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Kundalini Yoga For Healing Trauma

Healing Benefits Of Apana Mudra

“Kundalini Yoga for Trauma and PTSD” – Healing Series #1
  • Practicing Apana mudra regulates diabetes, especially for type 2 diabetes patients, it promotes deep relaxation Therapeutic Role of Yoga in Type 2 Diabetes .
  • Apana mudra is helpful in alleviating chronic pain in the leg joints by filling up deficiency caused by space element .

What Is Somatic Therapy

The belief underneath of this type of therapy is that a person gets physiologically stuck in their trauma in a way that traditional psychotherapy can not always access. As a result, emotions become repressed and the trauma is “stuck” in the body.

Psychcentral talks about somatic psychotherapy:

“Somatic therapy is a holistic therapy that studies the relationship between the mind and body in regard to psychological past. The theory behind somatic therapy is that trauma symptoms are the effects of instability of the ANS . Past traumas disrupt the ANS.”

One specific type of somatic therapy, developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is called “Somatic Experiencing.” This therapy takes away the focus from the traumatic event. Instead, the actual “trauma” is the body becoming overwhelmed by the experience.

In Somatic Experiencing it is not even necessary to discuss the trauma verbally. A study by Brom et al. found that SE was effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD and depression. Evidence to support SE is limited but growing.

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What Is This Program Based On And Who Is It For

PTSD, suaddictionsYOU ARE NOT ALONE.70%anyoneFrom a student who recently completed the eight week course:“Vikki is a strong teacher with a gentle heart. Her commitment to Kundalini is the foundation of her strength. Vikki is an excellent guide for any student of any age“. Not only would I recommend this course to a friend, I would also retake this course to support a friend.Click HEREto read the article published in the Santa Barbara News Press, January 28, 2014 about me and this course

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Senior Teacher And Owner: Victor Castillo

Senior Teacher and Owner: Victor Castillo-When Victor met Master Kim – a Shaolin Monk – his life changed. Master Kim taught him the science of meditation and Shaolin Kung Fu. He also helped Victor understand the nature of the mind and how to use the mind to heal past trauma. Victor practiced and followed the teachings of Master Kim for many years, until he experienced his own spiritual metamorphosis in 1989.-In 2003 Victor underwent his first Kundalini rising phenomenon. He went on to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Through self reflection and much self work, the next few years ushered in a deeper understanding of what was necessary for his liberation. In 2005 he recieved Shaktipat initiation from Ma Jaya Bhagavati Saraswati and also from Chilean master Ramakrishnanada from 2007 to 2008.-From 2008 to 2013, Victor worked with a red tantric teacher that assisted him to understand the depth of emotional trauma regression through emotional constant release of the hindrances of the Electra and Oedipus complex. In 2013 he met a witch who assisted him further his psychic development and exposed him to his abilities as a psychic.-Victor is trained in self-hypnosis and trauma regression. He is also a Psychic, and a energy healer. Participating in a Native American rite of passage called a vision quest, he was guided by a Native American sage to an even deeper understanding of himself and how to teach others. It was in this vision quest that he saw the Healing Center

Ptsd And Mental Trauma

Kundalini Yoga as Movement Therapy  Your Autoimmunity Connection

Yoga for PTSD treatment is beneficial because it provides a way to cope with stressful and mental trauma. Practicing Yoga regularly for at least eight weeks causes changes in brain patterns, decreased anxiety, and escape from triggers. It is gentle and does not require vigorous workouts or intense commitment.

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Kundalini Yoga & Recreational Drugs

Kundalini Yoga was first taught publicly in the late 1960s, at the height of hippie counterculture in the United States. Many first generation practitioners found Kundalini Yoga after experimenting with drugs to alter consciousness.

Today, we see a social landscape still permeated by alcohol, marijuana, and recreational drug use. Confronted with stress, fatigue, burnout, and information overload, many people turn to recreational drugs to escape the pressure of the times. Others turn to medicinal and ceremonial drugs for self-knowledge and spiritual insight.

Kundalini Yoga offers an alternate path. The oxygenating breathwork, activating kriyas, and meditative practices equip the practitioner with a toolkit to experience the Self. The Kundalini Yogi is empowerednot to escape reality, but to transcend the perceived limitations of the physical realm and eventually integrate that awareness.

The Master Glands

Whether discussing a marijuana high, a DMT trip, or a Kundalini awakening, were talking about the same major players: the thalamus, the pituitary, and the pineal glands. The difference is whether the experience comes about through will, divine intervention, or by external substance. The yogi knows that the strongest mood and perception-altering drugs arealready inside us. We produce them in our own internal biotech factoryour bodies!

