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Live Stream Yoga Classes Free

Miss The Gym From Yoga And Hiit To Social Distance Dancing Stream These Classes For Free

FREE Live Stream Yoga: Meditate, Move, Rejuvenate with Kristen Boyle

Gyms may be closed across the country, but that doesnt mean your workout class is canceled. Tons of studios are offering real-time classes that users can live-stream from their own homes. Not only are these sessions helpful to maintaining physical and mental wellness, they offer a sense of community and accountability in this strange time of social distancing and self-isolation.

Right now, with our routines thrown off, it can be hard to say, Let me get off the couch and go exercise, says Lynn Bufka, a clinical psychologist and senior director for practice, research and policy at the American Psychological Association. A live class can help hold you accountable to your plans to exercise and give you the structure and motivation that you didnt have otherwise.

Virtual Studio Is Online Now And Its Really Easy To Set Up

Wherever you lay your mat

We offer a range of online classes including livestream and prerecorded, your first online class is free when you sign up.

We know this year has been a tough time for so many of us, uncertainty and added worries can often lead to more stress which can be harmful to your immune system, a daily yoga class can really help to deal with pressure, focus on your wellbeing and keep yourself healthy.

Try a Zoom class we recorded for free in the box below.

Theres loads of free yoga on YouTube, how do you find something really worthwhile?

Heres Be-Yoga founder & Yoga Therapist Bryonys YouTube channel yogawithbryonychannel

Choose from dynamic flow yoga, restorative, gentle practices and a series of short videos on how to manage anxiety through yoga.

zoom here

Full practice taught via Zoom at Be Yoga

Online Fitness Market Size: Application And Future Forecast By 2026your Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Consistent prevalence of obesity-related diseases resulting leading to higher incorporation of daily fitness routines will drive online fitness market in the coming years. An increase in health issues owing to sedentary lifestyles as well as a rising demand for customized workout experience at offices and homes is pushing the need for sophisticated virtual fitness classes.

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We Recently Launched A Series Of Free Not

Follow along with Willow for FREE! She has to wear clothes for these public online classes, but we encourage practicing Naked! Below are a few classes, and you can check out our Youtube page for upcoming Live-Streams and watch re-plays of past ones. The classes are open-level and vary quite a bit, so we include a caption description so you know what to expect.

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: Willow is learning ASL and has started adding signs to Live-Streams to better assist folks who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

For all our instructional content: Viewer discretion is advised. You are responsible for knowing your limits! Always listen to your body and make decisions that work for you. Skip anything you want, and take breaks when you need to. If something hurts, stop. Remember, more is not better, it’s just MORE.

Yoga & Pilates combination class for all levels! Lots of Options, and Willows ASL is improving.

Shorter “Express class for a more brisk workout. Well do about 30 minutes of yoga asana and Pilates.

A special “Half n’ Half” class: 30 minutes yoga + 30 minutes meditation/savasana for all levels!

To Host Your Online Courses

Free Kids Yoga + More

Try: Thinkific

Whos using it: Tracee Stanley, teacher and guide of meditation and Yoga Nidra, creator of Empowered Life Oracle Cards

Why did you pick it?

This platform was recommended to me by my website designer, Sari Gelzer, when we were looking for ways to easily create evergreen course content for my students. It was very easy to upload content and keep things organized for a multi-week course.

How does it work?

Thinkific is a full-service online platform that hosts your courses so that all you have to do is upload the content. They offer a range of pricesfrom Free to Proso that you can scale your investment in the software as usage of your courses increase.

What should teachers keep in mind?

This platform is great for everything from a month-long course to a longer certification program. The platform does have a linear course feel, which works well for certain courses when you want to release the content over time. However, if you plan to have a membership where people receive content monthly and can browse the content, you may prefer a different design.

What are the upsides?

Thinkific makes it easy to set up a meditation course, for instance, that is beautiful and easy-to-navigate for our students. The sales page templates work well at featuring content thats included in the course. And, you can integrate your course with mailchimp and other online marketing platforms.

