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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Massachusetts

Yoga Teacher Training The Salty Buddha

Ma Yoga Teacher Rachelle Shares What Moves Her About Teaching Prenatal Yoga

Training Modules include teaching styles and sequencing, alignment and anatomy, trauma-informed teaching, the chakra system, Pranayama, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, diversity and inclusion, and anti-racism in wellness, chair yoga, kids yoga, the business of yoga, yin, restorative, Vinyasa and so much more.

Bhavana School Of Yoga

Bhavana School of Yoga Teacher Training RYT-200, RYT-500, RPYT, Yin Yoga … Yin Yoga Training . Yin Yoga emphasizes stillness and relaxation, to allow deep opening of both body and mind. It’s just what we need during these times! Gain Yoga Alliance CEUs as well as tools for your own practice. … and Jenn Andrews, MA, your hosts and guides …

Yin Yoga Teacher Class Training & Immersion

Yin Yoga Teacher Class Training & Immersion. In this self-paced, Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion, you will learn 40+ yin asanas, receive 5 yin practices and learn all you need to know to teach yin yoga safely and effectively. 25 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours. Start Your Journey Now.

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I Tried To Make It As Easy As Possible For Busy Yoga Teachers To Take A Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Or Get Their Rpyt Certification:

You can take our affordable modules in any order, and take 3 years to do them

You will be assigned amentor to support you on your path

You can host ourtwo on-site trainings the rest you do on your own time and virtually

Once youve completed The Yoga of Pregnancy & Postpartum prenatal teacher training, you can apply for support in starting your own Mama Circle

You will use the essential womens yoga practices and principles immediately and for a lifetime

Join us in our vision: a Mama Circle in every village in the world!

for your free 30 minute Prenatal Dreams and Visions call to discuss the program and different career possibilities.

Throughout the training period and after, you will be in partnership with an open-hearted, loving group in which we will act as midwives for each other as we give birth to ourselves as wise, powerful, nurturing women teachers for mamas.

Looking forward to finding out how I can support you on your path!

Here We Have Broken Down Our Top Pre

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

First Trimester

Modified Warrior Poses can be done on the knees

Open Twists Leave Room for the Belly

Modified Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

Second Trimester

Camel Pose is a great option

Upward Dog at the Wall is a nice modification

Side Lying Savasana with a bolster

Third Trimester

  • In this stage of prenatal yoga teacher training we focus on the third trimester.
  • Faster pace classes may begin to feel challenging in the third trimester. Yoga practitioners may experience shortness of breath, discomfort, and fatigue.
  • It may be best for students to focus on prenatal and restorative poses at this stage.
  • Good time for pranayama and meditation. In pranayama, avoid any retention of breath, and no breath of fire.

Supta Baddha Konasana or Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Restorative Poses for 3rd Trimester

Childs Pose is a great restorative option

Article written by: Tess McGrath, Director of Operations at CRSMT and 200-RYT Yoga Instructor

Tess is a 200- RYT yoga instructor who studied with Peggy Kelley and completed her yoga teacher training in Costa Rica at the CR School of Yoga. She served first as a teaching assistant for the program. She teaches yoga classes at the massage school in Samara as well as to the local youth. Tess is also a licensed massage therapist who is passionate about body movement and leading an active life.

Our 200 Hour certification is yoga alliance approved and includes prenatal yoga teacher training as well!

Complete the form below to learn more:

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$443 / $399 Get $44 Off By Registering Early Up To Two Weeks Before Training Startsto Get Your Early Bird Discount For Prenatal 1 Use Code Ravenprenatal1early At Checkout

The Prenatal 1 weekend is packed with super fun, strengthening, inspiring practices to support us in the dance of co-creation, whether were pregnant with baby or ideas therapeutic alignment and sequences to address specific physiological and psychological changes for each trimester and insights you can use to help yourself or claim the wisdom, power, and love of the Divine feminine within.

