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Lululemon Extra Long Yoga Mat

What’s The Best Yoga Mat

LULULEMON YOGA MAT REVIEW | Best yoga mats | unbiased review

Theres no point splashing your cash on a slippery mat that offers no support. To help you out, the Runners World Lab tested 18 of the best yoga mats on the market to find those that strike the perfect balance between grip and comfort. These are their eight favourites:

Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Worth It

Even though Lululemon yoga mats are quite pricey, its safe to say that they are certainly worth buying. Guys at Lululemon make sturdy, reliable yoga mats that should easily withstand regular use and will serve you for years to come.

Additionally, the company offers a pretty impressive variety of items that include travel yoga mats, reversible models, different thickness options, and a wide range of colors.

Needless to say, the combination of high quality and an impressive selection makes Lululemon mats worth every penny.

Lululemons Black Friday Specials Are On And Theyre Seriously Good

Lululemons Black Friday specials have kicked off, and there are some truly great finds to be had in the sale section. The brand helped make athleisure a thing with its super-comfortable Wunder Under leggings, and for Black Friday, youll save big on that lineup of tights and bicycle-style shorts, with most tights styles $30 off. Also on sale? Yoga bras, joggers, everyday tees, workout tanks and more.

There are a ton of Black Friday specials from Lululemon, so weve rounded up 12 of our favorite picks from the event. Items are final sale, so double-check your sizing before you add your picks to the cart, or if youre unsure, talk to one of Lululemons educators, who can answer your questions. .

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Lululemon Big Mat Vs Manduka Black Mat Pro

By Lindsay Rabicoff February 26, 2015

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Yoga is an amazing way to decrease stress, change your mindset, and get fit in the process, but the mat you use can make a HUGE difference. I started practicing yoga when I acquired stress fractures from running and I fell in love with it immediately. The very first thing I did after attending my first yoga class was research which yoga mat to buy. At 59 I knew I needed a mat I could fit on so Lululemon The Mat was an obvious choice.

Lululemon The Mat

What Is The Difference Between A Yoga Mat And A Yoga Towel

The Reversible Mat 5mm

Lululemon womens yoga mats are designed to provide cushioning support for ones body during exercise . Yoga towels are used to get rid of the excess moisture during intense workouts and yoga practice.

If you decide to exercise on a yoga towel, you will not be likely to receive enough cushioning or traction to practice comfortably. Yoga towels are meant to be used to wipe off sweat.

** This website contains affiliate links, meaning we earn small commission if items are purchased, it helps us to support the maintenance of the website.

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Is A 3 Mm Or 5 Mm Yoga Mat Better Whats The Difference

The 3 mm yoga mat is better if you are looking for a universal accessory that would suit different types of workouts. The 5 mm yoga mat is better if you require additional support and extra cushioning for the joints .

The main difference between the 3 mm and 5 mm yoga mats lies in the levels of support each can provide. A thicker 5 mm mat creates a more cushioned surface that would be gentler on ones joints. Therefore, people who have sharp pressure points would benefit from a 5 mm yoga mat more.

Manduka Black Mat Pro Features

  • Cost: $108.00
  • Manduka has been making this mat for over 15 years and backs it with a Lifetime Guarantee against wear and tear
  • Two versions:
  • Standard: 7.0 lbs 71 long 26 wide 1/4 thick
  • Long: 9.0 lbs 85 long 26 wide 1/4 thick
  • Zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat
  • Slip resistant surface that is not sticky
  • 1/4 thick means the mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors
  • Oeko-Tex certified, emissions-free manufacturing
  • 100% latex free, and safe to use for people with latex sensitivities
  • Closed-Cell Surface keeps out moisture from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria
  • Proprietary Dot-Pattern Bottom to resist sliding
  • I bought my own Black Mat Pro and never turned back. There was NO smell and the cushion of the mat felt incredible. Instead of going with the long version, I decided to try the standard length. It was much lighter than the Lululemon The Mat and traveled better. Lululemon was phenomenal and returned my mat with no questions asked, although the Lululemon employee stated that people frequently return the mat for the same reason the smell. Ive now been practicing on my Manduka for nearly a year and I have to say I will never buy another mat. The comfort of the mat is unparalleled. Maybe that is why it is called the Cadillac of Yoga Mats. My next mat will probably be the Manduka PROlite, the little brother of the Black Mat PRO designed for being on the go and weighing in at a mere 4 pounds.