Any challenges to watch out for?

Hot tip:

See it for yourself:

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Live Online Yoga Classes For Kids May Be The Perfect Answer

I am full time kids yoga teacher and I have been creating kids yoga videos to post on my schools websites, and also on my YouTube channel.

But theres no substitute for live classes.

Ill be honest, I miss my students desperately. I miss their craziness and their fun. I also miss my adult yoga classes.

I did start a YouTube channel with some fun themed based yoga classes for kids. Heres my favorite so far:

The Best Free Yoga Classes Online

As yoga has skyrocketed in popularity, teachers typically paid a pittance for group classes have realized that putting their routines online can be lucrative. There are now plenty of options for all levels, but most are secured behind a paywall. You really have to search to find great, free options, but theyre out there, particularly now that many studios are offering free options for those practicing social distancing. Weve tracked down the five best free sites for both newbies and experienced practitioners.

1. Do Yoga With Me

Do Yoga With Me is a massive site that offers everything from full classes to tutorials to meditation practices. Theres an incredible variety of instructors and yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, and Ashtanga as well as power and prenatal classes.

Best for: Intermediate-level yogis who are interested in broadening their horizons with new breathing techniques, meditations, and yoga styles.

Corepower Yogas full collection of 250+ videos comes at the cost of a monthly subscription fee, but theyre now offering a new collection of typically hour-long videos for free every week, along with a handful of guided meditations.

Best for: Those who want clear instruction, and weekly variety.

3. Yoga with Adriene

Best for: The person that doesnt take yoga too seriously beginners.

4. Fightmaster Yoga

Best for: Those who want powerful, fast-moving, sweat-inducing sequences.

5. Yome

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What Others Are Saying

Thank you so much and this was so relaxing!

I loved my morning class with Cara. She has a presence that is both creative and caring and you can feel it through the screen! It was the perfect way to start my week, feeling centered, grounded and hopeful. Thank you for offering this service!

Lindsay is an amazing Instructor. Her classes are perfect for beginners through advanced students. You leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

I can’t wait to have more classes with Lindsay in the future. Especially being pregnant, the back stretches have really helped me with pregnancy pains and issues with sleeping at night.

I loved yoga today!! You did a great job of explaining everything, keeping it beginner level for those that have never done yoga before, but challenging enough for those that have done yoga before. Your vibe made it very comfortable to relax. I felt much more relaxed and less tension in my body at the end of it.

Ya Classes Online Yoga Classes

FREE Live Stream Yoga: Work the Wobble with Dawnelle

YA Classes arranges its sessions in terms of duration, difficulty, instructor or category. As well as traditional yoga lineages like Ashtanga and Vinyasa, this platform has training for fitness and many kinds of yoga styles to learn. Also, there are free classes for all levels of difficulty.

One of the most interesting things about YA is that they have a sustainable initiative in which they plant a food-producing tree for every class you take. At the moment that this is being written, around 55,800 trees have already been planted. Finally, they also offer many interesting articles for their yogi community and the option to join their newsletter.

Trial: 14 Days Free.WEB: yogiapproved/classes

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Peloton Watch Out: Echelon To Launch New $2000+ Exercise Bike With 24 Hd Touchscreen That Flips 180your Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Echelon EX-8s features a 24″ HD touchscreen that flips 180° and colour-changing wheels Echelon is having an all-out attack on Peloton. The brand went from manufacturing cheap Peloton alternative bikes and treadmills to producing equipment that look like the most premium indoor bikes and treadmills I’ve seen in a while.

Prepare For Your Class


All students need to pre-register online via Mindbody. Online classes may be booked up to 7 days in advance. Please get in touch, should you experience any technical issues.


Students can use their regular passes for online classes or purchase a separate pass for these sessions.

Access to Livestream ZOOM classes

Classes are taught via ZOOM. Read the text below to learn more about how to prepare for a successful online class.

