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Knee Pads For Yoga Mat

The Top 5 Best Yoga Mats For Bad Knees In 2022

SukhaMat – Yoga Knee Pad

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Practicing yoga can be a pain when you have bad knees, and thats the last thing you want your practice to be!

Finding the right mat is crucial to ensuring you have a comfortable and relaxing practice, so lets talk about the best yoga mats for bad knees and how to spot them!

Yoga Knee Pads Important Product Feature

Softness for Comfort

The Yilo Warrior is better than most other yoga knee pads. It is made of such foam where the bubbles used in the foam are separated from other. Such foam is called closed cell foam. This allows the product to be softer. So when you use the Yilo Warrior you feel more comfort. Now, your knees wont have the risk to hurt anymore. Besides knees, you might use other body parts on it for yoga. Those parts wont hurt either. So you can see that the Yilo Warrior is very comforting

Best Yoga Knee Pads Of 2021

Yoga knee pads are the best specialty prop to cushion your joints to prevent strain and injury. Dont let the name fool you, these inserts are equally good to cradle the elbows, tailbone, and wrists. Here’s our roundup of the best knee pads for yoga in 2021.

We have rounded up yoga knee pads a recent but up-and-coming prop in the fitness realm. Dont confuse them for chunky strap-on knee pads used in volleyball or combat sports. A yoga knee pad is a small insert placed under the joints to reduce stress and discomfort during asana.

Extended kneeling sessions , elbow-aggravating planks, and the wrist-challenging Kukkutasana there are a few compelling arguments to be made in favor of yoga knee pad cushions.

Understandably, most of you may not be inclined to research them. We’ve got you covered. Our selection is based on the following criteria –

  • Moisture resistant or moisture-wicking

  • Easy to clean/maintain

  • Hypoallergenic – no rashes if you have sensitive skin

  • Smooth-textured and soft for comfort

  • Durable and hard-wearing to withstand daily use

  • Shock-absorbent or thick cushioning for adequate support

Well square up to the truth. You dont need yoga knee pads if you already have yoga blankets. You can stack blankets for support. Then again, yoga knee pads are inexpensive. Plus, we rummaged through a bag full of them in the quest for the ultimate specialized prop.

Here are our top picks for the best yoga knee pads in 2021.

  • Dimensions: 24 x 10 x 0.62

  • Colors: 6

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What To Look For In Yoga Knee Pads


Yoga Knee Pads are woven from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, and you’ll find that most are foam, gel, or even silicon-based.

If your skin is highly sensitive, avoid materials that cause you itchiness or irritation, or look for an allergen-free cover.

Gel and Silicon

Gel knee pads tend to contour around your knees and cradle your hands, wrists, and elbows. Since they adapt to your body shape, they’re sometimes challenging for beginners seeking a more stable pad. However, they are great for an intermediary to advanced yoga practitioners.

Silicon is a more dense material that sticks to your yoga mat or hard surface to provide you with support. Like the gel pads, they require correct placement for optimal success and are best for more seasoned yogis.

Although no gel or silicon knee pads made our Best Yoga Knee Pads for Extra Support list, a few came close.

If you’re looking for some personalized contouring around your pressure points during yoga, consider Gaiam’s Gel Yoga Knee Pads or the silicone-based Yoga Jellies.


Foam tends to offer more stability than gel, making these knee pads better for beginners and older adults.

In addition, some thicker foam mats build up your joint and core stomach muscles by adding extra ‘cush’ and are the mats most recommended by physical therapists.

Sometimes cotton and jute are used as well and are also great environmental choices.

Yilo Warrior Yoga Knee Pad

Kinesis Yoga Knee Pad Cushion  Extra Thick 1 w Free Bag ...

Our Rating

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The Yilo Warrior is yet another wonderful yoga knee pad which provides superb comfort and support to your joints during your prolonged yoga or workout sessions.

The most unique characteristics of this yoga pad are that it comes with a closed cell construction based on polymer blend which makes sweat impermeable and therefore it also comes with a great grip on any kind of surfaces.

It is indeed a great product and users have claimed it to be highly reliable and durable. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and all types of exercises, the Yilo Warrior makes for a great yoga knee pad for all the yogis out there and otherwise.

What we like in it ?

  • Provides excellent joint support and improves balance and stability.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and for all types of yoga and other forms of exercises.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Measuring about 1 inch, this one is slightly thicker than the other knee pads.
  • Available in only one colour option.

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Our Rating

On Amazon

Last on our list is the Vive Balance Knee Pad which is made of foam and comes in a large size. Although ranking last on our list, this knee pad provides excellent support and improves strength, stability, balance and mobility.

This balance pad can be used for workout routines, physical therapy and rehabilitation programs. The extra-large textured platform provides this knee/ balance pad with an ultimate grip which is safe to use both barefoot and with shoes on.


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Best Knee Pads For Yoga

No doubt, yoga heals every type of problem and helps you relax physically, mentally, and emotionally! Furthermore, yoga has the potency to strengthen your joints and help you get rid of the pain.

