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Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat Review

Heathyoga Tpe Body Alignment System Yoga Mat

Manduka Yoga Mat Review | PRO, PROlite, and eKO SuperLite

This eco-friendly TPE mat was designed with new yogis in mind. It has a special pattern with a firm grip embossed on the bottom of the mat to make sure you’re secure during your whole practice. The mat is tear-resistant and 6mm thick, providing a comfortable cushion for all forms of yoga. It also includes a body alignment system design across the mat, intended to help you focus and keep your body in proper form during your yoga session.

Reviews for this mat show that buyers love its style and durability. Some buyers mentioned that upon opening the mat, an off-gassing smell is released, but it disappears after a few days. Many appreciate how the nonslip surface delivers on its promise, even during their sweatiest hot yoga sessions.

Manduka Mat Vs Regular Pvc Mats

These Manduka mats are different from Regular PVC Yoga Mats, let see how

Manduka Mats
Expensive Mats in the range of 100-220$ Cheap mats starting from 20$
Lasts very long for a lifetime Lasts about 1 year
Not all mats are environment friendly
Solid and firm grip on the surface Slips on the surface
Not able to handle sweat completely
Closed-cell mats Open-cell mats
Not all mats are Easy to clean

How Much Do The Manduka Pro & Prolite Weigh

Think about how and when you will be using your new mat. Is it for home practice mainly? Or do you only practice yoga at your local studio? Or is it a combination of home and studio practice?

Mainly practice at your local studio: Manduka PROlite 71 weight: 4lbs.

If youre going to hit the studio multiple times per week you should pick a lightweight yoga mat that will be easy to transport such as the Manduka PRO lite.

Split between studio and home practice: Manduka PRO 71

If you enjoy home practices but sometimes head out to the studio then the Manduka PRO 71 is your top pick. Offers the comfort of the PRO line but isnt quite as heavy as the PRO 85.

Mainly practice at home: Manduka PRO 85

If youre planning to use your new mat at home, then spoil yourself with a big comfortable mat such as the Manduka PRO 85. I love working out the kinks in the comfort of my home. Typically my hips, low back, and shoulders.

*If youre looking for a yoga mat for traveling, here are my top 5.

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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Special Features

  • Made from synthetic eco-certified safe, high-grade PVC
  • The high-density cushion that provides unmatched joint protection and support
  • Phthalate-free
  • Non-toxic emissions and 100% latex-free
  • Closed-cell surface technology is designed to achieve a hygienic surface that prevents moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat.
  • Sticky
  • It will never wear out from any yoga practice, and thats guaranteed.

Competition: Manduka Pro Vs Manduka Grp

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka GRP Yoga Mat: Addressing my primary gripe with the PRO mat, the GRP mat from Manduka is designed with a good, immediate grip in mind. It has an upper layer that provides anti-slip control, particularly in sweaty conditions, and a lower charcoal-infused rubber layer that breathes, absorbs, and eliminates odors. The tradeoff for grip is durability, thoughthe GRP isnt included in Mandukas lifetime warranty.

Buy it if youre ready to work.

The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, like yoga itself, is an exercise in patience and a labor of love. Its definitely not for everyone, but if youre willing to put in the time and effort to break it in, the PRO may be the last yoga mat you ever buyand thats definitely worth a $120 price tag.

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Manduka Pro Vs Prolite & Which Is The Better Choice In 2022

Mandukas one of the best, if not the best, yoga mat maker on the market. Their mats are built to last, sustainably made, and carry lifetime warranties. So how do you choose when comparing the Manduka Pro vs Prolite?

That can be a hard question to answer so were going to review both mats to help you decide which is right for you.

Lets get started.

Our Analysis And Test Results

The Manduka PRO mat is made of polyester and PVC , a plastic polymer. While there are more “eco” materials used to make biodegradable mats, like natural rubber, PER or TPE , Manduka considers this line of mats to be an “environmentally conscious choice,” as the PVC is eco-certified as zero-waste, and they design their mats for durability. They also say that their mats “rarely end up in landfills like inexpensive sticky mats,” though we’re not sure we would attest to that. This mat weighs a whopping 7 lbs 13 oz and measures 71″ long by 26″ wide and 6mm thick. While this mat didn’t receive a very high overall score, due to the traction issues and lack of portability, it did still stand out for its great comfort and stability.