  • Time: 11 minutes or less
  • Activity: Low
  • Time: 11 minutes or less
  • Activity: Low

Trauma: My Experience With Kundalini Yoga And Healing

I want to preface this by saying that I dont think that Kundalini Yoga has been the only cure-all for my life. I have gone to therapy. I attend 12 step group meetings and I believe that these were all involved in some of the deep healing Ive experienced in the last year. That said, Id like to focus on the Kundalini here, as that is the topic of this post 🙂

I am a trauma survivor and have experienced PTSD my whole adult life. I can be triggered in surprising ways and then poof, Im gonzo and game over. It might be during intimacy, which is uncomfortable for everyone, and embarassing. It can be if I get cold, at all, particularly if I take a bath and the hot water runs out, and I end up cold and cant warm up. Gonzo. But lots of little things over the years have triggered me and Ive learned to live with it, and felt like it was part of me, period.

As I started the journey of Kundalini, I first noticed that I felt like I was floating out of class. The instructor would say that we can heal our own bodies and that this heals us, and I was focused at the time on Sciatica, because I had thrown out my back . When we would do certain Kriyas that were difficult because of my Sciatica and back pain, I would experience huge emotional outpourings. Id get really angry or start bawling or both. Not every class, but it was not uncommon for me to cry. I always cried at the closing song, Long Time Sun.

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Kundalini Yoga For The Recovery Of Childhood Trauma Program

One of the symptoms people with PTSD* experience is to feel stressed or frightened even when they are not in danger. The nervous system moves into a fight or flight response, which is a typical reaction, to initiate an action to protect themselves from harm. This trauma response usually manifests in hyper arousal or low level shut down or disassociation.

The specialised yoga program for the recovery of childhood trauma is designed to help safely move people out of these states of hyper arousal or shut down and disassociation back into life. The course begins by creating a sense of relative safety and then slowly and progressively begins to awaken the confidence to explore and accept what they are feeling in their body. To be present in their body is a positive step towards recovery.

As the course progresses and as they feel more comfortable with the practice and their experience, the focus shifts to releasing trauma and stress from the muscles. This is done by practicing very specific yoga series that include gentle exercises, shaking and conditioning of the psoas muscle, a muscle which plays a big part in the reaction of fear, stress and trauma.

Theres nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness.

*What is PTSD?

Benefits Of Short Meditation Sessions

The Secret of Letting Go – Healing Trauma through Kundalini Yoga

For most people shorter meditation sessions will be beneficial. Firstly, poor circulation does not agree with long meditation sessions. Secondly, some patients and practitions experience cramps and/or muscle contractions. Thirdly, there must be flexibility with postures and the amount of time for practice. Finally, there is nothing wrong with sitting in a chair or walking during meditation.

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Why Yoga Is So Effective For Healing Trauma

Bessel van der Kolk, trauma researcher and author of the book The Body Keeps the Score, has conducted empirical studies which show that yoga is significantly more effective than medication or psychotherapy to relieve symptoms of PTSD and many other trauma symptoms.

The main reason for this lies in the soothing effect of yoga on the nervous system and the body. Further effects can be found in the altered state of the mind and self-perception.

Yoga can be a great tool to re-connect to the body in a world full of external stressors.

Next we will dive into the details of the positive effects of yoga on trauma. But before we start it is important to understand what traumatized individuals may struggle with during a yoga class. This is the basis to hold space and empathy for arising feelings. It also enables us to give options accordingly or to make more sense of your own reaction in certain situations.

We will cover more tips on teaching trauma sensitive yoga. So keep your eyes open for our upcoming article on yoga and trauma.

Physiologic Effects Of Yoga And Cbt

Yoga and CBT have been shown to produce effects that lie opposite the structural and functional changes that travel with PTSD, restoring physical wellness right down to the molecular level. CBT increases FKBP5 expression in PTSD patients 28 and decreases overactivity of the amygdala.29 Both CBT28 and yoga30 increase hippocampal volume and CBT improves memory.28 CBT31 and yoga32 also raise heart rate variability in PTSD patients to the level of healthy controls and regulate genes associated with the inflammatory response.33-35

In reviewing the literature my colleagues and I are struck by the similar structural and functional repair produced by such apparently divergent therapies as yoga and CBT. We hypothesize that there are as-yet-unrecognized mechanisms common to both therapies. Discovering these underlying mechanisms and better understanding the interactive effects of an integrative approach constitute promising areas for further research.

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Ask Your Guides To Assist You

Placing your forehead on the floor so it is lower than your heart in a childs pose helps quiet the mind and open the heart .I like to say this prayer: Dear Divine one, please eliminate the ache in my body, mind, and soul that is creating this heaviness. Send angels to lift the fear and darkness that is not mine and bring it back to source so it can be transmuted into love and light. May the alchemy begin. And so it is. So it is. So it is.

