which will flow through the rest of your day.

Courses Tailored To All Levels

Our courses and teachers have adapted their programs to meet your level whatever it is, beginner, advanced or expert.

They will accompany you in the most consistent way possible to help you progress in this sport with personalized follow-up during and outside of lessons via the video exchanges included in our services.

  • A sweater and socks for relaxation
  • A towel

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Take Yoga Lessons In San Diego

Whether you have a passion for yoga or are practicing yoga for stress, or even Prenatal Yoga to prepare you for that big day, yoga will help you master your everyday life and teach you to live in the moment.

Superprof is a great place to start! Match with our verified yoga instructors and begin your yoga journey in no time.

The most common reason given by beginner yoga students for deciding to take yoga classes is the need to learn how to relax. In our hundred-mile-an-hour world, stress is becoming more and more prevalent.

This has become more and more evident with the emergence of digital screens like smartphones, computers, and television.

The everyday pace of society and demand has made the importance of learning to de-connect and re-connect with the mind and body so important to our personal growth and well-being.

Yoga is an excellent way to bring balance into your life! Sign up with a Superprof yoga instructor and find out for yourself!

What To Wear To Yoga Class

Private Yoga Class at Buddhi Yoga La Jolla

Most women prefer to wear tank tops or a sports bra that’s made of a cotton and lycra blend when they do yoga. Loose tee shirts and underwire bras are usually a no-no because they have a tendency to get in the way of movement.

For the bottoms, most women prefer to wear tights. These comfortable and stretchable pants will provide you with a full range of movement and allow your instructor to check your alignment. For slower-paced classes, you may be able to pull off wearing long skirts or stretchable harlem pants.

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Ms Organizational Management With An Emphasis In Project Management Bs Interior Design Ba Psychology Minor In Theatre Dance E

Yoga Professor – Amore St Ives

Amore has the roots of the Pacific Northwest and the spirit of the Southern Coast. She spent many of her formative years exploring the healing powers of nature in Portland Oregon that initiated her love of untethered travel and learning. She went to school at The University California – San Diego, The Art Institute and Ashford University to follow her passion for people, movement and art. Currently she holds degrees in psychology, interior design, theatre dance and a Masters in management. In 2001 she served in the Peace Corps, Ghana Africa as a health and sanitation teacher to local villages. Upon returning from Africa Amore was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases ankylosing spondylitis and ulcerative colitis. This has only activated a deeper yearning to learn and share her experience and knowledge as a collective community of healing.

Her mission is to share the depths of connectivity and consciousness through the teachings of yoga to her students and beyond.

The Catalyst Yoga Method Way

* For physical therapy patients

  • 1. You are referred to our yoga team by your PT.
  • 2. One of our awesome yoga instructors will meet with you during your PT appointment to learn what your needs are, where you are on your healing journey, and the health and wellness goals you would like to reach.
  • 3. With this information we will create a tailored, personalized yoga sequence just for you, and lead you through your 1 hour introductory session.

* For general interest in private yoga

  • 1. Contact us via phone or email
  • 2. Well set up an initial assessment + introductory session for you.
  • 3. Our yoga instructor will design a specialized yoga sequence just for you, and will guide and mentor you on your new yoga journey.

After working one on one for a period of time and doing your homework , you will be equipped to transition into group classes.

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Be Your Strongest Self Physically Emotionally Spiritually

Discover the Power of a Yogi.

Join us for our private yoga, athlete therapy yoga, group yoga, youth yoga, healing yoga, and yoga sculpt classes. Our classes can be held at our small studio, outside at a park/beach, or we can come to you. We take our students through a series of Asanas moving breath to movement focusing on building strength and releasing stress through client customized postures. Set to great playlists, students leave class feeling strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually. HERE to watch our video.

Private Yoga in San Diego

Private And Group Lessons Are Available In San Antonio Book A Class Or Call 210

Private Yoga Sessions

In a private consultation, well work together to identify your greatest strengths and also the weaker areas that will benefit the most from a strength yoga practice. Learn what works best for you. Learn yoga as it was intended for your body, at your own pace, and fitness level.

Working privately with Marti, I have been able to improve my form and technique and understand the mechanics behind the poses. Instead of weakening my skeletal structure by doing inappropriate poses for my body issues, Marti has shown me modifications that help me build strength where I really need it, in a safe way. Jan, 54

  • Feeling low energy?
  • Wanting to try yoga but have a lot of questions?
  • Looking to build strength, flexibility, and give your body the attention it needs?
  • Seeking weight loss?
  • Need to manage stress and gain clarity?
  • Need a safe practice, a bridge to get back into exercising?
  • Have a busy schedule?

