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Manduka Equa Yoga Hand Towel

Gets Grippier When Wet

Manduka eQua® Yoga Towel Review

This one gets grippier when wet, so I dont usually like it at the start of class before youre super sweaty, coz theres less grip. What you can do is spray the mat towel down with water where the hands and feet go, so that can help with traction early in the class.

What I do – and maybe its a bit fiddly for some – is I simply flip the top and bottom of the mat over, until I get to that super sweaty point in the class where I need more grip, then I flip the top and bottom down again.

Support When You Need It

The GoSweat towel by Shandali is also useful as a yoga aid. Fold it and put it under your knees for extra knee support. Or sit on it for some extra cushion when meditating or in seated hip openers. Roll the towel up and put it under your neck or back to replicate the support of a foam roller. A truly versatile yoga tool.

Manduka Equa Yoga Hand Towel

  • Great for face and hands
  • Tightly woven fibers produces a soft, suede-like feel
  • Split microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption, evaporation and wet-grip
  • Fabric becomes slip-resistant when damp
  • Ultra lightweight with exceptional durability
14.22 x 6.6 x 4.83 cm 10 Grams
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4.2 out of 5 stars
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Better Grip + Traction

It provides better grip and traction. Especially if you have a hot, sweaty kind of practice you might have noticed that less than halfway into your practice, if youre dripping in puddles without a mat towel, you might be slipping and sliding around too. Having a good mat towel helps to provide more grip and traction. Some of the better mat towels actually become grippier when wet.

Microfiber Texture For Traction And Durability

Manduka eQua Yoga Hand Towel

Proper traction is important for stability and safety when maintaining challenging posses. Get the most out of your yoga routine – whether it’s warrior one or an extended side-angle pose, the GoSweat Yoga Towel is perfect for beginners or experienced yogis. The microfiber weave will ensure a long lasting product life span. and a textured feel that will safely plant your feet onto your mat.

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Less Friction In Jumpbacks + Jump

If youre an ashtanga or vinyasa kinda person, youre doing a lot of jump-backs and jump-throughs. When youre first learning them, its more like a shuffle-back and shuffle-through and your feet might get stuck on the mat, or worse, you get mat-burn from the friction. This soft, suede feel really helps make it easier on your feet to slide through.

Get A Grip Take Your Yoga To The Next Level

Sweat is slippery. Proper grip is important for yoga, Pilates, stretching, strengthening, or restorative floor exercises. This high quality yoga towel creates a comfortable microfiber suede cushion between you and your yoga mat. Works for home use, outdoor use, or at the yoga studio. Comfortable enough for meditation and mindfulness exercises, and for intense Hot Yoga routines.

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Manduka Equa Yoga Towel Small

Absorbent and quick drying, the Manduka eQua® Yoga Towel Small is the perfect accessory to any yoga mat. Lay the towel on your mat under your hands for extra grip and less slip.

This small towel is easy to place wherever extra grip is needed throughout your practice. Featuring sweat activated grip, so the more you sweat the better the grip. The eQua® Yoga Towel supports not only your yoga practice, but can be used at the gym, camping, or whenever youre on the go.

To prevent color bleeding, we recommend washing your eQua® towels twice with similar colors before use. Using a dark towel with a light mat may result in color transfer unless washed first.


  • Tightly woven fibers produces a soft, suede-like feel
  • Designed to accompany any yoga practice
  • Split microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption
  • Exceptionally durable and incredibly quick drying
  • Works great for all types of yoga including hot, vinyasa and power
  • From studio to beach this towel is lightweight and easy to take on the go
  • The small eQua® Hand Towel is multi-functional and can easily transition to a beach, surf, travel, gym or workout towel
  • All dyes are free of AZO, lead, and heavy-metals

To Use: Lay the towel on top of the mat, under you hands . To enhance the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water to dampen before each additional use.

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Manduka Equa Yoga Mat Towel

Manduka Equa & Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Towels Review
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Adding product to your bag

Product Description

The perfect companion to all Manduka high performance yoga mats, the eQua yoga mat towel consistently outperforms ordinary cotton or polyester towels on the mat, at the gym, on a mountain, or on the road.

  • designed for light to medium perspiration, the eQua mat towel spreads over any yoga mat to add traction to sweaty palms and feet
  • tightly woven fibres produces a soft, suede-like feel
  • a recyclable synthetic material, engineered for performance & durability
  • can also be re-purposed as a multi-functional cleaning cloth if its life as a fitness accessory comes to an end
  • split microfibre technology for optimised moisture absorption, evaporation, and wet-grip

To enhance the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water to dampen before each additional use. Please note that this towel does not have silicone nubs on the bottom.


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A Guide To Yoga Towels

Weve all seen the sign outside the hot yoga studio Bring Your Own Yoga Towel but we need to remember that these simple yet transformative pieces of textile are for all types of yoga and can help you in the most unexpected ways. Yoga towels are for use way beyond a sweaty intense flow, they are for all and every type of practice to help you with your grip and moisture management around any yoga mat. Adding a yoga hand or full mat towel to your toolbox can be a game changer and we are here to tell you why and provide some PRO tips.

What is a Yoga Towel for?

Fundamentally they provide 2 main performance characteristics:

1. Provide extra GRIP when your hands or feet start to release heat and moisture.

2. Absorb excess moisture aka SWEAT, from collecting on top of your mat.

Why do you lose Grip?

For some, grip is the most important aspect of their yoga mat. Depending on the class, the weather, how your body is feeling, time of day, your level of practice, how far into the yoga lesson/practice, the condition or the construction type of your yoga mat can potentially mean a loss of grip. Which for some is extremely frustrating. For some not so much. But as heat builds in your body and the muscles that are in use tire, the natural reaction is for the body to try and cool down by releasing moisture. Normally first through the hands, then arms, then feet and so on.

A few things to know or unknow.

Full mat yoga towels are for hot or intense practices.


Features Equa Hand Towel

  • 67 cm x 41 cm x 1 mm
  • 200 gram
  • Great for face and hands
  • Tightly woven fibers produces a soft, suede-like feel
  • “Split” microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption, evaporation, and “wet-grip”
  • Fabric becomes slip-resistant when damp
  • Ultra lightweight with exceptional durability
  • Survives countless washings

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