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Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Whats Included In The Online Yoga Training Program

Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • Kids Yoga Overview and Teaching Principles
  • Child Development and Anatomy of Movement for Kids
  • Breathing Physiology and Kids Yoga Breathing Exercises
  • Warm-Ups and Sun Salutations for Kids
  • Standing and Kneeling Postures for Kids
  • Yoga Games and Partner Postures
  • Sitting and Lying Yoga Postures for Kids
  • Relaxation and Meditation for Kids
  • You also receive sample lesson plans, as well as a copy of our kids Yoga DVD

What Are The Credentials

You will find each programs yoga instructor certification credentials in their provider directory at Yoga Alliance and on their website page promoting the training. In the schools we selected below, we also classified what credentials they offer to make it easier on you as you research so that you can find the best yoga teacher training that is right for you.

All The Support You Need To Start Teaching

Do you teach about the business side of yoga?YES. You learn how best to price classes and are guided in how to begin your yoga teaching work.

Is there ongoing support after the training?

YES. Once you have completed YOGA KIDS TRAINING ACADEMY Teacher Training you will become part of the Yoga Kids Graduates community. The private graduates online forum

is a great resource for ongoing support of wonderful kids yoga teachers. Here you can ask questions, share resources and be enjoy ongoing support in your kids yoga teaching.

Can I get more professionally qualified?

YES. We would love to support you with further training! Do Level 2 for another 25 hours training.

Then you can consider Specialty accreditation with Yoga Alliance Australia/International as a Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher

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What Do Past Students Have To Say

If you dont know about yoga, try asking a yoga practitioner they will probably tell you. Find testimonials on the yoga instructor training schools website and potentially contact past pupils to learn more about their journey to obtain their yoga instructor certification. They will provide you with all the insights that the schools sales page doesnt necessarily tell you.

How To Have A Profitable Online Yoga Business

Rainbow Kids Yoga ~ Teacher Training ~ Urban Yoga NZ

First of all, after you nail down your yoga certification online course at an online yoga school, there are a few steps you have to take before you can start teaching professionally.

Regardless if you are teaching online or in-person, creating a business plan with financial goals is absolutely crucial for every new business the good part is that it should be more comfortable for an online business than running a physical studio.

Also, you would have to plan and create content to nurture your audience and then market and scale your brand so you can find potential students.

Nowadays, with so many different strategies, we know it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

That is why at YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY, we recommend the Kelly McHugh Teach Online, which will break down all the digital marketing strategies you need to have in place to run a thriving yoga business. This is a very complete course to start your business online with a solid foundation. Kelly is personable, kind, and dedicated to lead yoga teachers to their highest potential.

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The 6 Best Kids Yoga Online Teacher Training Courses

Becoming a yoga teacher has many benefits and can be a fulfilling job! As a childrens yoga instructor, you can choose your hours, and decide if you want this to be a side hustle or a full-time career.

But you may be wondering: How exactly do I start training to teach yoga for kids? Or, how can I get a certification to teach childrens yoga online?

Luckily, we answer all your questions here, and we will provide information about the best kids yoga teacher training courses that are offered online!

What are you waiting for? Lets get started so you can find the best online course that you can do from the comfort of your home. From there, you can start your own yoga classes for kids! Read on to learn about the 6 best kids yoga online teacher training courses.

Creativity Lab: Connecting Mindfulness Yoga And The Creative Arts

  • Introduction to the theories and practices associated with teaching yoga to youth in formal and informal educational settings including schools, libraries, parks, museums and festivals
  • Discuss and explore the intersections and research of mindfulness, yoga, the creative arts, problem solving and related neuroscience, and inclusion, equity, and diversity
  • Use the creative artsincluding visionary and fine art, crafts, music, performance, dance, and moreas catalysts for designing and implementing yoga classes
  • Explore how the creative arts can serve as a component of or as the theme for yoga on-and-off-the-mat experiences
  • Weekend of transformational, interdisciplinary activities with live musicians and original works of art with your friends, colleagues, and Yogiños Leaders
  • Tips and techniques for starting your own yoga for youth program in museums, festivals and related spaces
  • Wholesale discounts on our t-shirts, music CDs, posters, books, and stamps before and during the weekend session
  • eCommunication and OHMinar sessions with Elizabeth B. Reese, Ph.D., RYT, RCYT, and Yogiños Leaders
  • FREE eManuals, lesson plan formats, poses, and other resources to help you get started!

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Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Kula Yoga Kids Teacher Training is for anyone wanting to learn more about Kids Yoga and be able to have the tools to teach yoga and mindfulness to the kids in their lives.

This training covers kids growth and development, intro to the 8 limbs of yoga, teaching techniques and activities for kids yoga classes, plus resources for mindfulness practices to share with kids.