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Sign Up For Yoga Lessons In San Diego Today

San Diego’s climate and location make it an ideal city for living an active, outdoor lifestyle. So whether you wish to achieve yoga confidence in the space of your home or meet up with a Superprof instructor in Balboa Park in a group setting, the benefits of taking yoga lessons are huge!

If your goal is to de-stress, get exercise, or balance out your crazy work-life schedule, yoga is the perfect physical exercise and can help you stay thin, slim down, tone your body and strengthen your muscles.

However, the benefits of yoga are not just physical: yoga can help an overweight person on a mental level, giving them the mindfulness to better accept their body, leading to lower stress levels that are helpful in losing weight.

So take a lovely scroll through our qualified Superprof yoga instructors, find a profile that fits within your schedule and needs, and get started on yoga lessons today!

We recommend taking a look at past student reviews to help inform your decision!

Your future self will thank you!

Jackie Stenzel Ryt 200

My journey on the path of Yoga began in 2005. After my first yoga class ever, I felt a sense of inner peace and rejuvenation that I had never experienced before. The physical practice of breathing and moving through asana brought me out of my mind and into my heart, and I felt a deep connection to my spiritual being. Yoga soon became a daily ritual to cleanse my mind, energize my body, and nourish my soul. This transformative practice has helped me break down barriers of ego and self-imposed limitations, and opens me up into a limitless space of possibility where my spirit can thrive! I had to share this beautiful gift with the world! In 2009, I received my 200 hour R.Y.T. at Corepower Yoga, and I have been teaching and continuing to learn more about this ancient practice ever since.

Through the powerful tools of deep breathing, music, and moving meditation, my classes are a creative fusion of elements to awaken your soul and ignite your spirit. I truly love witnessing others experience these beautiful transformations that occur on the journey of Yoga that we share, and it is my intention to help guide you, the student, on your path of healing, growth, and self-discovery in whatever way best serves You. Namaste.

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Why Everyone Needs Essential Oils

  • Treat anxiety, depression, and reduce tension.

  • Find emotional grounding.

  • Treat stomach aches, headaches, acne, and other skin disorders.

  • Helps with insomnia.

  • Uplifts moods and releases negative thoughts.

  • Increase your spirituality.

Meet Your Instructor

Natascha first fell in love with yoga in 2011. Shortly after she completed her 200 RYT teacher training in 2012. She then decided to take her training and certifications to the next level through sculpt teacher training. She is also level one and two Reiki certified. She believes Yoga and Reiki are a gift and that they give us the chance to focus internally reconnecting with intuition, heart, and spirit. Her intention as a yoga instructor is to help guide students to connect with their most powerful selves and to cultivate a sense of security and peace from within.

Unsure What You Need Or How To Proceed

KUSI-SD: Miramar College Offers Yoga Instructor Classes

Just as you want to know if we can help you, we want to be sure our team will be a good fit for your particular needs. Call or fill out a form below to get in touch with us and have your questions answered.


  • one on one instruction
  • yoga sequences tailored to your unique and specific needs
  • explanation of benefits and purpose behind each posture
  • smooth progression and advancement toward a deeper practice
  • adjustments and modifications to make postures more accessible without pain
  • a deeper understanding of body awareness, and improved form
  • deep stretching and strengthening that compliments an active lifestyle preventing
  • injury and maintaining healthy alignment
  • access to our team of practitioners with over 50 years of combined experience

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Do Yoga Classes Cost

The average cost of single group sessions at yoga studios across the country is $15 to $20. For private yoga training, you will likely spend between $30 and $70 on each lesson. Yoga classes mostly take place in a group setting, and the price per class depends on the location, yoga teachers knowledge and experience, and years of teaching.

Kaitlyn Nelson Ryt 200

I grew up very active and used exercise as a way of coping with symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. I was introduced to yoga at a young age and immediately fell in love with the practice of asana and pranayama as a relief for my own mental health. I graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2012 with a degree in Psychology and went on to earn a Masters in Social Worker from San Diego State University in 2014. I have been working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since and have been using meditation and mindfulness practices with the populations I work with. It felt natural to take the next step and attend the 200-hour YTT program with Pilgrimage of the Heart in the fall of 2020, not only to deepen my own practice, but to use what has helped heal me to inspire others in their healing journeys.

I am passionate about empowering others to find their inner peace and self-worth through the wonder and magic of the practice of yoga. I aim to inspire confidence, compassion, and mindfulness into my classes and broaden the accessibility of yoga. I enjoy teaching all-levels students and a variety of styles including gentle, restorative, hatha, and vinyasa classes. I am a native San Diegan who loves being outdoors and staying active. I enjoy exploring nature, hiking, watching sunsets, going to live concerts, reading, advocating for social justice, and being with my beloved pets.

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