Learning to step into the co-creative flow of the divine feminine will help you approach EVERY creative endeavor in your life in a new way. You will learn to delight in co-creating, and deepen your understanding of how this can help you support any mom-to-be.

No interest in teaching prenatal is necessary just curiosity about how the body changes throughout the process, and in how we can shift our thinking so these changes help us sit deeper in the freedom and grace of the heart space. Many women have taken it simply to expand their knowledge, explore personal issues around pregnancy, labor, and motherhood, and support their clients with new tools.

If you do choose to take it as a teacher training, you will learn that pregnancy can be a doorway for so many of your students to their highest Self, and how to guide them through the threshold. You will receive a certificate at the end reflecting how many of the 12 hours you completed. You will also be part of our private Facebook Ma Yoga community, where you can always ask questions and receive support along your path.

Taught By Jessica Jennings Ma Yoga Certified Teacher Trainer

Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RPYT founded Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond in 2009. With over 12 Mama Circle locations and teacher trainings all over the world, Ma Yoga is now a growing, global tribe of teachers, birth and parenting professionals, and moms and moms-to-be. Ma Yoga incorporates therapeutic, alignment-based practices and principles to help women learn to transform the challenges of pregnancy into opportunities to step into their own wisdom, power, and nurturing energy. Jessica loves training teachers to use birth as their guru to discover their own co-creative powers, on and off the mat!

Email Jessica at for your free Dreams & Visions call if you have questions about the training, or about becoming a Ma Yoga® teacher.

For questions about the whole Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Certification Program, please contact us..

If you would like to become certified, you must take both Prenatal 1 and 2. These are long weekends and can be taken in any order.

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online – Functional Anatomy & CM 100 Hour Yin Yoga: Functional Anatomy, Chinese Medicine & The Art of Facilitation 100 hours Dive into the uniqueness of your body, the roots and tradition of Yin and bring it all to your students in an intelligent and inspiring way. This is where Yoga teachers become empowered

The Yoga Of Pregnancy Prenatal Teacher Training

Ma Yoga Teacher Linda Eifer Talks About Teacher Prenatal Yoga

Discover the Five Sacred Steps to help pregnant women find both stability and freedom through all the changes.

You will learn practices and principles that help us accessyour innate power, wisdom, and nurturing energy.

More than just a prenatal yoga teacher training, The Yoga of Pregnancy means using birth as guru to dive into the divine feminine. Less about the linear, achievement-oriented, I got this part of us, it inspires the receptive, relational, and sensing part of us that knows we need each other, and were better together.

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What If I Want To Teach Prenatal Yoga After This Can I Start A Ma Yoga Class

It depends how ready you feel, and what trainings and experience youve already had. After you take the Yoga of Pregnancy Weekend, you will have the opportunity to receive a FREE 30-minute Living, Loving, Thriving Yoga of Biz Strategy Call with me, as well as ongoing marketing support if we decide to start a Ma Yoga mama circle in your own neighborhood.

You will also have lifetime support on our Ma Yoga Teacher Community closed Facebook group a place to ask questions and find support with whatever arises on your journey to support mamas.

Join Tasha And Kim For Anusara Yoga And The Five Elements Workshop At Kripalu

Connecting with Nature Through Alignment and Expression November 1416, 2018 WednesdayFriday: 2 nights Presenters: Natasha Tasha Judson, MEd, directs and teaches at Tasha Yoga in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Her yoga classes combine breath-based movement, mindful alignment within poses, and intelligent sequencing Continue reading

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What If I Want To Teach Prenatal Yoga After This Weekend

Many yoga studios require that you have completed the full Yoga Alliance RPYT certification.

If you choose to teach outside the studio system, its more about how ready you feel.

Since Ma Yoga is about helping you partner with yoga teachers and mom and birth businesses to create MAma Circles, we will work together to figure out when the time is right for you.

We do require that Ma Yoga teachers are in the process of completing the Ma Yoga Certification Program.

If you are already a prenatal yoga teacher or RPYT, we have a short Bridge Program for you, and you will be credited for some of the requirements. Please email to discuss.

