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Online Yoga Classes In Tamil

What Are The Advantages Of Attending Online Yoga Classes In Chennai

Basic yoga class in Tamil

Some of the benefits of attending regular yoga classes in Chennai are:

  • It increases the flexibility of muscles and the tissues in the body
  • Helps one to maintain a healthy body weight along with a healthy mind
  • Improves several life processes like digestion, circulation, respiration in the body
  • Relieves stress and anxiety-related issues from the body
  • Helps one to be happier with everyday session
  • Potentially increases oneâs energy
  • It helps one to become mindful about things surrounding him, etc.
  • Evening 2 Live Classes

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    Recent Enquiry For Home Yoga Teachers

    Ana*** requested for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Men
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Home

    Yam*** requested for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Women
    • Type of yoga: Power

    Aru*** requested for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Men
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Home

    Poo*** requested for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Women
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Home

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    Hours Advanced Teacher Training Course

    Online Back & Joint Disorder Workshop

    Online / On-Campus 1 Month Teachers Training Course

    200 Hrs Part Time TTC

    200 Hrs Part Time TTC

    200 Hrs Online Weekend Teacher Training Course

    900 Hours Advanced Teacher Training Course

    27th February 2022

    1st March 2022 to 30th March 2022

    14th March 2022 to 6th May 2022

    21st February 2022 to 16th April 2022

    12th March 2022 29th May 2022

    21st February 2022 to 11th June 2022

    Reviews For Top Online Yoga Classes

    Yoga Class for Beginners
    • “Hard worker. Taught me very good things and exercise. Soft spoken person. Good yoga…”


      “Either we can talk about his politeness or his knowledge sagar is the best yoga trainer…”


      “Mithun sir has very good hold on the practices of yogasanas and pranayam. He is very…”


      “He was well knowledgeable person doing hard work with sweet and helpful nature. I…”

    • N

      “Great teacher. I lost 5 kilos of weight by practicing yoga everyday for 1 hour. I…”


      Review by Vasant

      “I did not know that there is such a good and modern institute of our Indian values…”


      “I know Madhumita from the last several years, as a student, substitute teacher, and…”


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    From The Founder Director Of Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

    Yoga to me has been the richest tradition that I have inherited from my amazing teachers. It is as a superb tool which makes sure that I keep a steady mind, fit body with health eating habits amidst the many roles I play today. As the founder and Managing Director of Sinhasi Consultants Pvt Ltd, a leading financial advisory and planning company in India, I must always keep a steady and balanced mind with a high sense of intuitive wisdom, especially during times of euphoria as well as turbulence. And the in-depth study and practice of Yoga, from authentic sources, has been instrumental in bringing these essential attributes into me. For this I must thank my parents and all my wonderful most humble teachers.

    It is this understanding of the tremendous wealth of Yoga which led me to the deeper study of the Authentic Science of Yoga and to the creation Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre a leading Yoga Centre, set amidst ancient trees and nature, in the heart of Bangalore city, almost 7 years ago. Here, Yoga is taught in its authentic manner by highly trained senior yoga teachers. And I am indeed honoured that over 150 students come here for their daily Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Practice.

    Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy Founder Director of Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre Managing Director – Sinhasi Consultants Pvt Ltd

    What Skills Do I Develop From The Top Yoga Classes In Chennai

    If you are interested in giving your body a makeover and a healthy future ahead, then you must find the correct yoga classes in Chennai. To attend such courses, you might not need any extra abilities or certifications. Still, the “Online Yoga sessions” would definitely develop some of the essential skills in the people who would help them in their journey of life. Some of such beneficial skills would be:

  • Self-care skills

    One of the vital skills that you can develop from the yoga classes is your self-care skills. These skills are formed due to the proper self-awareness of their bodies and its organisation which helps them to take appropriate care of themselves with time.

  • Relaxing skills

    The yoga exercises definitely help one to learn essential skills to relax both their mind and their bodies. Every work pressure takes a toll on the body, which can be calmed down with various kinds of yoga exercises.

  • Confidence about oneâs body

    Yoga also teaches us to learn new activities every day, which boosts up the confidence level in an individual.

