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Maternity Yoga Pants With Pockets

Loose Fitting Yoga Pants

Womens Maternity Workout Leggings Over The Belly Pregnancy Yoga Pants with Pockets Soft Work #shorts

In a sea of spandex, it seems like everyone practicing yoga opts for the tight-fitting yoga pants. Happily, it is possible to practice yoga while wearing loose-fitting apparel. Loose-fitting yoga pants are increasing in popularity among women due to their flexibility, comfort, softness, and modesty. This the perfect way to hide your flaws, and feel comfortable as you work through yoga poses.

Loose-fitting yoga pants fit away from the body. The waistband can be elastic or drawstring. The pants will go down to the ankle and can have several different cuts. Some loose fitting yoga pants have a wide leg style, while others have a boot cut or a bell-bottom. Other loose fitting yoga pants are capris length hitting just below the knee.

These yoga pants typically have a minimal amount of spandex and a higher amount of cotton. This allows the fabric to still bend and move, without clinging closely to your body. Similar to other yoga pant styles, loose-fitting yoga pants come in many different colors, cuts, patterns, and fabric blends allowing you to choose the exact yoga pant for your needs.

Best Maternity Flare + Fold Over Yoga Pants: Black Foldover Maternity Leggings

Depending on your activity level, you may not always need a full belly band in the waistline. These fun foldover maternity leggings from PinkBlush are perfect for fashion-forward ladies who like to have options.

Because of the foldover belly panel, these pants can transition with you from the first trimester right through to your postpartum days.

The modern maternity flare pants at the hem gives you a whimsical look as well.

These maternity leggings are available in both black and eggplant purple and come in sizes small through 3X making these a great choice for plus-sized moms.


Girlfriend Collective Seamless Maternity Bike Short

Biker shorts are totally trending, and this sporty pair has an over-belly waistband that makes them easy to wear all the way into your ninth month. Pair them with an oversized sweatshirt for a look that works at the gym and on the go. Available in sizes XXS to 6XL.

Buy it: $58, GirlfriendCollective.com

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Best Maternity Capri Yoga Pants: Maternity Full Panel Elevate Powersoft Crop Leggings

Capri maternity yoga pants offering support can be hard to find. But there’s a reason these full-panel cropped leggings from Old Navy are a best seller!

They are perfect for your growing belly and are designed with activity in mind. Along with four-way stretch, youll also get a moisture-wicking fabric finished with flat seams to minimize the risk of discomfort or chaffing and light compression. There are also hidden pockets to keep you light on your feet. Choose from multiple colors and patterns with a size range from XS through 2XL.


Best Maternity Yoga Pants + Leggings

Maacie Maternity Yoga Pants Over Bump Workout Active ...

Leggings are a staple in most women’s wardrobe, pre-pregnancy and postpartum. But finding the best pair of maternity yoga pants that provides comfort, support, and can transition through the trimesters and beyond can feel overwhelming. We’ve tested out and researched the best maternity leggings based on style, cut, and for every body size .

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Best Tall Maternity Yoga Pants: Active Yoga Leggings

Just like with petite moms, taller moms may also find that regular-length yoga pants look like high waters on them. And unless this is the look youre going for, thats not ideal. The Foucome maternity leggings feature extra length with plenty of tall moms raving about the comfortable fit through the inseam.

We also like that these pants are available in a wide range of colors. Choose from 23 colors including plenty of prints and solids. Youll also like that these maternity yoga pants have a full belly band support panel. Note that sizing is only from small through XL.


How To Choose Maternity Yoga Pants + Leggings:

Fashion is personal, which is why the process that goes into picking the right pair of maternity leggings is going to be slightly different for each woman. Along with basics such as fabric content, and ease of maintenance and care, youll want to think about the following questions as you shop for the best maternity yoga pants for you:

Questions to ask yourself first:

Where do you plan to wear them?

Some yoga pants are designed for performance. This can include features like compression, moisture-wicking, or enhanced breathability. If youre active during the prenatal period, these features are going to be important so your pregnancy workout pants arent constricting and give you the range of motion that you need.

Alternatively, if you genuinely want a pair of maternity leggings so you can lounge around the house or meet friends for a decaf coffee while still looking presentable, you might be interested in loose yoga pants with pockets, and less interested in performance features. In this case, we suggest focusing on fabric and cut or how easily the pants can be cleaned.

Lastly, we suggest staying away from maternity yoga pants that have a sheen or lycra finish as these may not be as compatible if you’re trying to get away with them at work under a long cardigan in the third trimester.

11 Best Maternity Leggings

What do you plan to wear them with?

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What Are The Best Maternity Leggings

lululemon Align Pant are the best maternity leggings in our opinion. They have options for petite, tall, and plus size women. The fabric is stretchy, breathable, moisture wicking, and comfortable through all three trimesters. While they are a bit of an investment, you can wear them even when you aren’t pregnant! Mine have held up over five years and two pregnancies. Style wise, you can wear them while working out, to the grocery store, coffee dates, or even in some casual work environments with a long cardigan. Plus they are comfortable enough to lounge around the house in!