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Where To Buy Manduka Mats

As I mentioned in the intro, the PRO line of Manduka mats comes with a lifetime guarantee. And if you want that warranty to count, you need to buy your Manduka mat from an authorized retailer.

Speaking of the Manduka store, the brand has its own online store, which you can visit here. There youll find not only Manduka yoga mats but other yoga accessories, too. Ive highlighted a few of those accessories, below.

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat Review

Manduka PROlite® Yoga Mat Review

So youre trying to find a new yoga mat but can not determine in between the Manduka PRO vs PROlite?

Youre not the only one. Many individuals ask themselves this question everyday. I get numerous e-mails each week asking what yoga mats I recommend.

This articles objective is to give you all the necessary details to identify which yoga mat is right for you!

Manduka makes the very best yoga mats.

Manduka is a leader yoga exercise brand. They make world-class items that come with a lifetime guarantee. Their items are not the most inexpensive yoga exercise mats you can locate, but they perform last and terrific forever, that makes them an excellent value.

Advantages of Manduka

Super thick more comfortable, extra support, and much longer lasting


Never ever smells material created to fend off wetness

The lengthy-standing company with a wonderful credibility

Prices of Manduka yoga mats

The Manduka PROlite yoga mat is quite a bit cheaper than the Manduka PRO yoga mat .

Both mats are premium products as well as featuring a lifetime guarantee. Ive owned my PROlite and PRO for 6+ years, and they are still in excellent problem.

Manduka Yoga Mat Sale?

Manduka doesnt provide numerous sales, yet you can discover their intricate colors at a discount on Amazon.

Consider how and when you will be utilizing your brand-new mat. Is it for home practice generally? Or do you only practice yoga exercise at your yoga workshop? Or is it a combination of home and also studio practice?

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Manduka Pro Vs Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat Which Is The Best

There is a lot of talk going around in the yoga world regarding the two masterpieces by Manduka that works best for the yogis. Well, answering this question is a bit difficult because both yoga mats belong to the same brand, but still, we are going to perform an in-depth analysis for you in which we will compare the characteristics of the two mats. Only after that, you would be able to judge whether Manduka Pro is your best bet or the Manduka Prolite!

Before exploring deep down into the specs of each one of these, I would show a quick comparison of the basic qualities the two yoga mats possess. So for all the readers out there who are short on time and cannot go through the detailed analysis of Manduka Pro and Manduka Prolite, catch up on the basic comparison table ahead!

Thickness A Comfortable 6mm Thick

Yoga mats come in a variety of thicknesses. These can range from the very thin 1-2mm travel mats, to the very thick 12mm mats. Manduka Pro is considered a thick yoga mat, at 6mm thick.

This, for me, is the best thickness of yoga mat. Why? Well, it is thick enough so you dont feel the floor beneath you, your joints are protected, your hands and feet dont sink into the mat.

Plus, if the mat has a good grip, well then it is a perfect yoga mat for all types of yoga practice, from a dynamic Ashtanga to a more grinding Yin yoga practice.

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How Not To Clean Your Manduka Mat

The Manduka instructionsthe label that came wrapped around my matoffer three clear ways not to clean your mat. You are not supposed to:

  • Soak your mat
  • Submerge your mat in water
  • Shower your mat
  • OK, message received loud and clear! I guess this isnt the mat to take with you if you ever decide to do a yoga class on a stand-up paddleboard.

    Why We Like The Prolite Yoga Mat

    Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat Australia

    Your choice of mat can make a big difference in how inspired or able you are to deepen your yoga practice or tackle your daily stretch or exercise routine. With the Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat, we get to enjoy supportive, dense cushioning and a hygienic, slip-resistant surface that gets us stoked to use it day in and day out, and treat ourself to some therapeutic movement and stretch sessions. The PROlite is Manduka’s travel-friendly version of its heavier PRO mat, designed to be schlepped with you when you’re on-the-go while still providing the support the PRO series mats are known for.


