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Paul Grilley Yin Yoga Training

What Is Yin Yoga

Paul Grilley Yin Yoga Theory

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced and passive style of yoga where postures or asanas are held for extended periods of time ranging from three to six minutes. Yin yoga focuses on the connective tissue of the body to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility.

Yin yoga originated on the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yang is masculine, active, hot, sun, changing, and upward moving. Yin is feminine, passive, cold, moon, stable, and downward moving. In this training, you will learn the concepts yin and yang applied to yoga practice, the differences between them, and how they complement each other.

Yin practice is a more meditative approach to yoga, bringing our focus more inwards and allowing ourselves to go deeper into the body. When we relax and let go of our physical bodies, we can start releasing stuck and unprocessed emotions. These feelings can manifest as tension and stress, which yin helps to release. The practice will help promote optimum health and balance for both your external and internal systems. Some of the other benefits of yin include deepening self-awareness, facilitating deep relaxation, calming the central nervous system, increasing energy flow, mental clarity, inspiring self-exploration, and enlightening inner silence and peace.

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“Einen Edelstein kann man nicht blank machen, ohne ihn zu reiben”.

Lernen durch Berührung und lernen durch praktizieren.

Yoga Anatomie lernt man nicht aus einem Buch oder einer DVD, egal wie erfahren man ist. Wir lernen durch Praxis an uns selbst und unseren Studienkollegen.

Im Yin Yoga & Anatomie Teacher Training nutzen und lernen wir praktische Testreihen, um den Knochenbau, Kompression und Spannung unserer Schüler zu analysieren. Wir lernen in einer sicheren Atmosphäre den Menschen lesen zu lernen, eigene Einschränkungen zu fühlen und Einschränkungen anderer zu testen und zu erkennen. Dies geht einher mit vielen Einsichten und einem großen Selbstbewusstsein beurteilen zu können, welche Bedürfnisse und Einschränkungen ein Schüler hat. Durch viele Wiederholungen werden wir Tag für Tag sicherer und klarer im Umgang mit Yin Yoga und Anatomie.

Time Will Be Spent Learning The Following ~

  • Learn the difference between tension and compression in movement.
  • Learn the relationship between the superficial and deep facial lines in body movement.
  • Ability to analyze the bodys functionally and understanding that the postures are a means to target certain areas of the body.
  • You will learn how changing the orientation of the pose can bring freedom to someone who cant do a posture a certain way i.e. seated, wall, reclined, & standing variations.
  • Learn and practice of meditation techniques that focus on deepening self-connection, awareness and grounding.
  • You will broaden your understanding of how ones past or current day experiences can affect them emotionally & mentally and how re-creating a physical connection is a step towards healing.
  • You will learn the difference between compression and tension in a yoga posture and what you should do for your student when this arises.
  • You will be introduced to the energetics of the meridian lines, chakra systems and vayus that are involved and worked during a yin practice and how the postures, meditation techniques and breath work can stimulate these systems.
  • When we turn inwards and ask this of others, a certain level of humility and compassion is attained. This training challenges us to embrace humility and seek compassion towards ourselves and others.
  • Training in Diversity, Accessibility, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Applicability and techniques of working with Reiki and Sound healing in the practice.
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    Myofascial Release & Assistant Teachertao

    Tao is a yoga instructor and blogger based in Bali, Indonesia, certified RYS 550 hours and 150 hours Thai Yoga Therapy from Thai Traditional Medicine Association of Thailand.

    Tao studied Yin Yoga with Alicia Casillas, and he is passionately sharing the teaching of Yin Yoga combined with Myofascial Release in Bali and the entire world. Tao also teaches hatha yoga, dancing with gravity, and movement with a holistic approach that integrates a range of practical techniques to help facilitate each individual’s health, happiness, and freedom.

    Loka Yoga School 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

    Yin Yoga

    Learn the secrets of Yin yoga with the Internationally certified Loka Yoga School and get ready to fall in love with this Bali-based yoga school right from the start! This online Yin YTT designed by experts Taryn, a E-RYT 500, and Yann who holds a BA in Nursing offers a deep and meaningful teacher training. This dynamic duo has been working in the field for more than 20 years and they have taught Yin yoga to Olympic athletes, circus performers, corporate employees, and more.