If you do decide to start your own Ma Yoga class, you will receive business coaching and marketing support throughout the process.

Prenatal 1 Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles

About Ma Yoga Living Online Community Of Moms
  • Use the five Ma Yoga principles to travel through the trimesters, and address physiological and psychological changes through adjustments to regular poses as well as prenatal yoga sequences and themes.
  • Learn Mom + Baby and Preschool Yoga principles and sequences
  • Dive into labor so you know what youre preparing your students for
  • Explore the business of prenatal yoga, and the pros and cons of different paths

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How The Yoga Of Healing Came To Be

The Five Ma Yoga Alignment Principles, or Five Sacred Steps

Womens bodies We will address particular discomforts and injuries using womens bodies as our model, as well as common challenges along the journey to Yoga of Healing for Women laborincluding infertility, dyastisis recti, and back labor.

See energetic flow Once you have these tools, you will be able to see where misalignments occur and help shift people in to a healing direction. By looking closely at specific issues related to pregnancy and postpartum, you will come to know intimately what the body needs physically and energetically to maintain ease and strength even in the most unstable and depleted times.

And finally, you will be part of an ever-growing, global community of yoga teachers, birth practitioners, and mamas who use birth as our guru to find our own open, strong, creative center no matter what challenges arise!

$443 / $399 Get $44 Off By Registering Early By Two Weeks Before To Get Early Bird Discount For Prenatal 2 Use Code Ravenprenatal2early At Checkout

Learning to step into the co-creative flow of the divine feminine will help you approach EVERY creative endeavor in your life in a new way. You will learn to delight in co-creating, and deepen your understanding of how this can help you support any mom-to-be.

No interest in teaching prenatal is necessary just curiosity about how the body changes throughout the process, and in how we can shift our thinking so these changes help us sit deeper in the freedom and grace of the heart space. Many women have taken it simply to expand their knowledge, explore personal issues around pregnancy, labor, and motherhood, and support their clients with new tools.

If you do choose to take this weekend as a teacher training, you will learn that these alignment principles apply to all your students, men included. You will also be invited to be part of our private Facebook Ma Yoga Certification community, where you can always ask questions and receive support along your path.

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What If I Want My Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification

You must take both Prenatal 1 and 2 which are long weekends to fulfill the requirements for onsite trainings for the program.

In order to become certified, after the Prenatal 1 and 2 you must also complete:

  • MAyurveda teleseminar
  • Homework for each training
  • Some labor education
  • One-on-One Mentor Program

For more info, please check out our Certification Page for the Ma Yoga/ Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification Program.

Or, just email to schedule your free 30 minute Prenatal Dreams and Visions talk with Jessica Jennings, to make sure this program will get you where you want to be!

Kripalu School Of Yoga

Ma Yoga – Lauren’s Yoga Tip: Prenatal Yoga Keeps You Calm

300-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Admissions Criteria Minimum of 2 years’ experience practicing yoga. Successful completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training from a Yoga Allianceregistered school. Must provide proof of completion with either a copy of your 200-hour certificate or a copy of your RYT-200 Yoga Alliance registration card.

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Teach Fertility Prenatal Postnatal And Baby & Me Yoga With Confidence

Directed by Shannon Crow, E-RYT500, RPYT, RCYT and Rena Wren, YACEP, E-RYT 500, RPYT

Our 85-hour teacher training includes an in-depth study of: Anatomy and physiology of the pregnant and postnatal student Subtle Body in Pregnancy Childbirth education in prenatal classes Common ailments of pregnancy and yoga to help Birth Art in yoga classes Business Practices & Marketing

Discover Your Career Options

Finally, experience the benevolent chaos of Mom + Baby, and explore the different career paths youll have open to you once youre certified. Take home your Ma Yoga Teacher Training manual, and enjoy evergreen access to our ever-grown program area in the Ma Yoga Living Room! Includes 10 wonderful preschool sequences and tons of support materials for you to reference.

