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Kundalini Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Guidelines For Pregnancy Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – Kundalini Rising School

Be aware of the warning signs that you might be exercising too strenuously: Pain Vaginal bleeding Dizziness or feeling faint Increased shortness of breath Rapid heart beat Difficulty walking Uterine contractions and chest pain Fluid leaking from the vagina

Contact your doctor if you experience any of these warning signs

Note. Before starting this or any other exercise program consult your doctor.

Basic And Good: Karma Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Karma Yoga Kundalini teacher training online will cover Kundalini consciousness, pranayama, practice, embodiment, as well as mantras and chakras. Their approach includes not only the yoga poses but offers a focus on breath, alignment, and injury avoidance. They make consistent efforts in creating an inclusive learning environment, despite being online, and provide feedback to all students throughout the program so they can finish the course confident to teach.

Included in this Kundalini yoga certification online programs:

  • Format: self-paced + one on one
  • Duration: 4 weeks. Lifetime access.
  • Price: $695 . Payment plans are available on their website
  • E-books
  • Website:

Best Yoga Nidra Yoga Certification Online

The yoga teacher training online Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a meditation technique to physically, mentally, and emotionally reach profound levels of relaxation. It is deeply restorative and gives you a sense of wholeness.

Build your own voice: Scott Moore Yoga

According to Scott, one of the things that differentiate Yoga Nidra from other forms of mindfulness is its emphasis on getting relaxed as the gateway to experiencing your True Nature, that of Awareness itself.

This online yoga instructor Nidra training assists in fostering an enhanced Yoga Nidra awareness. Also, it teaches students its philosophy and how they can find their own voice to show it authentically and powerfully.

Included in this online certification:

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What Are The Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic practice. Movements are done at a steady pace for set periods of time. Movement allows the body to get stronger and to relax. Think of the body as a complex machine – it needs to move or it will break down. Kundalini Yoga will challenge you to move differently. When we move differently – we set off new neural pathways in the brain. This makes us flexible physically and resilient in our approach to lifes challenges. Mantra is used to open and close each class. Chanting raises our vibration and creates a connection between the practitioners – whether they are in the same room or not. Breathwork is the element that ties all of these pieces together. We take over 20,000 breaths per day. Most of those are done by our bodies automatically. When we slow down and take conscious breaths – we send a signal to the brain to calm down. We reassure ourselves that the present moment is safe. And that is the ultimate goal of a Kundalini Yoga practice – to come to present awareness and to be with what is happening in that moment rather than the past or the future. Remember that you can also practice kundalini yoga at home.

Calm Your Emotions With Meditation


It is normal you to feel emotional through pregnancy as many hormonal and physical changes are taking place. The practice of pregnancy yoga and meditation will assist you in regaining your self-confidence and courage, it will prepare your body, mind and soul for the greatest event in life: birth. You will feel more relaxed, calm & secure within your self.

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During This Time We As Women Become More Powerful Than We Have Ever Been Before

NOW is the BEST time to unlock the superhero, feminine strength that lies within you.

You can embrace pregnancy as a catalyst for radiant health, well-being, and transformation.

Together, lets supercharge our intuition, sculpt our bodies, and step into a state of supreme serenity.

My Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga workouts go beyond sculpting and stretching.

I include mindset work, mantras, and affirmations so you can feel empowered throughout your pregnancy, and bold in labor and delivery.

This course has given me courage and confidence to face labour head on.

I feel myself getting stronger and more flexible.

Ive gone through mental and spiritual changes that have changed my outlook on pregnancy completely.

There are classes available for all ability levels. Even if dont consider yourself a particularly spiritual yogini, I think you will gain so much from this course.

Pregnancy provides us with a heightened awareness. No one ever talks about how your stamina, personal power and intuitive capacity actually increase during this time.

Together, lets learn more than just how to modify physical yoga postures. This course is designed to empower you with ancient teachings that made my pregnancy, birth and postpartum joyful. I want to share this joy with you!

Let me show you how in this moment, you are stronger than ever before.

These Books Are Specifically About Prenatal Yoga And Yoga For Women:

Labor Love and Liberation

Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood: Safe Practice for Expectant & New Mothers

Inner Beauty, Inner Light: Yoga for Pregnant Women

is a classic text. The text is beautiful to read. French Obstetrician, Frederick Leboyer wrote the book and took the photographs himself. The woman is Vanita, B.K.S. Iyengars daughter. She gave birth a few days after the photos were taken. The photos depict her daily yoga practice.

Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful

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Strengthen Your Mind Through Breath

As you breathe, so your child learns his/her breathing pattern. If you are tense or stressed, your breath will be tense and your child will feel it. In your womb your child feels and hears all your physical, mental & emotional internal processes. If you practice yoga and meditation, you will be more relaxed, your breath will be soft and smooth, and your baby will interpret the world in this way and will learn to be this way.