    • Travel-friendly yoga mat designed for locked-in stretches
    • Hygenic, slip-resistant closed-cell surface stays under you
    • Grippy, non-sliding bottom surface keeps in place
    • Dense, supportive 5mm cushioning makes hard floors comfortable
    • Item #MND0002

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    Waarom Een Eigen Yoga Mat Kopen

    Maar toch zijn er diverse redenen waarom ik keer op keer graag in het bezit wilde zijn van een goede eigen Yoga mat.

    Ik sta namelijk dagelijks op mijn mat en wil dat ik een comfortabele ondergrond heb als ik mijn oefeningen doe.

    Bij een eigen Yoga mat heb ik mijn mat ook thuis ten aller tijde bij de hand, waardoor ik ook gemakkelijker thuis op de mat kan stappen. Kan ik dat smoesje om niet aan Yoga te hoeven doen ook gelijk schrappen -).

    Daarbij vind ik het een fijn en hygiënisch idee dat ik op een schone ondergrond sta, die ik ook gemakkelijk weer af kan nemen met een Yoga mat cleaner.

    Ook neemt je grip toe op een goede Manduka Yoga mat. Zo kun je jezelf gemakkelijker uitdagen in diverse houdingen, omdat je goed kunt blijven staan.

    Reden genoeg dus voor mij om een goede Yoga mat uit te gaan zoeken. Ik kwam dus uit bij een Manduka Yoga mat. Uiteindelijk heb ik gekozen voor de Manduka Prolite Yoga mat.

    En onderstaande voordelen van de Manduka Prolite spraken me hierin direct al aan.

    How To Season Or Break In Your Manduka Yoga Mat

    Turns out that youre supposed to season or break in your Manduka yoga mat before using it the first time. This involves sea salt and letting it sit for 24 hours. Since Id just received the mat as a gift the night before, clearly I hadnt done this. No wonder I was slipping all over the place.

    If Id taken the time to read the label that came wrapped around my Manduka mat, I would have seen the instructions for prepping the Manduka mat. They call it The break-in process. Here are the steps.

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    Waarom De Manduka Prolite Misschien Niet Bij Jou Past

    Het is natuurlijk ten aller tijde belangrijk om na te gaan welke punten jij belangrijk vindt bij een goede Yoga mat.

    Misschien zijn de voordelen die voor mij gelden, voor jou helemaal niet zo relevant.

    Kijk dus vooral naar wat jij belangrijk vindt, hoe vaak je de mat denkt te gaan gebruiken, welk materiaal je prettig vindt, welke dikte je fijn vindt, wat voor soort Yoga je doet. Enzovoorts.

    Het aller belangrijkste is dat je je prettig voelt op je mat. En dat je zo min mogelijk ongemakken ervaart. Je kunt dan ook zomaar tot de conclusie komen dat een andere Yogamat misschien beter bij je past.

    Cambivo Extra Long And Wide Exercise Mat

    Manduka PROLITE® Yoga Mat REVIEW ð¤©

    Yoga mats are not one-size-fits-all. Taller individuals need a mat that is wider and longer for their yoga practice. The Cambivo Yoga Mat is a great option for tall men and women who are seeking a mat that allows them to stretch into every position without edging off the mat. This mat measures 84 inches long by 30 inches wide and gives plenty of room for those who need it. This mat also takes pressure off the joints by way of its 6mm thick cushioning.

    Several reviewers who are over 6 feet tall say this mat is the perfect length and not too thick for them to use. One buyer pointed out that the mat is better for home use than to take to a studio, simply because the length requires more space than a standard size mat. As with some new mats, this one has an off-gassing smell that disappears after a few days.

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    A Mat Is A Mat Right Well I Beg To Differ

    Ive always been a believer that when you have the right tools, you are empowered and potentially limitless in your endeavors. The same applies to your yoga practice!

    Over the years, Ive racked up quite a collection of yoga mats. Practicing, traveling, hard standing, and meditating on a variety of brands, thicknesses, surfaces, locations, and even colors.