    Apart from these, one also learns teamwork, persistence, and resilience with daily yoga sessions.

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    Latest 8 Reviews For Home Yoga Instructors


    Excellent guru! Very inspiring, calm and a patient teacher Has extensive knowledge of Yoga and is really passionate about it


    It was very pleasant experience to learn Yoga from Mr Parthasarathy, clear instructions and steps.

    Prof VijaykumarGuest

    Best yoga therapist in Chennai. Helps to cure natural ailments with yoga therapy techniques


    class Was very useful and the way he thought was very easy to grasp


    Patiently teaching ,classes contains both yoga and aerobic gives highest benefit.value for time and money , very worthy


    Both Trainers Bharthi and Megala are very sincere and dedicated.


    I’m Raja from kolathur I learn from Mr Suresh yoga instructor is doing great job I am very satisfy to learning with him. I will refer You can learn everything.

    Recent Bookings In Home Yoga Classes

    Yoga Class for Beginners | Aasanam Arivom – 14-12-2017 | IBC Tamil TV

    Mal*** hired T.S. Yoga Centre for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Men
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Home

    Sur*** hired Shanthi institute for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Women
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Online

    Bha*** hired Yoga City Charitable Trust for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Men
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Home

    Jay*** hired Sri Mira Institute for Yoga classes

    • Type of program: Yoga For Women
    • Type of yoga: Not sure
    • Place of teaching: Online

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    Connect With Your Teacher

    Ekam Yoga, we offer basic and advance yoga training classes. We follow Yoga Certification Board of Ayush Mantralaya Curriculum. Offered courses are named as Yoga Professional Instructor, Yoga Protocol Instructor & Yoga Wellness Instructor. Apart from these programs we offer some short courses and all those are listed in our YTT page.

    Sahaja Yoga Meditation Free Online Tamil Classes In Chennai Tamil Nadu

  • Image Gallery
    • Shri Mataji & The Message of Love

      Sahaja yoga was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and has dedicated her life to hasten the spiritual ascent of mankind through Self Realization.

    • Subtle System – Tree of life

      Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation involving the gentle and spontaneous awakening of kundalini energy

    • Sahaja Yoga for Kids

      Shri Mataji has said that children can do meditation better than adults. They can meditate and feel vibrations as they are simple, spontaneous and live in the present moment.

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    Experiences With The Yoga Institute

    A word of mouth of those who truly experienced Yoga with the most authentic us!

    • I wish The Yoga Institute and everyone connected with it, all the best in their efforts to spread the goodness of Yoga for the benefit of the people.

      Shri Ram Nath Kovind – President of India

    • It gives me immense joy to see the stupendous work done by the Institute in the last 100 years which has brought them great laurels and accolade. I congratulate the entire Yogendra Family for living up to this noble task of spreading yoga across the globe.

      Shri M Venkaiah Naidu – Vice President of India

    • Yoga has been a traditional lifestyle in every household of our country since ancient times. It enhances inner calm, peace, and brotherhood among the people. Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the organizers and all the people joining the Centenary celebrations of the Yoga Institute.

      Shri Narendra Modi – Honourable Prime Minister of India

    • The classic book, ‘Yoga for All’ written by Dr. Hansaji is a humble recognition of the need in modern society for guidance towards a way of living that is in greater harmony with our natural surroundings and more synergistic with our fellow beings.

      Amitabh Bachchan, Padma Vibhushan, Actor

    Yoga Classes For Seniors 50+ Chennai India

    Online Yoga Courses, Classes and Workshops

    Due to Covid- 19 safety precautions, AYC has temporarily suspended all our Projects. We encourage our Project students to attend our Free online classes listed in this page. Keeping good health is important during this critical period. AYC has made alternate arrangements to support your yoga practice to maintain good health. Continue to keep up your yoga practice and stay healthy both physically and mentally. Namaste Please visit this page for ONLINE YOGA CLASS FOR ALL.

    Yoga Classes for Seniors 50+ at Andiappan Yoga Centre, Chennai, India

    This programme started in Chennai on 6 December 2014 in honor of Gurujis 85th birthday. The aim of this course is to improve the health of aging senior citizens. The class is free for all senior participants but class size is limited to 25 students. It is open to both male and female students.