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Testimonials For Jessicas Yoga Of Pregnancy Workshop & Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

If there is one person in the community of yoga that I recommend to people for prenatal yoga and prenatal yoga trainings, it is Jessica. I have taken Jessicas prenatal training several times and have found it to be not only informative but inspiring. Jessica demystifies some of the myths and misinformation about prenatal yoga and also inspires women to listen to themselves and their baby and to honor this unique and special time. As a certified Anusara teacher she brings the integrity and vision of Anusara to prenatal, as a Masters student she brings a wealth of scientific data, as a woman and a mother she brings heartfelt and hard earned personal experience to women.

I personally think every teacher should be required to go through Jessicas training, not only to know how to address pregnant women, but to also discover a unique approach to learning about specialties in health, and to experience the wisdom of an authentic teacher/explorer.Tara Judelle, Certified Anusara TeacherLos Angeles

I attended Jessicas Pre-Natal Teacher Training and it was an invaluable addition to my Anusara education. She is clear, thorough, dynamic, and as the only male in the training she made me feel so welcome and comfortable. This training will allow teachers of all levels to feel more confident when a pregnant student steps into their classroomCertified Anusara Teacher

Thank you again ~Sarah Trudeau

All good things to you Kathy Bray

Hi Jessica-

Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

For yoga teachers interested in learning about the experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum through the lenses of the chakras, psychology, philosophy, physical changes, empowerment, and education in order to work with pregnant people and their families.

Deepen your understanding of how to work with pregnant and postpartum women as you enhance your teaching skills. In this advanced training with Abby Bordner and Niisa Morton, you learn how to lead Yoga Born, a yoga-based childbirth education program. Other topics covered include

  • Trimester changes, nutrition, and self-care
  • Choices in medical care
  • The physical and emotional stages of labor
  • Comfort during labor and pain-coping strategies
  • Hospital procedures and medications
  • The energetic body, or chakras, related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • The mothers physical and emotional recovery
  • Breastfeeding and bonding with baby
  • Pelvic floor anatomy and rehabilitation
  • The koshas and gunas.

Note This program provides 32 CE hours for Yoga Alliance. To receive full credit from Yoga Alliance and become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, you must complete both levels of the Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, as well as the teaching/observation and reading requirements. In addition, participants must teach 30 hours of prenatal yoga. After completion, you may submit paperwork to Yoga Alliance.

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We Start January 12 2022

I started teaching prenatal yoga in 2001, but I didnt fall in love with it until I began asking myself this question:

What is the opportunity that pregnancy brings us?

For years, I had seen my students slow down, turn inward in a whole new way, and begin taking care of themselves on a deeper level.

And then I saw them transform: as they transitioned to being moms, I could see how they accessed their intuition, and stood strong in their beliefs.

I realized that this was the opportunity that we can all learn from: when we learn to truly mother ourselves, we can reconnect to our feminine wisdom and power.

And we dont have to be pregnant to learn how to nurture ourselves. I hope youll join me to learn the transformative practices and principles of co-creation for your students and clients, your loved ones, and for YOU.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Yin Yoga is a deep, rewarding practice that synthesizes the contemplative power of meditation with the energy-enhancing properties of yoga and pranayama. It is a perfect complement to active lives and yoga practices, and suitable for practitioners of all levels. Enhance your teaching and discover new ways to explore …

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Rooted Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This Training is an interdisciplinary approach, empowering prenatal students to take back the process of birth through yoga. Backed by science and fueled by the heart, you will learn how to create an environment of advocacy, creativity, and nonjudgmental support in each class. Have the tools you need to work with prenatal students and help ignite their own confidence through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

You will learn from a panel of experts who each bring their years of knowledge and experience to the table. Get educated, bust myths, and be an innovator!

In this training, yoga teachers will learn:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy & Birth

  • Pranayama & Asana through the Trimesters

  • Sequencing Prenatal Flow with Props

  • Variations for Chair & Wall

Brigitte Arlé, Nneka Hall, She-Tara Smith, Alex Papale, & Morgane Richardson


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