However, practicing some poses and postures can be painful and strenuous for your elbows and joints, especially if you have weak joints. A yoga mat may sound like the best solution to this problem, but Ive tried it, and it did not work as I expected.

What I tried next was a knee pad, and the results were amazing. So here in this post, Ill be reviewing the best knee pads for yoga. These thick pads are highly comfortable and provide good support to the joints.

Read on, and choose an amazing knee pad to ensure your joints dont experience a lot of strain when doing yoga.

Sukhamat Yoga Exercise Knee Pad

15mm Thick

Adds comfort to your existing yoga, pilates or exercise mat for a pain-free yoga or exercise experience.

The SukhaMat is a mat-width yoga knee pad, designed and developed in the USA to cushion your knees, ankles, sit-bone or any other sensitive pressure points for a pain-free yoga practice, Pilates or floor exercises. Complements your full-size yoga mat. One SukhaMat is all you need to practice in comfort!

Longer Lasting

Our proprietary high-density NBR foam insures that not only will you have a comfortable workout, but the piece of mind that your yoga knee pad is durable and long lasting.

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Heathyoga Yoga Knee Pad

This knee pad is perfect for free spirits who like to do yoga as they travel. Small and lightweight, it comes with a traveling strap and can be easily used without a yoga mat. It also has a great grip on any surface, whether it is smooth yoga mats, bumpy hotel carpets, or rough ground. Its also durable and wont easily flake like some yoga mats. Best of all, its eco-friendly, non-slip, and comes in 5 colors. Ding: This mat is one of the thinner ones on our list at only 10 mm thick. Buy now!

The Verdict: The Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees


Based on the pros and cons discussed, the best yoga mat for bad knees would definitely be, in my opinion, the Jade Fusion. It has everything you could possibly want in a mat for sensitive knees – its super thick, well cushioned and environmentally friendly!

Despite this, its not a mat that is suitable for those with latex or rubber allergies due to the natural rubber material. If this is you, then Id say the next best high quality and thick yoga mat for bad knees would be the Manduka Pro. Its latex free and has the added benefit of being antimicrobial!

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Batfe Knee Pads: Best Versatile Knee Pads

Here is another pair of wearable knee pads you can wear while doing yoga. These are highly comfortable pads specially designed to offer support to your knee joints. The wearer wont have any difficulty in moving or stretching the knees, as the material is super stretchable.

Furthermore, the sponge cap at the front helps absorb the impact, and you will not have strain or injuries. Wearing the knee pads is pretty easy, and all you need to do is slide it on your knees, and you are good to go.

The material is breathable, and you will not feel too hot after wearing it. Also, the material is washable, and you can toss the pads in a bucket for a quick wash.

As these are versatile knee pads, so you can wear them for a plethora of activities, including dancing, yoga, exercising, and more.

BATFE offers these knee pads in multiple colors and sizes, including small, medium, and large.

Qualities To Consider When Making A Decision

Materials. Most athletic knee pads are made of the same non-toxic TPE material, but as noted, there are exceptions. If you prefer a softer and squishier product, the Yoga Jellies could be calling your name. Read through reviews and use your best judgment to make the call.

Design & Color. Physical appearance is less important than other factors, but you may still want to take it into consideration. Do you want something colorful like pink or sky blue, or would you prefer a more muted gray or black pad? And do you want a single flat knee pad like the Heathyoga, or two separate pads such as the RatPad?

Dimensions. Thickness is the primary difference between many of these products. Your specific situation will determine whether you need an extra-thick mat such as the Kinesis, or whether you can go with a more standard-sized pad like the Heathyoga. Dont forget to check the length and width as well, since pads have slight variations in their dimensions.

Price. Of course, price is always a factor. The Yoga Jellies are currently the priciest item on our list of knee pads for yoga, while some other brands are quite a bit cheaper. Stay within your means, but dont go too cheap because you may risk sacrificing quality.

Extras. A couple of the knee pads in our guide come with carrying cases or other extra bonuses that could make the difference if youre torn between two different products.

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Most Versatile Yoga Knee Pad

HuggerMugger Deluxe Wool Yoga Blanket

While the Yoga Stick-e® Knee & Wrist Saver is excellent for numerous on-the-go activities, the HuggerMugger Deluxe Wool Yoga Blanket is a soft, comforting, and firm shape-changer. In addition, it can be folded or rolled into multiple forms that support your knee health.

It’s genuinely the innovator of the yoga world and can be easily adjusted into nearly any shape you can imagine suiting your comfort level.

People with arthritis or stiff and weak knees love it as a bolster or modifier underneath their butt. This helps provide extra padding and reduce knee strain during moves like Child’s Pose or even more advanced exercises like the Yogi Squat .

You can even mold it into a wrist, elbow, shoulder stand, and headstand cushion.

I also adore it because it is the only yoga support pad on the list that gives that cozy “hygge” feeling for both mind and body support. That’s why it’s recommended to snuggle into it for warmth during meditative poses like Savasana, which is part of the joint-strengthening Hatha Yoga practice.

