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Kia Miller Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga With Kathryn Fitzgerald:

Heart-Centered Practice with Kia Miller

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Spring/Summer 2020

Students will learn how to design kids yoga classes based on developmental and engaging age appropriate play and practices. They will practice teaching kids of all ages with intelligently and creatively designed classes. Our program teaches structure classroom management, lesson plans and curriculum creation- along fun energetic games and play. Learn all the tools of kids yoga and practice teaching them, There are no prerequisites other than the desire to teach children, a practice of your own and a love for yoga. The students from this module will not be eligible for a Kids Yoga Teacher Training certificate, but will understand how to teach kids yoga on a deeper level.

Prerequisites: 200 hour Teacher Training

Colleen Saidman And Rodney Yee’s 300 Hour Training Tribeca Ny

Why it’s on this list:

Rodney and Colleen are two of the most respected teachers in the world. If you are seeking a 300-hour training, it’s likely you are trying to take your teaching craft to another level of mastery and enhance your career as a teacher. There are few teachers in the world more qualified to do that.

Kia Miller: The Kundalini Queen

As regular readers will know yoga is firmly grounded in my middle years life – most especially Kundalini yoga and frankly, the older I am growing the more these powerful kriyas resonate – and YES I am hooked!

So I was naturally very excited to interview Los Angeles-based Kia Miller, one of the worlds most celebrated Kundalini teachers, founder of Radiant Body Yoga and my go-to kundalini teacher on the online platform Yogaglo . Miller leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in the US and India and her classes are a deep and dynamic mix of movement, breath, meditation and chanting.

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This Program Has Passed

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The Radiant Body Yoga Teacher Training combines the technical precision of Ashtanga and Iyengar with the subtle dimensions of Kundalini. The training is a comprehensive, life-affirming process that explores the healing and transformational practices of yoga, and empowers students on their personal path and as a teacher. Come and initiate an effortless flow of wisdom, so that teaching becomes not so much a simple regurgitation of what has been learned, but a sharing from ones own experience and an inner place of connection and peace.

Radiant Body is a holistic approach to yoga, which has its roots in the ancient Kundalini and Tantric traditions. This path is dedicated to helping people live with greater awareness so they can help others to do the same. The practice offers a potent combination of pranayama, asana, intelligent use of the bandhas, and a profound understanding of the subtle body. This includes knowledge of the koshas, kleshas, gunas, visualization, use of kriya, yogic history, and philosophy.

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Ayurveda & Chakras With Jodi Adams:

Interview with Yogini Kia Miller  Yoga Basics

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Winter 2019

This will be an overview of Ayurveda so that the practitioner can understand how to cultivate a sense of balance with their mind, body, and spirit as well as the meanings, symbols, and descriptions of each 7 chakras, how to know when a chakra is out of balance, and how to help a chakra move towards more of a balanced place.

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What Book Website Or Person Inspires You

The list is endless I will give a few. My main teachers to this point inspire me: Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Annie Carpenter, Guru Singh, and the many swamis from the Bihar school whose timeless wisdom touches me through their books and lectures. I am inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Rama, Patanjali, and all the sages through the ages who have passed on their wisdom and faith, so that we may now benefit from their teachings. I have learned what is possible through these sages: to live with a fully awakened heart and mind, they have shared pathways for us all to follow.

Vinnie Marino On Drugs

I started practicing yoga when I was in high school in the 1970s. Paradoxically, I was also using a lot of pot, pills, and psychedelics. My drug use progressed and my yoga practice disappeared. I was introduced to shooting cocaine in Haight-Ashbury when I was 20 years old and I loved it, but cocaine can make you paranoid and freaked with intense cravings for more! Then I found out that combining it with heroin was the perfect combination: the crazy rush of coke mixed with the calm, detached numbness of heroin.

I followed this path for the next six years, losing jobs, getting arrested, getting sick. All in search of the perfect high. Finally, at 26 years old, living in NYC, I got clean and sober by going to support group meetings. My life got better and five years later I moved to Los Angeles where I took my first Vinyasa flow class. I absolutely loved it. The intensity, the challenge, the movement mixed with the slow deep poses, and the stillness of Savasana had filled me with the rush and the release I used to experience from doing drugs.

Using drugs was my misguided search for joy and contentment. One of the goals of yoga is to calm the fluctuations of the mind. And while all humans experience to some extent the state of constant thinking called monkey mind, addicts seem to experience it with an exhausting intensity that I think of as gorilla mind.