At Kula Yoga Kids, our mission is to empower the youth of our community through yoga and mindfulness practices giving them the tools then need to navigate through this ever changing, fast paced world.

This certification course requires completion of online training content and quizzes, plus teaching a kids yoga class via video upload. It is valid for 18 CEUs with Yoga Alliance for registered yoga teachers.

Teaching Methodology For Kid’s Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga – online kids yoga teacher training.

This module is the secret sauce to BREATH PLAY PRACTICE! Here were going to teach you the exactformula youll need to create childrens yoga classes that are successful every single time you teach.

This module will take the guesswork out of planning your class so you can spend more time thinking of creative ways to make your class more fun and less time worrying about how to put your poses together.

  • Learn our philosophy for teaching childrens yoga and how its rooted in the history of the ancient practice of yoga itself.
  • Understand the 4 key components of classroom management and what you can do to make sure your students are well-behaved and safe throughout your classes.
  • Master our process for sequencing your yoga classes so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to plan classes your students will love over and over again. This template will take out all of the guesswork behind creating classes and leave you feeling confident to start teaching right away.

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Is It Necessary To Complete 95

The answer is no.

In fact, unless you have lots of time and money, you might want to think twice about enrolling in an RCYT program. Namely, you cant enroll in 95-hour unless you first complete a 200-hour course. Meanwhile, if you really want to teach yoga to kids, there are other options which do not require the completion of a 200-hr TT. Nor do they require 95 hours!

If you do opt for a 95 hour course, here is some detailed information about what you need to do in order to enroll and complete a 95-hour R-CYT:

  • You must complete a YTT 200 hr course and register

As mentioned earlier, an YTT 200 hour program usually takes about three to five months to complete.

  • 95 hours of accredited kids yoga must be completed and registered with the Yoga Alliance

Depending on the course,a 95-hour course curriculum will teach you how to lead childrens yoga classes for:

Your program may also contain specific information on how to teach children with disabilities. Once you are done with your course, youll probably want to register with the Yoga Alliance.

With that in mind, its important to recognize that again, an RCYT-95 hour course is not necessary to teach kids yoga. Its just one option.

Yet, a kids yoga certification is highly beneficial in teaching you the skills that you need in order to be the best teacher you can be. Furthermore, they add credibility to your practice, which is particularly useful when applying for yoga-related jobs.

What Is The Difference Between Ryt 200 And Ytt 200

RYT stands for registered yoga teacher and YTT means yoga teacher training.

Despite the difference in name, these 200 hour courses are quite similar. The main difference is that an RYT-200 signifies that a teacher has completed a 200-hour course and then registered with the Yoga Alliance.

To put it shortly, someone that is registered as a RYT isnt necessarily a better or more qualified yoga teacher.

Something to note is that in order to keep your registration with the Yoga Alliance, there are a few things that youll need to do. For starters, youll need to abide by their Code of Conduct and follow their established behavioral policies. You will also have to take a short continuing education course every three years. You can learn more about fitness and yoga CECs or CEUs here.

In a nutshell, continuing ed courses can range from kids yoga to adaptive yoga to senior yoga. Pretzel Kids is a good example of a YACEP course .

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I Thought Teaching Them Skills By Just Practicing The Yoga And Mindfulness Would Help Them Learn How To Self Regulate And Manage Bigger Issues In Life

It turns out, just by doing yoga and mindfulness and following along, kids don’t automatically know how to apply the skills in real life situations.
They need more guidance, more practice with role playing and talking though scenarios. They need to understand the benefits and learn how to apply them, not just listen to me talk about them in a vague way.

Will I Get Certified With Any Online Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga

Naturally, that depends on the training, teacher, online yoga school, and organization you will be taking the course with. Most leading online yoga schools are accredited by the Yoga Alliance and offer 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours yoga teacher certification.

Keep in mind that in the best yoga studios, favorite teachers are seldom hired simply because theyre a Registered Yoga Teacher , but because of their skill, character, professionalism, and capacity to nurture and inspire.

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Are You An Experienced Yoga Teacher

Experienced yoga teachers can use the Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to train teens and adults. If you qualify, we take care of the manuals, trainer lesson plans, and your Registered Yoga School on Yoga Alliance too.

Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training has been a joy to teach. It is extremely well laid out. The feedback has been tremendous. We have created something very special and participants are loving delving deeper, asking questions, and feeling supported as they learn and grow. They especially come alive during the small group discussions in the lesson plans. They LOVE all the practice teaching they get.

Donna Freeman, Ambassador Yoga Trainer and Founder of Yoga In My School Academy

If youve ever thought of offering yoga teacher training get more info here:

Faq #6 What Age Groups Of Kids Is This Teacher Training Geared Towards

The course materials are geared towards school aged kids, and there are modules specifically for toddlers, preschoolers, tweens, and teens!