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Foucome Maternity Yoga Tights

Mumberry Ease Maternity Yoga Pants with Rear Pocket

The Foucome Maternity Yoga Tights are an ideal legging-style yoga pant designed with pregnant women in mind. The full panel in the front is designed like a belly band to offer support to your growing baby and help alleviate back pain. The form-fitting, tapered, tight style will not ride up your leg if you are striking a yoga pose. Just make sure youve got the right maternity underwear on so you dont have the dreaded panty line.

This polyester and spandex blend offers stretch and comfort while still maintaining its shape and support. You could easily dress these up with a long maternity shirt or tunic for a day at the office or hit the gym while staying cool and comfortable.


  • Extra belly band support for belly and back
  • Easy to dress up or dress down
  • Very soft, designed specifically with exercise in mind


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Storq Sport Nursing Sports Bra

Designed for pregnancy and postpartum, this maternity sports bra checks every box in terms of style and function. The snug fit offers the right level of support, while the elasticated underbust band keeps everything in place . Bonus features include pill-resistant fabric, removable cups and clip-down nursing panels. Oh, and did we mention that this pick is available in sizes XS to 3X?

Buy it: $68, Storq.com

Women Maternity Stretch Workout Leggings

The Women Maternity Stretch Workout Leggings are the ultimate maternity workout pants. They have a full belly band to offer support for your growing belly and help alleviate some potential back pain. They are 95% polyester, a reliable moisture-wicking material that will not retain moisture, perfect for working out.

These pants are designed with athletics in mind, but would also be comfortable for lounging around or running errands. They could easily look like a pair of leggings layered under a maternity top, but do have an athletic style to them, which is currently very trendy.


  • Moisture-wicking and form-fitting, designed with workouts in mind
  • Soft and stretchy while maintaining their shape


  • Look like athletic pants, harder to dress up for work
  • Made from Polyester and Spandex keeping them form-fitting, some women find them tighter in the belly

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Best Places To Buy Maternity Workout Clothes

If youre expecting and on the hunt for maternity activewear, its worth popping into a few stores to see what brands you like best. You dont have to break the bank stuffing your closet with maternity workout clothes, but a few key pieces can make a dramatic difference in how comfortable you are during your workoutsand how great you feel after them. And wed say anything that gets you to the gym a bit more often is a sound investment. Ready to start shopping? Check out five of our favorite places to buy cute maternity workout clothes that really go the distance.

Girlfriend Collective: This maternity workout clothing line is small but mighty. The capsule collection includes seamless leggings, bike shorts and super-stretchy sports bras. Each item is made from moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ recycled materials. Plus, the activewear comes in tons of colors and is available in sizes XXS to 6XL.

Kindred Bravely: This Instagram-favorite maternity and postpartum brand is known for its ultra-soft fabrics that hold their shape and mold to your body. Bonus: Kindred Bravely nursing bras are a thing of legend invest in one of the brands sports bras and itll last long after baby is born.

Beyond Yoga: This brand has a cult-followingand with good reason. Beyond Yogas signature Space Dye fabric boasts a four-way stretch, UV protection and unbeatable softness. The online store has a great range of tank tops, T-shirts, joggers and leggings to suit every type of activity.

Hde Fold Over Waist Maternity Yoga Pants

Maternity Yoga Pants Over Bump Workout Active Leggings ...

Best Cotton Maternity Yoga Pants

Made of 95% cotton with a 5% hint of spandex to give you that soft stretch you love, these fun pants come with a colored band in the belly to give you that extra pop.

While theyre definitely workout pants , sometimes comfort beats fashion especially when youre expecting.

With a slight flare at the bottom, these pants make for a flattering silhouette and can be worn during all seasons. They may even work for you after your baby is born.

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Overall Best Maternity Yoga Pants: Lululemon Align Pant

If you are looking for the most comfortable, most durable, and best overall maternity leggings, look no further than lululemon Align Pant!

Spending money on workout maternity wear can get expensive. Which is why I love that these aren’t technically pregnancy workout pants. I’ve never met a woman who didn’t love them AND that they didn’t work for throughout pregnancy and postpartum

I got my first pair over 5 years ago, then bought 2 more before getting pregnant two years later. I’ve had the same 3 pairs through two pregnancies now. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!

I’ve worn these leggings pre-pregnancy, through my entire first pregnancy, postpartum, and now I’m 34 weeks in the photo above and still wearing them.

Not only do they last through your transitioning prenatal body, they just LAST.

So while they are certainly one of the priciest option on this list, when I consider how many pairs of leggings I’d have to buy over 6+ years, only to replace them, or need more during pregnancy, they are 100% worth the investment.

This photo I’m 36 weeks during my first pregnancy. I love that you can also fold over the high waist band when you just want to let your belly out!

They feel buttery soft and like you aren’t wearing anything, while simultaneously supporting and sucking everything in. They also are quick drying and moisture wicking. I live in South Florida, finding a legging that I can wear year round through our hot and humid months can be a challenge, but these do the trick!


How To Choose The Right Maternity Yoga Pant

Consider the following essential points when selecting the best maternity yoga pants.