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How Has Yoga Changed Your Life Personality And Physique

Through the practice of yoga I have transformed from the inside out, well actually is started with the outside, with me learning how to be comfortable and at home in my body, next came the powerful transformation and activation of my energy through Kundalini Yoga, which brought the last part a strong connection to who I am, why I am here and how I can share what I have learned with others. I am passionate about all things related to yoga and bringing more consciousness into the dark areas of self and the world.

The Deeper Dimensions Of Yoga With Luna Pierson:

Kundalini Yoga as a Holistic Practice with Kia Miller

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Fall 2019

Students will learn many pranayama, mantra, and meditation practices, their effects on the practitioner, and how to pass those practices on to their students. Students will learn through practice and discussion what prana is, what the vayus are, and what the nadis are so they have a deeper understanding of prana and pranayama as a whole.

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Nikki Myers On Codependence

The term codependent, coined some 40 years ago, originally came into being as the replacement term for the partners of alcoholics then called co-alcoholics. Over the years, the definition of the term broadened so much that for many its now confusing and unclear.

The definition that resonates most for me comes from the book Co-Dependence: Healing the Human Condition, by Charles L. Whitfield. In that book, codependence is generally described as the disease of looking elsewhere. Its the belief that something outside of ourselves, including people, places, things, behaviors, or experiences, can bring true fulfillment and joy. Codependence is the disease that manifests when we lose ourselves.

It has been said that codependence is not only the most common addiction, but it is also the root from which all other addictive behavior arises.

Experiencing appropriate levels of self-esteem, setting functional boundaries, making decisions and/or verbalizing requests can be difficult for codependents. They are commonly seen as reactionaries, fixers, martyrs, saviors, perfectionists, addicts or the lost child.

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What Is Radiant Body Yoga

Radiant Body Yoga is a holistic approach to yoga, which has its roots in both the Hatha and Kundalini traditions.

Sousou Cissoko is a Certified Yoga Teacher and have studied with Kia Miller at Radiant Body Yoga Academy .

The Radiant Body Yoga teacher training combined the technical precision of Ashtanga and Iyengar with focus on alignment, stretch and strengthen the body through asana and the subtle dimensions of Kundalini that follows a precise set of exercises, awaken the energy stored at the base of the spine uniting power with consciousness. Radiant Body Yoga is a powerful pathway to personal empowerment and to unleash your inner creativity and potential.

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Advanced Anatomy And Looking At Bodies With Linda Lehovec:

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Summer 2020

Students will develop a deeper understanding of anatomy and how it relates to and defines how individual bodies can safely move and hold different asana positions. This training will emphasize that not every body is the same, but that there is always a way to access the body with variations within poses.

Details In Depth In Your Asanas With Linda Lehovec:

Immersion Experiences

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Summer 2020

Students will learn to break down poses, use props and hone in on specific details of each pose to teach safe alignment for every body type. They will understand actions within each pose more deeply, and that every action has a counter action to be aware of so that ultimately they find a sense of balance in each pose and the class as a whole. They will more fully understand the effects of each action and the benefits of each action within each pose.

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Miller’s Journey To Kundalini

Born in the Falkland Islands, Miller first discovered yoga as an inquisitive 15-year-old browsing a leg-warmer-clad Raquel Welch in her beauty and fitness book . Her enduring love affair with the practice began when she was 18 and had just moved to London. “Working as a model the industry looked at me from the outside so I felt completely removed from who I am on the inside. Kundalini changed this by tuning me into a level of authenticity and empowerment that I certainly didnt have before then. In retrospect, part of this was probably youth, but yoga helped me be in my body and learn who I was from the inside out.

A brief stint in India followed, working on a documentary on the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala and spending four months filming women on the path of yoga – along the way meeting her future husband and fellow yogi Tommy Rosen.

What Do You Love Most About Yoga

I love so many things: the way the physical practice makes me feel, a practice that helps me to stay connected to my Truth. The clear ethical guidelines through which to engage with self and others, a lifestyle that includes respecting life on all levels and working for peace and to reduce suffering in the world.

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What People Are Saying About Amara’s Yoga Teacher Training Program

“Teacher Training at Amara has really stretched my brain muscles as much as my body. I walk away from training sessions with the realization that there is a deep reservoir of yoga knowledge that I need to explore further. Luna, Linda, Grace and Laura have taught us how to teach yoga AND about the depth of yoga practice. “

Rolf Gates On Alcohol

FREE Live Kriya Practice with Kia Miller

My addiction to alcohol was a response to my inability to feel safe or settled. Unless I was watching TV, reading a book, or playing a sport, my experience of everyday life was that it was something to endure without the prospect of things getting better. It was as if I was born into the wrong world and managing the stress of this predicament was my only priority. The people who helped me get sober provided me with excellent principles to live by but the problem of managing my inner life remained.