Will Yoga Be Appropriate For You

Kundalini Yoga to Release Trauma out of the Body

Considering you have PTSD, any type of yoga practice should always be discussed with your physician before you do it. Questions to ask the instructor are as follows. Are poses easy on the joints, or will poses place too much stress on them? Will the instructor offer modifications based on needs? Are there other physical activity offerings that could better suit this? Will practitioners learn the skills to recognize and monitor emotional practice at home? Are there physical changes that may alert students to risks of injury? Pay special attention to such questions given the nature of your illness.

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How Yoga Works For Ptsd

The Parasympathetic Nervous System is an involuntary branch of the Autonomic Nervous System that slows down your heart rate and allows you to rest. Its also what prompts you to take long, deep breaths when you are feeling anxiety or other physiological symptoms caused by stress. The Focus of the Practice: Instead of teaching you breathing exercises, Greco teaches you how to get and maintain proper breath by practicing movements .

Kriya To Still Nerves Shakes And Release Trauma From The Body

Exercise 1

Sit in cross-legged position. Place the thumb and index finger together with the tips touching . Place the wrists just under the ear lobes with a slight pressure against the neck. Inhale in 8 equal, separate parts and exhale in 8 equal, separate parts. This will be like inhaling in 8 sniffs in and exhaling in 8 sniffs. Continue for 11 minutes.

Exercise 2

Sit in cross-legged position. Place the left palm facing out from the chest with the thumb down. Place the right hand facing the chest. Bring the fingers together. Curl the fingers of both hands so the hands form a fist. Your forearms are parallel to the floor. With the right thumb extended, close off the right nostril. Breathe long and deep through the left nostril for 5 minutes as you pull your hands apart with a slight pressure.

Exercise 3

Sit in cross-legged position. The hands are in fists with the palms down. Place the left hand on the floor in front of the body the right hand is behind you . Inhale and raise the arms parallel to the ground the hands are still in fists with the palms facing down . Exhale and lower the arms to the starting position. Continue this motion for 5 minutes.

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Hand position step 1:

Place both hands in front of the chest with both palms facing each other. Then twist the right hand counter clockwise so both palms face to the right.

Hand position step 2:

Hand position step 3:

Hand position step 4:

Final Position:

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Enhanced Relationships With Others

P1 said that she now knows better how to identify who she can tell my things to or whom I really communicate with. P7 indicated: Last year when I first came, I was quiet and didnt talk with anyone, as I did the practice yoga helped me to express myself that way. P4 mentioned that she previously had friends with whom I would just go out here in the streets and maybe drink and go around making noise. She reflected that KY has helped her to identify more meaningful friendships: Now I think my friendships are the good ones they put effort into being in my life unlike my last ones. P6 expressed: Theres a different connection now. The relationships with other people, its not something that has to do with material things and theres more into relationships .

The participants commented on their enhanced relationships and feelings of connectedness when they practiced yoga with others. P3 said that I feel more connected when Im doing it in a group and feel everyones presence. P5 mentioned that when she started practicing with her family, she noticed a positive shift within all of them: It also creates peace in the house. When we do meditation theres peace, theres love, we are happy we accept things Im not the only one developing myself, but my whole family.

The Persistence Of Ancestral Trauma

How I Healed Myself from PTSD – Healing Trauma through Kundalini Yoga

In this time of global pandemic, we are collectively healing ancestral karma, while we are being told to stay home. The message is clear: It is not safe to step out of your home. Do not use your voice. Do not reveal secrets. Do not speak of herbs or spells, and, by all means, never speak truth to power. You will die if you do. There is danger outside. It can kill, and it is killing. It can strip finances and security. Hide.

The virus is invisible, but it is taking lives and jobs and creating absolute chaos in our world. We feel it even if we are not watching the daily news. Our bodies know.

Our bodies hold scores of lifetimes, and our cells hold scores of generations. We are imprisoned in our homes, our bodies, and our cellular memories. And we want to fight for peace and we want to call out the abuse of power that has been perpetuating the systemic abuse and racism for way too long. How do we run and protest for peace when we are trapped indoors and inside old stories of unworthiness and shame.

If our great grandparents experienced persecution, war, illness, inequality, oppression, abuse, racism, or other major traumas, those traumas are still lingering in our DNA. And, on top of that, those of us who are highly sensitive are feeling the pain of the world while also dealing with our own personal grief. This is an intense time, so we must be compassionate with ourselves.

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Demand For Yoga Today

One of the biggest drawbacks is that Yoga for trauma training isnt readily accessible to most people, especially ones in crisis and with limited resources. Most yoga studios require a mat fee, some of which cost hundreds of dollars and many require various registration fees and additional classes that can add up to an expensive monthly budget. Yoga studios are typically located in urban settings, which isnt easy to access for most people who live in rural areas, which helped me to have the courage and confidence to teach yoga.


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