How Do You Want To Feel Inspired Maginificent Blissful

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, India

Challenge yourself by confronting self-imposed boundaries in order to touch your soul and gain the knowledge and self-confidence to build a more peaceful and creative life.

The Atlas Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program is the first level of a three tiered certification program in Kundalini Yoga. It consists of 220 hours fulfilling the Canadian Yoga Alliances national standard for a Registered Yoga Teacher . With your certification, you can apply for and receive a Canadian Yoga Alliance Certificate.

This foundation course introduces the student to the principles and practices of the self-sensory human, and explores how Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle can harmonize and uplift the human experience and awaken our potential.

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Does It Suit Your Schedule

Online yoga certificates are sometimes delivered at set dates, while others are entirely self-paced. Pay attention to the flexibility to tailor the schedule to your needs, or you can end up with tuition you cant manage. Considering the time you have available and how many hours you can devote to online yoga instructor training is crucial.

Life Cycles & Lifestyles

Open to all levels

In this course, we will delve into the practical disciplines and attitudes that let you steer a course toward an extraordinary life and explore and understand your relationship to your destiny cycle.

Discover mystery and mastery of the cycles of life:

Discover the keys for a prosperous and healthy life.

Bring a new understanding of what is your destiny.

Learn to flow with each cycle of life.

Become conscious of your karmic blocks and patterns which limiting your prosperity.

Dive into your family lineage and free generations before and after you from karmic constrictions.

You will start this module by the analysis of your autobiography and on how your ancestors & family influence the core of your identity. You will explore how the belief system inherited from your caregivers determines our prosperity. You will study as well your life at the material, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, identifying the key events and studying the natural rhythm and life cycles. Your child wounds and challenges in life prepared you for our destiny. Discover the destiny of your incarnation based on Aquarian Numerology will help you to re-write your biography and accomplish a higher destiny.

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Local Trainer: Siri Hari Kaur

Siri Hari was introduced to yoga at a young age, she has over 15 years experience as a Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Teacher & Professional Trainer.

Siri Hari has a gentle and joyful nature, her classes are uplifting and energetic. During her time as a teacher she has further developed her learning and has studied Classical Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and Pranic Healer. She also has a deep interest in philosophy and psychology and has furthered her studies by becoming a Transpersonal Counselor, her wish is to share these teachings each day inside and outside the classroom, she believes we need to be the change we want to see in the world. She aims to live her life in the most authentic way.

Siri Hari has a deep calling to uplift women on their journey, she has delved deeply into Yogi Bhajans teachings for women, she is an experienced Prenatal Yoga teacher, Childbirth educator and Childrens yoga teacher. She developed the Radiant Birth Yoga Teacher Training Program based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the program has helped hundreds of women experience harmonious and conscious births. Siri Hari has owned and operated three Yoga Studios and has been the President of the Australia Kundalini Yoga Association, she has also been on the board of the Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia and Kundalini Yoga Collective.

Contents Of The Module Foundation

Online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Yogic philosophy and roots of Kundalini Yoga

The system of the 10 Spiritual Bodies and the 8 Chakras

Numbers: introduction to the Aquarian Numerology

Science of mantras and Shabd Guru

Breathing techniques: the science of pranayama, Kundalini energy and Vayus

Alignment and Kundalini Yoga postures

Introduction to the mind and meditation

Preparation of a class, structure and role of the teacher

Humanology: Ishnaan and sadhana

3 pillar meditations: Kirtan Kriya, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and Sat Kriya

Cosmic cycles and Aquarian Age

Ladder of subtlety: the manifestation of the creation

Humanology: soul at birth, life cycles, death,

Science of mantras and Shabd Guru

Kundalini Yoga postures and dynamic of the kriyas

Western anatomy

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Yin Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The practice of yin yoga is related to this Taoist view of the world and to the division that it does everything in yin/yang and this transformation of energy that occurs continuously.

The term yin started to be used to differentiate it from yang practices, as the main physical and energetic focus is another. While yang practices such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga focus mainly on strengthening muscles, stimulating the cardiovascular system, and increasing flexibility, yin practice more effectively targets other tissues in the body, the connective tissue that forms our joints , which are often so neglected throughout life that we end up rusty in old age.

Pranamaya Yin Yoga: The Functional Approach

Paul Grilley, the master teacher of The Functional Approach course, believes that the idea that everyone must achieve a visually perfect pose is a fallacy that can result in ineffectiveness and even injury.

Thats why in this online YTT which fits both beginners and teachers the students learn to identify the 7 archetypal pose families, their purposes and variations, the 24 Target Areas of the body, and the essential anatomical aspects of each Yin Yoga pose.