    Winner: Manduka Black Mat PRO

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    Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat: Care

    As you might expect from a rubber-based product, the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat emits, you guessed it, a rubbery odor when you first open it. We laid ours out in a spare room for 24 hours before using it, and it only had a dull smell after that. The odor was completely gone within a few days.

    The Reversible Mat 5mm is super durable. In fact, the rubber side is scratch and stain-proof as far as we can tell – not so much on the polyurethane layer, which tends to mark easily, but its nothing a wipe and spray with water or mat cleaner cant quickly resolve. We recommend cleaning down the mat after every practice.

    The mat does absorb water so you have to commit to regular deep cleaning once a month to preserve and maintain the mat. We scrubbed it in a bath or shower every few weeks and left it to air dry for a day or two afterward to get all the moisture out. But dont leave it out in the sun, as it degrades the rubber.

    This is one of the most resilient yoga mats weve ever used and has a lifespan of around five years.

    Which Brand Of Yoga Mat Is Best

    TOP 5 FAVORITE YOGA MATS **Highly Requested!!** | Lululemon,Sugarmat,Manduka and more!

    Feeling ready to get your zen on? Keep scrolling for GLAMOURâs edit of the yoga mats that are actually worth buying, including Lululemon yoga mats, Sweaty Betty yoga mats, Nike yoga mats and and the hugely popular Liforme yoga mat.

    For more from our Commerce Writer Sophie Cockett, follow her on Instagram .

    If you’re after more yoga content, we’ve rounded up the best yoga equipment to buy to compliment your new mat as well as the best yoga pants for comfortable practice and we’ve investigated whether yoga can boost your fertility.

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    Should You Buy The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat

    If youre after a springy, supportive mat that you can do all your favorite poses on, the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat delivers on every count.

    The sweat absorbent side actually gets grippier the more you sweat, which makes it perfect for nailing the downward dog and those more challenging poses.

    It looks luxe, comes in a good array of calming color hues and the anti-microbial layer means its great for repelling mold and mildew. We only have two small complaints its a meaty 2.4kg so not very portable, and the polyurethane side marks easily. Other than that, its worth every dollar. The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat is every yogis new best friend.

    Lululemon The Mat Features

    • Cost: $78.00
    • Larger design means more space to practice 29 x 84
    • Made out of natural rubber, polyurethane, and latex = not the greatest smell
    • Polyurethane coating = extra grippy, no towel necessary
    • Antimicrobial additive to prevent mold and mildew from sticking to your mat
    • Heavy at a whopping weight of 3.75 kg
    • Cushiony feel at 5 mm thickness
    • Reversible
    • You need to buy special towels to fit the mat

    For over 4 months I used my Lululemon The Mat. I traveled with it through airports, lugged it across country, and used it daily. From the moment I opened the box when it was first delivered The Mat had a distinct burnt rubber smell to it. I asked around my yoga studio and people said just let it air out, the smell will go away with time. So, I let it air out, and then I let it air out some more, and then I cleaned it, and then I tried to air it out again. The Mat laid out in our guest room for more than 4 months, and you know what the smell never went away. Every time I went into childs pose I was struck with the smell. The day came when one of my fellow yogis asked if I had a Lululemon mat because he could smell it from across the heated yoga room. Enough was enough.

    The next day I borrowed a friends Manduka Black Mat PRO and it was awesome.

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    Lululemon The Reversible Mat: Comfort

    The Lululemon The Reversible Mat is available in assorted thicknesses, although this review only covers the 3mm mat in depth. You can also get The Reversible Mat in 5mm as well as a big option , also in 5mm. Lululemon even does a travel version called The Reversible Mat at 1.5mm.

    The 3mm version offers good padding but on hard floors, those with creaky knees may prefer a thicker mat. It keeps you close to the floor in your practice which we think is a real positive – you can feel the grounding effect of standing postures and balances. However, if you find a thin mat leaves your knees a bit achy, this mat wont benefit your yoga practice and youd be better going for the 5mm version.

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    If This Product Isnt For You

    If the Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat is not your bag, here are three alternatives to consider:

    Gaiam Premium 2-Color Yoga MatThis 6mm yoga mat is ideal for people on a budget. It comes in a range of colors, is latex-free, sweat-absorbent, and has a lifetime guarantee. Its great for taller people , has superb cushioning and is a great starter mat for people new to yoga. However, it does tend to mark easily, the stickiness doesnt last as long as wed like and its not compatible with hot yoga.