    Join this 50 hour online Yin yoga teacher training with Loka Yoga School and look forward to a deep immersion into anatomy and physiology. This fascinating and educational journey will teach you about the theory, history, and science of the Yin practice as well as how to properly sequence a Yin yoga class, proper alignment for Yin yoga poses, and how to adjust your students.

    Loka Yoga School’s online learning opportunity offers you full-length pre-sequenced Yin yoga classes to bring to your studio or to your online community so that you can start teaching Yin yoga just as soon as youve completed the program. Also included is a Yin yoga teaching manual with in-depth instruction and guidance for 64 Yin yoga poses.

    Loka Yoga School Online Yin YTT Course Features:

    • Yoga Alliance accredited
    • Lifetime access to course materials
    • Self-paced course is available to you immediately after enrollment

    Use code TheYogatique50 for $50 off tuition for Loka Yoga School’s Yin online YTT!

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    The Yin Yoga Training Can Be Undertaken In One Or Two Modules

    Module 1: Fundamentals of Yin:Promoting Health and Healing at a Cellular Level

    Simon emphasises an intelligent, anatomically-sound approach, with particular reference to the myofascial body, joint care, the energy body, and the incorporation of pranayama and meditation within the yin practice. Simons multi-faceted approach is profoundly restorative, revitalising and reintegrative, promoting health and healing at a cellular level.

    Simon developed a unique and personal teaching style and now practice and teach a harmonious combination of Yin and Yang Yoga, also in the yin teacher training you will work in a balanced way. This approach is not a set system but a balanced approach that can inform and enrich all styles of yoga, Yin and Yang Yoga offers fresh vitality to yoga practice, kindness and respect to the human form, transformative breathing practices, and for the mind the space for peace and tranquillity.

    Program Outline

    • Applied anatomy and physiology as it relates to yin yoga

    • Pranayama and meditation within yin yoga

    • Chinese & western medical theory as it relates to yin yoga

    • Yogic philosophy and psychology as it relates to yin yoga

    • Safety and support in the classroom

    • Respectful, accepting, and inspiring language

    • Simon also integrates: Multi-media lecture presentations and you will get Online manual components.

    • Students attending the training course for credit should plan to attend all sessions.

    Module 2: Advance your Yin: Anatomy Based Teaching, Meditation & Somatics

    What Is Yin Yoga And Why Do We Need It Now More Than Ever

    Yin yoga is the opposite of Yang, the invigorating style of yoga that many of us practice regularly like Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Mind Body Green elaborates on the topic of Yin being the opposite of Yang styles Yin yoga is more meditative and gentle. Yin yoga targets fascia, ligaments, deep connective tissue, joints, and bones. Whereas Yang styles of yoga target the muscles.

    The practice of yin yoga is based on Taoist philosophy based on the concept of Qi that runs through our bodies. By holding Yin postures for say 3-5 minutes as is typical in the practice, you can release blockages and help the Qi, or the energy, flow more freely. Yin yoga also has physical benefits too like the lengthening of connective tissues and of course the ability to achieve deeper flexibility from the long holds in the postures.

    Alo Moves has recently begun releasing some great online Yin yoga classes, and YogaDownload offers some free LIVE Yin online yoga classes if you’d like to experience some online Yin classes for yourself to find out what Yin classes online can be like.

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    Yin Yoga: Principles And Practice 10th Anniversary Edition

    Paul Grilley

    Reseña del libro

    The 10th Anniversary Edition of Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice by Paul Grilley brings together in a fresh way the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and Taoism with Hindu yoga practices. With over 150,000 copies sold, Grilley’s book has been enhanced with new materials describing the evolution of Yin Yoga within the Yoga world over the last decade plus new reference materials on anatomy and the practice of Yin Yoga. Yoga as practiced in the US is almost exclusively Yang or muscular in nature. The Yin aspect of Yoga is virtually unknown but vital for a balanced approach to physical and mental health. Paul Grilley outlines how to practice postures in a Yin way. Grilley includes an explanation of Modern Meridian Theory, which states that the meridians of acupuncture theory are currents flowing through the connective tissues of the body. Yin Yoga is specifically designed to address these tissues. The two major differences between a Yin and a Yang Yoga practice are that Yin postures should be done with the muscles relaxed and should be held a long time. This is because connective tissue does not stretch like muscle and will not respond well to brief stresses. In addition, Yin Yoga better prepares people for meditation. For yoga practitioners looking for something beyond physical postures. Yin Yoga addresses the deeper spiritual dimensions of yoga, with helpful sections on chakras, breathing exercises, and meditation.