    Classes will be conducted by certified yoga teacher training graduates from Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre, Chennai, India. Each class will be assisted by at least two trained yoga teacher training volunteers.

    When: Sundays 4.30 5.30 PM

    Where: Asana Andiappan College of Yoga & Research Centre, 16, 21st Main Road, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    Note: Students must bring their own blanket and towel for their practice,

    If you are a registered AYC volunteer you are eligible to assist/ teach in this program, please follow these steps:

  • Log-in to the AYC website ” rel=”nofollow”>
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    Para Quin Es Este Curso

    • Este curso es para todos aquellos que buscan adelgazar
    • Este curso es para todos aquellos que busquen en el yoga, una forma para mejorar su salud
    • Este curso es para todos aquellos que busquen un programa a largo plazo donde pierdan peso de forma responsable
    • 8 cursos

    Una revolución para la evolución…

    En kAca Yogaamamos mejorar la nutrición espiritual de todos sin importar sexo,religión, condición económica, raza y otras categorías que nos separan.Todos somos uno.

    En kAca Yogacreemos que la mejor forma de vivir bien nace de la cuidadosa unión delyoga, la meditación, la terapia de sonido, la cristaloterapia, lastécnicas de autodesarrollo, la ciencia, la filosofía y la teología.

    En kAca Yogaestamos comprometidos a difundir, guiar, enseñar y aplicar lasherramientas antes mencionadas con el fin de mejorar la salud delcuerpo, la salud de la mente y la salud del espíritu.

    Unete a la revolución por la evoluciónAHORA cuando adquieres nuestros servicios, talleres online y demásen nuestras redes sociales.

    Este es tu momento de crear TU SUPER YO y empezar a vivir con armonía, prosperidad y amor.


    kAca Yoga se fundó en Miami, Florida el 2015 por la comunicadora, artista y terapeúta Zayra Mo.

    kAcaYoga también ha dejado su huella en los gimnasios comunitarios YMCA yactualmente se encuentra a cargo del programa de yoga y meditación parapersonas de tercera edad con el programa de Adultos en Acción delCondado de Miami.

    We Offer Online Yoga Classes Online Yoga Therapy Consultation Online Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Courses

    Join our Live and Interactive Online Yoga Classes taught by highly experienced and qualified yoga masters.

    As technology continues to evolve daily, online learning has emerged as one of the tools professionals choose to utilise in order to simplify the learning process in various fields.

    Our Andiappan Yoga teachers are very experienced in the field of yoga and have been involved in this art for well over 20 years. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will tailor the practice to meet your specific goals and needs.

    We put a lot of conscious effort in making sure that you experience yoga learning in the best way possible.

    To avail a free trial class online please email or send a whatsapp message to +91 6369 780 409

    Online Group Yoga Classes Hosted by IYA Hong Kong.

    Andiappan Yogas Online Group Classes are hosted by International Yoga Academy , Hong Kong

    To view IYAs online group class schedule please visit this page:

    Please note that the class timings listed in the IYAs schedule page above is in GMT + 8 . India is 2.5 hrs behind Hong Kong Time.

    Please visit this page/ to purchase the online class package and after completion of the purchase, kindly give us 6 7 hrs to update your purchase in the online class booking system and send you the information.

    Online One on One Hatha Yoga Private Classes

    Online Corporate Yoga Classes

    Online Yoga Therapy Consultation

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    What Kinds Of Equipment Should I Carry For The Yoga Classes In Chennai

    Depending on the type of instructor and your health condition, you might be asked to carry specific equipment for the classes. In many cases, the yoga centres in Chennai provide the necessary items to their clients. Some of the essential things to carry to the yoga classes include:

  • A yoga mat
  • Water bottle, etc.
  • Yoga In India : Top Destinations

    Online yoga class in tamil

    India is indisputably the Worlds Yoga Capital. From the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh to the shores of Keralas pristine backwaters, India is home to hundreds of centres of excellence for Yoga. A variety of styles and courses are taught in Yoga schools, ranging from the oldest Yoga centre in Mumbai to the newest studios in the IT capital Bengaluru. Here is a look at the top Yoga destinations in the country.