1. Download Zoom from the APP store

2. Sign up for class in Mindbody through your Yyoga account, or via your app. Make sure you are booked in at least 15 minutes before the start time.

3. Once booked into class you will get an email with the online access code and link +/- 10 minutes before the class starts.

4. Click on the zoom link in that email to join class. This will connect you to the live class ready to practice.

5. If you dont see the online access email, check your spam/junk and even trash folder.

6. If clicking on the Zoom link doesnt work, open the Zoom app, and from the home screen, click join, then enter the meeting ID number and passcode.

7. Set up your mat about 3 meters away from your computer screen / mobile camera. Remember that having your camera on is always optional. Have some basic props ready. Look for creative substitutes if something is missing!

8. Any health issues? Please send a private message to the teacher so you can get special attention during practice.

9. Enjoy your class!

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Ekhartyogacom Yoga Online Classes

EkhartYoga was born from Esther Ekharts dream to share the love of yoga. Today, thousands of people across the world practice yoga online on this platform. With over 3,500 classes in different styles guided by over 40 world-class teachers, they are one of Europes biggest online studios. More importantly, creating positive change & transformation through yoga always remains at the core of everything that they do.

When you join EkhartYoga, you will get access to a wide range of yoga classes and experiences, from dynamic Vinyasa yoga to deep relaxing meditation. 70 guided programs keep you motivated and encouraged to develop your practice. From Yoga for Beginners Course, Balanced Body& Mind, Mastering Anxiety, 30 Mornings of Yoga to Complete Yoga Program, and many more, there is a choice of virtual yoga class for everyone, regardless of your level.

You receive direct guidance from highly experienced teachers who love to connect with you online and in person. We particularly love their vast library, where you can dive into many useful articles and resources to support your yoga and meditation practice. With tips, yoga poses explained, guides to different yoga styles, and a helpful dictionary of yoga terms.Trial: 14-day free trial Monthly Fee: 16/ monthAnnual Fee 160/ year +1 month gift voucher for a friend +Discounts on yoga wear and accessories.IG: @ekhartyoga

To Create Subscription & Live Stream Services

Live Stream Yoga Classes

Whos using it: Carrie Owerko, founder of The Playground

Why did you choose it?

My creative partner Jamey Welch and I were busy creating an online subscription learning platform several months before the Covid-19 pandemic. I teach all over the world and wanted to have a way to stay connected to teachers and students. My platform is an ongoing and ever-expanding library of classes and live events. The pandemic simply accelerated our launch. We embraced the idea that perfect is the enemy of the good, and just went for it. The spirit of The Playground is just that: It is about getting in there and diving into the process of a practice that is a discipline infused with PLAY!

How does it work?

Uscreen has various packages depending on your needs. We were interested in the level we chose because, among other things, there was a live stream option. Before our soft launch, I used Zoom to conduct live classes. I knew that was temporary, and we were already working on getting the first iteration of The Playground up and running. Once that was accomplished, we switched to streaming our Live events directly from The Playground. No Zoom needed.

What should teachers keep in mind?

What are the upsides?

Any challenges to watch out for?

Any hot tips?

Well, my friend and inspiration The Movement Maestro says go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see farther. That is it. Do it. Try it. That is how you will know if something works for you and your goals.

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Best Yoga Online With R20com/yogatoday

In this platform, you can watch LIVE Online Classes every weekday at 8:30 PT hosted by Tommy Rosen. The classes are donation-based and open to all.

Tommy is teaching powerful yoga techniques to detox, tone and strengthen the lungs coupled with movements to build immunity and meditation to calm the mind. He will move the energy through the body, calm the mind and help us connect with our spiritual center.

Cost: donation-based, with a suggested donation of $10.FB: @Recovery2point0

Yogajournal Best Online Yoga From The Famous Yoga Magazine

Yoga Journal is a great site to visit if you want to get many uses out of one platform. They are a media company with information on poses, meditation, life, people, blogs, yoga studios, events, teachers, AND online yoga classes videos! You can choose the best video for you through categories of how-to, level, culture, or lifestyle.