    This Course Can Be Booked As A Personal Journey Or As A Teacher Training

    Yin Yoga: Paul & Suzee Grilley Teacher Training Graduation Rap LOMB
    • The Yin Yoga training can be undertaken in one or two modules . Each 50-hour course is a stand alone training immersion with a 50-hour certificate. After completion of the two 50-hour modules you will receive a 100-hour certificate.

    • When you join part 1 & 2, you will enjoy a 1-on-1 coaching program that will support you toward successful assimilation, embodiment and sharing of yin yogas wisdom and effectiveness between the courses.

    • Recognised by Yoga Alliance US and can be taken as hours toward Continuing Professional Development with the British Wheel and other organisations and trainings.

    This training course welcomes students and teachers who wish to embark on the path of practising and / or teaching safe, effective and informed yin yoga. We also welcome existing yoga / yin teachers and experienced students wishing to significantly deepen their knowledge, experience and personal practice.

    Hes the Primrose Hill sets favourite yoga teacher. So when Simon Low introduces a new way to practise the ancient art, you know itll be the next big thing. Im a yoga rookie, so for most of the two-hour class Im only able to mimic Lows elegant postures. But even I can tell that theres something about the flowing sequence of movements through which he leads us that is slightly different from mainstream yoga. This is Yin and Yang yoga the latest rereading of the ancient Indian system of personal development that aims to balance body, mind and spirit.

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    Welcome To Yin Yoga And Anatomy The Quiet Practice

    “In the quietude lies the power and out of the quietude arises the power.”

    Yin yoga the quiet practice turns our attention inwards, to connect to the true essence of ourselves.

    We practise yin yoga meditatively, using long-held poses without muscle tension, which strengthen and flex our connective, fascial and ligament tissues, mobilise our joints, and stimulate and soothe the nervous system. As a result, the exercises we do have a stress-reducing and regenerative effect.

    We learn how to accumulate the subtle energy flow and to feel the enhanced energy flow in our meridians after completing a yoga practice. This practice nourishes us from our core, with a blend of awareness, calmness and relaxation.

    In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, yin yoga offers the perfect balance for teachers and students alike.

    Yin Yoga: The Foundations Of A Quiet Practice With Paul

    2 days agoMay 31, 2022 ·YinYoga: The Foundations of a Quiet Practice from internationally acclaimed yoga master teacher and scholar PaulGrilley is the definitive and worlds best-selling workshop on this essential transformative practice. This two volume intensive training features over 5

    Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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    Segment: Anatomie Ist Der Schlssel

    Anatomisches Verständnis des individuellen Knochenbaus, Muskeln-, Binde-, Faszien- und Bändergewebe.

    Das Rückgrat von Yin Yoga und somit des Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings von uns ist Anatomie, weil wir ohne ein Verständnis von Muskeln, Bändern und Gelenken wirkliche Sicherheit im Unterrichten nur schwer finden werden. Immer wieder werden uns Schüler überfordern.

    Im Yin Yoga & Anatomie Teacher Training werden wir das Basiswissen auffrischen und uns zum großen Teil auf den einzigartigen Knochenbau und das einzigartige Muskel-, Bänder- und Fasziengewebe konzentrieren, um anatomische Erkenntnisse und Sicherheit zu schaffen.

    Dieses Wissen, tiefer in den menschlichen Körper zu schauen, den Menschen als sich bewegendes Skelett zu betrachten, seine Bewegung zu lesen und identifizieren zu können, welche Gelenke in einer Yogahaltung involviert sind, wo und wie viel Beweglichkeit oder Gelenkigkeit dafür notwendig ist, bringt uns zu der Erkenntnis, warum die einen Yogaschüler Yogahaltungen einnehmen können und andere nicht.

    Wir entwickeln ein Verständnis dafür, warum jeder Mensch Yogaposen verschieden praktiziert.

    Wir erkennen, dass selbst wenn zwei Personen in einer Pose gleich aussehen, es sich für sie verschieden anfühlt.

    Diese Erkenntnis führt zu einer großen Sicherheit im Unterrichten, logische Variationen einer Pose vorzuschlagen oder individuelle Assists zu geben.