Included in this yoga instructor certification online:

Who Is A Mystical Mama

She is the expression of the divine feminine within all of us. She walks on the Earth gently with beauty and grace. She knows the world is her creation as she dreams her world into being. She knows her true souls purpose and lives each day blossoming into the path she was meant to walk. She is in harmony with the natural rhythms of life and the cycles of the moon, oceans, and stars. She walks barefoot on the moist Earth and sees clearly through the dark, embracing the sweetness of the air as the sun sets and the silence of the night reveals its secrets. Her womb is the ultimate source of creativity, the dynamic flow of life force energy. The sacredness of her nature is expressed through love and magnified in her relationships with others and the natural world.

When she becomes pregnant with the life of a baby within, she radiates as she has never before. Her aura glows and vibrates with her two heartbeats and is felt from all that surrounds her. The wisdom within her ripens as her belly becomes full. This ancient knowledge seeps into her skin from the soil beneath and dances out in the harmony of her voice, felt in the warmth of her actions and is known in the child within. This child is born into the life of a sage.

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How Are Lessons Delivered

Some of the training programs will have live virtual yoga classes, giving you the closest experience to the in-person class. However, Live interaction might result in poor sound quality, delays, and challenging group interactions.

In a sizeable class, the instructor has no visibility about what is happening. Pre-recordings are typical of higher quality and allow you to interrupt, replay, and watch at your own speed.

Becoming a yoga teacher needs a lot of preparation and mentoring, and doing a yoga teacher certification at an online yoga school demands discipline and commitment. Make sure that you are joining online yoga schools taught by people who are in regular contact with you and support you all along the way.

Prenatal Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

KUNDALINI YOGA Teacher Training 2016

A Prenatal YTT course helps you to extend your career while leading pregnant women through their pregnancy process and preparing them for a powerful birth transition.

Pregnant & Powerful Brett Larkins Prenatal Yoga

The Uplifted Pregnant and Powerful course is a yoga teacher training online that is about tapping into the inner knowledge, which is already deep inside you as a woman and teacher. In addition to sculpting and stretching, these classes include mental work, mantras, and statements, to help you conquer any anxiety about pregnancy and birth or learn to teach it to your students.

During pregnancy, yoga is more than calming the pelvic floor muscles and discovering how and when to breathe deeply Brett has done a fantastic job incorporating yogas knowledge into this course that can be taken as a spiritual story into your pregnancy or as a yoga instructor certification with the Teachers Edition.

Included in The Uplifted Pregnant and Powerful online YTT program:

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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

The Journey of the Soul

As a mother of four children and long-time yogini, this course was born of my own journey through the luminous presence of my own female lineage, pregnancy, motherhood, and yogawith a desire to share the things that help along this magical path!

We are delighted to offer this certified course which has been designed for variety of participants. Yoga teachers as well as devoted practitioners on a spiritual journey of self discovery and sharing.

Pregnancy Labor And Delivery Is The Ultimate Fusion Of Body Mind And Spirit

EMBRACE your pregnancy as a catalyst for radiant health, well-being, and transformation

SUPERCHARGE your intuition, sculpt your body, and step into supreme serenity

INCREASE your energy, stamina, and prepare your body for labor

Beyond sculpting and stretching, these classes include mindset work, mantras, and affirmations to help you overcome any apprehension around pregnancy and the birthing process. Yoga during pregnancy is about more than strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and learning how to deepen your breath. Every aspect is grounded in keeping you and your baby safe and strong.

I always used to feel afraid of the exercises given to me as a pregnant woman.

Even when I subscribed to another prenatal fitness program and went to in-person prenatal classes, I always felt insecure with the exercises.

With Brett I feel so SAFE. Like I am guided by someone who really knows. Shes pregnant and carrying herself in every video!

These are not only physical exercises but also amazing meditations that strengthen your spirit.


YOU have grown your baby from a single cell to an incredible being thriving inside you.

YOU are the #1 authority on what feels best for the two of you.

YOU are strong, competent and amazing.

If youre pregnant, you are already a mother right now.

This program is about tapping into the inner wisdom thats already deep within you.

From that grounded place, youll innately know which experts and methods you want to follow.

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Have You Been Wondering How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Now could be the time to finally get your yoga instructor training. Many platforms are adjusting and bringing their traditional yoga certification online, while others have been offering E-trainings at their online yoga school for a while. Last year, we saw such a drastic growth of online classrooms, online yoga schools, digital yoga training websites, inspiring the Yoga Alliance to strategize and offer now the 200-hour credential via conventional in-person training and in the format of an online Yoga Instructor Training at one of the many online yoga schools.

Lets face it, the trend of learning online is growing tremendously. It seems that it will stay, at least for a while, inspiring online yoga schools and lead teachers to continue improving their offerings with high-quality curriculums. Most of the online programs below can be used anywhere however, be aware that many have a live aspect that makes time-zones important.

The universe will probably not give us a better opportunity to find the time to initiate and boost our yogic career. If you are wondering what yoga style to choose and what happens in an online yoga certification course, keep reading and to get your yoga certification online at an online yoga school!


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