  • Fabric: Maternity yoga bottom wear is available in various fabric combinations with different functionalities. You can choose from nylon, polyester, cotton, spandex, or mixed fabrics.
  • Comfort: The comfort of maternity leggings is determined by factors such as elasticity, softness, and moisture-wicking properties. You should also consider the type of coverage to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Fit: Maternity yoga pants are available in activewear, tights, trousers, and other similar fits for the best product fit for the person wearing them.
  • Trimester: Because the size of a baby bump varies depending on the trimester, it is best to consider the elasticity and size based on your current trimester.
  • While all these factors help you choose the best maternity yoga pants for pregnancy workouts, you can also shop for other pregnancy outfits for better styling. During your pregnancy, make sure to select a yoga outfit that strikes the right balance of style and comfort.

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    Specialty Fabric Yoga Pant

    It should be noted that when choosing your workout clothes you should put some thought into the type of fabric you are choosing. Many women prefer to have a specific type of specialty fabric used to make their yoga pants for many reasons. Whether you want optimum comfort, want a sustainable fabric option, or simply want a blend of materials you know you love, pay close attention to the materials tag on your yoga pants.

    There are several fabric options to choose from including spandex and other synthetic fabric options. Some of the more sustainable options include recycled polyester, which is made from recycled clothing materials.

    This option gives you the same look and feel that you love in your yoga pants, but offers a more eco-friendly approach. Further, many yoga pants are made from organic cotton. This helps to eliminate the number of pesticides and chemicals used to grow and produce cotton, giving you a cleaner and more sustainable product.

    Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing Sports Bra

    Adjust Easy Fit and Sew Yoga Pants for Maternity

    Designed with active moms in mind, this maternity sports bra provides support and coverage as your chest grows during pregnancy and easy access for nursing after. Made from soft, moisture-wicking material, this pick is perfect for low-impact activities like yoga, hiking or running errands around town. Plus, it comes in regular and busty sizes.

    Buy it: $43, KindredBravely.com

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    Do You Really Need Maternity Workout Clothes

    If youre like most expectant moms, much of your pregnancy is spent buying things for babynursery furniture, clothes, diapers and more So you may not want to spend extra cash on maternity workout clothes youll only wear for a few months. And sure, in the first trimester, you can easily get away with rolling waist bands under your belly and stretching out tees instead of investing in actual maternity activewear. But around the 20-week mark, that belly is going to start showing and such measures can become wildly uncomfortable.

    Plus, to the surprise of many new moms, its not just for a few months of wear. In hindsight, had I known Id wear maternity workout clothes after delivery, Id have spent more, says Olivia Koszuta, a Denver mom who took spin classes twice weekly throughout her pregnancy. I was still wearing Old Navy maternity leggings at three months out. Pants just dont fit normally for a while. It probably took another three months for my belly to go down.

    Every pregnancy is different. With this in mind, its important to assess the changes your body is experiencing and choose maternity activewear that suits your individual needs and lifestyle. When in doubt, opt for maternity workout clothes designed to ease discomfort during sweat sessionswhether that means maternity sports bras and swim gear with added bust support, stretchier tees and tanks for growing bellies or maternity yoga pants with over-the-belly waists.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye Slim Racerback Maternity Tank

    If you want to inject some color into your maternity workout clothes, look no further than this versatile tank that comes in four colors. The sporty racerback silhouette is right on-trend and the fabric is super-soft. Wear it alone for hot and sweaty workouts or use it as a base layer in the winter months.

    Buy it: $82, BeyondYoga.com

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    Old Navy Maternity Breathe On Racerback Tank Top

    This simple, sleeveless tank top is a solid option. Its made from an ultra-soft, breathable fabric with ruched sides to hug your growing curves. Plus, its free from annoying, itchy tags that can irritate sensitive skin during pregnancy. And get a load of that cool camo print!

    Buy it: $23, OldNavy.com

    Beachcoco Wide/straight Comfortable Maternity Yoga Pants

    V VOCNI Women

    Best for Big Thighs

    The flowing fabric coupled with the straight-leg design is just what you need if youre hoping to flatter your figure.

    Made in the USA of rayon and spandex, these pants are super soft and comfy.

    You can wear the waistband over your belly or roll it down if you prefer the feel of an under-the-belly design.

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    Spalding Womens Yoga Bootleg Pant

    The Spalding Yoga Bootleg Pant is a great choice if youre looking for a little extra support and compression in the seat and thighs. These lightly flared pants are trendy and look exactly like regular yoga pants. While you can dress these up, and the end of the day they definitely have the look of activewear.

    While these offer compression and support in the seat and thighs, they hit more low rise and do not include a belly band. As you progress in your pregnancy, you may want to add an additional belly band for belly and lower back support. If you like a tighter fit and pants that help accentuate your shape, look no further than these Spalding Yoga Bootleg pants.


    • Flared style typical to a regular yoga pant
    • Comfortable and flexible


    • Pants hit mid-waist, not as easy to fold down with a growing belly
    • Different percent of cotton in various colors, check the materials if you plan to use them for working out


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