All of the lessons and tools will be applicable to the kids that you teach, with the help of the differentiation tools and behavior management techniques you will learn.

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Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

Posted: Up to 10% cash back ·Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course – Ages 2-17. Confidently teach fun, safe and engaging yoga classes to kids aged 2 to 17 years – Kids Yoga Business Training included! Bestseller. Rating: 4.7 out of 5 4.7 16,162 students. Created by Jessica Fleming. Last updated 6/2021.

Courses143View detail Preview site

Become A Kids Yoga Teacher

Answering some questions about our online kids yoga teacher training

Navigating your way through all the types of Kids Yoga Teacher Training can be confusing and Young Yoga Masters is here to help you get the right training from the start.

Young Yoga Masters provides you with training to become a confident and successful teacher with a Certification you can be proud to put on your resume.

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

SAME GREAT CONTENTThe Online Teacher Training gives you everything that we offer in our well-renowned

face to face Trainings,

but in the comfort of your lounge room, done at your own pace.


You’ll feel like your in the room with us as we take you through each step of how to teach kids yoga,

with plenty of demonstration videos to learn from and practical exercises for you to complete.

The training has been adapted for online by our skilled educators

to make for a brilliant online learning experience.


MIX & MATCH OUR ONLINE & IN PERSON TRAININGS Choose between a mixture of online and face to face if you wish. You can do Level 1 as on its own

or mix it with an in-person Level 2 training to upgrade to a 50 hour qualification.

We are offering interactive Live Online Level 2 Trainings in 2021

so you can do it all online if you wish.

The Ultimate Kids Yoga And Mindfulness Teacher Training

Posted: PLUS, if are in the Ultimate Course track and you complete the quizzes and requirements, you’ll get a Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate from Kumarah Yoga, AND 30 Continuing Education Units from Yoga Alliance! All of these, plus the videos and resources above would normally cost you $900-3,500 in an in-person kids yoga teacher training!!!

Courses156View detail Preview site

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Yoga And Mindfulness Course Options

We have created 6 distinct trainings that can be taken in any order, but one at a time, so you can customize your training experiences. We recommend starting with our Foundation: Introduction to Yoga for Youth as some of the content is sequential. Our Leadership Program is available annually there is an application process and the prerequisite of completing at least 1 YYY training.

Iyengar Online Training Certifications

95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training â Powerflow Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is focused on the teachings of master B.K.S Iyengar. In this online yoga certification, asanas are taught with high technical rigor and focus on alignment, the beginner student quickly gains vitality by bringing the flow of prana to his cells, awakening body awareness and integrally improving his health.

Beginners training: Yoga Vastu

Yoga Vastu offers great Iyengar yoga videos that stream live. They have forty years of teaching experience and are still keeping up with the latest music trends.

They have a variety of classes and yoga certification programs online, but the Iyengar basic foundation training is for a beginner student. This beginner online YTT shows a step-by-step introduction to the basic postures and allows a regular progression class by class.

The aim is to help students construct a firm understanding of the subject and prepare them for more comprehensive training.

Included in this yoga certification online:

  • Format: a five-part course through videos.
  • Duration: around 5 hours.
  • Website:

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What You’ll Get Access To:

Fully scripted lesson plans with pose images

Guided imagery and relaxation scripts for kids

Printable kids yoga games

Breathing techniques cards for kids

Mindfulness Workbook for kids

Video examples of how to teach games to kids

Video of movement and yoga-based songs for kids

MORE lesson plans, images, meditation scripts, and partner poses added along the way!

Plus If Are In The Ultimate Course Track And You Complete The Quizzes And Requirements You’ll Get A Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate From Kumarah Yoga And 30 Continuing Education Units From Yoga Alliance

All of these, plus the videos and resources above would normally cost you $900-3,500 in an in-person kids yoga teacher training!!!

Don’t just take it from me though, hear from others who have already gone through the course and begun to implement the strategies they’ve learned!

Candy is a yoga instructor who wanted to start teaching to kids.

She also shared this feedback via email:

I was aware of the benefits of yoga and meditation on my own personal development, but I was looking for a fun and playful way to introduce those practices to my 9 years old son who was diagnosed with learning disorders – dyslexia but also dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorder. I was already familiar with Maia’s work and when she opened the Ultimate Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Course, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up. I was hoping to get some new ideas and tools that would suit my own kid. I have found in her course much more than what I was originally looking for.

Of course, in her course, Maia explains how to introduce yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices in a way that is suitable for each age group but she also shares with an immense kindness and honesty advice that only years of experience could teach. Based on this experience, she put together a very impressive set of tools – yoga sequences and flows but also stories, games, crafts, etc. – as well as visual aids – posters, flash cards, templates.

Course Curriculum

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