    Today, Im rounding up an honest review of my three favorite mats that I personally own and use on a regular basis from Manduka.

    Ranging from lightweight, to heavy duty, to an all-around favorite, Ive got all your yoga needs covered with these three options. And, being a car girl at heart, Ive related each mat to a specific vehicle and their functionality in our lives. Because in reality, your yoga mat mentality, physically, and spiritually takes you places!

    Perfect travel companion looking for the adventurous, dedicated yogi who likes to travel and practice anywhere. Im fairly light, low maintenance, easy to pack, sticky , and also plays well with other yoga mats as an added top layer. With a passport in hand, Im ready to go anywhere you fly or drive!

    Summary: Made from biodegradable, natural tree rubberPros: Lightweight, easy for travel, and environmentally friendlyCons: If youre using this as an every day mat, you might want something thicker Price:$52

    My absolute favorite travel mat! This one is the compact car of the bunch due to its small size, functionality, and intelligent design.

    Voordelen Van De Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

    De normale afmetingen van een Manduka Prolite Yoga mat zijn 61 cm x 180 cm x 4.5 mm. Maar als je erg lang bent, dan heeft is er ook een Manduka Yoga mat van 200 cm beschikbaar. Helaas niet in alle gezellige kleurtjes, maar de optie voor een langere mat is er dus zeker.

    Dit voordeel was met mijn 1.65m niet zon doorslaggevende factor -).

    Daarbij is de Manduka Prolite Yoga mat een duurzame mat. Er komen geen schadelijke kleurstoffen of gebruik van PVC aan te pas. De mat wordt dus op een milieuvriendelijke manier verwerkt en dat vind ik erg belangrijk.

    De dikte van 4.5 mm zorgt voor een goede grip en een comfortabele Yoga sessie. De ondergrond kan in het begin als wat glad ervaren worden in verband met een tijdelijke kleine coating op de bovenkant. Deze verdwijnt snel, waardoor je uiteindelijk zelfs tijdens het transpireren grip op de mat blijft houden.

    In het begin schrok ik een beetje van de gladde ondergrond. Mijn neerwaartse hond werd al snel een stukje uitdagender. Ik was zelfs even genoodzaakt om eerder uit de houding te komen in verband met de gladheid. Gelukkig bleek dit echt maar van korte duur en sindsdien heb ik echt een blijvende perfecte grip.

    Je zou kunnen zeggen dat de mat alleen maar prettiger wordt in het gebruik. Dit heb ik nog niet eerder meegemaakt met een andere Yoga mat. Hierbij kwamen al snel korreltjes en stukjes van de mat af.

    Met mijn intensieve gebruik van de Yoga mat geeft dit toch een fijn gevoel.

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    Choosing The Right Length

    The right size will hugely depend on your height, but typically, the standard size will do, mainly if you use it for home practice and maybe some studio practice once in a while. If you are a tall person, then the extra-long size is the best option. You have to remember that the extra-long version is 2 lbs. heavier than the standard size.

    Whats The Difference Between Manduka Pro And Prolite

    Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

    While shopping for a Manduka mat, deciding between PRO and PROlite can be tough.There are several features you need to know, that differentiate these two. They include:

    1. Price

    Manduka PRO is slightly expensive than Manduka PROlite. Their average prices are $101 and $75 respectively.

    2. Size

    Manduka PRO comes in lengths of 71 inches and 85 inches. Its width is 24 inches and 26 inches respectively.

    Manduka PROlite has lengths of 71 inches and 79 inches. Its width is 24 inches for both mats.

    As such, the pro lite mat is suitable for individuals who are less than six inches tall. If you are taller than that, the Manduka PRO is preferable.

    3. Thickness

    Manduka PRO yoga carpet is 6 mm thick while the pro lite is 4.7 mm thick.

    4. Weight Capacity

    The average weight of Manduka PRO is 7.5 lbs. On the other hand, Manduka Pro Lite weighs 4 lbs.

    5. Color Variations

    Manduka pro lite yoga mat comes in 18 different colors. The PRO version comes in 13 colors.

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