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    Reviews For Top Online Tamil Language Classes

    • Review by Nikhila

      “It is a good platform to learn the technology and they make to do tasks which is…”


      “It was excellent learned HTML course and teach staff skill. And I have learned network…”


      “He has very good in depth knowledge regarding.NET and other technologies which intern…”


      “Dot net classes in Real time experts Marathahalli was Extraordinary. The training…”

    • A

      “He is the best tutor I have ever met. Web designing as well as desktop application…”


      “Excellent Training institute in Bangalore SDLC For Asp.Net MVC Training. They are…”


      “DICS is one of the best institute in delhi.The trainers are very nice and friendly.”


    Top 710+ Home Yoga Training In Chennai

  • 6 Reviews7.8

    Home yoga instructors, Yoga classes

    All fingers are not of same size. All yoga asanas are not suitable for everyone. We analyse people and suggest asanas based on that.

  • 4 Reviews7.5

    Home yoga instructors, Yoga classes

    I have 15 years experiance in instructing yoga Our great motto to every customer 1.Health Fitness 2.Smart Activities 3.Any Health problems confirmed cure. Surya prakash.M.O.Y High one yoga instructor and corporate companies yoga advisor and psychological consultant

  • Govindasamy Naicker Street, Sholinganallur, Chennai14 Reviews8.5

    Home yoga instructors, Yoga classes

    SRI MIRA ACADEMY Hi Sri / Ma’am Greetings from Sri Mira Academy We are very happy to be here for you .We offering online yoga classes for your convenient time. In this pandemic situation, yoga will be needed for people. Especially Breathing and Pranayama exercise will be very helpful to improve our lung capacity. We will be stay fit and healthy . Please let us know if anybody interested. Experience: 14 years Sri Mira Academy, Sholinganallur Padma Aadharsh Hr.Sec School, kalipattur, Wipro,Sholinganal …

  • Home yoga instructors, Yoga classes

    6th avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 600083

  • 1 Review8.2

    Home yoga instructors, Yoga classes

    We are yoga consultation center. Also we consultation passport, pancard, income tax services, tourist visa, forex service. Investment and insurance assist

  • Home yoga instructors, Yoga classes

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    Yoga Classes At Your Home Or Office

    Our Yoga Program structure and contents can be tailor made to suit your needs. Our Corporate Yoga classes can help make your workplace more productive by enabling your employees to Increase Productivity, Reduce Stress, Decrease Fatigue, Increase Energy.

    Below are the list of Corporate Companies / Gernment Departments that has availed our Tailor made yoga programs

    • Indian Overseas Bank Staff College, Chennai
    • Tamil Nadu Commando Force, Chennai
    • Tamil Nadu Judicial Academy, Chennai
    • Tamil Nadu Police Training College, Chennai
    • Silver Line Technologies, Chennai
    • Power Grid Corporation of India, New Delhi
    • Pay Pal , Chennai
    • Repco Home finance Limited, Chennai
    • HCL Technologies, Chennai
    • Shipping Corporation of India, Chennai
    • Rohini Herbals Chennai
    • Cox and Kings Ltd, Chennai
    • Hindustan Lever Limited

    This Medical Practitioner Will Be Offering Virtual Yoga Classes For Beginners From All Age Groups

    Yoga Mandiram Chennai

    Medical practitioner Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan , took to yoga back in 2012 at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram . She also completed her yoga teacher training course from the institute, and is now a visiting faculty at KYM where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology for yoga students.

    Currently a child development consultant who works with children with special needs at the SPARRC Institute, Chennai, Karthiyayini is now offering beginner-level online yoga classes. Virtual yoga sessions are totally new to me but I am getting used to the new normal, adjusting and preparing myself first before I launch the online course for all age groups, says Karthiyayini. She is therefore planning to give out a set of instructions a day prior to the class so that the participants do not miss out on oral instructions during the online class due to any technical glitch, and to help those who are gradually getting used to online classes.

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