Yoga poses and the quiet reverent settings they were offered in taught me a new way to become settled and to feel safe. I loved it. In yoga I learned to rest in the felt experience of the body and the breath, first in class but eventually whenever I was willing to move from thinking to feeling. Meditation deepened and broadened my relationship to the body and the breath teaching me to be with the ebb and flow of sensations from a place of calm, awake, non-attached involvement. Eventually this being with practice grew to include the experience of the larger body, life itself.

The long-term practice of yoga poses and meditation has healed my relationship to life. I find peace, wonder, and clarity each time I reconnect to the present moment and with the help of my teachers, their teachings, and my community. I am choosing to be here more and more often.

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Refine And Expand On The Foundations Of Your Yoga Training Teaching And Experience

The Amara 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program will help you expand your skills and insights and incorporate creative energy into your practice and your teaching. The advanced aspect of this program is not about advanced postures, but about moving beyond basic knowledge and into a deeper understanding of the many paths and layers of yoga. This depth of experience will help you transform your teaching as well as your personal practice. Our teaching team will guide you in the practices that are at the very center and heart of yoga and prepare you to teach your students with compassion, confidence, and skill.

Our 300-hour teacher training is offered in 7 modules. Modules will either be scheduled on weekends or for 6 consecutive days. Each module is 48 hours of direct teacher contact and 12 hours of homework and observing/assisting/teaching outside of class. Each module can be taken separately as continuing education. To be 300-hr certified you will need to complete a 200-hr Yoga Alliance training first, then take 5 of the 7 modules offered. Amara is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, so that graduates of our 300-hour YTT programs may register for RYT-300 status, and current RYTs may use these modules as continuing education. For inquiries about any of our professional training programs, please email.

Meet Kia Miller Of Radiant Body Yoga

Today wed like to introduce you to Kia Miller.

Kia, can you briefly walk us through your story how you started and how you got to where you are today.I was born in the Falkland Islands off the S. E. Coast of Argentina, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I grew up on a 110,000-acre farm with 36,000 sheep, 150 horses, and many cattle. The settlement I lived in had eight main houses, a group house for unmarried people, a community center and small school. It was a small, tight-knit community of people who worked on the farm. My father was the manager. I learned from an early age that there is strength in community.

I went to boarding school in Argentina from age 7 11. I came home for three months a year, and savored every moment training horses, sheepdogs and working the farm. At age 12, I moved to a boarding school in Port Stanley, Falkland Is. Less than a year later, in the Spring of 1982, I woke up one morning to see tracer bullets flying past the window of my boarding school. The Argentinians had invaded and were taking the Islands from the small British platoon who had been stationed there.

My activist work led me to make two documentaries, one covering an anti-nuclear pilgrimage in Great Britain, and another covering Native American Land rights in N. Dakota. A pivotal moment came when I saw that many of those motivated to be an activist were doing it from their own unresolved pain, which made them less effective in their pursuit.

Contact Info:

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Kia Miller On Bulimia

I had been throwing up my food for eight years when I told my closest friends about it. It had become unbearable for me to continue a behavior that went so blatantly against my hearts desire to connect in a deep spiritual way.

By this time I had been practicing hatha yoga regularly for a few years. It was the central practice of my life and helped me to learn to connect with my body and breath. I was also a successful model during this period. I was used to being judged for the way I looked, yet had very little connection to who I was inside. When faced with uncomfortable emotions and situations I would disassociate and throw up. At photo shoots I felt a quiet desperation as the image I was portraying was far from my inner experience that I was not enough, and that surely I was going to be found out at any moment.

My yoga practice became my refuge and sanctuary. I began to trust my body and connect to my breath. The most powerful transformation happened some years later while doing a strong navel set in a Kundalini yoga class. I got a glimpse of myself beyond the masks that I experienced life through. After the class, I sat there. My mind was quiet. I felt an inner presence and a strong sense of who I am, rather than who others thought I should be. This was the beginning of true healing and an ability to live from my own sense of self.

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Alan Finger’s 300 Hour Advanced Training

Kia Miller, Radiant Body Yoga

Why it’s on this list:

YogaWorks founder Alan Finger is one of the longest-tenured ambassadors of yoga who’s influence has touched the industry in many many ways. Students say his trainings feel comprehensive and deep, like an initiation into the true path of being a yoga teacher. You’ll inherit some of the wisdom of him and his team which aim to prepare students for long careers of integrity as yoga teachers.

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