Trying a new pose, but unsure of how to go about it safely? Make sure to check out the how-to yoga videos for great tips and advice. Subscribe for ad-free Premium experience, or go online to get information and videos for free.

Trial: 30-Day Free Trial and free yoga videos.Monthly Fee: $3,99/month.IG: @YogaJournal

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Grokkercom Yoga Class Online

Are you looking for a platform with experts to personally answer your questions and provide you with the information you need for your practice? Certainly, if you are a person who desires 1:1 communication and advice, Grokker is the best choice. With a rich website with a variety of content, Grokker users can not only access yoga videos but many other workouts and articles related to health. For example, HIIT workout sessions, plantbased diets, and delicious vegan recipes.

Above all, Grokker is free during the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice! The registration process is simple and it can be cancelled at any moment.. It also provides business plans formats for firms.

Free during COVID-19. Usually, 14-Day Free Trial. Monthly Fee: $14.99/month unlimited.Also, Read> > > How Much Do Yoga teachers Make?

Choosing An Online Yoga Service: Why Should You Try It Before You Buy

FREE Live Stream Yoga: Meditate, Move, & Rejuvenate with Kristen Boyle

Many passionate yoga followers feel that implementing the different poses, and breathing techniques of this workout regime benefit their mind, body, and spirit.Getting on your mat and practicing this quiet, meditative workout can help you achieve a variety of goals: gaining flexibility, strength, and endurance, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing mindfulness and contributing to overall well-being.

Web-based platforms offer new and seasoned yogis the ability to get involved and work out from the comfort of their own home, office or even while traveling, in guided online classes and workout sessions.

Other than streaming in-depth yoga lessons, these programs offer a variety of additional features that may include online community tools, message boards, blogs, articles, printable pose guides, tips and more.Some apps offer the ability to search video classes by duration, style, level, desired outcome or a specific teacher.

There are many competing mobile apps on the market, and each one offers its unique approach, methods, content delivery options, features, free trial terms and rates, coupled with their own set of pros and cons.Using free trials is a practical method to test the waters and obtain independent insights on which online yoga program deserves your hard-earned money, before purchasing a subscription.

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Yoga Today Online Yoga Classes

Yoga today streaming yoga classes are divided into what they call series, which are a collection of carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized classes that address a unique focus within the realm of yoga, meditation, and pilates. They range from classic yoga styles such as Ashtanga and Hatha Blend to more differentiated ones such as Self-Massage, Kundalini, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt.

Their classes can also be divided into mood or intent, such as For the Family, Energizing, Calm the Mind, Back relief, and many more. They are one of the only platforms that present yoga for men, focused on injury prevention, introduction to meditation, and vinyasa for athletes which, of course, can also be taken by women.

Last but not least, one of their exclusive offers are bite-size classes on specific asanas , which allow the energy to flow better within the body, enhancing the practice with more fluidity whilst building proper alignment.

Trial: 14-Day Free Trial.

IG: @YogaVibes

Gaiacom Yoga Class Online

A platform devoted to empowering the evolution of consciousness, Gaiaoffers over 8,000 films, shows, and classes related to yoga, transformation, and seeking the truth. Also, the platform makes accessing this content easy with availability on the new Apple TV, Roku, IOS, Chromecast, and on the web.

By proposing a few different plans of monthly and annual the last also offering an option with access to Live workshops and Q& A you can choose the best option that fits your lifestyle. Similarly, choose yoga videos based on style, teacher, level, duration, and focus. To sum up, if you want to stream videos that explore and connect with your soul and higher levels of consciousness, Gaia is for you! Choose your best online yoga!

Trial: 7-Day Free TrialMonthly Fee: $11.99/month or $8.25 if billed annually .Live Access Annual Fee: $299/yearly .IG: @WeAreGaia

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