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Move Your Hyde Power Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions :

MYH Restorative Yoga with Tina on 3/23/20
  • Where is Move Your Hyde Power Yoga?

    Move Your Hyde Power Yoga is located at: 111 Shillito Place, Cincinnati 45202.

  • What is the phone number of Move Your Hyde Power Yoga?

    You can try to dialing this number: 513-394-6555 – or find more information on their website:

  • Where are the coordinates of the Move Your Hyde Power Yoga?

    Latitude: 39.1026

What Is Power Yoga

Power Yoga guru Baron Baptiste with Move Your Hyde owner Missy

Power yoga is a vigorous style of flowing yoga, mixing long holds with faster movement. The power yoga we teach at our studio is based on Baron Baptistes Power Vinyasa Yoga. All our classes are warm the studio is heated from 85 to 90 degrees . The heat is ideal for shaping and stretching muscles. You will notice how your body and movements become much more fluid in a heated studio.

We teach a variety of power yoga classes in our studio. Though all of the classes are challenging, we offer different levels of difficulty for every class. Each pose taught in the studio can be modified to fit your body shape and fitness level. Props are available to use and we encourage you to use them. You are welcome to scale up or down as needed during the practice, the important thing is that you are challenging yourself. As you progress through your yoga practice, the postures will evolve and adapt with you.

Power yoga is great as a stand alone workout or as a supplement to your existing fitness regiment. Power yoga works both your large and small muscles and creates balance and power throughout your body. Come in and see how good you feel when you breathe, move and create space for something new.

Visit our Class Info page to learn more about our different classes. Also, go to our Gallery of Yoga Poses to see some of the yoga postures taught in our classes.

Do Hot Classes Make You Burn Calories Faster

Not so much. To burn calories, your body requires oxygen. The more oxygen you require for an activity, the harder you breathe and the more calories you burn. Studies have shown that increasing a rooms temperature causes your body to burn a small amount of extra calories to cool itself, but not a significant amount. So while the heat by itself doesnt make you burn a lot of calories, our flowing power yoga practice does. To learn more, please visit our discussion Does Sweating Burn Calories? To see how many calories you burn during one of our classes, please visit our Yoga Calorie Calculator page.

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Best Ways To Get From March First Brewing To Move Your Hyde Power Yoga

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Are Your Yoga Classes Hot Classes


They are more like warm classes. We heat our studio around 85F. This is hot enough to get the sweat flowing and the muscles loose, but not so hot that the heat becomes distracting. If you are interested in the heat because you like to sweat, dont worry. Because of the flowing nature of our yoga classes, you will sweat profusely.

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Information About This Business

At Move Your Hyde Power Yoga we are dedicated to bringing Power Yoga to Cincinnati. Located on Hyde Park Square and downtown at the Cincinnati Athletic Club, we offer daily hot Power Yoga classes that are challenging but fun and accessible to all levels of students. Bring a towel and be prepared to sweat.

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At Move Your Hyde, we are dedicated to bringing Power Yoga to Cincinnati. Power Yoga helps you get strong, fit, and flexible…. Our classes are challenging but fun. All levels of students are welcome. Move Your Hyde is a Registered Yoga School through the Yoga Alliance. See More

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At Move Your Hyde Power Yoga we are dedicated to bringing Power Yoga to Cincinnati. Located on Hyde Park Square, we offer daily hot Power Yoga classes that are challenging but fun and accessible to all levels of students.We now also offer Yoga Body Bootcampâ¢, a revolutionary new yoga-fitness hybrid. Think Cross-fit intelligence combined with the adrenaline rush of Biggest Loser, Amazing…

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Ive Never Done Power Yoga And Am Not Very Flexible Is That A Problem

The great thing about Power Yoga is each person is free to develop their own individual practice. Every pose taught in class can be modified to your own physical ability. If the pose calls for touching your toes and you cant, then you go to your shins or your knees the important part is that you are challenging your edge, wherever that edge is.

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Yoga Studios In Cincinnati

Studio owner Missy Tyszkiewicz opened Move Your Hyde Power Yoga in 2009 to share her love of power yoga with Cincinnati.

Our yoga studio is located on the square in Hyde Park in the Michigan Terrace building at 3500 Michigan Avenue . The entrance to the yoga studio is on the Michigan side of the building, to the left of the condos main entrance, behind the lululemon athletica store.

At the entrance to the yoga studio are built-in cubbies for your shoes and other belongings. You can also store your larger belongings, such as duffel bags, in a walk-in closet in the practice area

The practice area has a zen quality to it and a natural cork floor. The cork gives great support while also providing a little give. Youll notice a difference on your joints, especially during arm balances.

The yoga studio is open 15 minutes before and after each scheduled class. The doors are locked during class. If you would like more information about our studio or our power yoga classes, please stop by before or after a scheduled class. Also, feel free to contact us by phone, 513-321-1999 or email at .

Where to Park? We suggest the following parking options during class street side at a 120 minute meter or in the public parking lot behind Tellers.

The 120 minute parking meters are located east of Michigan on Erie. They are identified by a red 120 label. The parking meters closer to Hyde Park Square are typically 60 minute meters, likewise identified by a red 60.

Move Your Hyde Yoga Class Information

MYH Power Hour with Christy

We teach a variety of power yoga classes in our studios and welcome all skill levels of students. Every pose taught in class can be modified to your own physical ability. If the pose calls for touching your toes and that is not a possibility yet, then you go to your shins or your knees the important part is that you are challenging your edge, wherever that edge is. Breathe, move and have fun. If you are doing that, then you are doing the class perfectly.

You can access our yoga class schedule and other class information by going to our Class Schedule page. You can also sign-up for the classes online or simply drop in without pre-registering. In the event of a full class, preference will be given to those students pre-registering online.


In order to create a positive yoga environment for everyone, when attending classes at our studio please note the following etiquette:

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Move Your Hyde Power Yoga


Contemporary life can be too hectic,deflecting and disconnecting us from ourselves.Move Your Hyde Power Yoga, as other modern yoga centres, worksto help in bringing complete alignment to those who seek it.Yoga is a whole science that maygive slight or substantial physical,emotional and mental modifications within the body. Yoga may help to alleviate chronic physical and psychological pain, manage stress and reduce anxiety and depression.Yoga classes in Move Your Hyde Power Yoga may be useful forpeople of all ages, health condition and fitness levels.Specialists who work in this place are committed tosupply you with tools that will sustain you on yourtrip to a full range yoga experience.

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For making an appointment, please, usethe phone number +1 321-19-99 To contact with the centre you can drop in on it in3500 Michigan Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208.


I Dont Have A Yoga Mat Can I Rent Or Buy One

No problem. Until you get your very own mat, you can borrow one of our community mats. Just clean and return it after the class. A spray bottle and towel for cleaning the mat are on the shelf above the community mats. We also sell Manduka premium yoga mats in the studio as well as mat towels that you can lay over your mat to help absorb sweat and provide additional traction for your hands and feet.

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Its Been A While Since Ive Worked Out Can I Do Power Yoga

You should consult with a physician before undertaking a new workout regiment if you have any concerns. It is important to note that each person in class is developing their own unique yoga practice. If you are new to yoga, start out with our Power Basics yoga class. If at any time during the practice you need to take a break, simply come to Childs Pose, catch your breath and join the class again when you are ready. As your conditioning improves you will become more comfortable with your ability to do the postures. Magic will happen if you stick to it and challenge your physical and mental edges.


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