Plus, a little care goes a long way with the HuggerMugger. The non-scratchy, soft wool/cotton/polyester/nylon blend can be hand washed or even tossed in the washing machine on cold, then laid out to dry or tumbled on low.

In addition, the wool’s anti-bacterial wicking properties make it a great sweat-protectant to keep water away from your skin as you strengthen your joints.

Does It Help You With Alignment

SukhaMat Yoga Knee Pad Travel Mat

Being able to have correct alignment throughout your practice is really important when it comes to bad knees. Take warrior 2 for example. We want the knee to look in the same direction as the toes of the front foot. There are numerous times I have corrected my students alignment in this pose, as the knee tends to fall in for many beginners in particular. However, if you practice yoga at home, having a mat with alignment cues, may help you improve your own alignment, to a certain extent of course!

And so one such example is the ATIVAFIT Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat.

Not only is it an eco-friendly yoga mat, but it also has great grip and has excellent cushioning for your sore knees.

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Yilo Warrior Foam Yoga Knee Pad

This knee pad is not the same as the other knee pads on the market. It is longer and narrower compared to other knee pads. It is made from a non-toxic, latex-free polymer that gives additional grip and support and will provide enough coverage during different yoga poses. It is not just for cushioning, but it also reduces pressure on other pressure points in the body, resulting in the yogi thoroughly enjoying yoga sessions every time. It will not move when it comes in contact with hard floor surfaces or when placed on top of a yoga mat. Its dimension is 7.5 x 25.5 and one inch in thickness.


This knee pad has extra length that provides comfort on the body, and it relieves pressure from different pressure points of the body. It reduces pain in different joints, and it offers comfort and cushion when used in kneeling. It can be rolled on top of the yoga mat, and it also features advanced closed cell foam that provides comfort and extra support when using it for different yoga poses. It is usable in other surface areas, even outdoors. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use during different yoga poses.


The knee pad has a strong odor. Advisable for people under 200 pounds only. It is not durable enough it will not be able to withstand frequent and extended use. It cannot be rolled together with the yoga mat due to its thickness.

Yoga Knee Pads Review To Avoid Knee Pain By Yilo Warrior

Looking for yoga knee pads that are comfortable, avoiding knee pain and easy to use? Already giving up on doing yoga because of rough surfaces? Well, do not worry anymore. Yilo Warrior is just the right product for you then.

You have to use your knees more often in yoga, right? But without a comfortable surface, its usually very tough to do so. But Yilo Warrior is the knee pad that gives you just the right surface for your satisfaction. This lightweight product is very easy to carry and can be used at home or work. You can use it even outdoors if you want. Beside your knees, you can use it for cushioning your wrist and elbows as well. So, lets see how the Yilo Warrior is very useful for you.

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Should You Use A Knee Pad On Top

Sore knees is something we should really take care of during our yoga practice. Thats why you need a yoga mat that is ideal for bad knees! And if youre someone who has very sensitive knees, you may want to look into a knee pad to place on top of your yoga mat, such as the ProsourceFit Yoga Knee Pad and Elbow Cushion, or the Gaiam Yoga Knee Pads. Both options are commonly used by yoga practitioners who have bad knees.

Top 9 Best Yoga Knee Pads For Knee Pain And Sensitive Joints

How to use a foam balancing pad

Logan Hailey0

Youve tried everything to get rid of knee pain during your yoga practice: thick mats, yoga blankets, a rolled up towel, a pillow- and none of it seems to work! Your knees are still killing you during cat/cow, table top, low lunge, and other knee poses.

If you find yourself craving the deep stretching and mental release of a yoga flow, yet dreading the achey knees from certain poses, you need a yoga knee pad.

Knee pain shouldnt stop anyone from soaking up the benefits of a yoga routine. Yoga knee pads could be your ticket to a pain free yoga practice. We decided to try out and review the top 9 best yoga knee pads for alleviating joint discomfort.


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Best Yoga Mats For Bad Knees To Protect Your Joints

Do your cat-cows in comfort!

As we get older, its important to keep ourselves active, even if that means embracing lower-impact exercises, rather than the heavy-duty training we might have done in our younger years. Yoga is an exercise thats known to have massive health benefits, but if you have bad knees, some of the poses may seem nearly impossible. Luckily, there are many ways to lessen the stress you put on your knees during yoga, beginning with the best yoga mats for bad knees.

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What are the Benefits of Yoga Knee Pads?

The perks of using yoga knee pads during workouts are numerous. They help you take the weight off your sore joints, relieve stress on your pressure points, and even modify your yoga moves to help you with your knee discomfort and pain.

The best yoga knee pads help you boost your yoga practice. Especially if you have chronic knee pain, arthritis, knee injuries, aging joints, weak muscles, or are recovering from surgery. They provide support, stability, and comfort.

Is Hot Yoga Good for My Knees?

If you’re experiencing chronic knee pain, Bikram or hot yoga can be an excellent option for you. Hot yoga detoxes your body to help relax your muscles. Remember to choose a knee pad that’s built to be sweatproof to help keep you safer from slips during these yoga sessions.

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