    Working With The Fascia In Yoga: Online Yoga Talk With Yin Yoga Teacher Paul Grilley

    Paul Grilley Yin Yoga Pdf

    It comes as little surprise that Yin Yoga teacher Paul Grilley, the creator of the well-known and widely-used Anatomy of Yoga DVD, would have insights into fascia–the connective tissue that pervades our body.

    YogaUOnline caught up with Paul Grilley at the 2015 Fascia Research Congress, and in this interview, we talk with him about how fascia may relate to our esoteric understanding of the meridians and pathways of energy in the body. He draws on his studies with Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a world-renowned teacher of Eastern philosophy.

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    International Yoga Therapist & Inspirational Speaker Professor Of Asian Studies Lead Educator And Mentor

    Claire has been training Yoga Teachers for over 25 years, and has been training teachers online and remotely for 15 years. She has traveled the world teaching Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness, and has certified thousands of teachers throughout her career.

    Working alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, Claire co-created The Chopra Center Yoga Program at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in California, where she continues to serve on the Advisory Board.

    In 1993, Claire founded The American Yoga Academy, a world-renowned Yoga Teacher Training School. She is a professor of Asian Studies at Seton Hall University, teaching one of the most popular courses on campus, Zen and Yoga: The Art of Living. Claire has taught fitness and wellness programs to the Navy Seals, and following 9/11, she taught yoga and wellness programs to the Firefighters of New York City. For 15 years, to provide long term support for the Firefighters and their families, she wrote a bi-monthly column about Yoga for, the largest website community for Firefighters around the world.

    Her past and present corporate clients include JP Morgan, Exxon, CNBC, Dun & Bradstreet, MSNBC, Honeywell, AT& T, and many more. She has worked with numerous celebrities and has a large private clientele. Claire was awarded Executive and Professional Woman of the Year 2012 by The National Association of Professional Women.

    The Home Page Of Yin Yoga

    Welcome to the home for Yin Yoga on the web. Many people come here because of a question: What is Yin Yoga? The answer is not really found through a website but you can start to understand Yin Yoga by watching this short video: An Introduction To Yin Yoga. The video is just the beginning of the answer to really understand Yin Yoga, or any form of yoga, one must experience it. Reading about yoga is like reading a menu when you are hungry: interesting, maybe even mouth watering, but until you actually partake of what you are seeing, your need will not be quenched.

    This site, in the words of Paul Grilley, is a website for all things yin. Inside you will find a complete online book describing the history and benefits of Yin Yoga, how to do the practice, explanations of the most common postures , through both video presentations and written descriptions, and even YouTube playlists that can guide you through several complete Yin Yoga practices. You will also find links to more elegant video resources that can give you a deeper taste of Yin Yoga and a Teacher Directory with listings of Yin Yoga teachers all around the world.

    Enjoy the journey!

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    In Summer 2013 While Participating In A Yyttiii Teacher Training With Paul & Suzee Grilley At The Beautiful Land Of Medicine Buddha In Soquel California Karin Spoke With Paul About His Personal Yoga Journey

    Karin with Paul and Suzee Grilley during her Yin Yoga Teacher Training III at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California.

    K: What has your journey been with yoga?

    P: My journey started with The Autobiography of a Yogi, so my journey started with a very spiritual and philosophical slant to it, but then soon thereafter I got involved with Hatha Yoga because I wanted anything to do with yoga and at that time pretty much the only books that were readily available on the market were a handful of Hatha Yoga books. And the Hatha Yoga books of that era in the early 80s were a blend of asana, philosophy, pranayama. There werent any DVDs or videos on asana practice. Iyengars book was around but I took a look at that and said I cant do all those poses and so I was always involved with coming from the philosophically angle first. But just about coincident with my interest in yoga, a general interest in yoga started to slowly, slowly rise up in certain pockets of the United States.I just happened to be down in LA at that time and so I started taking Hatha Yoga classes.

    K: Even though you were interested in the philosophical side of yoga?

    K: How did you end up going into yin then?

    K: You told me previously that you were a little bit of a Black Knight before. Did you approach your yin practice like that as well or had you already changed your mindset by then?

    K: So what does your practice look like now?

    K: How do you incorporate yoga in to your daily life?


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