    This oversized $100 mat has a reputation for its awesome grip, moisture-wicking capacities , as well as its super luxe design. It is made from ethically sourced rubber and its 5mm thickness means it offers great cushioning and support. When you buy the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat, you also get a free 30-day trial of Alo Moves – access to unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation classes led by their pro instructors.

    Looking For More Last

    Yahoo Lifestyle Canada is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

    As Christmas approaches, the window for purchasing gifts online is shrinking. To make things easy for shoppers, many retailers have in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on your gifts arriving on time.

    For those still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift, there’s still time to shop Lululemon’s assortment of cozy loungewear and performance activewear. In Canada you’ve got until 11:59pm PST on Dec. 17 to shop and receive your gifts by Dec. 24, so long as you opt for FedEx delivery.

    With so many great gift ideas to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of these top picks. To help narrow it down though, shop some of Lululemon’s must-have gifts while you still have time.

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    What Should I Look For When Buying A Yoga Mat

    Jazzy patterns catch the eye, but put them aside and youre left with four simple criteria:

    Grip: This applies to both the top and underside of the mat. Its impossible to enjoy a relaxing yoga session when you cant plant your hands in downward dog without slipping. Consider mats made from sticky materials, such as rubber, or those with a non-slip coating. Your mat should lie flat on any surface, from carpet to tiles, and provide the most stable base possible.

    Support: Look for a mat thats thick enough to protect your spine from hard floors but not so cushioned that your limbs will sink into it, throwing you off balance. Mats that are between 4mm and 6mm thick tend to be just right.

    Durability: Your yoga mat wont have to withstand intense HIIT workouts or dropped dumbbells , but it should emerge unscathed from dynamic practice, without any rips or dents.

    Portability: A mat with great get-up-and-go credentials can be a great yoga companion if youre a fan of an al fresco session. Look for thinner mats that roll up easily and have a carry strap if you prefer Pilates in the park to flows in your front room.

    On our quest to find the best yoga mats, we also considered sustainability, style and any original features before naming our favourites.

    Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat: User Reviews

    BEST YOGA MATS 2021 | Manduka, Liforme, Lululemon and Jade | Yoga mat review

    On the whole, user reviews on Lululemon’s website are positive with many people claiming it the ‘best mat theyve ever used’. One Lululemon reviewer said it was “the ultimate mat. Quality unbeatable. Versatile from yoga to HIIT and this mat will last you, so value for money”.

    Meanwhile, another Lululemon user who bought The Reversible Mat 5mm for a friend, said: “Apparently there were a few head turns for the mat at the yoga studio. She loves it and says its the comfiest one she has ever tried.”

    One Lululemon user wasnt happy with the color of the mat compared with the website image, and said it looked a lot “like a piece of ham”.

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    Lululemon The Reversible Mat: Performance

    If youre looking for a mat that can withstand any type of practice, this is it. Not only do you have superb grip on the polyurethane side of the mat but you also have another option for quieter practices, or even for a meditation practice, with the natural rubber base. This has a bumpy texture that provides just enough grip but it feels like its actually primarily there to help you connect with your mat when you practise, for a more mindful approach.

    The polyurethane side is smooth and has a shine to it. We love how versatile this mat is and the fact that you have two mats in one. The natural rubber base isnt just the side you never use. Its adaptable, just as our practice should be.

    The polyurethane side offers incredible grip and is pretty indestructible in terms of regular wear and tear. The mat doesnt disintegrate by ripping up under your hands and feet as some other mats do but it does mark easily. Any oil on your skin such as greasy fingers or foreheads will leave a mark on this mat, unfortunately. However, you can wipe it down with soapy water and these can be removed, to a certain extent.

    The only downside is that this mat scratches easily on the polyurethane side. If you drag your toes in any transitions, it can leave marks on your mat that sadly, wont budge.

    Whats Not So Great About The Mat

    Wipe your mat down after practice and let it air dry completely.

    Now that Ive had my Lulu mat for years, Ive seen some of its shortcomings. The stickiness lessens over time, so Id suggest using a mat towel in hot classes to preserve the grippy feeling as long as possible. Ill also admit that I dont use both sides of the mat, though its reversible. Ive used the softer side a few timesmainly when the top layer was still sweaty from an earlier practice. But I use blocks in my daily practice, and atop the softer surface, they wont lie flat.

    The mat also scuffs easily. Mine has swooping scratch marks from repeated sun salutations and from doing lunges with sneakers on. The mat is great for all kinds of workouts, but if you wear shoes and walk on it, be prepared to see some traces.

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